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  1. bg71361

    Kubota B7510HSD Drag Link ball joints needed

    I have a b7510 also, I took a look at Messicks site the assembly isn't even available anymore, so I understand what your trying to do. Do some measuring and take a look here, good luck!
  2. bg71361

    Kubota B7510HSD Drag Link ball joints needed

    Did you try Messicks | Your home for New Holland, Case IH, Kubota & More...
  3. bg71361

    Is it true Terramite went out of business?

    Link above takes you to the article. Terramite Sells Assets to Coneqtec
  4. bg71361

    Is it true Terramite went out of business?
  5. bg71361

    Bradco Stabilizer Cylinder - Need advice

    Mine has one replacement cylinder by Prince, here is a link. Good luck!
  6. bg71361

    B2400 Radiator- $1600!!!

    Are you positive they said $1600? With a quick Google search I'm seeing them in the $6xx range, and up. If you can't find someone to repair yours I saw this refurbished one, link below. Good luck!
  7. bg71361

    430 Couple of questions

    My fuel tank neck has just had a plastic 90 tapped into it about an inch or so below the cap. I just recently added a hose, but just ran it straight down with a zip tie not through the pan. Good luck! FYI I'm looking for a rust free 60" deck if anyone has one! I know hens teeth. Lol
  8. bg71361

    Hydraulic cylinder ID

    Call the manufacturer of the grapple and ask who’s cylinders they use, they may even sell a rebuild kit. Good luck!
  9. bg71361

    Spool valve help

    I can't seem to find the clevis pins I need for my loader spool valve or at least I'm not searching by the correct name. I have a Commercial 2 spool valve from my loader. I am in need of 2 clevis pins, these pins connect the loader joystick to the 2 spool valves. Size needed is .17"(dia.) X...
  10. bg71361

    Identifying loader spool valve

    Can anyone identify this loader spool valve?
  11. bg71361

    John Deere 430 Injector Lever Problem

    I have a JD 430, it is a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel, the throttle lever has recently begun to get very hard to move. I have had to take the side cover off to return the injector pump lever to a lower RPM before shutting down. The problem is that the lever on the injector pump has become extremely...
  12. bg71361

    Ford 1910 Drive Shaft Removal?

    Need to remove the drive shaft on a 4wd 1910, what is the trick. I have removed the 4 bolts attaching the collar to the front differential and the single bolt at the rear. I have clue I might have to remove the rear part (don't know official name) were the drive shaft goes in, but not sure. Help...
  13. bg71361

    hydraulic repair shop in Maryland?

    Any know the name of a good shop that can repair/rebuild hydraulic cylinders in Maryland, preferable near Frederick or Hagerstown Maryland. Thanks, Bill
  14. bg71361

    Backhoe Lines after removal?

    I have a Ford 1910 with what I believe is a Bradco Conversion. It has a loader and backhoe, plus a custom nose. I will be removing the backhoe this weekend and have a question on the hydraulic lines. There are two lines, once disconnected, should the be hooked together on the tractor side after...
  15. bg71361

    B7510 Bagger

    I may have a line on a B7510 bagger for 60" deck (3 bags in rear) if anyone is interested, PM me here I will stop by and get all the details for you. Located in Mt. Airy Maryland Bill
  16. bg71361

    Ford 1910 - need picture of hose from aircleaner

    Hoping someone can help, I need a picture of the airhose, on a Ford 1910 3 cylinder. The hose goes from the intake to the aircleaner. My tractor is a Bradco conversion backhoe/loader. It uses a different nose piece and I believe the hose is not what came from the factory, I think the aircleaner...