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    To do and not to do with Kubota DEF system.

    Once again, the filter pass rate is 20 microns, not the 80 microns you once again pulled out of your butt!!! You need to stick with the truth for once.
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    D1105-T water pump

    The original engine was a Kubota engine specially built for Toro and has some specific parts available only through Toro. If the replacement engine is not a Toro spec engine it may be a Kubota equipment-specific engine, the parts are available only from a Kubota equipment dealer. The engine...
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Title PSB-2021-079: V-Series; Addition of Suspension Arm Bushing Service Interval Description This bulletin contains general information to assist you if repairs should become necessary as per the subject. Product Line V-Series Models RTV-X900, RTV-X1100, RTV-X1120, RTV-X1140 Serial Numbers...
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Title PSB-2017-100-R3: MANDATORY CAMPAIGN: RTV-X Series; Stop Use / Retail / Shipment: Seat Belt Stay Replacement Product Line RTV-X-Series Models RTV-X900, RTV-X1100C, RTV-X1120D, RTV-X1140 Serial Numbers Model Serial Number Model Serial Number RTV-X900 31229 - 42402 RTV-X1120D...
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    Where to buy rear suitcase weights for L3560

    Kubota suitcase weights are available through whole goods and the rear weight bracket is available from Heavy Hitch.
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    LX3310 4 cylinder engine

    Once again, FAKE NEWS. The engine used in the LX3310 does not have balancer shafts like the M9000's engine does.
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    Kubota gr2120 deck won’t stay up

    This system was not designed to hold the deck up for an extended length of time although I have never timed one to see how long it would stay up. I do know that they should stay up for more than a few minutes.
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    Kubota gr2120 deck won’t stay up

    Do not waste any of your time or money messing with the lift cylinder as it has only one hose to it, so it is a single-acting cylinder. For the cylinder to be the cause of the deck dropping, it would have to be leaking oil on the ground. The deck cylinder position is maintained by the Load...
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    M9540 Bogging Down

    I know that you really hate FACTS and TRUTH, but Kubota's HH166-43560 fuel filter is listed by Kubota as being a 20-micron filter. Just as a refresher, HH166-43560 is the spin-on fuel filter used on 198 models, including the M9000.
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    Security & Theft Power Locks/Keyless ignition for RTV-X 1100c??

    The RTV uses a different key for the door than for the ignition switch.
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Here are the instructions for the floormat modification.
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    Where's the refrigerant port RTV-X1100C?

    Of course, you could just look at the sight glass on the top of the receiver/dryer.
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    30HP vs 26HP 60" bush hog?

    DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used only on over 75 HP units. DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is used on 25 HP and up units
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    My PTO will not engage?

    The PTO clutch engagement is totally mechanical, the switches are for the safety system. If the hydrostat works and the PTO does not, it's either the linkage from the lever to the control spool is disconnected or the orifice in the PTO control spool is plugged. The most common culprit for...
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    Where's the refrigerant port RTV-X1100C?

    They are under the hood, near the condenser.
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    3-Point Hitch No till drill

    Was your dealer unable or unwilling to answer your questions?
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    As I stated before, on a Kubota diesel engine, the number one cylinder is always at the front of the engine and the flywheel is always at the rear. This arrangement is decided and assigned by Kubota.
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    The engine manufacturer decides which end is the front as shown in post #2.
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    The Kubota BX series has the transmission being powered from the FRONT of the engine, yet the flywheel is mounted to the REAR of the engine.
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    The front of an engine is always the Front no matter which end the transmission is connected to.
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    Kubota BX22 no longer moves

    There is no such thing. BX's have a very good hydrostat, but no hydrostat is "Bomb-proof."
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    Help identifying #1 cylinder on BX2350

    On all Kubota engines, the flywheel is mounted on the rear of the engine.
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    Obsolete parts

    It appears that the spline is the same on the two-part numbers so the worst case would be to cut the arm from the old splined hub and weld it onto the new splined hub.
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    Kubota drop in Fuel Tank strainer-filter

    You are still FOS, it will not fit the tractor the poster was wanting one for. Once again, Kubota does not offer a drop-in strainer for his tractor. You seem to have a problem with TRUTH and FACTS.
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    Kubota drop in Fuel Tank strainer-filter

    Once again, the fuel fill opening on a BX is not the same size as the opening on an M9000!!!!!!!!! Kubota does not offer a drop-in screen for the BX series tractor. Most of the construction equipment comes with a drop-in screen to this day, but it will not fit the tractor that the poster has either.
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    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    Next time it starts acting up, leave the hydrostat pedal in neutral and engage the PTO. If the seat switch is causing the problem, the engine will die in about 1 to 2 seconds. If engaging the PTO does not shut the engine off, step on the hydrostat pedal leaving the PTO ON. If it dies in about 1...
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    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    The "LF" was a typo, should have been "LH" or Left Hand". The "LF" actually means "Left Front".
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    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    The seat switch appears to be doing its job, but the complaint you have is that the Hydro pedal safety switch is out of adjustment. it is located under the LH running board and just ahead of the LH rear axle housing. You need to unplug the wiring connector from the switch, loosen the jam nut...
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    code 20 ECU

    It is located under the cab, above the LH rear axle housing.
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    As usual, you have no idea of what you are posting, yet you post it anyway. The B3350 tractors Reformer system has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and is easily reparable. They were produced from 2014 to 2020, production ended with the introduction of the LX3310. PSB-2021-050-E; "Extend reformer system...
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    I do not drink coffee and I have a huge problem with someone continually posting incorrect info just to post.
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    There is no need for me to call them, I am there for 9 to 11 hours a day Monday through Friday. Why do you not just admit that you are incorrect? I am also pretty sure you did not ask about a drop-in fuel tank fill neck screen for an L 40 series tractor when you don't even have one, let alone...
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    Kubota does not now and has never offered a drop-in strainer for the L 40 series tractor fuel tank filler neck. The reason I do not believe you is that you keep posting nonfactual statements time and time again.
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    Heat issue

    Is your unit an RTV-1100 with one radiator or an RTV-X1100 with two radiators?
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    Is there already wiring “hidden” on a BX2360 for aux lights?

    All BX series prior to the 80 series has the accessory wire in the center of the tractor, near the three-point center link anchor. I will have to check on an 80 series. Attached are the Installation instructions for a rear light on a BX-80 series.
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    Is there already wiring “hidden” on a BX2360 for aux lights?

    There is no aux light plug on the rear of a BX tractor. The Kubota optional rear work light has an ON-OFF switch on it and pugs into the Constant power wire you found.
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    Leaky front axle

    Look it up yourself, you need the education apparently. The L series design is different than the M series but you think you are an expert on such things.
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    Leaky front axle

    There are no kingpins or bushings, more FAKE INFO.
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    Your tractor is NOT an L40 series either. You keep spouting off FAKE INFO to people.
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    Kubota does not sell a strainer for the fuel filler neck and one was never offered. FAKE INFO
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    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    Your tractor does not have one there, ignore the fake info.
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    Bolt Size Help

    Unless it is a Perkins engine, then almost if not all bolts are fine thread.
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    L2501 with HST

    The L4701 has never had a clutch pedal and has LH brake pedals.
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    About KUBOTA RTV 500

    Actually, the diesel RTV900 and RTV-X900 are significantly quieter than the RTV400 and RTV500.
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    B3030 No Pressure After Hydro Fluid Change - Resolved

    What is the Micron rating of the Raynor filter?
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    RTV1100 Heater not working

    Remove the lower panel that is below the dash cover. Shine a light in just the left of center and you can see the ends of the control cables for the water valve and duct selection. Watch the cable ends while turning the temp control knob. The cable should move and pivot the water valve. If one...
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    failed locking pin on locking chain grab hook - am i doing it wrong?

    Regardless of what that "made in china" hook is labeled, the hook is too large for the chain.
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    Low Power BX2200

    Pull the hose off of the first filter and see how much fuel is running out from the tank. Most likely, it will be a weak flow and there is debris in your fuel tank blocking the opening. I clean the tanks out of 6 to 8 units a year.
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    selling a (used) bx2660 potential buyer wants it w/out the loader, advice& value please

    If you weren't so far away, I would snap the loader up in a heartbeat. I want one and could probably sell 3 more in a week.
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    New hydraulic hoses

    The ends Kubota uses have the ferrule made onto the fitting. It is not a separate piece.