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    Shed wiring question

    If 50' from post panel, just run a 20amp and what you need for hvac from there. No different than in house with panel on opposite side. As long as proper gauge wire for loads and length and you said was temporary. If you had a sub panel laying around, use it. Not sure if a local code would need...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    That endorsement is for commercial drivers. If she was in private vehicle, not needed. Probably a farmer and needed for tractors. New tractors burn a lot of DEF!
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    What to do with disabled friend!

    Scaredychicken, get yourself a couple hiking poles. They work well outside and have the height that adjusts to what you want. I use them when outside since I also walk with a cane. Like the fact that you can push tip in for balancing yourself. Find that it lays across the loader arms on tractor...
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    Parking - in the new day an age - Rant

    Biggest problem started when they went to a single line in the parking spaces from double to squeeze in 2 more spots!
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    Replacement engine for BCS 948 tractor/tiller.

    You can put a heli-coul in valve cover bolt hole to fix that issue. Would be worthwhile to see if you can get the Honda working. If you had already budgeted for the other motor, put on the shelf if you get Honda running. Money in the bank down the road if it goes belly up on you. Who knows...
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    2016 Ram 3500 opinions.

    Some states may not do diesel emissions, but if your truck is smoking and on an Interstate, DOT can stop you and enforce the Federal emissions that the truck is to conform to when built. They're cracking down on the "deleting" of diesel trucks. Do at your own peril. Fines and cost of returning...
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    power tool recommendation

    I take an old piece of hose and run rv antifreeze and a touch of MMO through pump at end of season. Prevents freezing and adds lubrication at same time. JM2C.
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    Trailer towing question class 6 truck without CDL

    I think it depends on your state. There's intrastate and interstate. One not crossing state lines which is where the federal law applies the most. Then There's where you don't cross state lines and don't use the interstates. Yes, gray area for sure! Sometimes you just need DOT numbers as long as...
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    power tool recommendation

    Check out CAT pumps have great flow and pressure specs.
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    2016 Ram 3500 opinions.

    I've got a 2014 DRW Tradesman with the 68rfe and love it. 4.10 rear. Just over 20k for the trailer rating. 165k on the clock without anything major. You'll like which ever flavor you get!
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    Fuel station - nozzle dusty

    Forgot to mention to tether the plug so that you don't lose it in the tank. Also you won't forget to replace when done fueling.
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    Rotary Cutter Sharpening the blades

    Remember to not sharpen like a knife. Just take out the rock hits or the edge folds over and is a pain to dress up!
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    Magnetic phone holder

    Could this be modified to work? Magnetic Cup Holder, Black You could attach a phone case to it and you're in business!
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    Look at Black Star. No top coat needed. Very environmentally friendly. Can be brushed, garden sprayer or roller. Been good for me.
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    Fuel station - nozzle dusty

    I turned a piece of aluminum and cut groove for o-ring to fit in nozzle. Keeps things out and diesel from dipping on truck from transfer tank. I've got a 100 gal mounted in truck!
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    New 2017 Ram 3500 SRW

    The 3500 don't have the steering box issues like the 1500s do. The alignment is issue as probably not set to Thuren specs. To much toe from the factory. I have both 1500 and 3500. One is y style drag link and other is continuous drag link. 157k isn't much on a 3500 diesel that's been cared for...
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    DIY Canopy.

    Chainsaw holder!
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    Built a new diesel tank dealio…

    Unless tank states for flammable fuel, don't do it! Most tanks are for combustible fuels. Plus most states limit the amount of gasoline you're allowed to transport in a portable tank. Check DOT and local laws concerning transportation of gasoline.
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    Burned Up Trailer Wiring

    Not always. My 2014 Ram 3500 is hot all the time. Most newer trucks have the hot constant for lights in a trailer and keeping break-away battery charged when hooked to truck.
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    Ground Hogs

    A conabear on each end of a 8 -12 inch corrugated pipe works great! Put pipe out where they can use for security, then put traps on each end! Found this out after watching one use culvert to travel. Went in and I put trap at one ent and blocks at other end. Waited and only had 20 minute wait...
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    Reducing pollution is contributing to global warming?

    How would you put emissions on a volcano ? They are and have always been the biggest polluter on the planet! Eruptions happen 24/7/365! I'm just saying.
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    Brake line flaring tool?

    I'll 2nd the Ni-Copper lines! That stuff is great to work with! Just did all lines on my '01 1500 Ram. Was a pleasure to work with.
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    What is this?

    Sun glare
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    Thinking of making my backhoe attachment towable and usable OFF the tractor!

    I'd make up a new "sub frame" trailer with the same quick connects so that it could still be used with your Branson. Like others have said, counter weight is needed! Could be concrete, steel or whatever your have. I'd do it in a heart beat!
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    Clutch change Iseki TX2140 TX2160

    The easiest is just split the tractor. Just block up and split as designed to do. Any other way will take much longer. I've split mine and back in an afternoon with no shop to work in. Can find some clutch kits on Ebay.
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    Am I nutz?

    Time is money! Just buy or rent a mixer for the job. Under $300 at Harbor Freight and works decent. Find a unit on FB or CL. If I needed one more then I do, I'd get a 3p pto driven one. No cords, portable and no motor to worry about!
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    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Sounds like pto clutch about to go belly up. Charging is under flywheel. That's what's called a stator. Only puts out 3 - 15 amps tops. If pto clutch does die or find its the problem, replace the pto switch also. Better to do at same time to avoid more issues. Good luck.
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    Need FIRST HAND information on money scanners used through auto bodies.

    As for RFID to open the shop door, I'd rather just do Bluetooth!
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    Gasoline in a Transfer Tank??

    Venting and amount of gasoline that you're allowed ti carry at any point in your area. Aluminum is used due to not sparking issue! Gasoline is flammable were diesel is combustible. Big difference between the two types of fuel. That why I can carry 100 transfer tank full of diesel on my truck but...
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    Old continental gas engine identification and rear seal leak

    What about a pvc pipe cap? Installed many a seal with some sort of pvc pipe. Or maybe an oil filter cup wrench. Good luck, dealing with one in a Case 1830 Skidsteer. Glad it's not mine, I'd drop a small diesel in it!
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    Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank

    If you ever need to check for leaks, get a 2" pipe plug and a 2" plastic barrel bung. Put pipe plug in one opening and install tire valve stem in plastic bung. Install bung in other opening and add 2 - 3 psi of air. Spray a soap and water mix along all seams and around openings. Did this on mine...
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    Test Post Two

    It's working
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    Dump trailer questions

    The Toyota won't pull that trailer with 1 bucket full let alone putting 2 on it! Brakes would help with the stopping of trailer when loaded or it will push you over road edge or through stops and turns. What you want to do needs a 3/4 - 1 ton truck(2500 - 3500). No way with Toyota Suv!
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    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    The Echo CS310 is a nice saw! Have one that rotates between 12 - 16 inch bars. Great for all small jobs. As stated, starts better hot when others may fuss. Limping up with it is well worth having. The one handed handle makes the job easy! Also have 2 CS400's for the bigger problems. Echo's get...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Look at the tongue, not going anywhere!
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    Ball park figure on long distance shipping?

    With fuel $ and the fact that you haven't been able to see them in person, it'll be cheaper in the long run to do it yourself. That way you kick the tires and do look over. Only way to do without in person, you'd need to contract someone to do hands on and then costs continue to rise. Your money...
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    Anyone recognize these LED lights?

    Attachment not work well this am.
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    Anyone recognize these LED lights?

    Here some pic's. Light about 6' from door.
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    Anyone recognize these LED lights?

    Here some pic's. Light about 6' from door.
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    Anyone recognize these LED lights?

    Those look like the Traveller brand I got from TSC a few years back. Still have a 4 pack on shelf. Put a set on wifes car where fog/driving lights would be if she had that option. After I get going I'll have pics of box and of light output. Now to finish napping after back spasms woke me up.
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    Is this a fox den?

    I'd have to agree on a "dog" den. Looks like a fox den as I've seen ones exactly like that one and at the time only had foxes around. Now we have both. Put more snares or conabears around with cameras. Loosing small game is tell tell sign off both. Good luck!
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    I need some input on roll around tool boxes

    I've got the HF series 2 44" base box with 15" side cabinet and it fit the need! Price was right and plenty of room. Have a series 1 26c top and bottom that I've had for more then 10 years! Slides haven't given me any issues. There Icon series is on the same level as the big name boxes with much...
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    Vacuum muck from old well

    My thoughts would be to use a sewage pump. It can handle solids and slurry. Generator for power if remote. Discharge could be 2 in hose or pvc pipe. JM2C
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    220 Volt, Single Phase Wire Size Help Needed

    I believe that the ground can be smaller, not sure if it's 1 or 2 sizes smaller. Stranded wire can handle more amps solid.
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    Bucket/boom cylinder packing This will work.
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    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    Diesel just hit $4 - $4.10 range today! Brought $200 last week at $3.699. Wish I'd been able to buy more.[emoji24]
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    Engine oil

    Using Traveller's oil in my 3500. Made by Warren Distributor. They been around for quite some time! As long as it meets the requirements of your equipment, you should be fine. There are only so many refineries in the US. Many brands made in same places with just different additives packages...
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    SIP Shop, 50x60x16

    Gentleman I knew had a timber frame with SIPS. He said they came up with a way to run wires where they needed. They heated a ball bearing up and set it down the foam to box location where they waited with a spoon to catch ball bearing. Pretty slick way to run wire chases wherever you'd need them!
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    What to do about a rusty frame?

    Check out Black Star MROChem: We Have Your Chemical Solutions!. Can be brushed, rolled or garden sprayer applied. Environmentally friendly! Photo of truck frame of my 2014 3500 Ram. Doesn't need a top coat but you can if you want.
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    Water Well pump removal ideas

    You could set up scaffolding. A single buck stacked above the pipe length might work well. Walk boards on either side and pull pipe between them. They handle that amount of weight. Just throwing it out there.