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  1. woody

    New Metal shop

    I ordered a new metal shop building today, it is basically a glorified car port but it will serve to double the size of my existing shop and with a taller roof it will be better suited for my recent lift addition. It will have the square tubing wall studs and roofing metal walls, with the wall...
  2. woody

    Dump Trailer Battery

    I'm considering connecting my dump trailer to my trucks battery, I have seen several kits to do this with but my concern is the strain it would put on my truck battery and since my Ram has two batteries does it make a difference which battery I connect to? I also have a tilt deck hydraulic...
  3. woody

    Kubota L45 Valve

    The 3rd function valve messed up again I told myself if it did it again I was replacing it with a new one, but I didn't! While using my hydraulic sickle bar the other day my 3rd function valve stuck on. since it was on I just finished what I was doing but the rest of the tractor hydraulics kept...
  4. woody

    Dead Truck Battery

    Since I retired I don't drive my truck unless I need a truck hauling or pulling something. With fuel prices the way they are we go in the car or on the motorcycle when possible. So I have in the past year replaced the both batteries in my 2018 ram because after it sitting for a week or so it...
  5. woody

    Shop Lift

    After changing the oil in the wife's car and rotating the tires the other day I was so sore from getting up off the ground and just a week or so before that I changed the oil in my TriGlide and hurt for a few days, I decided on getting a shop lift for all my equipment. I have not received it yet...
  6. woody

    moving a building

    okay this might end up in Hauling or Towing Something Wrong thread, but I was told about a deal on a 14 x 36 building, it's only 5.2 miles from my house and only 2 miles on a main highway the rest is a back road. The building mover wants 1800 dollars to move the building but I have a 14K 20 foot...
  7. woody

    Ditch Digger

    I told my kids get an education or you will end up digging ditches, well it turns out digging ditches pays pretty good. I decided I wanted to move my power to the house under ground and the utility company says that's fine but after he gave me a price with them digging the ditch verses me...
  8. woody

    1980 Ford 1700

    Some may remember me talking about my neighbors tractor that belonged to her father and I had tried to buy, well back in Dec 2020 she decided to take me up on my 2 year old offer and sale it to me. I changed all the fluids and filters and with a little work got that old tractor to running. I...
  9. woody

    L45 forward hydraulics

    I have the Kubota brand forward Hydraulics and while using my sickle bar cutter today it appears the valve stuck because I have no control over it and when I took the hydraulic sickle mower off the tractor would not move very fast and the FEL and Backhoe will not move. it was late and I didn't...
  10. woody

    Fifth wheel camper repair

    I recently acquired a 2006 Fleetwood Gearbox Toy-hauler, I'm not going to restore it to new but I am going to do some repairs. Some of the known problems are Electric landing gear not working, transfer switch not transferring, it's got a weak spot in the floor of the garage area and the...
  11. woody

    Propane Regulator freeze

    Okay I installed a gas fire place last year and about half way through the tank of fuel my gas logs went out and would not lite back up. since the fire logs where new to us we did use them a lot so I thought we had used up the gas but after checking the gauge it showed half a tank but still no...
  12. woody

    Lug Nuts

    This has probably been talked about before, we are getting ready for a trip so I had my truck serviced which included tire rotation after driving back and forth to work for a week I decided to torque the lugs on the truck and found each wheel had at least one and one wheel had two lugs that were...
  13. woody

    Skid Steer Sickle Mower

    I broke the lift arm on my Skid Steer Sickle mower that I use on my Kubota L45. I bought this attachment used and am not sure the lift arm was assembled correctly does anyone have this mower that can post a picture of the way it is supposed to be?
  14. woody

    Brush mower swing arm

    I have a chance of getting a swing arm brush mower, do you TBN experts think my L45 can handle the side weight of the mower?
  15. woody

    Stump fun

    Wife asked me did I have to dig such a big hole! Had this tree cut down a few months ago and decided to dig it up this past Friday and Saturday it was a monster to get out of that hole. I knew before hand that the L45 was not going to pick it up but I thought I could roll it out of the hole with...
  16. woody

    Country Birthday

    well some people might call it a red neck gathering but had fun. So it started off with my loving wife decided since I was turning the big 60 years old that I needed a special get together with all the kids, grandkids and great grandkids. her plans were for my oldest grand boy to cook steaks on...
  17. woody

    Kubota B26 blowing oil from vent

    On Saturday the 28th I loaded up the B26 and box blade to go straighten up a road that has not been touched in 20 plus years and just a little while into it I noticed oil blowing out the vent tube so I cut the tractor off and when I started again it didn't blow out for a while but eventually did...
  18. woody

    Glad July is GONE

    on Friday the 13 I was cutting my grass and the mower deck rolled up a rock that the blades would not have normally hit, but the deck hit it and rolled the rock out of the ground the blades tried their best to chop it up but it was the rear window on my truck that caught a piece of the rock...
  19. woody

    sickle bar

    this is my new to me sickle bar that I will use in place of my Sabre to trim the driveway and perimeter of a two acre field.
  20. woody

    Lawnmower Lift from Ramps

    Been playing around in the shop again, welded some channel iron on the bottom of an extra pair of ramps for my forks to fit in. my thinking is I can use this to raise a mower up to load or unload a mower, maybe raise one to look at and see what's wrong but not work under it unless I put a safety...
  21. woody

    Trailer Jack

    I have a 10000 LB jack on my 24 foot trailer and I want to use my 19.2 volt drill to work it, I tried it with my 19.2 impact and broke the adapter I was using. Has anyone done this or converted a standard jack into an electric one?
  22. woody

    B26 power steering

    was bush hogging yesterday and the steering kept getting harder. the wheels would turn but I had to put out to get them to turn. the front loader bucket still raises like it should and the three point hitch raises fine. checked the fluid and it was fine, I raised and lowered the bucket and...
  23. woody

    Kubota L45

    New to me and almost new anyway with only 75 hours on the clock. I ran across this L45 and decided I just had to have it. I already told on myself when I posted about the grapple that I got in the deal but I figured I would post a few pictures here. I ordered the forward hydraulics and when they...
  24. woody

    Weed Wacker Died

    My Craftsman weed wacker died and after doing all the normal diagnostics I tore it completely apart to find a scored piston, cylinder and the exhaust port almost plugged. I have my opinions of what caused this but would like some opinions of others also. the blackness of the oil is a concern as...
  25. woody

    1980 Ford 1700

    Okay guys here we go again, posted a while back about my son's 1939 Ford 9N that he inherited and turned out it has a cracked block. I was telling my neighbor about it and they have a 1980 Ford 1700 that I have ran before but has not run in over five years and I did try to buy it several times...
  26. woody

    son's ford 9n

    my son just got his late great grandfather's 9N and is tickled about it. I on the other hand have been tasked by my wife to get it running again and as our schedules very rarely work out I can't make it a bonding experience I just inherited another project. I bet Mr. Jack is smiling just knowing...
  27. woody

    tough cleaning

    Was at Tractor Supply yesterday and of course I can't go in there with out looking at the clearance when I saw this I guess it must be for tough stains. :laughing:
  28. woody

    24 foot rollback ideas

    I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Rollback trailer, but there are some things I am not satisfied with so I am looking for ideas and suggestions to do to this trailer to fix some things that are not just right and to add some things that would make it more old man friendly. I have redone...
  29. woody

    BX2230 PTO not working

    Need advice on this BX2230 I just purchased as a project mower. the pto does not work front or rear from what I have read it is probably the gear inside the transmission but my problem is I don't know where to start top or bottom. can I access the pto by raising the tractor up and going from the...
  30. woody

    B2230 PTO Rebuild

    Need advice on this B2230 I just purchased as a project mower. the pto does not work front or rear from what I have read it is probably the gear inside the transmission but my problem is I don't know where to start top or bottom. can I access the pto by raising the tractor up and going from the...
  31. woody

    Kubota ZG222 smoking

    I have a Kubota ZG222 that started smoking 2 years ago and got worse this past cutting season. I checked with a couple of dealers on a rebuild kit, a new motor or maybe a short block. they said no on the short block, I have not been able to find a rebuild kit and a replacement Kubota motor is...
  32. woody

    Storm Shelter walking path

    I have been looking at this for some time now and finally I had to prove myself right. What I had planned was to put one slab of concrete in the bottom of our pathway to walk on and stand two up to hold the banks. Well I kept saying that I didn't think I could bore a hole to put the post in to...
  33. woody

    leaking enclosed trailer

    I have a 16ft enclosed trailer we use when we go camping, load up the motorcycle and the camping gear and we are gone for a few days. well this past weekend we went camping and I found the signs that the trailer was leaking in the right rear corner, not bad just a little water stain. so when I...
  34. woody

    Sickle Bar Sabre Samurai

    I am thinking about purchasing a Sabre Samurai to help me maintain my 3/4 mile drive and 10 acre home. has anyone used or have any experience with one? the price is the biggest hold back.
  35. woody

    moving concrete pads

    I have bidded on and may win some pre formed concrete pads 14ft x 4ft x 4in. the place that has them said they will load them on my 7 ton trailer. now my problem will be unloading them, my tractor will only lift 1000# I have several ideas but would like to hear yours.
  36. woody

    storm shelters

    got a new storm shelter and would like some ideas, picures of the landscaping or inside if you did something to it.
  37. woody

    Dirt Moving PHD on front

    I have a b-26 Kubota with a quick connect bucket and I was wanting to put my auger in the front so I would not have to look behind me so much (neck problems). I know I would have to add a valve and hoses to the front with connectors and I have figured away to mount my auger to the front so it...
  38. woody

    new ZG222

    Yep I did it, went yesterday and looked at a used ZG222 and bought it. It has 34 hours on maybe it will last a little while.
  39. woody

    Backhoe B26 hydralics bypassing

    Hello newbie here with a story to tell. I purchased a used B26 with 38 hours on it and it is a 2009 model. First time operating it (not my first time on a backhoe) I thought the backhoe was weak, very weak so I babied it until I had 50 hours on it to be sure it was not just me. Carried it in for...