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    Metal building with no gutters?

    I've got an attachment for my Husq. hand-held leaf blower that cleans my gutters just fine - cost me $28. I could clean gutters as high up as 12' no problem with this plastic tube assembly. Only drawback is if there's water in the gutters/leaves it will give you a little shower if you don't...
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    4110 Front Axle Popping when in 4x4

    When mine did that years ago it was the bolts that hold the ring gear to the carrier had loosened and got damaged. You must remove the differential from the axle housing to repair/replace. I had to buy a complete differential - the metal from the damage ruined the bearings etc. I paid just shy...
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    Parting out Massey Ferguson 1240

    9 years later ...
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    Branson glow plug discussion

    Really, the Motorcraft glow plugs (made by Behr) for my 7.3 Powerstroke were less than $10 each a couple of years ago.
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    Spark plugs fouling on Massey Ferguson MF 35 petrol gasoline 87mm Standard engine

    Since the intake valve/seal is the one that will cause the oil burning for the most part, the most fouling will usually be on 1/2 the spark plug - the side towards the intake valve when screwed into the cylinder. IF your plugs have this type of fouling it is a sure symptom of valve seal/guide...
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    Mahindra 3510 maintenance

    Those are the rear remote control levers to operate whatever implement you have attached to the hydraulic connectors above the 3 pt hitch. My 4110 came with only one set and uses the lever closest to the seat. I tried for YEARS to get the components from Mahindra for the second set and they...
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    Briggs and Stratton Endurance 20hp blowing blue smoke

    Sounds like a stuck or broken ring.
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    Are tractors waterproof even if they have a cab?

    Mine is a ROPS tractor w/canopy and has lived every single day of its' 20 year life outside. Of course plastic parts are getting VERY weathered but everything still functions. I agree that some components of a cab would be more vunerable.
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    Mahindra 4110 PTO

    The solenoid is mounted on the side of the trans case on the right side. Yes, you have to crawl under the tractor and look up to see it. I've read here over the years of owners having to mess with the solenoid to get it working at times but in 3164 hrs. I've never had a problem with mine other...
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    Mahindra 4110

    The 4110 has a tubular screen in the very lowest point of the case held in by 1 bolt and has a captured O-ring - that is the 1st filter in the hydraulic system and will catch metal shavings etc. It is on the left side towards the rear axle area of the case. It WILL drain all 8 gallons of...
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    Best battery

    My 4110 Mahindra came with a 31 series battery and I have used an Interstate 31MHP since the original died. I'm only on my second one in 20 years now, 3159 hrs. My tractor has lived outside it's whole life and has never had a battery charger hooked to it ever. I don't operate any electrical...
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    Generators, voltage quality, and "sensitive electronics"

    My experience with running the 1 hp well pump I have is that I'm not sure your size generator will handle it. I've run mine on a 7500/9000 watt and it really works it to start the pump. I only use it to refill all of our water containers every several days during an extended outage - not run the...
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    Irrigation well. Questions about pressure tank and freezing.

    I simply built a little shed with 2x4 construction and R11 insulation in the walls and roof and bolted it down to the slab around my well. I added a single flood light with a 100w bulb with a switch for when it gets below 15 F for any length of time. If it stays above 15 F, just the use of the...
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    Exactly how tall is your tractor

    Front of canopy mounted on ROPS is 99". With ROPS folded down - almost 2" TALLER !! This is the reason I built my attached garage with a 10' ceiling, to be able to get the tractor in there under the door(s) header.
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    Getting rid of a bumpy 4 acre yard

    I just re-covered my slightly sinking field lines in my front yard after 16 years - my lines are the 10" pipe type so were fairly large ditches. They had sunken just a few inches over the years as they settled but made it more work to cut the grass to match the rest of the yard. I had to make a...
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    Is anyone here familiar with scaffolding?

    If you go with scaffolding, getting the first tier safely set and levelled is the key. I was always sure to have 4 of the levelling jacks and do what needed to be done to get each leg on a SOLID piece of 2x10 or 2x12 on the ground. The next flights up will go well after that. The ones I've used...
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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Have been using the joystick on my Country Clipper for 7 years now. I can't understand why anyone would rather use the 2 sticks to operate a mower - would be totally uncomfortable after a couple hours in the seat.
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    Mahindra 5010 cab need heavy duty alternator

    Might see if you can get a larger pulley for your current alternator.
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    Have seen it many times from lesser quality machine shops in automotive - they don't grind the valve stems down after grinding the valves & seats and/or improperly installed seats.
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    Dump Trailer Battery

    If you don't have a battery in the trailer and the trailer breaks away from the truck you will not have break-away brakes unless those 2 ga. wires are still attached and dragging the trailer along still ...
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Wonderwood for a good, basic heater that will take up to a 24" stick and has a rudimentary thermostat. I installed a standard 4" dryer vent in the wall down low behind my woodstove for air intake. Just removed the flap inside and installed some galvanized screen to keep critters out.
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    Cutting up white oak tree

    I have no facts to back me up but I think that the oaks are notorius for drawing minerals from the ground and having it throughout the wood. I have heard a few loggers and sawyers around here mention trees that had a lot of mineral in them and the sawmills sometimes won't even take them. I have...
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    Help me out with a choice on electric fencing

    I've been using a deep cycle Interstate battery on my fence for over 5 years now with a 10 watt panel with charge regulator I bought off Amazon. It's on for about 8 months out of the year and has worked very well, even thru many days of cloud cover in between. I bring it inside the shed for the...
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    Kioti LB1914 30 amp "slow blow" fuse burned twice - can't find cause

    In automotive repair I had several different capacity circuit breakers made up with pigtails with the spade terminals that are the same size as the spades on the fuse and used them to keep from wasting so many fuses in diagnosis. By the sounds of it though you'd better be careful if you let some...
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    Ferris IS2100z no power to left wheel

    Seems logical a piece of something (maybe a stick?) got to your fan blade so maybe it also caught on the brake linkage momentarily for that same drive and bound it up then got dislodged on it's own.
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    If you have good traction on your drive tires and know how to operate your mower the majority of hills aren't a problem with a ZT.
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    Dump trailer crack in oil reservoir

    Surplus Center has hydraulic oil tanks and accessories.
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    What you all use for tomato cages?

    Been using 5' high 2x4 welded fence on T-posts for the past 15 years. I have a post about every 5 ft. Got a 20' section this year but have had several at a time in years past. I leave them in the garden for several years at a time before moving it (them) around some. I leave the bottom of the...
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    F250 4x4 6.2 vs 7.3?

    My early '99 7.3 in an extra cab short bed 4x4 has always gotten right at 17 mpg average. It's the automatic with 3.73 rear. Pulling a fully loaded 14k gooseneck it got right at 15 mpg.
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    Manual tree pole pruner, what's the trick?

    I just had my old Craftsman pole saw out yesterday, have had it approx. 35 years and still on the original rope and knife blade. I have changed the saw blade once about 10 years ago. I keep the knife sharp with a sharpening stone by hand. You can adjust the tension of the blade against the jaw...
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    Bringing old gravel to the surface

    Why disturb that base that is starting to get packed? Just add a layer of gravel on top and box it out and it shouldn't sink as quickly as the layer you want to "bring up".
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    Kohler CH440 ACR spring

    Can't see the ends of the spring but it looks very similar to advance springs in an automotive distributor. They come in all different sizes and tensions.
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    Using Hole Digger In Hard Red Clay

    Once had a neighbor with an 8' chain link fence around a small pond where he kept exotic water birds - the fence to keep foxes & coyotes out. I have actually seen, more than once, a deer standing next to the fence do a flat-footed jump right over that fence. Not a running jump, standing just a...
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    FEL level indicator

    The many, many times I've bent my rod/tube indicator I've just removed it from the loader, leave the rod inside the tube and lay it on my "anvil" of railroad rail and beat it straight with a hammer. Straightens it, takes kinks out and allows it to work like new until the next time ...
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    ZT Tire Recommendation

    I'm using Sedona Bazooka 4 ply ATV tires in size 20x11-10 on my Country Clipper. 2 years in and I think they are great for my place.
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    Using Hole Digger In Hard Red Clay

    I always put a little "dent" where I want the hole with my hand operated hole diggers so the auger doesn't walk as bad starting the hole. I always have the hand diggers to do the final cleaning of the hole with me anyway. Since it's usually at least several years since my previous use of the...
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    Glow plug system

    Sometimes, as on my Mahindra, the power to the glow plugs is protected by a fusible link, not a fuse. A fuse protects the RELAY control side but not the power wire to the glow plugs.
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    Gilson 16 HP Tractor

    Anybody even aware of the dates of these posts ?
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    Loader hoses

    When my tractor was new 20 years ago I covered all hydraulic hoses with split poly looming for wiring harness' and just used cable ties at each end to keep them from getting peeled off. My tractor has lived every single day outside since and I've only replaced 2 hoses in that 20 year period. The...
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    Why does my New Holland 4630 blow water out?

    Probably not getting all the air out on refill - extremely common problem in automotive applications.
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    Best uses for chlorinated brake cleaners

    I keep many cans of original Brakleen in stock for so many different uses - most of the non-chlorinated ones are flammable, Brakleen is not. Also Brakleen can be used on a lot of plastics without melting/dissolving it. Any time I need to silicone two surfaces together I use it to clean the...
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    Loader as excavator???

    I used one of the rippers from TSC to get the ground started, then just used my plain 6' bucket to dig many projects over the years. This was for my storm shelter build about 10 years ago. Ours is a lot of red clay and layers of chert rock - with a few really big rocks peppered thru. Only had to...
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    Need a solution. Back problems and my Zero Turn. Located in Alabama. Adjustable low profile seat suspension I paid $159.94 delivered 2 years ago and made my ZT MUCH more rideable and at better speed on my rough yard. Couldn't afford thousands & thousands more to buy a different mower with LOTS more wearable parts to replace on...
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    Got to love developments in rural areas

    When seconds count, police are just minutes away ...
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    Should you trade in your tractor when you buy a new one.

    I've always been told by my bank(s) that a cashier's check has to clear just like a personal or business check and that a stop payment can be issued on it as well. That's why when I sold a lot on Gunbroker I accepted USPS money orders only. I've also done quite a few large cash transactions at...
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    3-Point Hitch Using Box blade With No Draft/Float Control

    A hydraulic toplink is the ideal mate to a boxblade. Minute adjustments to the angle of the blade(s) on the fly according to ground conditions is what you need to learn how to use a boxblade VERY effectively.
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    LP prices?

    Just filled a 20# grill cylinder 2 weeks ago at our Co-op and it was $2.09 per gallon.
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    Fords aluminium body

    I was working at an Alfa Romeo dealer back in the mid-70s and we had a customer bring in his 1965 GTA production race car (street legal) and it was all aluminum bodied. The reason he brought it in was to get it ready for sale and the major concern was that he had left it in his driveway a day or...
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    Kioti 3510 drive problem

    Eh, they've been doing it for DECADES and nobody has keeled over yet. I'm sure the EPA woulda stepped in many years ago had methanol been THAT dangerous and it wouldn't be stockpiled all over the country in every large or small town in it's various uses like windshield washer fluid.
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    Kioti 3510 drive problem

    Both water and methanol will evaporate quite quickly, the methanol faster than the water. Sure, there will be a short time of a poisonous liquid on the ground but it will be gone soon and no residue to worry about. The Co-op has dozens of 55 gal drums of PURE methanol for tractor use and I've...