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  1. SnagDump

    Plumbing question

    We have fine silt/clay in our well which is in basalt. (basalt weathers to clay). Without a filter our water can be pretty brown. A 5 micron filter did not do much so we've gone to 1 micron. Even with a 1 micron filter we'll start to see color in the water over time as the filter loads up...
  2. SnagDump

    5inch minus spreadability?

    Unless you're going to put in a really deep lift (like a foot or more) you won't get as much support from the 5" minus base course material as you might think. Without a deep enough lift the pieces don't have the opportunity to interlock. As others have noted, spreading 5" minus is more like...
  3. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I've got a grapple rake on my skid steer but unfortunately I have very little terrain other than a few skid trails that the skid steer can handle, and even those have sections that I can only work by backing uphilll. So, I'm mostly using the Ventrac to rake material in selected areas and move...
  4. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Shooterdon, Is that something you fabricated yourself or did you find it for sale somewhere? How about a pic of that adapter sometime - sounds like a great idea!
  5. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Well, that's a setup you don't see every day! Pretty slick!
  6. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I went and bought the Ventrac KR502-AC1128 Terra Rake and used it a bit today. It seems to be working great. A couple pics show some of the work today but there are areas where the masticated stuff is much heavier. In this area I have an old skid trail where I can run my skid steer and...
  7. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Drumminj and JCoastie - did you run the rake with gauge wheels while doing that cleanup?
  8. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I have a piranha tooth bar on my bucket and I'll give that a try.
  9. SnagDump

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    We've got a contractor working on our wooded property right now to thin out trees and remove brush. They're using tracked machines (ASV and Fecon) with mulching heads. A lot of pieces, chunks and stems are left after the mulching is done and there are areas where I'd like to bunch this stuff...
  10. SnagDump

    Ventrac 4500Y w/ MS720 Mower Deck Roll or Slide

    I'm far from the most experienced user here but I've been running a 4500Z with duals on steep slopes here in Idaho for a couple years. I'm working in the woods with burrows, stumps, and uneven ground to contend with - not on anything resembling turf or pasture. I haven't seen any tendency to...
  11. SnagDump

    Oil leak on new 4520

    Thanks MountainBuck for the info and the pic. I'll take a look with a mirror like you suggested. It kinda looks to me like there should be a rubber washer or something between the bottom of the tank and the large nut that holds the fitting to the tank. I don't see a washer and that's where...
  12. SnagDump

    Oil leak on new 4520

    What did you find out about your leak? I just discovered a puddle of hydraulic fluid under my 4500Z. After much de-greasing I've traced the source back to the hydraulic expansion tank. It looks like it's leaking around the nut that secures the fitting to the tank underneath the tank...
  13. SnagDump

    Don't be this guy

    This is just a line from an old "Prairie Home Companion" show but it's too good not to share: My aunt had a box on her shelf labeled PIECES OF STRING TO SHORT TO SAVE.
  14. SnagDump

    Snow Snow plowing recommendations for gravel road

    If you can push the snow with your bucket on the skid steer you should have enough traction to use a plow. Maybe others with tracked skid steers can offer a better perspective. I plow with a wheeled skid steer with chains all around because I'm on a fairly steep grade and by mid-winter it's...
  15. SnagDump

    Power Bucket - Dimensions

    I have one installed. Here is the info I sent to BXpanded and a pic of mine installed.
  16. SnagDump

    Unsecured hay hauling

    This isn't about hating farmers - that's a red herring. It's about having some consideration for other people, the same consideration you'd hope others would have for you or your family. There's no excuse for not properly securing a load on a highway whether it's hay, lumber, demo debris or...
  17. SnagDump

    What works against rodents

    I use a combination for mice and chipmunks: >Dryer sheets in openings they want to crawl thru. >Keep the hood open or the skid steer door open all spring summer and early fall. >Toss some of those fabric softener pellets into the engine area and cab every now and then. At least some of them...
  18. SnagDump

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    And, if you like facts regarding ground pressure and compactive effort here are some: D6 Cat Dozer, standard tracks, 50,733 lb. Ground pressure 7.9 psi Ford F250 5700 lb. LT285 tires ground contact patch approx 46 sq in. per tire or 184 sq. in. total for all four. 5700 / 184 = 32 psi. Towed...
  19. SnagDump

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    Several folks have suggested the most cost effective idea assuming you have some flexibility with the building site. Shift it into the hill to put all of it on undisturbed ground or at least enough to put the downhill post bases within reach of whatever you've got for an auger. While you're...
  20. SnagDump

    How long should I let new ground settle before putting in posts on piers?

    You've received good advice from DodgeMan, Orezok and Crashz. Here's a rehash from another Civil Engineer. Consider what you are going to spend on the structure vs the cost of fixing your site before gambling on the uncompacted fill. It may not be all that expensive to strip it off including...
  21. SnagDump

    DK5310se HST Won't Start **Emergency**

    Just went thru identical symptoms with Bobcat Skid steer. Jumping will make pinion spin but it won't turn over when using the key or jumping to make it engage. Previous symptoms were low speed turning over when starting which came on slowly and I did not recognize. In my case it was likely...
  22. SnagDump

    Help with trail hill constantly washing out

    It appears that your road is below adjacent ground level and judging by the pic it also goes directly down the fall line of the hill. Is this correct? Fall line roads/trails are notoriously difficult to drain since there is no cross slope - no way to effectively inslope or outslope to get water...
  23. SnagDump

    Do homeowners buy snowplows to plow their own properties?

    When we lived farther north in Idaho (50-60 inches annual) with a 400 ft drive plus large parking area we did well using a 650 Arctic Cat ATV with a plow. The type of ATV plow makes a difference. We had a 60" wide tapered plow 26" tall on one end and 16" on the other. You can really sling the...
  24. SnagDump

    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    Mine is 1 1/2" pipe and if I was doing it again I'd go larger diameter like yours.
  25. SnagDump

    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    As others have noted keeping the gravel on the driveway is the key - but easier said than done it seems. I use a plow on the skid steer for Nov and Dec and then put on the blower when it gets deep. (159 inches so far this season and it's snowing now March 22). I had this guard built (see pics)...
  26. SnagDump

    Storage Box for Roll Bar

    After carrying my seeder around in the bucket and successfully running it over when it fell out, I decided I needed a more secure place for the new seeder and bags of seed as I traveled around the hilly terrain cultivating and seeding. The sides are 1-1/8" subfloor material only because that's...
  27. SnagDump

    Kolpin Cultivator adapted for Ventrac

    I had a Kolpin three point hitch (cat 0) on my ATV and had a cultivator and a landscape rake for it. I don't do a lot of cultivation or rake work so I decided to try to adapt those attachments to my new (to me) Ventrac 4500Z. Cat 1 cultivators and rakes are a bit big for what I'm doing which...
  28. SnagDump

    Anyone using older Steiner RC466 rough cut mower?

    I've got a used Steiner RC466 73-71010 mower coming and I've found a manual for it. But, the manual is really thin and I've found pretty much nothing on this mower from internet searches. So, can anyone out there offer any tips on this mower? This is the older style mower with four discs each...
  29. SnagDump

    New Member Central Idaho

    Howdy All, Just signed up officially after lurking around for years. I'm retired forest ranger / civil engineer and my wife and I have 40 acres of timberland with grass understory (and weeds but that's another topic) in the Meadows Valley of Idaho. We've been working to clean up debris from...