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    Testing the waters: L245DT with Loader

    One of my family members is considering selling his L245DT. Specifications: Kubota loader mid 80's model 3 speed PTO Power steering turf tires Stored outside, so the loader and sheet metal look rough. Mechanically everything works on the tractor. Tractor runs and comes with a 5' brush hog.
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    M series loader frame (L1002A) (NH)

    If anyone is interested: This is not my ad. kubota loader frame L1002A kubota loader frame like new condition, needs bucket. 603-588-2572 -Design
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    Adding remote hydraulics to FEL

    I would like to have an extra circuit on the FEL. What are the possible ways to do this? Is it possible to plumb the rear remotes to the loader frame? Has any one done this? How do you set up the system to allow for FEL removal? What are the other ways to add one additional hydraulic...
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    LA 1001/LA 1002 loaders

    There is a 2nd set of 1/2"x2"x24" steel brackets attached to the frame. The 1st set is used to keep the loader upright when it is not installed on the machine. What is the 2nd set used for? One end has a 1/2" diameter pin and the other end has a slot. -Design
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    PTO pumps and using the transmission as the reservoir???

    Has any on considered attempting the following? During a transmission fluid change, drill and tap the transmission drain plug for a 1/2" npt tread. Add a 1/2" nipple (coming straight down), an elbow and a short piece of 1/2" pipe (heading straight back to the rear of the tractor) to a quick...
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    Buying a used tractor that was financed through Kubota Credit

    Has anyone purchased a used tractor from someone who financed the tractor? I am looking for advice. What steps should be taken to make sure the tractor is free and clear? -design
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    How to sell 50Hp tractors

    I am looking for suggestions on how to sell a M series tractor. Although I was told by Bradco that I can mount the bradco 609 backhoe to M4700 on a subframe. I purchased the correct subframe ($1800) and the subfame does not fit on the tractor with out modifications. Ebay, Tractorbynet...
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    meteor snowblowers on a Kubota

    Does anyone have a meteor snow blower? Any issues? How much was it to buy? -design
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    14.9x 28 tires

    I am looking for used rims and tires: any suggestions on where to look? 14.9x28 or 16.9x28 rear 9.5x22 or 8.3x24 front Thanks
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    Front Axle leak, M4700

    Has anybody fixed an M series front axle? The right front axle is leaking at the lower kingpin joint which allows the wheel to pivot to steer the tractor. Is this an easy repair? Where do I get the parts and what tools are needed? I can email photos, I do not know how to post them. Thanks in...
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    Checking front axle fuild level

    How does one check the oil level on the front axle on a M series (M4700 in this case)? There is evidence of a oil on the rim, I just can not find a leak. There may be a leak, i just can not find it. -Design
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    245DT 3 pt. hitch won't raise

    My dads tractor is not working. Any thoughts on why the 3pt hitch will not raise?
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    Flail Mower Flail Boom Mower

    I have a flail boom mower that needs some work. Although I love the idea of having this, I can maintain my property with a 6ft brush hog. The repairs include: The main cylinder is bent and the "dipper-stick" cylinder is broken. The arms have some welds that have cracked and the hydraulic pump...
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    Brush Hog mower brands

    I just purchased a tractor with a Agritech 6' (Model number IM602) mower. Does anyone know about this brand? Design
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    LA1001/LA1002 Loaders on M series.

    I just put a deposit on a M series (M4700). I noticed that the loader does not have a subframe member running from the loader mount at the tractor mid point to the rear axle. I have never seen a loader that did not have a subframe chassis member for the loader. Does anyone have this set up...
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    I just put a deposit on a used M4700. The specifications that I could find conflicted with one another. Would someone who has a brochure or who knows about/owns a machine please tell me the following: Weight, (ROPS with 4WD) '97 model Standard tire options and tract width, front and rear axle...
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    AUX Hydraulic circuit in parallel with main hydraulic pump??

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my question: I posted this to the Kubota owning/operating thread and there was little feedback. Has anyone ever considered plumbing from the transmission drain fitting under the chassis to a filter to a...
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    AUX Hydraulic circuit in parallel with main hydraulic pump???

    Here is my question: Has anyone ever considered plumbing from the transmission drain fitting under the chassis to a filter to a fluid quick disconnect? If you did this, could you then add a PTO hydraulic pump from the quick disconnect to a “tee” in the standard hydraulic pressure circuit? I...
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    Lifting objects with a chain using curl vs lift.

    I needed to unload a 1800# object from my trailer. My loader is an 1100# capacity loader. The loader is a L480 on a L2900. I have found that I can pick up much bigger and heavier objects using the lift function as far as it can go than switching to the curl function. I would never try and...
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    Snow Non-functioning glow plugs on Grand L's, expecting snow

    Winter is hear, and I just found out that the glow plugs are no longer working. (I am really, REALLY glad I installed the block heater last summer when I did the fluid change !, or the tractor would be a pretty, orange, boat anchor until spring.) Neither the dash light or the glow plug work...
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    Woods BH9000 or BH90-X on a L3130/3430

    I am looking for subframe information, for the Woods 4 point frame for the grand L series tractors. If you own this setup, and can help on a couple of measurements, please let me know. Also, is the backhoe to big for the tractor? Does the tractor move around too much using the backhoe? Do you...
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    Woods BH9000 on the small Grand L's

    Today I picked up a 6 year old BH9000 for a good price. There is no sub-frame offered for a Grand L2900 for that hoe. Woods sells a 4 point frame for the 3130 and a sub-frame for the 3010 which are newer versions of the 2900. Other woods options include: a sub-frame for the 9000 on a...
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    Backhoe Bobcat Backhoe on a Grand L series

    I am considering adding a backhoe to the L2900 that I own. It is a want, not a need. I saw an add for a "3 pt hitch backhoe". Upon investigation, the Backhoe is a Bobcat 907. (Similar to the 607 in the link below) Someone converted the...
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    FEL mounted snow plow kubota L series

    This is a copy of the link in the kubota owning/operating. Adding a snow plow to a L series loader -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the days start to get short and the temperatures go into the 30's at night It is time to start thinking...
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    Snow Adding a snow plow to a L series loader

    As the days start to get short and the temperatures go into the 30's at night It is time to start thinking about better ways to plow the drive way this year. Please post any comments: Has anyone tried the following: Pictures available 1 8' foot fisher plow with the "A" frame and the...
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    Price Check L3750 TLB price check

    I have run across a '84 L3750Dt\T TLB. The hoe is 4540 and the loader is a bl900. Tha machine has been beat on at least cosmetically. The hour meter stopped at 2800, so I have no idea how many hours are on the tractor. I understand these machines are well built. What should I look for...
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    l2900 oil/transmission capacity

    I just purchased a 2900 and I do not yet have the owners manual. What is the oil/transmission capacity. Design
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    Help: The tractor I just purchased was never serviced

    I just purchased a L2900 GST that may never have been serviced. I have spoken with several of the local dealers, the dealer the tractor was originally sold at, and the dealership I just bought the tractor from, and none of them show any service records for this SN, or sales of parts necessary...
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    L2900 Owners

    On Tuesday I am planning on completing a deal on a 2900GST w/ a la480. What are your thoughts on both the tractor and the loader? Should I wait for a 3130/3430 with loader to come up for sale? Have there been any issues with this model that I should be concerned about? The tractor has about...
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    NH (new Hampshire) owners or residents

    Help, I have been looking for the past 6 months for a 25-40 HP 4WD drive Kubota/Deere w/ loader. If you know of anyone looking to sell a L series in good condition, please let me know. Also, if you have any recomendations on dealerships to work through, (or avoid) please let me know that as...
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    Upgrading loaders

    Has anyone ever changed out the main cylinders on a kubota loader to increase the lift capacity? I am looking at a L2900 4WD with a LA480 loader, and the loader capacity is less than I desire. The front axle is off of a L3300 if that makes a difference. Design
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    Older L series, 2650 and 2550

    Can someone explain the differences between the L2650 and the L2550? According to, they look like the same machine. The kubota does not list the 2550 on the prior products page. The sheetmetal is very different. I would like to know the years the tractors were produced: If...
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    buying a rental

    Monday I will be renting a B21TLB. The machine has 700 hours and is 2 years old. The equipment rental company is also willing to sell the tractor. What is a reasonable price for a B21? What should I look for while using the tractor? Have there been any weak areas with the B21? I need the...
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    Price Check L2650 Verses L2900, Price check

    I am looking at two used Kubotas at our local dealer: a L2650GST and a L2900GST. The 2650: 500 hours with loader, 4wd, 1994, turf tires the 29000: 200 hours with loader, 4wd, 1999?, turf tires What are fair prices for these tractors? Thank you Design
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    L345DT w/ Loader and 5' brush hog

    L345DT w/ Loader and 5\' brush hog I am looking for pricing info and prior owners thoughts on a used 345DT being sold in NH. The dealer selling the machine has a very good reputation; however the tractor looks in rough shape. Hood/Sheetmetal has been poorly repainted, Loader bucket is on good...
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    Soot covered engine

    I was looking at a 755 this weekend, and the entire engine and all of the shrouds on the inside are covered in black soot. The engine exhaust piping appears to have been broken for some time and the exhaust vented out around the engine shrouds not out the muffler/tailpipe. Any other...
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    Price Check Price check: Used 755 4WD w/ snowblower and mower

    Can someone shed some light on a fair price for a 755 with snowblower and mower deck in NE. 1600 hours: Tractor is in fair shape. Some sheet metal rust, no leaks. Slight cosmetic damage to the hood/grill. No Loader. Thank you.