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  1. Green Acres Homestead

    Property Development

    We have 23 acres overlooking a bay in beautiful Cape Breton Nova Scotia. It was part of an old farm that is largely overgrown so I am using my l4740 with a backhoe attachment, logging winch and tiller to develop it. Part of my project is to become self sufficient by building a log cabin and...
  2. Green Acres Homestead

    Help me....3 point hitch won't raise up unless tractor is at 2200 rpm.

    My 3 point hitch is not working right. I have to reve the tractor up to about 2200 rpm to get the 3pt hitch to raise. There is only one pump and the rest of the tractor is working properly. The fluid is topped up and doesn't appear to be leaking. I think it might the seal in the hydro...
  3. Green Acres Homestead

    Lug nuts on wheel is backing off,... can plowing snow with ice chains cause this?

    My lug bolts on my Kubota tractor has recently been backing off. Here is the situation. I have a plow on an angle. When I push heavy snow it pushes and stirs the tractor sideways. I have big ice gripping tire chains with ice studs. Does it make sense to anyone that these ice chains are...
  4. Green Acres Homestead

    Changing tractor attachments safely. Is a backhoe subframe in the way?

    With the Kubota backhoe subframe you have to be careful installing implements. There is very little room between lift arms and the backhoe main hydro line. I already broke the hose that feeds the backhoe. Here is my logging winch install that shows this short coming.
  5. Green Acres Homestead


    One of the great things about living in a rural area is all my fishing trips. Here is the highlights of a fishing trip I was recently on.
  6. Green Acres Homestead

    rotary mower - rear or front discharge. What works best.

    I am looking at purchasing a rotary cutter. I will be mostly mowing high grass about 23 acres so would like to drive forward. If the cut grass is shooting in front of the mower you would have to mow it again. Would that not make it harder and heavier to mow. Just a thought... Having said...
  7. Green Acres Homestead

    Put your firewood in your fridge

    Here is a hack for hauling firewood. Put it in your fridge. Hack...put your firewood in your fridge! - YouTube
  8. Green Acres Homestead

    Rabbit attacks sheep

    A couple of years ago I was up at the nephew giving him a hand. He had a pet giant flemish rabbit. Nice to people but was hard on sheep. Giant Flemish Rabbit attacks a sheep Crazy! - YouTube
  9. Green Acres Homestead

    Fishing Trip

    Despite my love for my tractor, working in the woods, building trails I have to get away and whoop it up on a fishing trip.
  10. Green Acres Homestead

    help bucket pin came out of new backhoe bh92

    I got about 30 hours on my kubota backhoe implement and when digging I noticed the bucket pin was sticking out several inches on one side. I inspected and the pin pushed far enough out that I had to line up the buck and pound the pin back in. two questions. 1. The bolt that goes through the...
  11. Green Acres Homestead

    3000 hours on Kubota L4740 and looking at buying a backhoe bh92... dumb idea?

    I have a kubota L4740 with 3000 hours and I am looking at buying a backhoe attachment BH92. I question is my tractor to old to be investing $12000 into an attachment. Question number 2 is what is the performance like. I heard conflicting stories. Could anybody shed some light on this.
  12. Green Acres Homestead

    Backhoe Can you do some ditching side on to the ditch

    In the process of buying a bh92 for my Kubota. When ditching can you position the tractor parallel to the ditch and dig off to the side or will it flip the tractor.
  13. Green Acres Homestead

    Snow Attachments Help..snowblower frozen solid in the morning. Cannot turn by hand. Seems frozen.

    I have a 6 foot snow blower hooked to a Kubota L4740. After not using it for several days and it is left in the cold it freezes solid. I cannot move the blower by hand. I turned on the the tractors PTO and that actual got it moving but not without tremendous strain. Once moving it works...
  14. Green Acres Homestead

    Modified Massey

    My brother had an old Massey lawn tractor that he turned into a front end loader. It works very good. It has a boom and winch on the back.
  15. Green Acres Homestead

    ATV used for logging

    I usually do my logging with a logging trailer that is hooked to a Wallenstine logging x60. My tractor is a grand l4740 kubota. I have snow removal customers so when it starts to snow I put on my snow blower for the season. When it snows I blow out my customers then I go blow out the logging...
  16. Green Acres Homestead

    question - possible water in Hydraulic oil - cover was off the fluid input hole.

    I found the hydraulic rubber cover off my tractor (L4740) HST tractor. It was off overnight during a bad storm. I blew out one driveway that night. I noticed in the morning that it was off. There was no snow build up around the 1 inch port hole where you put the hydro fluid in. My oil and...
  17. Green Acres Homestead

    Human error. Lets help others deal with the pain of their mistakes by listing our.

    Human are prone to making mistakes. When we make them we feel stupid and angry at ourselves for making them. To help others ease the pain of their mistakes, lets list our mistakes showing that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Perhaps even give some insight into a healthy thought...
  18. Green Acres Homestead


    I have a Kubota L4740 and looking at getting tire chains. There is about 2 inches of clearance from tire to frame. I cannot space out the tires any farther because my snow blower is a 72 inch. So is there enough clearance for chains without banging against the frame and taking my light wiring...
  19. Green Acres Homestead

    How much does it cost per hour to run a tractor.

    So how much does it cost to run a tractor per hour? I know it depends on how you run it, what you are doing and the horse power of the machine and for that matter the brand of the machine. I was hoping to narrow it down a bit. Does anybody keep close track of the cost. I am hoping for...
  20. Green Acres Homestead

    Snow Attachments snow blade vs snow pusher

    I have a L4740 47 hp kubota tractor. I recently may have a parking lot to do about 600 feet so I was looking at getting something in addition so the snow blower. I have a front end loader so I was thinking a snow pusher or a snow angle blade. What is the pros and cons for each attachment. If...
  21. Green Acres Homestead

    to rake or not to rake

    I need some advice. I am very new to this farming thing. Just moved back to Cape Breton and trying to recondition a hay field. I have a kubota tractor and picking up a sickle bar mower today. Purpose is to make the field look better and down the road have a hay field. The filed is...
  22. Green Acres Homestead

    The wood lot

    At age 14 my father gave me my first power saw. Since then I spent many enjoyable days and at age 51 it is still my hobby. Having a nice tractor and a walking beam dump trailer certainly makes it even more enjoyable. Anybody else have the same addiction. Would be interested in seeing you...
  23. Green Acres Homestead

    L4740 will not move foward

    Sometimes depressing the foot switch forward will make the tractor lunge backwards.
  24. Green Acres Homestead

    Tilling tricks

    When I till small gardens the soil gets pushed up and seems to get built up to the back of the garden (where I started tilling. ) and the soil is thinner where I finishing tilling. Is there any tricks to keep the soil more level like going slower or weld the back flap down. In my tiller the...
  25. Green Acres Homestead

    What can you mix with top soil to give it more drainage

    What can you mix with top soil to give it more drainage. Sand they say will harden up like cement. Wood chips... Any ideas?
  26. Green Acres Homestead

    Is white grease badc

    Ran out of grease in middle of snow storm. Went to Canadian tire and there was only white Castrol. Lithium grease. I took it and greased my tractor loader and axle frame nipples etc c I wonder is this worst then not greasing at all or is it ok.
  27. Green Acres Homestead

    Making a logging road.. Geo material use?

    Past years I have worked on sandy and gravel soils. No sinking no mud. Not the case now. It is a loam type soil and I sink evan when fairly dry. Some clay and lots of soft spots. I am falling smaller trees making a corduroy road. Using branches to travel on. I better get skid plate for my...
  28. Green Acres Homestead

    The best way to recondition a gravel parking lot

    I guy wants me to fix up his big parking lot. It is very hard packed and muddy when it rains. I could spread 280 tons of grave but it is very expensive. So how can I recondition the parking lot without all that stone expense. I have a tiler which might bring the rocks to the top. Any...
  29. Green Acres Homestead

    Kubota leaking oil. Anybody else have this problem.

    My L4740 is leaking oil. It seems to be coming from the lower part of the engine. Perhaps a pan gasket. Anybody else have this trouble?
  30. Green Acres Homestead

    Lawn or pavement first

    Is it better to put the lawn in before the pavement or vise versa.
  31. Green Acres Homestead

    5 acre woodlot.

    Today I did the final paper work for the purchase of a 5 acre woodlot. 1acre is cut down but I will still have to haul it off for processing. I plan to build a camp and cut about 25 cords off it. 12 cords of maple for firewood and 12 cords of logs. The rest I will leave nicely spaced and...
  32. Green Acres Homestead

    Firewood conveyor

    I got a good deal on a ran over, bent up conveyor. It was originally used for hay but converted to firewood. I change bearings, chain, sprockets and installed a leg, hopper, electric motor and a counter that counts each piece of firewood that goes up the conveyor. I am going to install a...
  33. Green Acres Homestead

    Gearing up for the woods

    Here in NewBrunswick in the middle of winter with a couple of feet of snow in the woods, I am gearing up for my firewood business. Tools I have are power saws, L4740 Kubota tractor, a logging winch, a wood splitter and a buzz saw. Today I picked up a conveyor with no motor. It is bent up a...
  34. Green Acres Homestead

    Snow blower runners bent

    The two runners are already bent on my new blizzard b74 snow blower. Both are bent in the exact same spot. Anybody else have this problem?
  35. Green Acres Homestead

    Backhoe Mini excavator or backhoe attachment

    I test drove a mini excavator. It was neat but was $28000. I wonder how it would match up against a backhoe that I would buy for my Kubota L4740.
  36. Green Acres Homestead

    Welder decision

    My small tractor service business occasionally requires me to weld occasionally. I use acetylene now but was looking at something more convenient and cheeper. Requirements: 1. Metal not more then 1/4 inch thick. 2. More portable the better. 3. Hoping to be able to use my honda 2000 watt...
  37. Green Acres Homestead

    Making a motor cross track

    Have a small but growing tractor service business. I have an L4740 with a logging winch, forks and a couple of different buckets. My customer has 12 wooded acres that he wants turned into a park and on two acres a motor cross track installed. I have the two acres cleared and I think I have...
  38. Green Acres Homestead

    Help....Wood splitter fix

    Cylinder goes all the way to splitting position automatically and will not retract. I assume this is a valve problem. Before I go buying a valve is there anything else that can go astray that would make this happen? Thanks
  39. Green Acres Homestead

    Tr3 rake

    Anybody have any comments about the tr3 rake
  40. Green Acres Homestead


    Here in New Brunswick Canada, for the last 8 months there has been some form of precipitation at least 4 days a week. The ground is saturated but was surface dry enough to tempt an idiot like me to attempt to till with my brand new tiller. Down to the axles I went. The land owner was a great...
  41. Green Acres Homestead

    Tiller Backward or forward rotating tiller?

    I am in the process of buying a 6 foot tiller for my L4740. There are tillers that rotate forward and some in a reverse direction. What advantage does one have over the other? Does any have experience in this matter?
  42. Green Acres Homestead

    Just me

    Hi I am a new user. I have a 4740 Kubota. This site seems to be a great resource.