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    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    Fresh gas?
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    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    My wife claimed the first one of these I bought. I liked it enough to buy a second one. The vast majority of our use is on oak trees, and these little buggers work hard. My Jonsered CS2255 rarely gets used anymore. We wore out the chain tensioner on one of them, only about ten bucks to...
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    I mow some pretty steep hills with the older version of . I put lugged tires on the rear. The electric locking differential makes all the difference.
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    Gutter kit for Stihl backpack blower?

    Correct. There are several pictures on the link. Mine are screwed on, as we get lots of wind.
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    Gutter kit for Stihl backpack blower?

    We live among hundreds of oak trees, and have wind often. Gutter covers eliminated the problems for us. Got them from Costco.
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    New mower time

    It appears they no longer make the vertical shaft model.
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    New mower time

    My property is 5 acres, steep grades, and mostly native grasses, weeds, and brush. I needed a manually-locking transaxle. The mower I bought has a Kawasaki twin, a heavy duty transaxle with locking, and will climb hills with the front wheels off the ground. Overkill for most others, but...
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    New mower time

    You might want to keep an eye out on Craigslist. When I bought my house, a JD L130 came with it. It had a Kohler Command in it, ran great. The transaxle was awful, but the engine was great. Sold it for $400 to a guy with a level yard. You may be able to find a good engine in a junk mower...
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    Again, there is no welding process for thin, DIRTY metal - and the OP kinda indicates that he's not interested in cleaning off the years of buildup prior to welding. That's why I suggested a quick and dirty solution using pop rivets.
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    Any welding will require clean metal. Pop rivets and a piece of sheet metal will not. Much less effort. Doesn't sound like beautification is the goal here.
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    An alternative would be to pop rivet a piece of sheet inside the fender. Not as elegant, but a quick and dirty way to get the job done.
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    So how, exactly, will you fix the problem?
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    Garden tractor reccomendations?

    I love and respect mine. too, but she likes to groom the forest to look like a park. After 33 years together, she also knows that I can fix anything. I love the fabricated deck on the mower - it's stout and easy to repair. When we bought the place, it included a Deere L120 - ran great, but...
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    Garden tractor reccomendations?

    Bought a Husqvarna back in April, 2017. Another new GT48DXLS owner - Thanks to TBN I have steep terrain with lots of emerging rocks. Also lots of trees, so I went with a 48" deck instead of the 54". This is my riding brush mower, used for reducing the fire danger on my five acres of mountain...
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    Borescopes... thoughts?

    I have a Teslong that is USB, and works great with my laptop. For a complete with screen, consider the ones on eBay. Industrial Endoscope Camera - 4.3" 1080P LCD Screen Borescope Inspection Monitor | eBay
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    welding mild steel to a replaceable cutting edge

    The Millermatic 211 is a Mig unit...
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    welding mild steel to a replaceable cutting edge

    Hard to use those with a Millermatic 211......
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    Which Backpack Blower?

    Those concerned are welcome to use a broom and shovel. :)
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    Beware of Husqvarna Garden Tractors, Front Scoop "Capable"?
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    Loaders overload

    They may be from different sources, but built to the same specs.
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    The decision to go with the Kioti was very much influenced by the dealer. Lots of manufacturers produced a 30-35hp CUT with a manual transmission. The Mahindra "dealer" was a finance company - sold utility trailers and Mahindra tractors. Used an independent repair service. Only stocked HST...
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    Cup holder

    I went with this one. Beefy, excellent hold.
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    Is a 6' box blade too much for a compact?

    When I bought my 34hp Kioti, the dealer had a Rhino BH66 box blade that was a bit sun faded. Made me a smokin' deal on it, and it's a good match. 5 1/2 feet.
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    I tried to buy a Deere, but the local dealer simply didn't want my business - and they own all the JD locations in 100 miles of here. The Kioti dealer was and is fantastic - and other dealers locally spoke highly of them. They treat me like I'm a valued customer. I don't make a living from my...
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    $2000 tops. It may run 10 years or 10 hours.
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    Thinking of building a small towable mobile power/welding unit?

    When I was trying to do a mobile package, I went with a Hobart Handler 135 Mig unit on a 5k (6.5k peak) generator. It would not power my Lincoln tombstone adequately for even 3/32" rod. It did OK with the Handler, welding hinges onto steel tubing posts. Finally bit the bullet and bought a...
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    Thoughts on primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    So am I - I can give the old Cut50 to my oldest boy.....
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    Thoughts on primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    I bought one of the Tig machines direct from Primeweld, and would not hesitate to buy any product from them. Great quality, excellent service, outstanding value, superb packaging, and the owner answers the phone! I have several welding machines from Lincoln, Miller, and Hobart, and the...
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    How did you determine the battery to be fine?
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    My turn to buy a battery

    The Exide battery that came in my Kioti celebrated it's 7th birthday by refusing to take a charge. It was a messy one, leaving behind lots of acid droppings. I decided to eliminate that mess, and research lead me to the NAPA The Legend Premium AGM Group 34 battery. Pulled the old battery...
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    Getting Back Into Welding That's a great unit, and will do fine for most fabrication and repair tasks. I bought my Miller Bobcat 250 about twenty years ago, and looked hard at the Hobart at the time. I decided to buy the Miller, and never regretted it. Probably would have...
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    Used L45 looking for opinions on the matter

    I'd offer asking price with all the bushings and pins replaced with new genuine Kubota parts.
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    Hauling Sub-Compact.

    That looks like quite a few homebuilt trailers I've encountered. The axle looks to be mounted at the midpoint of the cargo box, which balances the gravel load all on the axle (mobile home axle, too). Slipper springs, and light ones at that. A properly built box trailer should have closer to...
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    Corner clamps Two at Tractor Supply.
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    Getting Back Into Welding

    I recently bought a to use...
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    Getting Back Into Welding

    It's hard to beat AC/DC stick for versatility. I don't use mine often, but it's a real asset when I do. I own several welding machines - Mig, Tig, stick, and an engine-driven Bobcat 250. but I'm not a pro. I'm just a guy who likes to build and modify stuff. I also like having the right...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP

    I'm old school, distrustful of the long-term durability of solid state electronics. I have a Miller Dialarc 250P that's about 40 years old, a Lincoln AC/DC tombstone that's about 30, and a MM210 that's about 20. All work like new. None are lightweight machines. I don't know if the inverters...
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    Millermatic 211 vs. Hobart Handler 210MVP Portability? The MM211 wins, at half the weight. Value? The HH210MVP will do 90% of the jobs for 60% of the money. I wouldn't hesitate to buy either one, depending on my needs.
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    Chop Saw Reccomendations

    I've owned the Makita cold saw for nearly 20 years, Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw - Power Metal Cutting Saws - . I'm a "project" welder - I weld as needed to do projects and repairs, mostly for myself these days. I bought the Makita when I was building a lot of gates out of 2"...
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    How to move a 55 gallon barrel (500lbs) from my truck bed.

    And hurt myself in the process.....
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    I want to buy your tractor... what will you accept

    Being a 60+ year old schoolteachers with reasonable personal grooming and concealed carry permits seems to calm the California cops. We also don't flash the cash. Now if you look like Cheech or Chong, are dragging mufflers, fenders, or bumpers, trailing oil or smoke, and have a pile of loose...
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    I want to buy your tractor... what will you accept

    When we bought our used motorhome, about a two-hour drive away, we drove up and did the inspection, came home and did some research, called the seller and negotiated a price. Made an appointment with the seller to meet at his bank, and took cash - had to arrange for the cash a couple of days...
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    RX7320 3rd Function

    I went a completely different way. See post #4 at Greetings and Kioti loader valve issue.. Mine's only 34hp, but the joystick would handle much more.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    When I upgraded my riding mower, my cheap HF mower jack wasn't capable of lifting it. I used a floor jack instead, because I was too cheap to buy the $209 one they sell. Recently, I bought a Jeep Cherokee and wanted to install an aftermarket bumper. Some health issues made me not want to...
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    Tig welders

    Bought one of these myself. Excellent machine at a bargain price. TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder With Pulse
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    BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar~ Best method to use it....

    On saplings, I uncouple the rear brakes and use it like a saw....
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    BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar~ Best method to use it....

    Two years later, I'm happy with it. It's far superior to the plain bucket edge for digging and for clearing vegetation. I used a drawbar, some scrap steel, a 55 gallon plastic drum, and 600lbs of sacked concrete to make a ballast weight for the rear.
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    Pricing John Deere 4300

    Here we are, five months later, and the neighbor is running the snot out of the 4300. I had a Harbor Freight quick attach sitting around in my workshop. It didn't like to hook up with my Chinese flail mower, so I never used it. I gave it to the neighbor, and it works great for his implements...
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    Estimate of the Cost of Welding

    When I was in high school, I loved working in the metal shop. I was really good with OA, but barely passable with stick. Fifteen or so years later, a guy I worked with mentioned that he was signing up at the local junior college for an arc welding class, and persuaded me to join up. I liked...
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    Chainsaw Caddy (carrier)

    I live on five acres of Sierra Nevada foothills, with a couple hundred oak trees and a few pines. My grapple is fantastic for handling downed trees. I used to carry a saw on the tractor, but found it less handy than I expected. I always end up with either a pickup with a trailer or a Rhino on...