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    Hydraulic spin on element Mahindra 4035

    Hey all, I need to change the spin on hydraulic filter on my Mahindra 4035, can someone please tell me roughly how much fluid I'm going to lose? I'm assuming about a filters worth plus a little more since it sits higher on the tractor. Thanks
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    Front axle pivot point greasing 4035

    I have a 4035 Mahindra that has two grease zerks near the front axle. Mahindra calls them "pillow blocks" in the manual. I've greased them, but don't know how much to apply, I can't hear it or see it to know it's full. Any thoughts?
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    After market hydaulic filter 4035 PST

    Hi all, I am looking for an aftermarket hydraulic filter for my Mahindra 4035. After my first motor oil change I cut the OEM filter apart, and found it was a Fram clone. Glued on cardboard end caps, that I paid $27 for. Fortunately, I was able to cross the oil filter to a Baldwin B202. I have...
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    Oil & Fuel Refilling the trans/hydro fluid 4035

    Hi All, long time looker first time poster. I have a Mahindra 4035 shuttle shift. I need to replace the 10 gallons of fluid it holds through what appears to be a 1/2" fill hole located right above the PTO output shaft. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for adding that much fluid through such a...