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    John Deere 4720 "my first tractor"

    First off I would definitely check into where the coolant is going!! This can cause an expensive breakdown. In regards to electrical gremlins maybe have a look for rodent damage. Trace wires looking for damage as well as evidence of nesting. Just as a start of things to look into.
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    JD4300 Bogging Down

    Given where you are located it should not be cold enough to create problems. I would maybe post a video and see if someone here knows your machine well enough to provide some insight as to whether it is normal operation or not. I would still let things warm up a little anyways, even in summer.
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    To upgrade or not

    If you can upgrade then I would if it were me, but only to a point. I would look at tractors that have engines before tier 4. Or tractors under 24 horsepower that do not have all the electronics associated with them. They will be much easier and less expensive to maintain. I have not read every...
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    JD4300 Bogging Down

    What is the temperature where the tractor is stored? If it is fairly cold then you should let the hydraulic fluid and engine warm up for some time. Hydrostatic transmissions are more susceptible to temperature than traditional geared transmissions and typically require longer warm-up times.
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    kubota L2850 stalls when hot and wont hot start

    What have you checked so far?
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    How to adjust draft control to minimum sensitivity on Massey Ferguson 4225 tractor for attachable backhoe?

    Is there any way you could attach the top link to the 2 big lobes that are on either side of the draft control bracket? That would eliminate draft control and looks a lot stronger as well. I have to say I am not a big fan of 3pt hitch backhoes unless it is a small backhoe attached to a very...
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    Mf65 trans and diff oil

    I am not absolutely sure but used to be that GL4 and lower were typically used in transmissions with synchromesh. GL5 contains high levels of sulfur-phosphorus which are not good for softer metals. Or perhaps if you could find manual transmission oil, it would likely be ok. Personally I would go...
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    LX3310 1st Regen

    Don't want to derail the post but I am curious as to why you got rid of the MX5100?
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    Property Development

    Wow!! That disk is quite chewed up. Important to inspect machine and check bolt and lug torque periodically. Really like your progress on a wonderful piece of property! Thanks for bringing us along on the journey!
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    Bleeding Ford 1210

    Thanks for letting us know!!
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    Diagnosing Tractor Bad Sound

    Like crashz said. I also might try putting all fours in the air and spin the wheels. Make sure you have it properly secured!! Also was wondering if your front drive shaft is a splined shaft where the coupler is warn to the point of skipping teeth. I know this can happen on Kubotas and it does...
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    How to adjust draft control to minimum sensitivity on Massey Ferguson 4225 tractor for attachable backhoe?

    Have you tried talking to the dealer? Sorry I do not know your particular machine but there is one way to find out for sure and that is to mount some type of ground engagement implement like a plow and see which position of the draft control allows the plow to go the lowest while plowing and...
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    Diagnosing Tractor Bad Sound

    I'm guessing you are talking about the TYM t603? Just wondering how much fluid did you have to add to the front end? Was it always low or do you notice a leak somewhere?
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    Kind of hard to tell how high those mounds are. If they are a foot or so, a few runs with a toothed disc harrow might do. Or if they are bigger a spring shank cultivator and a disc harrow or a blade to smooth.
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    Perhaps you could show us some photos so we have a better idea of what you are dealing with. That way we can likely make better recommendations.
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    Bleeding Ford 1210

    I believe you crack open the screw of the incoming fuel line to the injection pump, then tighten. If it does not start you might have to bleed to the injectors. Does your tractor have a lift pump?
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    2305 John Deere hydraulics

    Have you checked hydraulic fluid level? Fluid condition, is it milky in color? Does this machine have a screen for the fluid? Just some initial things to go over.
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    John deere 110 tlb hours meter not working

    beenthere is correct, you should provide more information. I will take a stab at it never the less. If it is the mechanical spinning cable type then you might need a new cable. If it is electronic then you will likely have to get the multi tester out. Hope this helps!!
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    Replacing bulb in tail light

    If you are talking about the round flashing lights that are mounted on top of the fender, they usually have 2 lenses that snap on and off. One for front and one for back. A flat head screwdriver will typically do the trick. Just look for some sort of insert hole at the edge of the lens. Hope...
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    Kubota D1105 Engine - Slow RPM Response to Throttle

    Best way to flush is fill and drain a couple of times with hydraulic fluid. Might be a little pricey but is still the best way. As TractorTech mentioned if you can drain the cylinders this will help and may only require a one fill and drain. Hope this helps!!
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    Masey Ferguson 2607H decides by itself to lift 3 point hitch attachment and strange noise appears

    Like ptsg mentioned I would suspect draft control. Need to make sure top link is not putting pressure on control rod. Disable.
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    DIY Bridge

    Personally I think digging out the driveway and creating a bridge would be best; leaving some extra clearances with regard to length and height. It is likely that the creek may find/erode another path if the restriction at the driveway crossing were to become great enough and that would...
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    260 loader mahindra

    Best to take a slide caliper and measure it yourself.
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    Kubota D1105 Engine - Slow RPM Response to Throttle

    Have you checked lift pump pressure? Have there been any repairs done prior to this happening?
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    kioti ck 20s

    What have you checked so far? Any leaks? Fluid level ok? Fluid condition foamy or milky or metal shavings?
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    DIY Bridge

    Oops.. Posted the above reply before seeing the picture.. You definitely have a fair bit of flow there.
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    DIY Bridge

    It also depends on how strong the flow is. If it is largely standing water or very slow moving then your idea may be alright. If there is flow and it increases a fair bit after it rains then you will have erosion issues to deal with.
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    Question on Massey Ferguson top link bracket on tractor

    I closer picture as well as from different angles would likely help in analyzing. It might be a lock out pin to prevent the bracket from putting pressure on the draft control piston. Just a guess at this point.
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    JD Right to Repair

    There have already been examples in the fabrication industry where machinery is no longer usable because of software and circuit boards no longer being supported or made. Just sayin..
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    JD Right to Repair

    It seems everything is becoming more and more complicated and more expensive to repair. We may be approaching a time when things become so complicated that they may not be fixable or too expensive to fix. Or the software is no longer supported. That's when the equipment becomes disposable. How...
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    Battery Replacement

    I believe battery longevity also has to do with where it is located both geographically and where it is housed on a vehicle. In cold climates they seem to have a shorter life cycle than in milder climates. Also car batteries that spend their time in the engine compartment have to withstand...
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    Kubota L3250 Knocking sound

    Just because it's new does not necessarily mean it's good. Things are certainly not made as well as they used to be
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    Another backhoe question

    All good information here!! I would also like to point out that it depends on the type of footing you are intending to dig. Shop and barn footings are usually quite shallow and typically do not require a large machine. However if you are needing to dig past a frost line then a bigger machine...
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    Tractor Cover

    I have personally never seen a custom fit tractor cover. And by that I believe you mean a soft cover. Likely quite difficult to put on and take off. Better to build a temporary cover like a pole barn or canvas tent type structure to park it under. Just my 2 cents.
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    Off Set Rotary Mowers for Kubota MX6000

    Sorry, I don't have any experience with any of these mowers. I did however have a look at some videos and saw that it was a lot of fiddle work to keep the mower from scalping the grass. Was wondering if you have considered a sickle side mower at all?
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    Pros and cons of using an over run clutch/coupler on pto??

    Yes, thanks. I will be looking at that as well once mowing season starts again.
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    Plow Light Problems.

    If the truck has daytime running lights then you may be want to install a switch that interrupts the signal from the high beam to the relay and turn it off only when the daytime running lights are on. When you turn the headlights on, turn the switch to the on position and the system should work...
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    MX Seat

    Nice!! Would you please be so kind and also provide us with some pics of the wheel spacers? Would like to see how the look and your impressions on how they feel regarding stability.
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    MX5100 injection pump failure

    Thanks for the info thepumpguysc!! Was wondering if you are aware of any known issues with the mechanical injection pumps on the Kubota V2403 engines?
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    Battery Kill Switches

    I would personally go with a switch on the negative side. If the connections you made ever came loose or something happened to them and they made contact to the chassis or sheet metal there would be no problem. If that happened with the positive side you would create a short with a very large...
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    Deutz Allis 465 loader parts

    Have you tried calling some of the parts places found online to see if they have any suggestions where to find this part? Otherwise if you are handy, or know someone who is, with a small welder, grinder and drill press you might be able to repair the part...?? Or take it to someone with a lathe...
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    Massey Ferguson 232 loader on a 235 Massey Ferguson tractor with a PTO driven pump,the up and down lift on the loader works great, but the tilt leaks,

    If there are no external leaks then it is likely the control/spool valve that is allowing the cylinder to leak down. Sometimes it can indicate the piston seal is leaking. If you do a google you will find a instructions to determine which it is. Hope this helps.
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    Possible bh77 backhoe

    I have the bh92 and would not want to be without a backhoe again. I do not use it very often but when I do it certainly saves my back from the job I have in front of me!! Also like Goose said, no need to look after another entire machine that mostly just sits around and is there when I need it...
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    2001 JD790 Tachometer Jumping

    I believe the JD 790 has a cable activated tachometer. Might be that you have to replace the cable..??
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    Pros and cons of using an over run clutch/coupler on pto??

    Yes, thanks 5030!! It has a grease nipple which is hidden by the shaft in that photo. I will certainly make sure to put the gun to it before I use it.
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    Pros and cons of using an over run clutch/coupler on pto??

    Here is a photo of the one I picked up. Supposed to be good for up to 70 hp. Have not had a chance to use and test it yet since mowing season is over in this neck of the woods. Hope it serves me well and does the trick.
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    Wet wood roads

    Also consider ditches as a way of routing water away from your road to a low spot on your property,
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    Pros and cons of using an over run clutch/coupler on pto??

    I found an overrun coupler here locally and will post some pictures when I have a chance.
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    Pros and cons of using an over run clutch/coupler on pto??

    I realize it's not your model of tractor exactly but here is a video that explains the hydraulic pto clutch engagement a little.
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    John deere 1070 wheel tire swap?

    Is the 1070 4 wheel or 2 wheel drive? It matters because if 4 wheel you need to keep the front to rear ratio close to what it has currently other wise the drivetrain will bind too much when 4 wheel drive is activated. if 2 wheel drive then the best thing to do is get out your measuring tape and...