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    Grapple width

    Ive used 60,66, 72" models. The 72" to me has no advantage over a 60" for my tasks.
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    Massey 265 front crank driven pump

    Looking for a front mount crankshaft driven hyd pump/ bracket etc for a 265 massey.
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    WTB taylorway bog harrow 200007

    wtb... taylorway bog harrow like pictured. Looking for model number 200007. Located Alabama but will travel or pay shipping.
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    WTB taylorway 200007

    WTB...looking for a taylorway bog disk like pictured. Model is a 200007.
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    Which grapple? Landpride vs EA vs MTL for Kubota L3560LE

    Im on year 4 with my MTL. Its done just fine for me.
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Jaxs , researching as i go. Learned a little but stalled out.
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    3gunr, there are videos on utube showing them in action. Search disk plow
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Thru google ive found that Taylor was in biz from 1947-1978. It was then sold and name changed to Taylor-pittsburg. So this is a pre 1978. Ive reached out to Taylor-pittsburg to see if they have anything on it. I was able to find a picture of this plow in a 2 pan. It does not have the tire on...
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Vigo judging from the way its built i wouldnt think its any newer than 1980ish. Im thinking it was kept under a shed or in a barn. Ive never seen on with a tire on it like this one takes (not pictured) but it mounts on the left side of it.
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Jaxs, no its like the one pictured but 2 disk. We like them because I do not hang up on stumps and tree roots like a mold board does. We aren't farming with them we are making Greenfields for hunting. And that ground Is almost always very bad compared to farmland
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Agreed makes no difference, just trying to find out what it might be. Im using a 1952 dearborn 2 pan right now.
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    Any info on this disk plow?

    Picked this up. Its a taylor brand from athens tenn. cant find a model on it, or coming up blank also with a google search. Wondering what yr etc it might be.
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    Front-End Loader Loader Parking Stand

    We made a hanging stand for ours. 2 small chains hung down to hold each side.
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    MTL Grapple Review

    Im on year 4 of owning a dual lid 66" MTL and have no complaints for what it is and cost. It arrived to me 3 days after i paid for it. Ive moved more than 300 trees that ranged from 12"-24" trunks and were 30-50 ft tall. Moved more brush and limbs than i ever want to do again. This "...
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    id on this disk?

    Anyone able to id this make ?
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    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    Jaxs i have a 265 and really like it. The 165 i havent worked any yet but it fees lighter than the 265. The 165 will probably be dedicated to a 8 ft disc harrow.
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    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    It is a 4x2.... not multipower, no loader.
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    Kubota 8560?

    8 spd shuttle im told
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    Kubota 8560?

    Looking at buying a 8560. Bout a 2012 model. Anything to look out for on these or check before i buy?
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    Just curious -- telehandlers, how are they suspended? How do wheels move?

    Worked on telehandlers for 30 yrs. They have cylinders that connect the frame to the pivoting axles. They are locked in place with holding valves on the cylinders. If you want to tilt the frame you have to use the valve or switch to make them tilt. They dont oscilate (follow ground contour...
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    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    Picked up a diesel 165 for a back up tractor. Just picked it up so havent had time to go over it really to check for any issues. So far ive noticed they have the diff lock pedal locked out where it cant be depressed. Anything to look for on these particular models that are problems?
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    Tafe tractors ?

    Any input on Tafe tractors? Specifically a 35di model. I havent laid eyes on it yet but he says it has a leaky injector pump but cranks and runs fine.
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    L3130 ?

    Gotta buddy looking at a used L3130 4x4 gear drive I think its the 8 spd and not a 12. Any know issues with this model ?
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    ZD 1211 recall ?

    Anyone else gotten a notice for a reserve tank nozzle defect? Anyone had it done and what was the fix?
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    Athens disk plow ?

    We picked up a old Athens 3 disk plow the other day. Looks similar to the pics of the Athens 300's Ive seen but is a little different. Its rear guide wheel will pivot side to side and has a bar running up to a pivot toward the front. At that point it has something missing. As it is now the...
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    Deere 5420 clutch slip and replacing

    Gotta buddy who bought a cabbed 5420 a few months back. previous owner said a clutch had been installed in the last yr or so before selling. My buddy has used it for a few months and now its getting hard to go in gear and grinding. They split it and just by looking at the removed clutch can...
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    245 with multi power?

    Got a buddy who just picked one of these up. I havent laid hands on it yet. Best I can tell online on the multi power is. In low it freewheels. In hi its like a regular tractor and engine will slow it down. That correct? Also, he said the pto will work in the direct ground speed mode...
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    Anyone use a offset flail mower ?

    Ive got a bush hog ditch bank mower for one of my larger tractors but I saw one of these offset flails and from the specs I could run it on my 45hp. It also swings back behind the tractor and that would be a big help because I could get it down narrow lanes where I cant go with the bush hog...
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    Best way to clear unwanted trees from pasture

    Agreed. They did acreage for me with one. Stumps are ground right to about ground level. If you arent going to be tilling the soil I wouldnt worry about digging stumps up. Lots of time involved there. These are who did mine. they are probably a couple of hours from you. i have access to...
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    Your Advices for New Rotary Cutter Design

    I like this. I will add to it as already mentioned for rounded front corners. or, a bolt on guard thats rounded. Universal type stump jumpers and not something that only fits your model mowers and can only come from you. Boxed pins on the lower 3 pt hook up like land pride uses and not just...
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    ZD1211 work lights?

    Anyone installed any? I was told there is a factory plug to tie into. ive found the optional fuse and wire on the fuse box but havent found it yet on the harness. Im sure they have it tucked inside somewhere out of the way.
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    How do you manage your attachments off the tractor?

    That was one of my many implements i used to dread to hook up. Not anymore, built one of these and its super easy now. Only thing easier would be it hanging on a chain to swing it into place.
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    Kubota ZD1211 first impressions

    Got to get a couple of hours in on the ZD1211-60. First thought is man this machine is quick and quiet. What usually took me a hour on my 455 deere (22hp diesel) with 54" deck took about 20-25 minutes on the ZD. Probably could have shaved 5 minutes off that if Id have dropped the ROPS...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This is a 22x24 carport on a 8x16 trailer. If you zoom in you can see the right front of it is sorta mangled from hitting all the mailboxes.
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    Agco 30 trans parts?

    I did a quick search online but came up empty. Any sources to get Agco transmission gears or shafts from?
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    3 pt rotary ditcher ?

    Anyone used one of these rotary ditchers? If so how did they do? AMCO's Rotary Offset Ditcher - YouTube
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    ZD 1211 , 60 vs 72" and side vs rear discharge ?

    Almost pulled the trigger on a used ZD but after looking at so many that never could work up a comfortable deal on Ive decided to start looking at new machines. I will start by telling what I have to do with it. Eventually I will have 4-6 acres of lawn to cut after all my clearing is done...
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    Iron Bull Trailer ?

    Been seeing a few of these listed for sale. Look to be well built HD trailers. Anyone seen one in person or have one? Iron Bull 14, lb Equipment Trailer
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    Decent 84-96" rotory cutter

    Whats your location? Ive got a RCR2684 in great shape for sale.
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    Taylor-way disk info

    Im picking up this disk next week and i cant find any info on it. Taylor-way 200004 is model on tag. Ive exhausted my googling skills on this one. Was hoping to order some new disk for it but cant find what shaft size they are to order them. Any help ?
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    Deere 2040S .. still looking for info

    Im still looking for info or input on purchasing a Deere 2040S model... its a German made machine and my local dealers draw blank stares when I add a S to the end of 2040. Anyone dealt with the german models and parts availability ?
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    D05 subplate

    Its off a aftermarket 3rd function kit. Solenoid valve I have already sourced. Its a yuken DSG-01-3C60-D12-7090 Subplate has parallel ports. P and T on one end and 2 function ports on other side.
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    D05 subplate

    Looking for manufacturer of this D05 subplate, or one just like it. .. Has on it c11952 .. 2nd line 18136-A-019 google comes up a blank.
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    2040S pros and cons ?

    Looking at a 2040S. Looks to be in great shape.. any pros and cons on this model?
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    HP needed for 90" finish mower

    I have found a 90" finish mower I may go look at. The specs say max engine hp of 60hp but it shows no minimum hp requirements. 30 pto hp be enough for it?
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    rear remote valve block kit

    Am i correct that this block and valve assembly if its plumbed like a Wr long 3rd function kit that gets its pressure off the loader valve block, and then returns to the block under the floorboard would work properly? Only thing i havent found out yet is if it is a open center, or closed...
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    Bog type disc or standard ? Pros and cons

    I picked one up same as this one pictured today except its a 3 PT and not a drag type. Has zero bends or tweaks in it and still has all the original scrapes on it. Tag is still on it showing taylor , and the model # appears to be 20000 but I cant find any info inline about it.
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    Bog type disc or standard ? Pros and cons

    Ive been seeing quite a few of the bog type disc for sale locally. What are the pros and cons to them over standard disc? I can see one advantage for what I use mine for, and that is its half the length and would allow me to get into tighter food plots with it. It also would allow me to...
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    Which used ZD model ?

    Ive have google but not found much opinions. Looking for input good or bad on used ZD models. The price range im finding them in are machines that are about 4 yrs and older. Any certain ones to stay away from? 21 and 331 seem to be the main models that pop up for same in this area. I will...