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    What's a Trac Vac 880 worth?

    I have a Trac Vac 880 I'd like to sell, don't know what I should ask for it. It runs and works well. I have the Trac Vac mower attachment, a universal plastic one, 40 feet of extra 8 inch hose (I'm thinking that alone was about $200-$300). I made a dolly for the front which works great keeping...
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    Where do I get warehouse plastic doors?

    I'm not sure what it's called but warehouses have translucent (clear) plastic door strips, I'm guessing 1/4" thick and about 2 to 3 ft. wide. My horse stable has Dutch doors 4ft x 8ft opening that we keep open. This evening before dark a flock of birds went in to roost. They make a mess, crap on...
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    What causes a circle of dead lawn grass?

    I our front yard is a 20 foot diameter circle of dead grass, about 6" across. It may be hard to see in picture but you clearly see in foreground dead lawn and it's really almost a perfect circle. I've had my soil tested by agricultural laboratory and it came back excellent except a little high...