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    Advice to clean & prep old concrete for densifier

    I’m looking for advice on cleaning & preparing old concrete for GHOSTSHIELD 4500 concrete densifier. Garage is used for auto repair so oils & other fluids have been spilled on floor. I would also like to seal it with GHOSTSHIELD 8500 sealer at some point to protect from road salts. Floor is...
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    New concrete floor coating advice needed.

    I just removed the old concrete floor and apron in the house garage and I’m putting in a new floor approx 6” thick. I would like to coat/treat the new concrete to protect it from road salts & freezing & thawing. What would you suggest? I’ve looked on line at many products but would like some...
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    Mini split questions?

    My house has 5 bedrooms & a full bath upstairs. Getting heat upstairs is a problem because the ductwork is by today’s standards too small, uninsulated and runs up an outside cold wall. I’m thinking a mini split may be my best solution. I have a full basement 1/2 is heated and the other 1/2...
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    Ford 1720 PTO will not disengage

    I posted this in the Ford forum with no response, hopefully I have better luck here. I think I may have inadvertently damaged the PTO clutch on my Ford 1720 SSS. It was working fine all winter. The left floor board (clutch side) was loose & rusty so I removed it to repair. I built a temporary...
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    Ford 1720 SSS PTO clutch will not disengage

    I think I may have inadvertently damaged the PTO clutch on my Ford 1720 SSS. It was working fine all winter. The left floor board (clutch side) was loose & rusty so I removed it to repair. I built a temporary floor board so I could still use the tractor. I was using it one day and not thinking...
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    Ford 2120 transmission dipstick

    I’m working on a 2120 HSS and the transmission dipstick has machine marks in it from contact with a shaft/gear. The dipstick is not bent do I’m asking if this is an occasional issue or a sign of impending disaster. Transmission operates fine. Thanks 90cummins
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    When is it safe for new concrete to be exposed to freezing temperatures?

    2 weeks ago I filled a 12 by 72 heavy wall steel pipe with concrete which will be used as a lawn roller. It is open on 1 end and filled with 8 bags of redimix. I used approximately 7 gallons of water in the mix. When will it be safe to put outside in single digit temperatures and not worry...
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    13.6-16 turf tire chains

    I made up a set of chains for the 13.6-16 turfs on my tractor using (used) cross links from semi truck tires. They will not stay on the tire because they are too short (15 inches) I need to add at least 4 inches to them so they go over the tread and further down the sidewall. New chains are...
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    16hp cast iron 326437 Briggs compression spec.

    I just rebuilt my old 16hp cast iron briggs with a 0.010 over piston, rod & valve job. And it runs fantastic. I performed a compression test after break-in and recorded 125psi hot and cold. Does anyone know the actual spec or range for this engine. Thanks 90cummins
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    New 2019 ZD1211 loosing coolant?

    My new 2019 ZD1211 with 50 hours on it is consistently loosing small amounts of coolant. It has done this since day one and I have documented it to ensure I'm not imagining it. Between mowing's I add 1 or 2 ounces to keep the level at the low level in the coolant reservoir. Oil level shows no...
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    ZD1211 50 hour service done.

    I did the 50 hour service today so it would be ready to go next spring. Fortunately the mower was on my lift with the new filter ready to install. As soon as I turned it off 2~3 turns it was a flood of oil. I quickly spun the old filter off & the new on on. I still lost approximately 1/2...
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    28 gpm log splitter pump made in USA??

    I am upgrading my log splitter which I built 40 years ago. I used s tecumseh 10 hp HH100 and a Viking 22 gpm pump. It has operated flawlessly other than being slightly under powered when pushing max pressure of 2500psi which would slowly stall the engine. I rescued a 16 HP 320000 series Cast...
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    1720 SSS 3 pt hitch will not raise unless loader is curled.

    This is the first time my 1720 has not operated properly. I have 3060 hours on it and my 3pt hitch would not raise with a load unless I briefly curled the bucket. The transmission oil is regularly changed so I doubt the oil is the issue. The ambient temperature was in the 30 degree range...
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    Need help with 16hp cast iron Briggs&Stratton timing setup.

    I have a cast iron Briggs&Stratton 16 hp model 325431-0135-03 I am rebuilding it with a new OEM +0.010 piston and rod for my log splitter. I completely disassembled the engine to the bare block and removed the breaker points push rod and installed a magnetron ignition. The Briggs manual does...
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    Will a 72" deck fit a ZD1211 that originally came with a 60" deck?

    Just wondering if they are interchangeable. 90cummins
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    Looking for work light power plug location.

    Adding work lights to my ZD 1211. There is a circuit in the fuse box (With no fuse installed) for auxiliary lights but I can not find the pigtail. Does anyone know where it may be tucked away? Thanks 90cummins
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    Bought a new ZD1211

    Took delivery of a new 2020 ZD1211 with a 60 side discharge. At first I was looking for used but having never operated a zero turn let alone a Kubota zero turn I decided to look at new machines with 60 months zero interest. With Kubota's optional loan insurance that covers any and everything...
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    Opinion wanted on replacement connecting rod.

    I am looking for an engineering opinion on an OEM replacement connecting rod for a 16hp cast iron Briggs & Stratton model 325431-0135 which is approximately 50 years old. I want to restore it while old stock OEM parts are available. The original rod is usable crankshaft is perfect but I want...
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    Desired piston clearance for 16hp cast iron Briggs.

    My recently acquired 16hp Briggs&Stratton model 325431-0135 needs a rebuild due to piston scoring from a mouse nest. This engine will be a replacement for my current HH100 tecumseh on my log splitter which runs great however parts are becoming scarce. I have a 0.010 over Briggs piston ordered...
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    22 gpm pump adaptor for 16hp cast iron Briggs & Stratton engine.

    I have an old 16hp B&S cast iron engine model 325431-0135 that I would like to use on my log splitter. I have looked for pump adapters that directly mount on PTO face with no luck. Is there an adaptor that will mount a 22 gpm pump to this beast? I would really like to keep this old iron in...
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    16hp cast iron Briggs Model 326437 sump gasket

    I have a wards garden tractor with a 16hp Briggs that needs some love. The engine sump is part of the tractor frame. I removed the engine from the sump and noticed there was no gasket. Is the gasket preferred or just sealant? I ordered all new gaskets & seals looking for an informed opinion...
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    Need advice on soft start module for furnace blower motor.

    I have a 1/4hp high efficiency motor on my hot air wood furnace and I would like to install a soft start module from Schneider electric to limit the inrush current when it is on my battery backup or my small Honda EU2000i. The motor cycles on& off frequently when the furnace temp is turned...
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    2120 Ford compact tractor occasionally goes into neutral

    I知 doing a service on my friends 2120 HSS which has a couple operational issues. Occasionally while operating the transmission will go into neutral then re-engage. Transmission is full and oil and filter have been changed. It has done this for a couple years and does not act like an electrical...
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    What were these used for?

    These were out in the woods behind my home which we purchased 30 years ago. They were not used for my home nor the neighbor's. Any one know what they were used for? Thanks 90cummins
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    Definition of quarantine if I live in the country

    I live in the country and my closest neighbor is 200 feet across the main road with another also to the side of me. I have no visible neighbors behind me within 1000+ feet. Would I be able to go outside in my own back yard or would I be confined inside my home? Never thought I壇 be thinking if...
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    Firewood Optimum moisture content can wood be too dry?

    I have a 40 year old Thermo-Built wood furnace with a forced air heating enclosure connected to a SS insulated chimney. It easily heats my 5 bedroom house and the flue temperature is generally less than 200 degrees. I give it a HOT SUPPER at least once a week to keep the chimney clean. I'm no...
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    1720 Ford starter grinding problem solved by rewireing starter functions

    My 1720 started having intermittent issues with grinding months ago when starting in cold weather. I removed the starter & found no obvious problems but did notice some oil in the solenoid so I cleaned it to eliminate the possibility of that causing slow engagement, I did noticed 3 spots on the...
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    Need cutting edge for my 1720

    My cutting edge is worn out on my 1720 60 bucket and needs to be replaced before I damage it. Looking for a weld on with holes so I can attach a Wicked root rake. Looking for suggestions. Thanks 90cummins
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    1971 sears SS15 cast iron Briggs.

    I’ve been working on a friends newly acquired sears tractor with the big ole cast iron briggs. It was constantly stalling after operating on hot days, on cooler days it ran fine. I suspected a bad condenser and replaced it but the problem was still there, so I ordered a new Magneto which is...
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    Broken mulching Gator blade.

    I double stack my blades on my 60" Scag for a better cut and recently lost the end of one mulching Gator blade when it went over one smooth rock not a hard hit just a light touch. I place the regular blade on the bottom to protect the gator blade from impact with rocks. The broken piece bent a...
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    Your favorite home made drilling, thread cutting lubricant.

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a home made drilling/cutting oil mix. Looking to use something I may have on hand. 90cummins
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    EMP Prep, What would you do if you had 45 minutes to prepare?

    If you knew North Korea launched a nuke and had 45 minutes to prepare for an EMP attack what would you do?? If I was home I would isolate my home from the grid as much as possible by moving all breakers including the main breaker to the off position. I would unplug everything from the outlets...
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    Wards 16hp Variable speed tractor, do I need it?

    A good friend has a 16hp Wards Garden tractor that was complete until 2 months ago when he needed a front wheel assembly for another tractor. The engine runs good and as far as he recalls it drives fine. I've always wanted a big ole 16hp Cast Iron Briggs engine. He has been wanting to give it to...
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    My 1988 Ford 1720SSS needs repair!

    After 29 years my 1988 1720 SSS needs repair! The power steering cylinder has started to leak so I just ordered the parts from Messicks. It has close to 2900 hours on it and this is the first time it has ever needed repair. It has performed above & beyond it's designed capacity (thanks to the...
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    Off Grid battery backup system charging question.

    I have an off grid battery backup system with two battery banks one is 370ah and the other is 225ah.. I have acquired another set of batteries 3 years old that were left discharged (J185H-AC 225ah) and I'm working on reviving them to add capacity My current battery banks have an amp/hr rating...
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    Storage life of todays on-road & off-road diesel and heating oil.

    Years ago diesel fuel had an indefinite storage life now I知 hearing otherwise because the sulfur content has been reduced. What are the facts about today痴 on-road diesel, off-road diesel and heating oil storage life? I burn so little heating oil now due to other heat sources that I知 starting to...
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    Yanmar 10hp L100 Diesel video of 28v 450 amp DC generator.

    I built a DC generator to power my 4kw home inverter when the power is out. I bought and rebuilt a 10hp Yanmar L100 diesel that I bought off Craigslist and use it to power a 28v 450 amp Niehoff N1603-2 DC generator to support my 24v off grid inverter. I have the engine turning at 2750 which...
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    Yanmar 10hp L100 Diesel video of 28v 450 amp DC generator.

    I built a DC generator to power my 4kw home inverter when the power is out. I bought and rebuilt a 10hp Yanmar L100 diesel that I bought off Craigslist and use it to power a 28v 450 amp Niehoff N1603-2 DC generator to support my 24v off grid inverter. I have the engine turning at 2750 which is...
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    Farymann 43F Diesel Governor speed modification help needed.

    I have 2 Military surplus MEP-952b 28v DC APU's 1 of which is being used to support my battery backup system. These units use a German made Farymann 43f diesel engine rated at 15hp to drive a 280A DC generator. I'm looking for anyone with knowledge that can help me modify the governor for...
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    Can we create a Forum for aircooled Diesels?

    On May of 2011 I started a thread in the Yanmar forums titled (Forum for Yanmar air-cooled diesels & clones) that got lost after the website reorganization. Since then I have had several projects that I would like to share. Would it be possible to create a separate Forum for (Air-cooled Diesels)...
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    Led shop lights. I've been replacing the CFL's in my home with LED's since summer and it's now time to upgrade my shop lights. My shop is 40x60 with 12x12 doors and is poorly lighted. The main lighting consists of (6) 8ft (2x60w) T12 fixtures approximately 10 off the floor. Around my lift I have...
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    Glodenrod Water Bloc question

    I've a question about water bloc filters. I made a filter assembly for my friend with a 10 micron spin-on filter and a water bloc filter because he recently filled his tractor with water contaminated fuel this summer. Recently it has been around zero for a few days and he couldn't pump fuel from...
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    Bulk diesel filter system upgraded.

    Because of poor fuel storage I had to help a friend get his 2120 Ford tractor running because of water in his fuel. To prevent future problems I built him a filter system with a 10 micron particulate filter and a Goldenrod water block to prevent future troubles. That prompted me to upgrade my...
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    Farymann 43F Diesel governor questions??

    I have 2 Military surplus MEP-952b 28v DC APU's 1 of which is being used to support my battery backup system. These units use a German made Farymann 43f diesel engine rated at 15hp to drive a 280A DC generator. I'm looking for anyone with knowledge that can help me modify the governor for steady...
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    Need solid state ignition coil Sears Suburban

    My ignition coil failed in my Sears Suburban HH120 Tecumseh and they want $200 for a used one on E-bay! Is there a retro-fit kit or after market coil for these?? 90cummins
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    Building a Powerhouse for my generators looking for ideas!

    I知 planning on building a powerhouse for my generators and I would like your input on design details that must be built into it to best serve its intended purpose. First I will describe what I have and my plans. The purpose of my powerhouse is to provide secure shelter for my generators from the...
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    Looking for Husqvarna 2004 iZ5223 ZTR Reviews

    I'm looking at a 2004 iZ5223 with a Kawasaki FH680V and an asking price of $2000 or BO. I currently have a Scag STHM and it is killing my back. It has 1111 hours on it and looks to be in good condition. I would like some input as far as cut quality and reliability. Thanks 90cummins
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    Anyone had issues with diesel/heating oil going bad??

    We have heated with oil for 60 years and never had problems with it. I have been using it in my tractor for 20 years and never an issue. I've heard that the new low sulfur diesel doe not keep as well as the old formula. I keep (2) 275 gallon tanks topped up and have and additional 3 sealed 55...
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    Ford 2120 right front wheel fell off!!

    My neighbor has a 2120 4wd and was moving logs with his front mounted pallet forks when the right front wheel fell off. Not sure what failed first, bearing pieces were found on the ground. I'm impressed that there wasn't more extensive damage as there was a huge load on it at the time. Parts...
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    Burning used transmission oil with water in my Cleanburn furnace??

    I did a service on a Ford 1910 that had moisture in the transmission oil and have 15 gallons of creamy white colored oil. The oil has been setting for several months with no separation. I have a CleanBurn 2800 waste oil heater and would like to know if its possible to get the oil & water to...