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  1. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    Thanks for everyone's advice. For now, I'm thinking I'm going to just hang onto the tractor I have.
  2. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    My current box blade is a Cat 2, but I understand the 3046 can have either, the Cat 2 is an option as I understand it.
  3. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    Thanks. This is the kind of feedback I was needing where all I had myself was speculation and guessing.
  4. VoyagernOK

    Bush Hog

    Linoleum, Formica, Scotch Tape, Post-Its, Melamine, Masonite, Super Glue, Wite-Out, Gleaner... All are either brand or trademarked names used interchangeably with the product they first brought to market. But when I write about my Bush Hog, it really IS a Bush Hog. But I've never had any problem...
  5. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    loggin, this dilemma came home to me again today when I went to one of our locations I hadn't been in a couple of months. After a winter ice storm there were many LARGE branches down in a 25 acre pecan orchard. (not part of what we mow) This is the perfect cleanup job for the Mahindra with the...
  6. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    loggin, I appreciate that guidance and the rated implement weight is something I do need to check on. As to why I'm (now "considering" after this thread and the answers) getting rid of the Mahindra -- none of my employees care to drive it leaving me as the only one using it and our work...
  7. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    Johnny, no, the JD 3046 weighs 3500 plus the loader, so lifting that on the 3 pt won't lift the front end. If so, I would just add suitcase weights to the front.
  8. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    The 3pt is rated to lift 2200# at 24" behind or 2530# at the hitch. My box blade is just over 1000#.
  9. VoyagernOK

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    I no longer really need my 75hp Mahindra and am looking at a JD 3046 Compact Utility Tractor. (46hp) I have a lot of implements, including an 8' heavy duty box blade that I would like to keep. My uncertainty is whether the 46hp JD 3046 will handle that blade without overloading the tractor...
  10. VoyagernOK

    Compact Tractor Dealers Ignore Two-thirds of Their Potential Website Customers, Industry Survey Shows

    Jstpssng, when I'm truck shopping in person, I won't even give them my name/number any longer. If they won't answer my questions directly, are invasive, or even ASSURE ME THEY WON'T BE CALLING, I know that won't be the dealer for me. When I was shopping for my current truck, I explained very...
  11. VoyagernOK

    Compact Tractor Dealers Ignore Two-thirds of Their Potential Website Customers, Industry Survey Shows

    PuffyC said: If all that was on their website they wouldn't have that problem ;) If it works when selling custom configured $80,000 automobiles surely they can figure out how to do it for a tractor and a land plane. PuffyC is absolutely right! Posting your inventory online is quick and...
  12. VoyagernOK

    Compact Tractor Dealers Ignore Two-thirds of Their Potential Website Customers, Industry Survey Shows

    I'm almost 70 and I start all my searches online. Dealers that I have bought from have sorted themselves out by their willingness to respond to online requests. I do give them my phone # when I email them and several have called me back, resulting in purchases. I'm in southwest OK and I've...
  13. VoyagernOK

    Block Heaters 24/7

    Expansion and contraction aren't going to be significant issues with regard to heating your engine. For someone who needs to be able to jump in his diesel at a moment's notice and go, leaving it plugged in makes sense. I let a diesel engine in a Suburban heat only about a half hour in -25°...
  14. VoyagernOK

    Rim guard or not? Why a ballast box instead of boxblade?

    Interesting that this thread came up on my email notification as just yesterday I did the design sketches for a ballast weight I could build for less than 1/4 the price of any comparable thing I could find. (and yes, it has a hitch receiver built into the design, but I also have a receiver added...
  15. VoyagernOK

    Clamp on pallet forks

    Though I am a huge fan of Titan Attachments, I wouldn't consider a non-adjustable set of pallet forks. I.e. the forks need to be able to adjust in and out to be different widths apart. We use them to lift all sorts of things and sometimes need them just 2' apart and sometimes up to 4' apart or...
  16. VoyagernOK

    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    A three point hitch on most tractors does not typically have power down. You can lift the hitch arms with one hand when they are in any lower position. Thus, anytime they hit an imbedded rock, or even a hard root, the blade pops up over it. The only way that grading a HARD surface with rocks...
  17. VoyagernOK

    JD 4210 PTO not working

    Midwesterner: THANKS! That's where I'll start. Another user emailed me a link to the Technical Manual for this tractor (838 pages!) and I was able to find the diagrams for the electrical on this switch as well as lots more related the solenoids that actually control it. Now at least I have some...
  18. VoyagernOK

    JD 4210 PTO not working

    Thanks for the idea, but no, the 4210 only has a little knob you lift to engage the PTO. But I was directed to this YouTube video that looks like it might be a good place to start:
  19. VoyagernOK

    Truck towing overloaded kills, driver gets felony charges.

    That is one of the charges against him... no trailer brakes. "Required brakes missing on trailer"
  20. VoyagernOK

    JD 4210 PTO not working

    I have a JD 4210 with a loader and lots of implements... right now, I have a JD 47 backhoe on it that we use regularly. (We are a Rural Water District with 8 miles of waterline and about 4 miles of sewer lines and 75 acres to maintain.) The backhoe will come off even though it is mounted to the...
  21. VoyagernOK

    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    I have two tractors, so have a choice each time I go to do something. I will admit I love running our little JD 4210 (28hp). But EVERY time I go to do something serious, I climb on my 75hp Mahindra. When I have a choice, moving sand, gravel, or dirt with a little bucket on a lower hp tractor...
  22. VoyagernOK

    Reclaiming Old Gravel Driveway

    The purpose of a gravel driveway is to keep from forming ruts, getting your vehicle stuck or muddy, etc. The gravel driveway, especially as it is above grade, even though grown in with grass, accomplishes all this. It isn't less stable because of the grass growing in it, it is actually more...
  23. VoyagernOK

    Small Trailer Help

    Harbor Freight has a trailer that very well might suit your light duty needs. Just add a sheet of plywood for a deck and it has 2x4 stake pockets for sides if you want.
  24. VoyagernOK

    Fence Lines

    I've hassled with fencing rights and obligations when farming/ranching in TX some years back. (on both sides and once when called to sit on a jury over a long-standing fence dispute) A rancher in TX is REQUIRED to keep his cattle confined. On farmland where you graze winter wheat, you will...
  25. VoyagernOK

    Rear blade for snow on gravel, pipe or rubber mat?

    Google "Grader Blade Shoe" and you will find a number of choices including the standard rounded skids and ski shaped skids. Some of these are no more than the angle iron solution and work very well. (and are adjustable)
  26. VoyagernOK

    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    Hey, all you Kubota owners... you can spend just $400 MORE ($2400) and get an orange one! :D
  27. VoyagernOK

    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    Everyone already has a loader? I bet there a lot of ZT owners who don't have a loader and this might be the opportunity for some of them to do some projects they couldn't otherwise do. Or do them easier and quicker. And thank you for making my point: "innovation seldom works perfectly the first...
  28. VoyagernOK

    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    They are manufacturing it; seeking to license and sell it. Zero Turn Mower Attachments | ZTMA I wonder if they only make the one for the little Ryobi electric ZT? Criticize all you want, innovation seldom works perfectly the first time yet is the process by which everything good we have...
  29. VoyagernOK

    Skid steer snow blower on tractor loader?

    Thank you! I'm just behind you on age and I'd never considered this, but I'm definitely going to do this. Even just being able to watch my bushhog easier will be nice.
  30. VoyagernOK

    Skid steer snow blower on tractor loader?

    I added a big grapple to the front of my Mahindra mPower 75M and to avoid having to add a third function hydraulic up front, I used a fish tape and ran a set of hoses under the cab from a spare hydraulic connection at the back of the tractor. I used two hoses for each so that I if I remove the...
  31. VoyagernOK

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    REVIEWS and RATINGS! Please, when you have a good or bad experience, RATE them and write a REVIEW. Others depend upon your experience to make or avoid making purchase decisions. If they aren't going to charge me until they ship the product -- and I've had a number do this -- let others know...
  32. VoyagernOK

    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    It is important that you NOT just quit doing business with them but that you give them a BAD review describing what happened to you. Warn others! I read reviews about sellers before purchasing and I pay attention to those reviews. Quite a number of purchase decisions have been reshaped by...
  33. VoyagernOK

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    DanMc77, I'm with you on being scared of a rollover -- I lost a cousin to a tractor rollover when I was young -- and I can never tell when I'm too steep so sidehills just scare me. I was raised farming terraces, so I know I can plow a fair sidehill where I don't have to watch for rocks or holes...
  34. VoyagernOK

    What if....?

    Sounds to me like you made the right trade. If the payments aren't an issue for you, then selling it would cause regrets in future years. Some from the practical aspects; let's say your area gets a bad ice storm or a derecho that leaves everyone in the area with broken or downed trees and anyone...
  35. VoyagernOK

    Saplings and brush around pond banks. Suggestions?

    Thanks for this post. We'd cut about 400 willow clumps (multiple stumps) off at the ground last summer and this year they are all sprouting like crazy. We have other trees around and didn't want to kill the grass so have been hesitant to spray round-up. Just ordered the triclopyr.
  36. VoyagernOK


    I've never used a ballast box, though I've sure looked at them... On one tractor I have a 96" box blade that provides over half a ton of weight. I'd probably make some saddle type weights like we used on large plows when I was a kid to fit over the upper edge of the box blade before I'd buy a...
  37. VoyagernOK

    Saplings and brush around pond banks. Suggestions?

    The offset flail mower is a better choice than the sickle mower for small trees. It will shred them where they will often stop a sickle. With the sickle you will find yourself tripping the release way to often on trees. I got one for cattails and it does them but the flail does them better.
  38. VoyagernOK

    Brand new L3901. Nothing but joy...almost.

    I have the Titan Extreme Root Grapple and love it. If you are needing to move brush, logs, rocks, etc. this thing is awesome.
  39. VoyagernOK

    Is it possible to be objective for a moment about Mahindra? Question relating to career change

    I've been running a Mahindra m-power 75P for about 3 years and the company I'm running had it for a year prior to that. It only had about 100 hours on it when I got it. I now have only a bit over 600 hours on it. The tractor impressed me for some time. Then our dealer sold out. The nearest...
  40. VoyagernOK

    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    I have a John Deere 4210 Compact tractor and love it. Have used for years and have all kinds of different mowers and now would opt for only 1, a 60" flail mower. It does excellent work on finishes yet can also tackle heavy stuff even clearing small trees and brush. You have to get the one set up...
  41. VoyagernOK

    Hello from Oklahoma

    I just realized I'd never posted an introduction as I was instructed to do after joining. I just jumped on here looking for help with a problem and went straight to asking and got a good answer that solved my issue. I run a water/sewer utility company in SW OK in an upscale unincorporated...
  42. VoyagernOK

    Draining my backyard swamp

    Unless you always want to have a muddy ditch through your yard and as you have a creek to drain it to, this looks the perfect application to install Hydroblox. We've used them successfully to drain flooding areas and they work better than any french drain and better than most ditches, in my...
  43. VoyagernOK

    Draining my backyard swamp

  44. VoyagernOK

    Mahindra Shuttle Shift failure

    Manhindra MPower 75P Two times the roller pin securing the shuttle shift shaft to the collar on the linkage came out (in under 300 hours total time). We replaced it both times. But now the Shuttle shift itself has failed. The lever moves back and forth freely even without the clutch as it isn't...