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  1. Paystar

    New LX3310

    What did they use for the heated mirrors Gallows? Are they the ones for the Grand L6060 Nordik Edition?
  2. Paystar

    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    Yes, I'd love to see the rest of them and more pics. I don't know a lot about the old Kubota's other than reading an article on their history. I think some of the early tractors had really nice styling. Right now my orange antique play toy is an Allis but I'd sure like to have an old Kubota. It...
  3. Paystar

    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    Just wanted to share this. I thought it was pretty cool...
  4. Paystar

    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    Which is why they are perfect for many people that live in the cities or have small yards. They can mow and garden like a lawn tractor but also do many jobs a lawn tractor can't. Not everyone needs to impress their neighbors by mowing a 1 acre lawn with a 60 horse tractor.
  5. Paystar

    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    I'm sure millions of people can answer that for you. LOL
  6. Paystar

    used market pricing come back to earth

    I know, but new/used pretty much all the same at this point. Up here interest rates have tripled and everyone is still buying at top dollar. It's crazy.
  7. Paystar

    used market pricing come back to earth

    Well I haven't seen this yet around here. Prices of everything are still ridiculous. An RTV-X1100C has gone up 3 grand since I bought my 2021. A Grand L3560 with only a loader and rear snowblower has gone from 50 grand pre-covid to 86 grand here now. I looked at a used Grand L6060 the other...
  8. Paystar

    RTV X900 Plow

    I put a Boss V-XT on my RTV-X1100C. It was cheaper than even the Kubota straight blade. And the K-Connect and snow blower was way out of the question here in Canada at a price of over 20 grand. The Boss works well, has LOTS of lift height and the mount does not affect ground clearance for...
  9. Paystar

    Roy Jackson has died.

    My condolences to Roy's family. He was a well respected contributor to this forum as others have said.
  10. Paystar

    Owner Dissatisfied With Deere Wants To Switch To Kubota

    You know what they say Hay Dude.....opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one. LOL
  11. Paystar

    Kubota Revamps LX Product Line Again

    Quote: "However, the LX series didn't make a big splash with buyers and after only two years in production Kubota has done a major overhaul to appeal to buyers." " it's just big enough to be irrelevant." They sure a WHOLE LOT of these irrelevant tractors, LOL Both the B50 series and the LX.
  12. Paystar

    From mow to snow.

    That's a nice setup. Some day I should by a spreader. We usually have very cold dry winters, but last two years we have gotten lots of wet snow and freezing rain and I ended up having to "sand" (only had 7/8's crushed gravel here) by sprinkling with the loader bucket.
  13. Paystar

    From mow to snow.

    I just went from hoe to snow, LOL Took the backhoe off and did the service, put my winter rims and tires on, but didn't hitch the snow blower yet. Might use the box blade until I get a base froze in. Now just have to get RTV ready on my next days off. Hopefully by us doing this it will not...
  14. Paystar

    Looking for my grandfather's 1954 Allis Chalmers CA (Maine)

    Guess it's not mine. Mine is a 55 wide front. Good luck, hope you can find it. That would be cool.
  15. Paystar

    Why Suzuki is better than Kubota

    I just went and got filters for all my Kubota's last week. I keep a stock at home so I'm never caught without. I asked my dealer if they have had any problems getting parts and they said no, not at all. Only shortages of tractors and implements. But I guess that's what happens when you are the...
  16. Paystar

    Process for ordering RTV or other Kubota Equipment

    I just read this thread. When I bought my RTV-X1100C in summer of 2021 my dealer had lots of them. But when I went to get filters last week he was telling me he didn't have any to sell all summer. I was surprised to hear that. Guess they are in demand. And for those of you that say you are...
  17. Paystar

    Rear view mirrors

    I have a set of golf cart mirrors I got off Amazon on my B2620. I mounted them to the loader stanchions by drilling two small holes for each mirror in a non stress area. But since I have done that I have seen other solutions people have come up with, such as using magnets and adhesives if you...
  18. Paystar

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Well, I like my little B2620 I bought years back. Was cheap enough to pay cash, small enough to mow the finished lawns with, has built a mile of bush road and maintains my 21 acres. But if I ever do need something heavier, I have the 55 Allis sitting here on display that can go to work any...
  19. Paystar

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I realize there is changes in the Canadian/US dollar exchange, etc. But a coupe years ago I priced out a Grand L3560 with loader and blower and it was $50,000. It is now $86,000 and there have been ZERO changes or updates to that model. So how do you justify that? Nothing more than a rip off...
  20. Paystar

    Yanmar Tractors

    That's because JD people are die hard JD people. They won't buy anything that isn't green and yellow and says JD on it. Look at even the antique tractor auctions. The JD's always sell double the price of all other colours, even when the other brands have better models in a specific category.
  21. Paystar

    Milwaukee Grease Gun & grease question?

    I have a Dewalt too and find it a pain to bleed when you change grease tubes. What I found that works is don't even bother with the bleeder.....put your new cartridge in, but don't screw it back on tight. Leave it a bit loose then run the gun. Then once grease starts coming out hose, then...
  22. Paystar

    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    I received the notice for the floor mat, but have not gotten anything for the A-arms. I declined the floor mat recall and had to sign a release letter. I also told Kubota Corporate it's a pretty half a$$ "fix" and I think it looks horrible so they are not touching mine. My mat is still perfect...
  23. Paystar

    $120/gallon for SUD2

    Just got a 5 gallon pail of Premium UDT here in Canada yesterday. Was $153 Canadian dollars. Was $120 two years ago and I used to pay $105 for it back in 2013/14
  24. Paystar

    Tiny tractor hay.

    For the OP.....look in the Yanmar forum. A member here has the small Yanmar compact hay equipment. There is You-Tube videos on it also. Only catch is determining if the purchase price of this stuff is worth it for your return.
  25. Paystar

    Tiny tractor hay.

    That is cool. Never seen a Hamster before. I assume it feeds from the bottom and just pushes the hay up as it loads? Nice old tractor too.
  26. Paystar

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I was at my dealer yesterday and we were discussing how prices have gotten completely out of hand. I don't know how the typical homeowner is doing it. I work in a gold mine and I won't pay the prices they are asking for new stuff right now. I'll just keep what I have. Sad part is my dealer...
  27. Paystar

    UTV vs Bull

    Sorry if my remark sounded crude, but I watch all kinds of idiots on bikes and atv's racing by my place all day and night wide open with their open race pipes. I raced motorcycles and atv's in the AMA and still ride. I go fast when I'm in a controlled a track. On the roads...
  28. Paystar


    That's the trade off. You either go DPF and regens, or no no regens, mass EGR and they need higher temps to work.
  29. Paystar

    UTV vs Bull

    My condolences to the bull's family. Needlessly killed by a dumbass. Just because your side by side can do 60 MPH doesn't mean you have to do it.
  30. Paystar

    New Farmall 35A

    I have a set of clamp on forks I have to use on my Kubota. Better than nothing, but not nearly as nice as quick attach. I had a quick attach and real forks on order for mine because I was going to convert it over. But after waiting over a year and having the delivery date pushed ahead every 3...
  31. Paystar

    First electric tractor ride

    My only point is this whole electric future and getting rid of internal combustion is idiotic and is going to be an epic failure. Disagree if you want, but in 2030 I'll be laughing and saying "I told you so." LOL So many better and more reliable ways of reducing pollution and still having...
  32. Paystar

    Clarkson’s Farm

    Plus all the perks. Look at Ice Road Truckers and Highway Through Hell. A couple seasons IRT had Ford And Die Hard sponsorship so everyone had Ford Superduties and Die Hard batteries in the whole fleet. And Jamie Davis suddenly had a whole bunch of brand new Toyota's. Then HTH got Mack...
  33. Paystar

    First electric tractor ride

    We already made great strides in reducing pollution to where those orange clouds in your pics don't exists any more......except for the big factories that still pump out pollution. But nobody seems to worry about those, they just want to attack the homeowner and his weed eater. Anyway, I'm...
  34. Paystar

    I had no idea how easy plastic welding is

    It is likely a Rekluse clutch Eric. Lots of people are running them now. You are right, everything is going fuel injected now. It's starting to even get hard to find a carb'd two stroke now. I have mixed feelings about it. They run great and you don't have to play with jetting, but now you have...
  35. Paystar

    New Farmall 35A

    Cool. Don't get to see a lot of small Case IH tractors here. Are those ones still LS Tractor based or has that changed again? I kinda lost touch since they switched from Shibaura built.
  36. Paystar

    I had no idea how easy plastic welding is

    I didn't use anything as advanced as an actual plastic welding kit. I always just used an electric soldering gun and if it was really bad, some pieces of scrap plastic as filler. But I guess you'd want to use something better if you were doing tanks like that. I only had to fix rad shrouds and...
  37. Paystar

    I had no idea how easy plastic welding is

    You learn that trade real quick when you race motocross bikes and always have broken plastic, LOL
  38. Paystar

    2022 L3302

    Like I said previously, get a new dealer. I bought a backhoe for my B series from my dealer. Got a deal on it because it had never sold and was sitting outside in the crate for 2 years. Paint was starting to fade from the sun. I got it home and after I started using it, a hydraulic line started...
  39. Paystar

    First electric tractor ride

    That's the problem with the greater percentage of the population now. They are extremely short sighted and easily brainwashed. That's why our current government loves them so much. If you don't think for one second that electric rates are not going to skyrocket once demand ramps up, you better...
  40. Paystar

    2022 L3302

    I've also seen brand new hoses that have a restriction inside them and were no good.
  41. Paystar

    2022 L3302

    Sounds like you need a new dealer, not a new brand.
  42. Paystar

    First electric tractor ride

    As some have said though, I do see a market for a tractor like that. All the greenies with an acre of lawn to mow or a average size drive to plow would probably make due with it.
  43. Paystar

    First electric tractor ride

    That's why I eat a lot of fried food. Can make bio diesel with the french fry oil, LOL They tried an electric crew buggy at the mine. They were thinking of buying them to replace the Toyota's. When they first got it, they raved about it and how good it was. Until it went through a winter. Then...
  44. Paystar

    New L 02 Series

    You may be right. Strange times we live in now. I'm just real glad there isn't anything I REALLY NEED right now. Imagine having to now pay $200,000 for a tractor and $50,000 for a baler to sell hay, LOL
  45. Paystar

    New L 02 Series

    Everything has a higher price now. I'll wait until this predicted recession happens. Bet there will be deals then. Then I'll buy. I don't know if the prices went up that much, but I watched a you tube video yesterday from a dealer in the same province as me. It was on the RTV-X1100C, same as...
  46. Paystar

    Missing Loaders ?

    Same with my dealer. They know how to order stock. Not wait until it's too late. I asked the owners how they do it. he said when I order, I order 20 of each, not one or two.
  47. Paystar

    Welded vs bolted scraper edge-3pt blower

    Sure, bolted is nice, but I have been doing my gravel yard for 8 years with the blower I am using now and the cutting edge, nor the skid shoes have any noticeable wear yet and I live in a heavy snowfall area. My bucket on my loader has a welded on edge and it is wore down pretty good, but with...
  48. Paystar

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    My friend recently bought a brand new Ford truck after seeing how much I liked mine. Well he just sold it off and bought an old pre-emission Ram Cummins again (his 3rd or 4th? that he will do a full body off frame restoration) His reason.....I don't like all the electronics in this new truck. I...
  49. Paystar

    Anyone ever "delete" the dpf on a tractor?

    I thought we were talking about a homeowners compact tractor that stays in his own yard. But as usual everyone went off about pickups and commercial on road trucks. I'd also like to know specifically if that tractor can be deleted as per what the OP asked. That would be the only way I'd ever...
  50. Paystar

    Kubota B/JD2R gearing?

    Question for those that have owned or operated both the Kubota B2620/B01 series and the JD2R's. I'm curious how the 3 range Kubota and Deere 2 range hydro's compare and how they overlap. For example, my bushroads have some pretty good hills. With my B2620 I can carry full loads of gravel in...