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  1. jerrybob

    The Future is Here...Allis-Chalmers Model G!!!

    A real beauty....who needs modern? Fun article on the Allis-Chalmers Model G. The 194s Tractor That (Sort Of) Rivals Modern Supercars
  2. jerrybob

    Good Ole Days to look back....times have changed.
  3. jerrybob

    Yea...but can he sit up?

    Wow....dogs shouldn't drive....or launch boats. Mischievous dalmatian accidentally sends $18, RV into lake
  4. jerrybob

    Horse Power

    We've used horses for many things over the years....this one is incredible.....great story. WATCH: Two horses pull semi truck up icy driveway | |
  5. jerrybob

    Probably Not a Good Idea

    A pretty dumb thing to do...use your tractor wisely. Florida man, 72, tries to mow down neighbor with tractor during dispute, cops say
  6. jerrybob

    DST.......What do you think?

    What do you guys think of daylight savings time? I like it and wish they would just stay on it year around. I don't like having to adjust all the clocks.....timers etc...... Americans are fine with Daylight Saving Time
  7. jerrybob

    Heads Up Hunters

    Careful out there! Goose Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Dead Bird Falling From Sky | HuffPost
  8. jerrybob

    Russian Road Rage

    Probably not a great idea to slug the excavator tough Russian. russian road rage excavator crushes car video - Bing video
  9. jerrybob

    Interesting Houseboat

    This kid has some talent......some money and apparently....lots of time. Pretty cool houseboat. Amphibious Houseboat Hits The Road | Ridiculous Rides
  10. jerrybob

    Alcohol vs marijuana

    Although marijuana is legal in our state........I don't use the stuff. I do have a beer, whiskey or glass of wine on occasion and have for many years. Seems that marijuana might be a healthier choice???? Alcohol and marijuana have very different health effects — here's which is worse...
  11. jerrybob

    Civil War History Quiz

    You guys did so well on the engine quiz......thought you'd enjoy a quiz on the civil's your history?? The Civil War Expert Quiz - Zoo
  12. jerrybob

    Engine Quiz

    Take the quiz..........I expect you all to do well! Engine Quiz | HowStuffWorks
  13. jerrybob


    Very cool story.........A friend sent this to me...enjoy. Bear Quintuplets - once in a lifetime photo Black bears typically have two cubs; rarely, one or three. In northern New Hampshire, a black bear sow gave birth to five healthy young. There were two or three reports of sows with as many...
  14. jerrybob

    Sea Lion Pulls Girls In to Water

    Wow......this is a wild scene. Sea lion drags girl into wharf
  15. jerrybob

    Airplane Close Call in Ohio

    Wow.......this could have been a tragic......close call in Ohio. Trucker hears noise, finds airplane's landing gear in his roof
  16. jerrybob

    Laws on the Books

    Interesting laws around the country........ 5 of the Craziest Laws in Every State
  17. jerrybob

    Bigger Chickens

    Wow.......chickens are twice as big!!! Why chickens are twice as big today as they were 6 years ago
  18. jerrybob

    TBN Performance Issues

    Anybody else having problems with the site? Seems like most pages are taking too much time to load. Also.....when I click on topic.......the page jumps around and I have to click several times? Don't have the problems with other forums?????
  19. jerrybob

    Memorial Day

    Tomorrow is Memorial Day....time for family/friends's and the start of summer. Please take the time to remember the real purpose.....give thanks to those who have died while serving our country. Thank you to all that have served. Thank you to all currently serving. But...
  20. jerrybob

    Changing a light bulb

    This is very impressive....... 15' TV Tower - YouTube
  21. jerrybob

    Happy Mothers Day

    Remember all the MOMS out there today........thanks for all they do....have done and will continue to do. Special....special ladies! :proposetoast:
  22. jerrybob

    Interesting Ship Rescue

    Wow.......quite a story about a ship the video. Tilting, Unmanned Cargo Ship Finally Tugged To Safety
  23. jerrybob

    Backhoes in China

    Tragic event but interesting picture. ?It Had to Collapse Sometime,? Many in Shenzhen Thought
  24. jerrybob

    Water Leak

    We have about 6 acres with two homes and a shop. I did not build the structures nor ran the water lines. Couple of years ago.......we developed a water leak. Trouble shooting has been really tough....since many of my lines run under asphalt driveway and under lots of landscaping. Over the past...
  25. jerrybob

    A Nice Guy.......Victor Espinoza

    The jockey who recently rode American Pharoah and won the triple crown makes a lot of money and gives 10% to the City of Hope in Duarte, California. He is giving all his winnings for the Belmont to the City of Hope. I have been to the City of Hope many times......had several friends die there...
  26. jerrybob

    Great Photo of Weasel and Woodpecker

    This is a great photo.......enjoy. Incredible photo shows a weasel 'riding' a woodpecker - Yahoo Finance
  27. jerrybob

    Nice Catfish!

    Wow....pretty good size catfish. As for the great white off the Wa. coast........I'll look for him next time I am out kayaking. Strange but true: Mammoth catfish caught in Italy, and great white shark lurking off Washington coast | The Seattle Times
  28. jerrybob

    Old Rifle Found

    Interesting story......neat old gun.....wonder what the story is?? The mystery of the 132-year-old Winchester rifle found propped against a national park tree - The Washington Post
  29. jerrybob

    Nice Story..........Something about a tractor!!!

    Gave it up for farming and a tractor.........nice story!! Why a star football player traded NFL career for a tractor - CBS News
  30. jerrybob

    Town of Ghosts

    Thought this was a very good video and music......shot in Bodie Calif. Have visited Bodie many times......used to fish that area for more than 30 years. Enjoy...
  31. jerrybob

    George the Goldfish

    Would you incur a vet bill for a goldfish? I would have just flushed ole George and got another fish. :confused2: Goldfish undergoes life-saving surgery to remove brain tumor | Fox News
  32. jerrybob

    Nice Gator!!!!

    Wow......quite a battle........1000lb aligator......big one!! Hunters snag 1K-pound alligator, an Alabama record - Yahoo News
  33. jerrybob

    Polaris Slingshot

    Looks like Polaris is branching out.......the Slingshot looks fun but rumor will be in the $30K range??? Wow! 2015 Polaris Slingshot | car review @ Top Speed
  34. jerrybob

    Boeing 787 Test Flight

    Interesting video.......beautiful photography........ Watch Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner do things that would make you throw up | The Verge
  35. jerrybob

    ATV on City Streets

    We can now drive ATV's on city streets posted at 35mph or less. You need a special license plate, a horn, turn signals if driven at night and an authorized certification (which is a one time cost of $50 by a certified mechanic). The certification is a bit of a joke.....the guy looks at your...
  36. jerrybob

    Memorable Wedding Moment

    Something to look back on........ Video: Dock collapses, wedding party falls in water - | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports
  37. jerrybob

    Crocodile Hospitalized

    Came across this article.......pretty amusing! Crocodile Hospitalized After Being Crushed By Heavy Russian Woman On Circus Bus
  38. jerrybob

    One Very Fast Mower

    This looks like wife doesn't think I need one????
  39. jerrybob

    Interesting Legal Ruling

    This is an interesting legal ruling......seems to me he knew about the poaching but didn't want to talk about it?
  40. jerrybob

    Washington Mud Slide

    Incredible mudslide....a real tragedy for this community. Been thru that area many times.......thoughts with the families and victims. Washington mudslide rescue operation shifts to recovery mission, official says | Fox News
  41. jerrybob

    Lion fight Croc over hippo

    Interesting pics........
  42. jerrybob

    Best National Parks

    We have visited many National Parks over the years.......including most on this list. Haven't been to Hawaii Vocano or Danelli yet.....probably won't ever see Hawaii since my trailer can't go. Love visiting these parks.......we also enjoy the Olympic National Park which is only a few hours...
  43. jerrybob

    Moose Stuck in Fence

    Young moose stuck in fence......doesn't want to seem to leave.
  44. jerrybob

    Oops....I forgot!

    Easy mistake...... Double-decker bus crashes into bridge in Hyde Lane, Cheltenham | Gloucestershire Echo
  45. jerrybob

    And Why Would You Do that?

    You got to wonder why?:confused2: Man Steals $300 In Feminine Products From Walmart In Naples | TFNJ: The Florida News Journal
  46. jerrybob

    Move Along.....Says Micky D's

    A dumb move by this McDonalds manager........the Bar-b-q guys is a keeper! Couple kicked out of McDonald
  47. jerrybob

    No Clowning.....this Kid can pitch!

    Bozo's grandson.........a good pitcher for the Reds. Bozo the Clown's Grandson Is Pitching for the Reds | ABC News - Yahoo
  48. jerrybob

    A Man with a Sense of Humor

    I would have liked to known this guy....... Delaware Grandfather's Wise, Hilarious Obituary Goes Viral
  49. jerrybob

    That's a BIG Pig!

    Nice pig! Hunter bags 500-pound boar you have to see to believe
  50. jerrybob

    Goodbye Piers

    I won't be missing Piers Morgan.......didn't like his interviewing style. Larry King was much better. CNN pulls plug on Piers Morgan show