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    Hinomoto remote / loader

    I have a Hinomoto E324. I have seen pictures of them with a loader. I am looking to at least install a rear remote to run log splitter and maybe a haybine. Do anyone have one who can send me a picture or where it is plumbed into. I know there are more that one way to do it but would like to see...
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    2 Ton Goodman HVAC with 15' of lines retrofitting R-22 to R-290

    Not a expert but have used what is call NU22 in place of R22. They say to vacuum it down and put it in same at R22 and not to mix them but I have and it worked. Hope this helps.
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    charging issue

    I have a Montana 2740 and it is not charging. There is a diode that is plugged into the harness next to the alternator that I believe is bad. I called the local LS dealer but we cant seem to find it on any diagram. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that may have a part number for it. There is...
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    Montana 2740 3 pt stuck up

    Long story short I in a hurry raised the bush hog to high. I moved the lever a little past the stop by accident. Now it won't lower. Anyone ever have this issue and how can I fix it? Thanks
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    Tire Selection Changing to R1 or R4

    I have a Montana 2740. Bought it with turf tires. I want to go with R1 but will settle for R4. My tire size is 41 x 14.00 - 20. I am ok leaving turf on the front. One of my local tire shop said they don't make a ag tire to fit on that rim. I will by new rims if I must. Just wanted a wide ag...
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    New member

    Hi all. After viewing some of the post I just had to sign up. Look forward to getting to know you guys. I have been maintance most of my life but am always learning.
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    Montana 2740 hydraulic issues

    Hi all. I am new to the site. I just bought a 2740 with fel and don't have any manuals for it. The issue is the hydraulics is slow and jerky. It's thru out the system. It seams to have pressure. Going to put a gauge on it tomorrow, not sure how to check flow output. It acts like it has air in...