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  1. MIkeWard

    NH 1920 stuck clutch

    from manual
  2. MIkeWard

    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    first pic second pic
  3. MIkeWard

    CT2025 loader function valve anomaly?

    The same thing has happened to me many times. Told dealer about it. Tech came and said hyd pressure is up to spec in curl and lift cylinders. I noticed this when I had the 2035 machine here to test for a couple of days. did the same thing. I thought it was just me not knowing the equipmen. No. I...
  4. MIkeWard

    Aux power electrical connectors

    Ok went out and took some pics First pic is tractors headlight then shut them off to check the led lights Second is 2 leds to front Third has rear work light on Last 2 show viz from seat you can see from the intensity of the light that I have them really angled down and they still light really...
  5. MIkeWard

    Aux power electrical connectors

    This thread got me thinking about needing more light for plowing in the winter. Ordered lights and wiring harness. Harness was way too short as sold. Needed an extra 13 ft. Of wire to go up Rops and forward to front of canopy (made from an old Jeep CJ hardtop that I cut up and repurposed). Super...
  6. MIkeWard

    Aux power electrical connectors

    Be sure to test the bullet connections for power before you do anything. With my headlights on they have no power showing there is a work light fuse showing in manual pic but the 2025 fuse box is different without space for it.
  7. MIkeWard

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Not a fan of stacking. Once I got my tractor things changed. I can't afford the metal totes ( $100.00 here) so I make mine out of wood pallets 42 x42. Almost all red oak. 3 pallets make a cord. I try to stack them 2 high. I can't lift a full one ( freshly split and green weighs 1630lbs) to the...
  8. MIkeWard

    CT2025 50hr service

    Bobcat does for no charge to you.Had it done in May.
  9. MIkeWard

    Bobcat CT2025 50HR Maintenance question

    I had the 50 hr service done in April. I have a HST so they did that fluid and filter too. When I called about it they told me engine oil only at 50 hrs but when I checked online it said a lot more/ Had to argue with the dealer/
  10. MIkeWard

    Bobcat CT2025 50HR Maintenance question

    Bobcat does for no charge to you. Keep the stuff you bought for next time and have them do it check attached pdf file
  11. MIkeWard

    Bobcat CT2025

    I had a ford 1920 for years and it could lift and curl the same wood skids effortlessly. When I tested the bobcat I thought I was doing something wrong and it would get better. NOPE! The Bobcat is still a really nice machine but the loader functions are flawed!
  12. MIkeWard

    Reliable pull behind mowers?

    just saw this pic
  13. MIkeWard

    Bobcat CT2025

    I move skids of firewood with the loader and No it does not lift and curl well. The more weight the worse it is I have to lift. STOP. curl level the lift and repeat I even contacted Bobcat corporate down south. see below It does lift and curl a little when empty if you go slow enough Had it to...
  14. MIkeWard

    Moving Cordwood

    Post #23 mentions WR Long. They are the best and custom make the quick attach to fit your tractor model. I did this with my old Ford 1920 and they were great to work with! Remove your old bucket and pin on new quick attach bracket to the loader arms. You do need to cut the tabs off the bucket...
  15. MIkeWard

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Trying to help my elderly neighbor get outside. He's 84 and I'm 70. He loves puttering around with plants and gardening. suggested a couple of raised beds for planting. 5x11 2' high. Made with ground contact 2x12s 16 ft long. wow $71.00 each bought 8 online for pickup the next morning. went to...
  16. MIkeWard

    Can Bobcat loader lift and tilt smoothly?

    I have a new bobcat 2025 tractor. Under 10 hours still. I had a Ford 1920 and I used it a lot to move firewood on skids! I did 2035 tractor to demo for a few days. When lifting a skid of firewood I would always start lifting and at the same time tilt the forks a little to keep the firewood...
  17. MIkeWard

    Canopy made from Jeep hardtop

    I made a canopy for my Bobcat tractor 2025 model out of a junk CJ7 Jeep hard top. Removed broken glass and cut off sides. With a little sanding and painting was ready to go! Bolted it onto the ROPS with bolts from Ace hardware. Looks pretty good and will protect from falling branches too. I...
  18. MIkeWard

    Canopy made from Jeep hardtop

    I made a canopy for my ford 1920 tractor out of a junk CJ7 Jeep hard top. Removed broken glass and cut off sides. With a little sanding and Ford gray painting was ready to go! Bolted it onto the ROPS with bolts from Ace hardware. The engine went and I gave the tractor to my brother who has...
  19. MIkeWard

    1920 tractor not turning over with good starter

    Tractor won’t start I have a 1989 Ford 1920 tractor and it's been working just fine In the past I have replaced the clutch and have a thread on it here. Used the tractor the other day. Started normally, worked for a while. Parked it in the shed like normal. Went to start it up . Turned key and...
  20. MIkeWard

    Ford 1920 not starting not the NSS what is this part?

    The parts from Messicks came today. Snap, snap,snap, took three minutes to replace and tractor started right up. Parts were actually less than those shown on New Holland website and they were different numbers too. Hope this info on TBN will help someone else! Thanks to all for advice and postings.
  21. MIkeWard

    Ford 1920 not starting not the NSS what is this part?

    Ok I have a 1989 Ford 1920 In the past I have replaced the ignition switch with Ford oem switch and was fine The neutral safety switch was replaced a year or two later worked fine Couple years later usually after first cold spell or when tractor wasn't used in a while tractor wouldn't start...
  22. MIkeWard

    Building firewood rack from pallets

    I've been using pallets like this for 10 years or so. The first pallet racks I made were built so I could take them apart and break them down flat as I used the wood. I still have the first ones I built this way and they work well but are too much work and cost to keep making. Can't beat pallet...
  23. MIkeWard

    Fire wood storage building?

    I have built several sheds from pallet racks. the one the tractor is lifting is 11' wide and 8' deep. If you look close- I cut the upright down the middle and reattached using treated 2x6 screwed to metal crossmembers. 6' high in back and 8' in front. very easy to move around using 2 4x6's...
  24. MIkeWard

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I keep this picture of a coupon in my phone and use it every time I go to HF They look at pic and type in coupon number Its good for all of 2016
  25. MIkeWard

    Ford 1920 clutch Help needed

    here you can see the tractor split and the driveshaft is detached at the rear and still attached to the front
  26. MIkeWard

    Ford 1920 clutch Help needed

    this is the rear portion if the driveshaft for the front axel removing the 4 bolts will allow access to the drift pin that has to be tapped out to allow the shaft to drop away so the tractor can be split
  27. MIkeWard

    ford 1920 Neutral safety switch

    Is there any way to test the switch I replaced it 4 or 5 years ago and now it seems to be bad again I used the tractor yesterday parked it and today no go! A couple of months ago I recall having to play with the F/R shifter to get it to start but all OK since then The part was not cheap and...
  28. MIkeWard

    canopy from Jeep CJ hardtop

    My brother had an old Jeep CJ hardtop laying around. I cut off the back window and sides. Made a nice even cut all the way around. Welded up some brackets. Didn't take long to do. If you look at the pictures I think I have the front angled up too high. I still need to finish welding and paint...
  29. MIkeWard

    Backhoe 758B backhoe swingarm chain broke

    The chain snapped on the swingarm . I got a replacement from my dealer. Here's the problem the hydraulic cylinder is all the way retracted under the housing, I need to extend the cylinder to work on it. I bled off the pressureand tried to pull it out with a come-along-no go. Before I do...
  30. MIkeWard

    Snow Attachments Snow Vehicle Concept (1924)

    I just came across this video and thought many would enjoy the modified Fordson tractor. Dial up modems will probably have trouble playing it. Snow Vehicle Concept (1924) Mike
  31. MIkeWard

    simple cheap firewood racks

    I was looking at what others on the forum were doing with firewood and did not see any racks made this way. The stone quarries use a similar setup, although it's smaller to handle large flat stone. I thought I'd modify it for firewood. Just add a couple of 2x4's to a standard pallet. Cut some...
  32. MIkeWard

    Ford 1920 clutch Help needed

    This is my first post on this forum. I have a 1989 Ford 1920 tractor.2,000 hrs I致e only had it for a short time and have used it for about 6-10 hours. I致e been moving sand with the loader and some light clearing of weeds nothing really too overgrown. The last day or so I noticed a lack of...