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  1. RSR

    BOLO - Stolen tractor

    For those that live up in the North Country of NY, I just saw this on the news.
  2. RSR

    Should a new tractor come with a full tank of gas?

    When your dealer dropped off your tractor, did it have a full tank of gas? Did you get a hat, or anything else? Did those decisions change/influence your perception of your dealer?
  3. RSR

    S27 F08 Error Code - Confused

    I need some help ... Back in May, I had an S27 F08 error code pop up on my tractor. A quick google search led to a discussion on this forum that it was a wiring harness error. I popped the hood, did a cursory check to see if there were any wires/harnesses loose, found nothing. Shut the hood...
  4. RSR

    Ripping roots with a tractor?

    Tooth rippers are common as a backhoe attachment. For example: Backhoe Ripper It seems it should be pretty easy to mount something similar on a SSQA on a front loader. But, I can't find anything of the sort. Another option would be a subsoiler type 3pt tool, but with a serrated leading edge...
  5. RSR

    Tractor prices in Canada?

    I have a friend doing some tractor shopping. He lives in the Waterloo/Kitchener area of Ontario. He's looking at a Kubota LX3310, Kioti CK3510SE, and LS MT335HC. All are cabbed models. I was surprised that when he shared the quotes, all three were within $1k when similarly outfitted. I had...
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    What are you doing to spread some joy this Christmas/Holiday season

    Let's face it, 2020 has sucked. So, what are you doing to spread joy to others this year? What do you find is a rewarding way to help others during the Holiday season? Maybe this can be a challenge too. That is, inspiration and ideas to do something for others that you normally might not. In...
  7. RSR

    3 pt rollers - do they work?

    I have 3/4- crushed stone on my driveway and the private road I'm on. Whenever bringing in gravel, or regrading the existing, if I can pack it down well, it locks together and gives a nice flat smooth surface. To get there, though, it requires repeatedly driving a car back and forth, back and...
  8. RSR

    Best attachment for digging out rocks?

    I've been clearing some land to open up parking space. This has involved digging back a hill in very rocky clay soil. To give an idea, I have pulled everything from softball to 1/2 refrigerator sized rocks, and everything in between, out. This was doable when digging back into the hill by going...
  9. RSR

    Loader and bucket pin sanity check: how tight is too tight?

    So, after doing some heavy digging I checked the nuts on the loader and bucket pins. They were what I would describe as marginally tight. The manual gave no direct reference on torque, so I tightened them as much as I could with a 12" crescent wrench (I was able to put a turn or so on each one)...
  10. RSR

    Inadvertent hydraulic fluid swap at 50 hrs

    I was doing the 50 hr service on filters today on my XR4145HC. I got the oil swapped no problem (other than crushing it getting it off because it was tightened by a gorilla). The HST filter was ok. I practiced getting it off and the new one on quickly, and only lost about 1/2 cup. Feeling...
  11. RSR

    How would you [safely] take down this tree?

    I need to start clearing some land, but the first thing I need to tackle is this wind damaged tree that has been hanging out like this for about 5 years. Any suggestions on a safe way to get it down?
  12. RSR

    Tire cracks?!?

    I have a new (2 month old) LS tractor with 25 hours. In looking it over this morning I noticed both front wheel have chunks of rubber that are breaking off the leading and trailing edges of every tread lug. (See picture attached) While some lugs don't have chunks broken out yet, you can see...
  13. RSR

    Price Check A toy to complement your toy

    I just found these. I had looked a few months back with no luck. Too bad there is no XR model. Toys - LS Tractor Store
  14. RSR

    Feedback needed: XR41XX 3pt motion

    I posted this over in the general owning/operating question, and got varied responses based on tractor manufacturer. I'm hoping existing XR41XX owners can let me know how smooth of 3PT operation I should have with my tractor. That is, if you feather the valve, moving it by very small amounts...
  15. RSR

    Is this normal?

    I just got my new LS XR4145HC last week. Full disclosure: this is my first tractor, and have only run a couple other tractors in my life ... so, despite what I may "know" from reading on here, I have very little to no practical experience. When operating the 3pt hitch, it seems very...
  16. RSR

    Price Check Finally

    After 3 years of analyzing, over analyzing, and saving, countless hours on this forum (thanks for all of the advice!), weeks spent shopping, and 4 weeks of waiting post purchase ... my XR4145HC, who will henceforth be known as Babe (the big blue ox), arrived this evening.
  17. RSR

    Block heater in XR4145HC? Worth it or not?

    I have an XR4145HC on order that should be here in a couple of days. My dealer (who is relatively new) called the other day during final prep of the tractor. I had originally told him I wanted to put a block heater in it, as temps get very low here during the winter. Below 0 F is just a...
  18. RSR

    XR41XX Bucket Dimensions

    I have an LS XR 4145HC on order (72 inch bucket), which should be here in about 2 weeks. I plan on getting a tooth bar for it, but in looking the other day, realized I need the inside-to-inside dimensions of the bucket The dealer is an hour away, and when I asked him yesterday, he had just sold...
  19. RSR

    Ballast Filled tires, tubes or not?

    Pardon the ignorant question, but I am looking at getting rear tires loaded on a new tractor. One of the dealers who uses beet juice uses tubes in the tires. Is there an advantage/disadvantage to having, or not having, tubes when loading tires?
  20. RSR

    Ballast Clearance for snow chains? (XR4000/4100) series

    Another sizing question. There seems to be very minimal clearance between the fenders and the rear tires on the XR4100 that would allow the useage of chains. Has anyone with an XR4000/4100 series successfully run chains, or have any insight on this matter? I've heard putting spacers on to...
  21. RSR

    Which would you buy? (Help me spend my money)

    The time to purchase a tractor is rapidly approaching. I've gotten quotes from all of the major brands that are close-enough they will support warranty work with free transportation to/from the dealer (Kubota, Mahindra, Kioti, LS, TYM). I've left out New Holland (the local dealer is mainly a...
  22. RSR

    Height and width of XR4000 cab series with R4's

    I'm looking for some real life measurements on an XR4100 series cabbed, LS. I'm debating between an XR3140 and XR4140, but my local dealer does not have the 4100 series cab in stock. If someone has one of the 4100 series cabbed models, I would greatly appreciate a measurement of: Width of...
  23. RSR

    Buying Advice TYM T394, T474 3PT Controls?

    I took at look at a TYM T474 yesterday, and liked everything about it ... except the 3PT Hitch and remote controls, which brought up a question. Aside from the horrible location, and the flimsy material covering the controls, there does not seem to be any way to set a stop so that the 3PT can...
  24. RSR

    Buying Advice Purchasing a tractor on a credit card?

    So, this isn't as financially irresponsible as the title may indicate. I'm wondering if anyone has purchased a tractor using a credit card to reap the rewards points, and then immediately paid it off, as opposed to just walking in with a check? It seems like a reasonable way to save a couple...
  25. RSR

    Tractors and Tariffs

    From a recent Reuters article (U.S. companies adapt to 'endless' China tariffs | Reuters) "Some companies are resorting to the price hikes they have been delaying. Kubota held off raising prices until now in hopes that the costs associated with tariffs - including higher prices for imported...
  26. RSR

    Snow Tires by Massey Ferguson?

    I just got back from the farm show in Syracuse, NY. Massey Ferguson had what they said were radial "snow tires" on a 1760M. The dealer I spoke with said he knew nothing about them as they just came out. Has anyone heard/had any experience with a tire like this? It seems compelling for primarily...
  27. RSR

    Buying Advice: Tractor Sizing

    Ok, now that the question of to finance, or pay cash, has been beat to death (with lots of good insight) let's move on to more fun topics. What type of tractor to buy? Warning, I have never been accused of being terse, so this may get long. While I haven't been convinced to finance a purchase...
  28. RSR

    The ideal tractor size?

    As I find myself looking at tractor options, I find myself wishing a tractor existed with the following (rough) specs: Frame size - That of a Kubota B series. That is, small(ish) and relatively agile. Loader capacity - At least twice that of a B-series. Ideally about 2,000 lb at maximum height...
  29. RSR

    To finance or not to finance ...

    In today's society, there seems to be a strong, almost default, tendency to finance purchases. Tractor purchases do not seem to be an exception. In my case in particular, a tractor purchase is (will be) largely a toy. Sure, it will save me time, and allow me to do things around my property I...