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  1. Steave

    Drunk driver hits tractor.

    Despite this gentlemans efforts things happen. Condolences to his family. This area is a small close knit community that I have drove through several times. There's no excuse for this kind of occurrence I'll call it because its hard to call it an accident. Tractor driver killed in wreck...
  2. Steave

    Need to temporarily disconnect backhoe hydraulic hoses

    I may have a hard time explaining this but here goes.. I need to remove the backhoe from my machine so as to move the tractor into my shop for a motor rebuild. I will have to run the tractor with the hydraulic hoses removed from the backhoe hydraulic bank of valves and was needing to know how...
  3. Steave

    Another Tragic Accident close to home

    Man killed after tractor rolls over him - Rome News-Tribune: Police/Fire Hate this happened. God bless the family. I knew this man just through being distance neighbors and its sad and tragic this happened. Frank is like the rest of us around here, he was almost born on a tractor. Don't seem...
  4. Steave

    Should piston spin freely on shaft?

    After the large nut on end of shaft has been tightened should the piston still be free to spin slightly? The threads on the shaft are interference type threads and the nut will hold in place most anywhere you quit tightening. The pictures are not the best but you can see the machined shoulder...