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    How Much Front Bumper Weight?

    I have a New Holland TC30 tractor and I recently purchase a Rhino 6ft finish mower. The Rhino mower is built with some heavy gauge steel. When I used the mower for the first time I found when going up a hill the front end of the tractor would sometimes raise the front wheels off the ground...
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    Need Some Help With The Corn

    I planted my first crop of corn and I am getting my first ears of corn. I noticed what maybe some worms. I have attached a few photos of the corn with what I think maybe some kind of bug or parasite. Can you tell me if they are worms and if so what should I use to spray the corn to get rid of them?
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    Weed Control In Watermelon Patch

    Is there anything to control weeds on a watermelon patch? My watermelon is coming up very good and is starting to get their yellow blossoms. Some areas of the watermelon patch have a lot of weeds. At this point is there anything to use to control the weeds or is it a hopeless cause? Thanks As...
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    Bulk Seed Source (This One Is Not Worth Buying From)

    I had purchased seed from Main Street Seed & Supply Co. I planted corn, peas, okra, eggplant, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon. The peas, okra, eggplant, and squash did not germinate and did not get the first plant. The corn came up sporadic at best; I would venture I had less then 50%...
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    Bulk Vegetable Seed

    A little off topic. Where can I purchase sweet corn (i.e. Silver Queen) and other varieties by the pound to plant. I am also want to purchase other vegetable seed by the pound. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Planters Covington Planter

    I recently purchased a single row Covington Planter. The instructions that came with the seed planter are considerable lacking. I was told there are currently rewriting their manual. Can you tell me what the suggested retail is on the Covington seed plates? I wanted to order a Sunflower and...
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    Covington Seed Plates

    Does anyone know what the Covington Seed Plates cost? I think I will try to find and purchase the plate for Sunflowers and Watermelon.
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    Planters Covington Planters

    I am looking to purchase a planter. I have been looking at the Covington, Cole, and the Yetter Flex 71 single row planters. I think I have narrowed it down to the Covington and the Yetter Flex 71 single row planters. I think I am leaning towards the Covington planter. I would be using the...
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    Farmwithjunk, Question about the Flex 71 seed plates

    Farmwithjunk, I went to the Lincoln Agricultural Products web site to see what see plates were available for the Flex 71 planter. I did not see plates for watermelon, orka, eggplant, lima beans, etc. Can you plant these seeds with the Flex 71? Are there plants available for these seeds? Thank...
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    Planters More Information On the Yetter Flex 71 Planter

    I have been looking at the Yetter Flex 71 one-row planter. It appears that you are better off buying your own 4-inch toolbar for your three-point hitch separately. If you buy their hitch assembly plus the tool bar from Yetter you are going to be well over $400. I believe you can purchase the...
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    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog Finish Mower Price?

    What is a fair price for a 72 inch Bush Hog finish mower?
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    Planters Single Row Planters, Covington & Yetter 71

    I have been looking at planters for a small garden (3/4 acre) and some food plots for deer and turkey. The planters I have been looking at are the Covington planter with the fertilizer hopper and is mounted on a cultivator. The price is about $995 plus shipping in the amount of around $125; for...
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    How do you install the PTO shield on the PTO shaft?

    I did a search on the forum to find how to install the plastic PTO shield on my KingKutter tiller. I did not find anything that was on point. I only have to reinstall the end of the PTO shield that attaches to the implement end. KingKutter sent me a replacement PTO shield. Eurocardan makes the...
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    TC30 Question

    I was thinking of adding a log splitter to mount behind my tractor. Does anyone have an idea as to the cost of adding a rear hydraulic kit to the tractor would cost. Is there another way to tap into the hydraulic system without the kit? What is the best way to add a log splitter to a tractor...
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    LandPride Finish Mower

    Still looking at finish mowers. Had the local LandPride dealership call me today and suggested the LandPride FDR1660 (5 foot) finish mower or the FDR 1672 (6 foot) finish mower. He priced the 5-foot LandPride at $1,600 and the 6-foot LandPride at $1,950. Is anyone familiar with the quality and...
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    Bush Hog Finish Mower 5 and 6 Foot

    Can someone give me a price check on a 5 and 6 foot finish mower. My local dealer gave me a price of $2,100 on the 5 foot and he said it would be roughly another $100 for the 6 foot finish mower. The prices struck me as being a little high. I can buy a 6 foot Woods RD 72 Hertage model for...
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    Price Check On A Finish Mower

    Can you all give me a price check on a Rhino Finish Mower with a rear discharge? The five-foot mower is $1,797 (hard wheel) ($1,950 with the pneumatic wheel) The six-foot mower is $2,100 (hard wheel) ($2,199 with the pneumatic wheel) I was also considering the Sitrex 6 foot finish mower with...
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    Dollies For Moving Implements

    I was thinking about making a dolly for my five-foot tiller. I was thinking about using castor wheels on the dolly so I could roll the tiller out of the way when not being used. I would think it would be easier to line it up with the three-point hitch when you are putting it back on the tractor...
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    Sitrex finish mower and other implements

    Does anyone own 72 inch rear discharge made by Sitrex. I have never heard of Sitrex until today. I was wondering how good their products are? One of our local dealers carry the Sitrex lines along with Rhino and New Holland. I purchased a NH TC30 last fall from this dealer and gave me a good...
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    Planters Covington or Starco Seed Planters Price

    What can I expect to pay for a Covington or Starco seed planter? I been looking for a one or two row planter and the Covington and Starco look like what I need. I looked at a refurbished John Deere 71 on E-Bay but the shipping costs was over $500.
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    Planters Seed Planter

    Can anyone point me in the right direction in looking a seed planter. I would be using it in a small garden and some food plots for deer and turkey. I would be planting corn, watermelon, milo, sunflowers, canteloup, collards, okra, etc. I am not running a large commercial operation. I looking...
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    PTO Plastic Shield

    I purchased a KingKutter Tiller about a month ago. Like the tiller, it does a great job. The last time I used the tiller the plastic shield on the PTO shaft separated. I sent a letter and photos to KingKutter for a warranty claim. Does anyone have any ideas why the plastic shield would separate...
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    Tiller KingKutter Tiller Review

    I have used my KingKutter 60 inch tiller a few times now and am please with the job it does. I tilled a field behind the house to plant a food plot for some deer and turkeys. The field has never been turned or worked on. The field had chest high weeds growing on it and I had it bush hogged...
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    Properly Maintaining Equipment

    This morning I sent a note to KingKutter in regards to properly maintaining of my new KingKutter tiller. The note I sent is as follows: “I recently purchased a KingKutter Rotary Tiller (60 inch). I put the gear oil in the transmission and the gearbox as set forth in the instruction manual. How...
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    New TC30 With KingKutter--Pictures

    Pictures of my new TC30 along with a 60 inch KingKutter tiller. Does a real nice job. Planting a food plot for deer and turkey behind the house.
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    Making a Drag

    Does anyone have any suggestions for making their own drag to cover seeds when planting a food plot for deer? I used a pallot one time with cement spikes, it work reasonably well at the time. I have also heard of people using a piece of chain link fence.
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    Rotary Cutters and Rakes?

    Who makes a good six-foot rake and rotary cutter at a reasonable price? I will be using it on a New Holland TC30. I would be cutting about five acres a few times each year. Looking for a quality at a good price. Thanks After I posted this message I stopped by one of the local tractor dealers...
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    Tiller Tiller advice and suggestions

    I was looking at a 5 foot KingKutter tiller to go behind my New Holland TC30. How good are the KingKutters? I noticed the tiller works on a gear system. I noticed some tillers operate on a chain system. Which is best gear or chain? Who makes a good tiller that does not cost and arm and a leg...
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    John Deere

    I am looking at a 2002 John Deere 790. The owner says it is a 30 HP tractor. John Deere web site says it is a 27HP engine. On other web sites they say what the owner is saying that the 790 is 30 HP. I was wondering if back in 2002 the 790 was a 30 HP engine and the new 790’s are 30HP. Maybe...
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    Montana Warranty

    Is the Montana warranty transferable if I purchase a used Montana from and individual. The tractor is less than a year old. How long is the warranty on a Montana? One thing that I heard about Farm Trac (same as a Montana 2740 HP) that some of the metal parts are substandard and have a tendency...
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    Scorpion Tractors?

    Does anyone know about the Scorpion tractors, reputation and quality? The company that manufactures the Scorpion is TYM located in South Korea. I was wondering about how well they handle their warranty and parts availability. I do not know of any TYM dealers in my area. Appreciate and...
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    Scorpion Tractors?

    Does anyone know about the Scorpion tractors, reputation and quality? The company that manufactures the Scorpion is TYM located in South Korea. I was wondering about how well they handle their warranty and parts availability. I do not know of any TYM dealers in my area. Appreciate and...
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    Yanmar YM 2210 BD with loader

    Is anyone familiar with this model of Yanmar and loader? Yanmar YM 2210 BD w/ RCO #2 Loader. I am totally new to the grey market tractor. Do not know if ther are worth buying. I am looking at this tractor that I would be using it for bush hogging, finish mowing and tilling about five acres. Als...
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    Mahindra Tractors Quality and Reliability?

    I did not realize that they had a Mahindra section on this message board. I knew Mahindra was out there and manufacturer some agricultural equipment but did not realize they were as large as they are. I also found out that they manufactured some of the old Willey’s jeeps during WW II. I was...
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    Purchase an FEL

    How dificult is it to add a FEL after you purchase tractor? Is there some reason other than price to purchase a FEL at the time you purchase the tractor?
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    The may have been discussed already. Is the B7800HST a true 30HP tractor. I noticed on the Kubota's website under the specifications for the the B7800HST shows a 22HP engine and 30 Gross Horse Power. What is Gross Horse Power. Does that mean that is what the rating is when the tractor is under a...
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    Price Check Price Check On a Massey Ferguson 1528

    Can you tell me if this is a good price on a Massey Ferguson 1528, 28.4 HP, 4 wheel drive compact tractor. The price given by the dealer was $14,500 for the tractor.
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    How do the different manufacturers stack up?

    How do the Mahindra’s, Farmtrac's, Branson's and the Kioti’s stack up against the Kubota’s and the John Deere’s for the smaller compact tractors (i.e. 30HP Range)? It appears the the manufacturers other than John Deere and Kubota are a little less money, but are they as good as the two leading...
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    Florida Dealer

    Looking to buy my first compact tractor. Anyone have any suggestions on a dealer in Florida that sells for a good price.