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    Filter enigma

    It doesn't have a screen. Just the filter. Valley Power is closing, Bill Rogers the owner passed away.
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    Parts availability for Bolens/Iseki

    Iseki was good at giving multiple designations. The TX1704/g174/2160 was a gear drive. The H174/H1704 was a hydro. I have manuals for both models. I can supply engine, clutch & most fwd parts. Transmission parts some are available. Can't tell which until someone inquires about them. .
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    iseki ts1910

    I have manuals for most Iseki tractors.
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    Iseki ts 1610GLF clutch housing

    I have parted out a TS1610f. I'll have to check if it has the correct clutch housing. The were 2 styles for the TS1610f. Some had a creeper gear in them.
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    iseki tractor identification help

    I can supply you with parts. Email me at
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    MT3201FD hydraulic screen

    The parts book shows a filter on the suction line in front of the steering column
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    3 point jumps

    It could be the lift cylinder is leaking & when it it gets low enough it lifts.
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    Which engine do I have? Satoh S-650G

    It has a Mazda PB1000. You probably will need a different carb. The accelerator pump leathers are probably shot & it is common for the tapered chamber to get pitted when not used. I have rebuilt used & new Nikki carbs
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    Think spring

    I have used springs . would have to check new are available.
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    650g hydraulic pump

    You can move it around without causing any damage.
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    White Field Boss 37 PTO problem.

    yes Email me at
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    Carb on S650G with a solenoid??

    Thank you
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    Carb on S650G with a solenoid??

    I have a lot S650 parts. I have around 10 S650 parts tractors
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    Loader for YM336

    Email me at
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    Md 1600 hydraulic oil in crankcase

    Just replacing the seal will not fix the problem. The internal seals are bad. It is not a repairable pump. If you supply the numbers off of the end of the pump, i can probably supply you with a new or used pump.
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    Carb on S650G with a solenoid??

    If it is a Nikki carb, it is for an electric choke. You don't need to connect the wire. You have a manual choke. I probably sold him the carb I was able to find several new ones.
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    new project

    I usually cut the pressure line & braze pipe fittings on the cut ends, Bell adapters work good. You can drill the line side to the size you need. Run the pump side to the IN on the valve & the OUT to the other cut line.
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    Mt 372D Stay chains

    i have available various length sway chains w/turnbuckle. Fairly reasonable.
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    Intermittent Spark

    The Bison has a PB1000 gas engine.
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    Mitsubishi D1800 KE95 Engine

    Did the shops you took it to specialize in head repair?
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    Think spring

    Don't know if new are available. I should have a used one.
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    Hinomoto e232 PTO lever seized in Neutral

    If the lever doesn't move at all, it is probably froze where it goes through the housing. Spray nut loosener on it & tap gently. It should eventually move a little. then keep working it back & forth.
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    Leveling arm

    Sd1540 or SL1540? I have parts tractor of both models or can supply aftermarket
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    Tractor starts but dose not keep running

    There is a fuel filter in the banjo fitting where the line attaches to the card. Other common carb problem is bad accelerator pump. The S650 is not gravity fed & has a fuel pump. the fuel system is not pressure regulated
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    Hydraulic Spool Valve Repair

    Most control valves spools are machine fit without orings
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    Blackhawk FEL Pump on S-373D?

    Do you need a new pump ? As old as that is I'd be surprised if that particular pump is available. My pump supplier may know what it is & can probably supply a compareable pump.
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    Mt2001d Loader low lifting power

    I would first check the hydraulic pressure. Does it jerk as it is going up?
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    Satoh S650G Maintenance Parts Info

    I can supply new & used S650 parts
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    Satoh S650G - List of Front End Loaders

    KI still have the loader. Dixon IL 61021
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    I have a oil leak on the rt front on an iseki ts1610 4x4, what seal do I need to get?

    I can supply parts for the TS1610 including fwd seals.
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    Yanmar Ke -3D

    I parted out a K4D. Basically the same tractor. FWD gears that go bad are all ready gone
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    Loader for YM336

    I can supply you with Yanmar parts
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I have a farm & use tools hard . I was buying tools from Harbor Freight when they were only mail order. the quality of wrenches has improved a lot. I used to buy them to put a set in every tractor. I'd rather loose a cheap wrench than an expensive one. I've bought quite a few of the 4-1/2'...
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    salvage tractors

    looking for salvage or broken tractors
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    Clutch Satoh-Beaver S370D défectueuse…

    I can supply you parts from the USA. Email me at parts at Je peux vous fournir des pièces depuis les USA. Envoyez-moi un e-mail à parts at
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    SD2243D Tractor - front loader hydraulic cylinders

    Most Japanese tractors were used mainly for rototilling on small plots. Tractors with loaders usually were on livestock farms.
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    Need help identifing Mitsubishi tractor

    the Suzue M2001 has the K3D engine. What is the pto shaft like?
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    Satoh Buck Diff Lock

    There is an internal spring. If it hasn't been used for a while, spray a nut loosener on the shaft where it enters the housing. Probably rusted.
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    Shibaura SP1740 Front differential parts

    I may have carrier and can supply associated bearings. no to front ring, pinion,
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    Shibaura SP1740 to Ford 110 tractor crossover?

    I'm a Sparex dealer . They don't have ring/pinions. The part is discontinued. About the only option is to have one made. Very expensive.
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    SD2243D Tractor - front loader hydraulic cylinders

    Most Japanese tractors did not come with loaders. It could be a Japanese, Vietnamese or a US loader.
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    satoh 650G- head light switch

    If you can't ge tit loose saw the nut
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    Need Front Ring and Pinion Iseki TS2810

    It is discontinued. Can't find any used. I've priced having them made. Very expensive
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    Iseki landhope 150 (TU150F) Maintenance manual

    I have a TU operator's manual availabial
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    Iseki TS2202

    I can supply you a parts book & closest service & owners manual. Also parts. Email me at parts at for manuals
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    YM1401D service manual, not a YM169D service manual

    I imported tractors & parts from Japan. I was never able to get a service manual from Japan.I recommended people to get the parts book so you have the breakdown & part #s for their manual. Them get the closest US service manual which is the YM169. I usually look at the parts book before the...
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    Kubota RX-301

    I don't read Japanese. From the parts book it looks like what I think is the 2 speed is electrically activated. I have an RX302 which looks like the same setup as the RX301. Email me at parts at for manuals
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    Kubota RX-301

    the 2 speed is a pedal on the floor. I can supply a parts book.
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    Hydraulic pump failure MT300D

    You don't want to dead head a pump. Dead heading is when the pressure line is blocked. If you disconnected the the loader hoses & they had snap couplers that you did not connect together & ran the tractor the oil from the pump would build up tremendous pressure & damage the pump. There are not...
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