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    Found a product and took a chance. It's a rust converter called Black Star Rust Converter. Info looked promising. Got around to coating the frame on my 2104 3500 Ram. Wow! The frame looks as if new! This product doesn't require a top coat like others.(saves time and $) Living next to the...
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    Ever since trying to access forum support, I've been bombarded with junk emails! Tried to contact support through the links to get user name changed and ended up with a lot of grief. So beware of support links .
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    Just joined but have been looking awhile!

    Liked the information that has been posted on the site for awhile and decided to join with recent addition to my household. I have two Iseki tractors. The first one that I got was a Bolens G152 ( Iseki TX2140 2wd) and my latest is a White Field Boss 16 ( Iseki TX2160 4wd). Fitted a loader to the...