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    Farmtrac/Montana/sniff sniff

    Do I smell a merger in the air? Anyone got the scoop on this? Somethings up.
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    Murphy Swichgage

    After reading the thread about the oil plug I thought I'd post about Murphy Swichgage. I expect many of you here have never seen or heard of this system. In my area most all farm tractors that are used to power irrigation pumps use Murphy Swichgage. It's a must for irrigating. You start the...
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    Diesel Concentrate

    For all us snakeoil/amsoil users, Amsoil is ready for USLD. Just got the flyer today and finished reading it. When I burn down what's in my storage tank I'll have to give this a try. Just thought I'd pass this along for those that don't get the news flyer. You can check it out here. AMSOIL -...
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    More Snakeoil (hmmm) Amsoil news

    Got my Action News flyer today and on the front page there's the new Ea bypass filtration. Upon further reading it says this filter will remove soot. That's what I've been waiting for. I'll check in to it much more before ordering but this looks like extended oil drain intervals for diesel...
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    Fuel problems revisited

    Thought I'd share this from another site I visit daily. Some of you in those frozen chosen areas may be able to head off some problems. I hope. Anyone having gelled fuel? There's one post with a link that you may also want to read. From what I got out of the thread it seems the fuel is...
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    Someone on this board or maybe another was looking for a 3ph pto generator. I think. Anyway I just got a flyer in the mail from Surplus Center and it has one on the back page. And here's a link to it: LEROY SOMER PTO GENERATOR They show zero in stock but there may be more added. Just...
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    Older chainsaw parts HELP!!

    I have a Sachs Dolmar 120 Super chainsaw. Bought it in 1985. Best darn saw I've ever owned before or since buying it. My dealer passed away some years back and no one carries the Dolmar brand in my area now. Right now I need an air filter and haven't found a source to buy from. If any of you...
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    MAKE YOUR OWN diesel FUEL ????

    Saw this on Trucks (Spike TV). Here's the link: <font color="blue"> Click Here </font> Anyone know where one of these may be in use? MikePA: Cleaned up long URL. Please review your message before posting it. It's simple not to do this. Just insert a descriptive word or two between the...
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    Runaway hay wagon !!!!!!!

    Started cutting hay a week ago here. Had 92 rolls on the ground that needed to be stacked in the sheds. Sat. my son was here to help me so we got the IH truck hooked up to a Knowles 4 wheel wagon and busy we got. Loaded 8 rolls on the truck and 8 on the wagon. These are 1,000 pound rolls. Got...
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    From another site. Sinkhole pics. WOW!!!
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    Hey gsxr1100 and others.

    I'm still working with the hydraulic filtration on the tractors that I started on back in Jan. It just plugs in the remotes and filters from there with a 3 micron high pressure filter and a water removal filter that's low pressure and dumps back to tank. The water filter only takes part of the...
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    Tiller CCM Tiller with an Attitude !!!!!

    I rode out to Johnson City back in Feb. to buy this tiller. When I got there I was shocked at the size of the tiller. Gonna post a few pictures of this monster. Hope they do it justice. It's a real dirt eater.
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    Ran across this ( Filter test ) while searching on Google. It's a pretty long read but thought some of you might enjoy reading and seeing the pictures on this oil filter test.
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    Rotella 15-40 oil posted on

    Just spotted this post over on the SF site. Anyone here have any comments? May be old news and I just haven't read it till now.Rotella 15-40 oil
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    Hay slinger/unroller

    I made this back in 1986. It needs a good painting again but still works like the day I built it. I use a small hydraulic motor to rotate the spear. It can sling the hay off either side. So it doesn't matter which way the bale is turned when I spear it. I unroll an average of 200 rolls per...
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    A few pics of the Farmtrac 80 and loader

    I think I've figured out this picture posting thing so I'll post a couple of the Farmtrac 80. And yes the tractor needs a bath. But it won't get one till spring.
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    FEL forks

    Been working on a set of forks for the Farmtrac 80. Please excuse the rust and dirt. I'll get the pressure washer out when spring comes and wet sandblast the hanger carriage and forks.
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    Opinions from you true synthetic oil users.

    I've been an Amsoil user since the late 80's. I drive enough miles per year to enjoy the extended drain deal. I also use it in farm tractors and switched to the synthetic hydraulic oil 3 years ago in the first tractor. Been thinking on how to extend the life of the hydraulic oil. I've also seen...
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    Update on the tankless ele. water heater

    Thought I'd post a little report on the tankless ele. water heater. Been up and running for 2 weeks now. It produces plenty of hot water for our usage. We now use the heater in the dishwasher that we didn't before. It sure made some extra space since the 40 gal tank is out. Checked to ele...
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    Air precleanres

    I just did a search on this site to see if there been any post on air precleaners. Any of you folks use the turbo type air precleaners? I have one on both tractors now. One is a Turbo II and the other is a sy-clone. (spelling may not be right on that one ) Both have been money well spent...
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    Tankless ele. water heater.

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place. If not y'all excuuuuuse me. My regular 40 gal. ele. hot water tank has a little drip leak now. That happens about every 7 years or so. Soooo it's time to replace it. Been looking at the tankless ele. water heaters and just wondering if any of you...
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    Problem seeing oil level on some dipsticks.

    OK, I'm over 50. Just a little. I'm having a problem seeing oil levels on dipsticks and it isn't all me being old either. I use synthetic oils in everything. Some of the newer dipsticks are pretty shiny and have to get the light just right to see the oil on the stick. Just wondering if...
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    Caroni rotary tiller/cultivator FM 1700

    Good morning. I've worn the tines out on my Caroni FM1700 and need a set of new tines. I bought this tiller from TSC some years back and they don't carry Caroni in this area now. Any of you good folks know where I can order a complete set of tines that'll fit this tiller? Your help is...