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    Torch problem

    Propane can weld steel with flux, I've done that..
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    Torch problem

    I only use T hose, it's not that much more money, but is worth it!..
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    Torch problem

    with Propane, you need to use flux coated rods, or powder flux, as there is no shielding effect with Propane!..
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    Torch problem

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    HVAC questions

    100MBTU is enough for a large palace, I'm sure you meant 100KBTU..
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    HVAC questions

    if you can dig the trench or holes, not much, that's where the cost is.. some areas you can get away with just a deep trench, others you'll need a well drilling rig to get down deep..
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    Need to lift my tractor

    hydraulics are way too unsafe to risk your life on!. they can and have all of a sudden let go, and either severely injured or killed the person under it!. use either jack stands or 4x4s so it can't come down on you!.. make sure it's sturdy!.. but, yes, it's better to have someone that has done...
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    I've had to refresh the page so it auto signs in

    if I don't I have to manually do that. it's been a few days now, maybe the Firefox update did this, I don't know..
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    Drilling rock with a rotary hammer for blasting?

    this is what you need.
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    warning on large trees that may fall on you!.

    I've had too many trees fall or have large branches large enough to kill someone fall on my block, and at my house to be very wary of them, rain, or a bit of wind is enough to make them come down!. it's really not worth it to risk your life!.:shocked: a branch large enough to kill someone just...
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    just when you thought you knew what stupid was

    it gets beaten!. ‘This is no longer a debate’: Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks
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    5v vs B section belts. Toro mowers

    as you can see here, they are not interchangeable..
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    Tracking the Asian Giant 'Murder' Hornet: A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America

    thank you for this it's what we really need now!. sarcasm.. Tracking the Asian Giant 'Murder' Hornet: A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    but this one is REALLY scary!.
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    green tractor talk site is banned?

    if someone posts a link to there, the address gets the ********* treatment like it has been banned, but without any notification of that!..:confused:
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    Fastest Old Tractor to use on the road?

    we have those here in the USA too.
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    if you work with explosives don't do that in your home!.

    a real tragedy that could have been much worse!.. Charlotte explosion: Crews find 1 person in debris after massive home explosion
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    Alabamyans watch out!.

    If you live in Alabamy, watch out for HUGE yellow jacket wasp nests!. Officials Warn of Wasp ‘Super Nests’ in Alabama
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    a very awesome MF

    V8 Massey Ferguson "MF-35" - YouTube
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    caterpillar and case tractors not discussed?

    just curious why not!..
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    JD 322 ignition module testing

    I'm getting a strong feeling there's a corroded or loose connection between the ignition module and the coil..(check that) but I'll check for the wiring diagram.. I found the wiring diagram, and found you have 3 "pulsars" one for each coil. in this case, it may be one of those causing the...
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    News: farmers killing themselves in staggering numbers

    it looks like farming may be going out of style soon.. Farmers are killing themselves in staggering numbers a shame..
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    Rounded off drain plug

    this is the only thing that should be used on a square drive drain plug. Cheap 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Square Box Wrenches using vise grips, pliers, or pipe wrenches, or even open ended wrenches will eventually round off the square nut..
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating use tire chains on your front wheels

    Vbar chains all around are best, but the reason for the chains in front are so the front tires don't slip, and start pushing a big mound of snow because they aren't turning!. my tractor was doing that, and the rear wheels dug deep into the grass trying to push that snow pile in front of each...
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    Snow Blade tractors need chains on front wheels when using a snow blade

    I just thought I'd put this info out there in case it was never mentioned before. when pushing snow, the front wheels of my tractor would not turn(rotate), but rather just dig deep, and push snow, making the rear wheels with chains dig into the ground, making it very hard to move. putting chains...