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    B2660 hydro fill plug keeps popping out

    Tractor has around 250 hours. Whenever I work the tractor hard, the hydro fluid plug near the 3 point pops off. Changed the hydro fluid about 30 hours ago.
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    BX2660 front axle issue/noise

    My BX2660 has around 280 hours. Bought it with 180 hours. I checked the front axle lube and it was low, changed and filled up. When turning in 4wd with a heavy load in the bucket it acts as if it is binding up. Is this normal? It doesn't pop, but just seems as though it's binding up/grinding...
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    Kubota BX2660 hydraulic leak

    I was working the tractor pretty good trying to dig up a stump and roots. Hit bypass ALOT. I backed up and noticed fluid on the ground. When running...fluid drips from around coupling. When using loader or 3 point the fluid shoots out. I took it loose, it's a flange fitting. Is there supposed...
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    Rotary Cutter Woods Brushbull 48 shear pin access....HELP!!

    Got this cutter used. Tried to use it today, shaft was spinning, not the blades. How in the world do you access the shear pin? I've attached pictures of the gearbox end of shaft.
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    Anyone have a WOODS Brushbull cutter?

    I picked up a nice used 48". Gonna be cutting property that hasnt been bush hogged in a couple of years. What's the thickest material that I'll be able to cut? There's plenty of saplings growing. Its a BB48 on a Kubota BX2660 Thanks!!
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    First BX2660 hydro change @ 230 hours

    Don't know for sure, I bought this tractor with 189 hours. Changed the hydro fluid with SUDT yesterday. Replaced filter and cleaned screen...which was pretty nasty. Think there's anything to be concerned with? ALSO...had a bonehead move with the change. Changed fluid in garage and took...
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    Front-End Loader Quick change loader plate for Ansung loader

    Tractor is a Kubota BX2660 that came with an Ansung loader. I'm wanting to know how to change from the pin on bucket that came with it to a quick attach style? Thanks
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    Ideas for securing 20X35 metal carport awning

    I'll be ordering a 20X36 "Carolina Carport" style carport soon. It will be open sides and ends. I'll be installing it on dirt/gravel. I'm trying to decide the best way to secure it. Should I go with the just standard 30" rebar anchors, standard anchors with 4 auger anchors (one on each...
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    Will my BX2660 pull a 5' pulverizer?

    I can get a brand new LMC single roller pulverizer for $519. Just curious if my tractor will adequately pull this size? I have R4's and the rear's are loaded (although theyre small) Thanks
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    BX2660 toolbox??

    I'm wondering if anyone had any ideas for putting a storage box somewhere on this tractor? As y'all know, it's a small tractor...but would like a place for gloves, maybe a chain, etc. Thanks
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    How much is a 60" MMM deck from BX2660 worth?

    Thinking about selling the MMM from my BX2660. It's a 60" in great condition. Any idea of worth? Thanks
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    Tractor News New (to me) tractor - BX2660

    FINALLY got a tractor today. It's a 2010 BX2660 with 185 hours. Bought it from a hardware store. They had just installed a new loader (but it's an Ansung B2405) and a 60" MMM. Immediate plans are WHEEL SPACERS to hopefully make it more stable Considering filling tires for above as well...
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    Advice on "pole shed" over camper

    I've got a poured driveway beside the house that I park my 30' 5th wheel. I've been thinking about putting some sort of structure over it. The driveway is right up against the house (see pictures). I was thinking about putting up a "lean-to" style shed with the high side on the house side. The...
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    Rewiring Trailer, do I need 6 or 7 strand wire?

    I've got an equipment trailer I am rewiring. It has electric brakes, but no breakaway controller. Basically brakes, stop, turn, tail/marker, and ground I guess. Do I need 6 or 7 strand wire? Thanks
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    Is there anything that tilts 3ph side to side?

    Non tractor owner currently, with stupid question. Is there anything out there to add to the 3ph to make it tilt from side to side? For example, if I was grading with box blade, is there anything to make it tilt to one side or the other to adjust grade? If so, can someone point me in the right...
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    Anyone ever heard of L&W Fabrication trailer?

    I'm looking at a 20' 10k lb bumper pull equipment trailer. It has dual 5200 lb axles with brakes. It's 1-2 years old and in good condition. It's 18' with 2' dovetail. I can get it for around $2k. Any input?
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    Price Check 3240 Price Check

    How does this price sound? L3240 HST, R4's 724 Loader with HD bucket Loader third function valve One rear remote Price is $22,679 PLUS tax. This price was supposed to include the QA for the loader, but not sure it does. Ethanol and water in tires is around $100. He did say that when I got...
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    KUBOTA CTL, what do you think?

    No specs, just picture found on net. I'm a big Kubota fan, so I like what I see so far.
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    Backhoe Kubota backhoe question

    Got a question... I'd STILL like to purchase a 4wd Kubota tractor in the future (near I hope). I'd like something in the 30-35hp range. I'd like to get a backhoe in addition to the loader if I can swing the cash. It'd be very useful, and open up additional business opportunities. QUESTION: How...
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    Skid steer guys & everyone, need some input

    I currently own a lawn care company that I run part time (FT firefighter). I've got a chance to buy a New Holland LS180 for a STEAL. Now, I'd like to purchase this and expand, etc. What are some ways to advertise this to get business short of word of mouth, business cards, etc? Initially I'll...
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    Anyone use a 3030 for landscape type work?

    I'm considering purchasing a tractor in the future for work around the house, and use in my landscape business. Uses will be: Bush hogging final grade prep drive-way prep/ upkeep etc I'd get 4wd, R-4's, loader, and HST. Just wondering if this size tractor would be adequate or if I should look...
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    GEORGIA mulching guys

    Looking for someone who does mulching in GEORGIA, preferably around Commerce Georgia (NE, up I-85). Have less than an acre on residential lot that needs cleared as well as tree trash pile. Please PM or email me with info if anyone of you know someone who might work in that area. Thanks
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    Any good skid steer type forums?

    Want to do some research into skid steers and CTL's. I've found a couple, but not very active. Anyone point me to ANY? Thanks in advance!!
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    Trailer Bearings?

    This is probably a dumb question for most of you guys, but for me I am stupid in this area. I have a lawncare/ landscape business and currently use a 5X10 open trailer. I've had it for 4 years and pretty confident that the bearings need to be repacked. This trailer hasn't been used much at all...
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    Does the L3400 have tilt steering?

    I like the fact that the Grand L has the tilt steering column, but can't remember if the L3400 does or not.
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    Which would be better...L3400 vs L3130

    I apologize if this post gets lengthy. I hope y'all will be patient and help me out here. I have searched and read until my eyes are crossed. I'm wanting to purchase a tractor to do the following: prep new yards for seeding/sodding, construction cleanup, rip-up old yards and redo (seed/sod)...
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    Seeding grass...need input

    Trying to get some ideas of best pieces of equipment to use for seeding grass. For new grass thinking of using box blade with teeth (or similar) to tear up ground if needed, pulverizor (or similar) to prep ground/soften, then use 3 pt seeded to spread seed. MY QUESTION: What would be the BEST...
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    Kubota tractor advice

    Hey guys, some of you may see my post in another forum about possibly starting up a tractor business. Basically, thinking of buying a tractor with a 5-6' rough cut bushhog, pulverizor or similar, box blade and a front end loader if I can swing it. A few years ago we had some property and would...
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    Tractor business?? Advice/info

    I hope this is the right forum, if not...please advise. I have been contemplating doing this for quite some time. First off, I have alot of time on heavy equipment (mainly CAT 963, D5-9, 621's, 325,330, etc). I have also operated numerous skid steers, but not many tractors...go figure. I am...
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    Hitch for Scotts lawn tractor

    I have a Scotts 17.542 lawn tractor (17.5hp). The piddly hitch hole is bent. I am looking for ideas on making a better/ stouter hitch for the rear that will be very sturdy and a bit higher. Or if anyone knows of a place that sells them. Thanks
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    Price Check Good price for 3710GST?

    I have a price for a new 3710 gst with R-4's, ballast, folding ROP's setup and delivery of $15750. Is this a good price?
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    I have about decided to go ahead when I get my trator and get the loader. What loader is best for a TC40 and what is a fair price for the loader bucket and all?
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    I have about decided to go ahead when I get my trator and get the loader. What loader is best for a TC40 and what is a fair price for the loader bucket and all?
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    New Holland TC-40

    I am wanting to buy a new NH TC40. I have been comparing the NH TC40, Kubota L3710, and JD 990. Side-by-side comparisons the NH comes out ahead in just about every catagory except ground clearance (1" less than Kubota). I am wanting 4wd, R-4's, 12x12 SS. I like the visibility off the NH, like...
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    Gonna buy new NH TC40

    I am wanting to buy a new NH TC40. I have been comparing the NH TC40, Kubota L3710, and JC 990. Side-by-side comparisons the NH comes out ahead in just about every catagory except ground clearance (1" less thank Kubota). I am wanting 4wd, R-4's, 12x12 SS. I like the visibility off the NH, like...