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  1. FTG-05

    Locations lost after software change?

    I no longer see members locations in their username area. I don't even see mine. I PM'd one member and he says he can see locations. What's up. ETA: I'm using Windows Professional 7 and Firefox 94.0.1. Thanks,
  2. FTG-05

    One of these is an ISO 5675 male connector, what's the other one?

    Had a leaking ag connector on my FEL control valve. Bought the Summit replacement parts via the Kubota part number off of Amazon. Summit shipped pretty fast, so that's not the problem. To create more working space for my hand, I took off one of the connectors for better access to the one I...
  3. FTG-05

    Well it lasted 2 1/2 years: Bushhog 286 Output Shaft Repair

    Some of you might recall a thread I started back in Spring 2019 about my worn out output shaft on my Bushhog 286 rotary cutter. There were a number of options I looked at from cheap to very expensive (replace the cutter) and I chose to repair the shaft by simply welding it to the stump jumper...
  4. FTG-05

    Grapple repair project

    I bent my hydraulic cylinder mount on my grapple, so this thread is to document the problem, the repair and the final configuration. Pics of the problem. You can see that both plates are bent backwards; this also means that the "teeth" no longer fully close. About a 4" gap: You can see...
  5. FTG-05

    ISO 5675 Hydraulic fitting O-Rings?

    Anyone know the standard o-rings sizes or part numbers for the ISO 5675 ag-type connectors? My google-fu is weak and I'd like to order some spares. Thanks,
  6. FTG-05

    Anyone familiar with GPI hand pumps

    When I replaced my GPI hand pump with a Fil-rite electric pump about a year or so ago, I stored the GPI inside my shop in the parts store. It worked fine I had installed and using it for pumping farm diesel for my tractor, RTV and ZTR. I recently bought a 50 gallon fuel tank and installed the...
  7. FTG-05

    Crap: Diesel fuel tank leak

    I was painting my diesel fuel transfer tank yesterday afternoon (black to white) when I noticed a very small leak down one of the vertical seams. It's about 2/3 of the way down the tank. Worse, I just refilled the tank. :( Right now, I don't have pics to show, but I'll get some this...
  8. FTG-05

    Another welder advice thread

    As if we didn't need another "what to buy" welder, but unfortunately - I need your advice. My Lincoln SP-175Plus MIG welder just bit the dust. I turned it on this afternoon and all I got out of it was a mild groan, then... nothing. I've had it since mid-1999, so I got my use out of it...
  9. FTG-05

    Anyone modify their land plane to mount and use on the FEL?

    I don't recall where I got the idea, but I wonder if it would work. I could use the land plane/land leveler on the front leveling the road, then follow it up with my EA grader blade on the back. Having it on the front would mean that the tires and wheels are driving over less rough terrain...
  10. FTG-05

    ,Decoding Kubota wiring diagrams

    I'm chasing down an electrical gremlin in the Key Stop Solenoid system for my L4330. The wiring diagram for WSM manual, page 9M-1 and on, shows wires and cables as follows: 2 B/R 0.5 B/L 0.5 B 0.5 R/B 0.5 R 1.25 R/W I know what the letters mean per page 9M-1 (e.g. B/R = Black/Red, B/L =...
  11. FTG-05

    Best and favorite way to splice into OEM wiring harnesses?

    I'm looking to add lights to my new RTV-XG850. What's your favorite and best way to splice into OEM wires for power? Assume you only have a couple inches of OEM wire to work with. Anyone who answers with one of these POSs will be automatically ignored:
  12. FTG-05

    What causes this? Tandem trailer shackles flipping

    Trying to add the Moryde Wet Bolt kit to my 12k tandem axle trailer. I get under there to work and I discover this: When I got done with the other side, it immediately swapped sides and did the same thing. I flipped it around twice, but it flopped over opposite each other every time...
  13. FTG-05

    Anyone install 28" tires on their Kubota RTV-XG850?

    My XG finally arrived at the dealer last Friday and they're adding all the goodies as we speak. One of things I want to do is replace the "tiny" 25" tall tires. I'd like to go to 28" tall tires. Anyone know if 28" tall tires will fit the XG as-is? Size would go from the OEM 25x10-12 to...
  14. FTG-05

    Crank but no start, Kubota L4330

    Started up normally yesterday, was working, then took a break. Went back to it, tractor crank and crank - but no start. Usually it starts within a second or so, very fast. Did it yesterday, waited a couple hours, started right up. Did it a couple months ago; waited a couple hours, started...
  15. FTG-05

    Cost to asphalt a gravel road?

    I just need a general cost. 10-12' wide by 1/2 mile. So-so base. Private road, north AL. Rough order of Magnitude estimate is fine, I'm not the one that wants it. Thanks,
  16. FTG-05

    TBN User Preference Question

    Where do I find the tool to set the number of posts per thread? Apparently the default is 10 posts peer thread and I can't find anywhere I can change it. Thanks,
  17. FTG-05

    Can someone tell me where this spring is supposed to go? RTV900R6 model

    I've been working to replace the fuel filter and cleaning out the fuel tank due to bio-slime issues. While working, I noticed this spring was unattached and was left flopping loose. According to the Messicks part diagram #020400, this spring is 020 and is called the Governor Spring. See the...
  18. FTG-05

    Might could maybe probably use some biocide

    I've been having stalling out problems with RTV, especially when trying to go up hills. I found this in my Kubota RTV diesel fuel tank a day or so ago. I'll be cleaning out the tank, replace the fuel filter (again) and replace all the OEM (probably) fuel and vacuum lines with SAE J30R9...
  19. FTG-05

    911 Emergency! Lost all Forward, Reverse & Power Steering!

    I spent 2 hours +/- bushhogging my neighbor's hill and had just got done. Transferred from one gear to another to ride up the hill and go home. There was soft thump or click and all power going forward went away. It was if the transmission had accidentally got shifted into Neutral. But in...
  20. FTG-05

    Adding aux cooler via the heater engine ports?

    I want to add an aux cooler to my L4330 tractor with the V2203-MA-E-GST engine. I *assume* that the cab version of this tractor has a cab heater and I further *assume* that the heater uses engine coolant to provide the heat, just like any other vehicle on the road. But, for the life of me, I...
  21. FTG-05

    Leaking Chief/Bailey's 3 spool valve - how hard to fix?

    I bought this Bailey's Chief 3 spool valve several years for my 3 remote rears. I based my build on LD1's build, so used a lot of the same parts. Link to valve: CHIEF G Series: 1 GPM, SAE 1 Inlet/Outlet, 3 Spool, 3625 PSI, 15-3625 PSI Relief Setting, SAE 8 Work Ports, 22959 Pic: As some...
  22. FTG-05

    Land Plane/Land Leveler Decisions, Decisions

    I'm in the process of selling a rifle. To reward myself - and make it easier to maintain my one mile gravel road - I've decided to buy a Land Plane/Land Leveler (hereafter called "LP" just to save some typing (read typos)). I'll be running this on my Kubota L4330, about a 40 HP tractor. I...
  23. FTG-05

    Gravel road: Filling potholes with concrete????

    I live at the end of a one mile gravel. Since I moved here in late 2013, I've been maintaining the road as have the previous owners of my property (the only owners of a tractor). I finally was able to get out and do some work after all the rain we've had the last 6 months. In that 6 very...
  24. FTG-05

    Approved $2000 *minimum* repair bill today :(

    My L4330 tractor started making a clicking and/clanging sound coming from the rear end a couple weeks ago after pulling one stubborn tree out of the ground. The clanging sound is very noticeable when in 4wd and consistent with speed. It's intermittent in 2wd. Redecked my trailer, loaded it up...
  25. FTG-05

    And it gets even worse: Update on my Bushhog 286 repairs

    Since the repairs on my 286 bushhog are so much more involved than I originally thought, I decided to start a new thread. It really isn't necessary to start with the other thread, but if you want to refresh your memory, here it is...
  26. FTG-05

    Unexpected new project: What round for Trailer Deck?

    Did this with my tractor yesterday. Fortunately, it was while I was a) taking it off and b) done in by the front tire (vs. the rear). Given the pics, it's time to replace the deck. Obvious answer is obvious: PT wood from the local HD. Are there less obvious answers? Pics: What does this...
  27. FTG-05

    Oh joy: time to replace the bushing on my 286 Bushhog!

    Something has wore out on my 286 Bushhog so I now have to disassemble it. The blades and stump jumper have way too much play side-to-side. The castle nut holding the blade bar is a M30x2 nut, which is apparently a 46mm nut. The nut holding the blades on are 1 11/16", according to the manual...
  28. FTG-05

    L4330 Intermittent Crank but No Start

    Just over 1000 hours; fuel is above half full. Ran fine, then shut it off to do some work, went to restart, wouldn't start, no sputter, no smoke, good cranking otherwise. Came back an hour later fiddled with the PTO switch, cranked and started right up. Did some more work, happened again, PTO...
  29. FTG-05

    Anyone in the Dirt Work bidness here? Got questions!

    I'm a retired Boeing engineer, now going on 6 years. It's starting to get stale doing the same thing pretty much every day here on my farm and need to do something different. I've been watching Andrew Camarata's dirt working videos on youtube. And one of the things I do enjoy about my farm is...
  30. FTG-05

    BBS Help!: Broken Bolt Syndrome

    This is the middle blade trunnion for my Kubota ZTR ZD326. I have a welder (Lincoln SP-175Plus MIG) and 5/16" nuts but no left hand drills or easy-outs. I don't know if anybody in Fayetteville will have them either. I may have to go into Hsv/Grainger to get them if needed. How screwed am...
  31. FTG-05

    Expediant tractor stabilizers for lifting heavy and high FEL loads?

    Expedient tractor stabilizers for lifting heavy and high FEL loads? In the next week or two, I'll be picking up, transporting and lifting into final position another one of my deer shooting houses. While this one isn't as heavy as the last one - requiring my neighbor's 100 hp tractor, I want...
  32. FTG-05

    What are these called and where do you buy them?

    We called them "tub skids" back in the early 80's up in Boeing Seattle. I have no idea what they're real name is. But I need one (or more). Approximate size is 4'x4'x3' or so. So what are they called, where can I buy one (or more) and typically how much do they cost? Thanks!!
  33. FTG-05

    My expedient Sub Soiler

    There's a couple hundred yards of my one mile gravel road that I need to make a ditch for. Since it's one side of a narrow road with no shoulders, a sub soiler that rides in the middle won't work. Plus this looks like a one-time kind of use item and I really didn't want to spend $200-$300 for...
  34. FTG-05

    Help me manage my expectations for this tree puller, please

    Please help me understand how big a tree this tree puller will pull out of the ground. Yes, I know that will depend on a great many factors, including but not limited to: tractor size and power, tree species and age, wet or dry soil, etc. etc. etc. I have a ton of that crap Tree of Heaven...
  35. FTG-05

    Request for beam calculation, please.

    Gotta beam calculation I need some smart people to do for me, please. Here are the basics: - Assume qty two 1" x 1" x .120" tubing, positioned side by side, separated by 6" - beams are 6' (72") long - Two point loads, L1 and L2 are located 1' from each end (ie. 4' apart centered on the beam) -...
  36. FTG-05

    How much does a load of fill dirt cost typically?

    I need some fill dirt for my dedicated metal target pistol range. I'll get some of it by scavenging and sacrificing the berm from my 160 yard rifle range, but I'll need more. I checked Craigslist; the one or two that I see in my area are "free - will load" or variants of - and I have no way to...
  37. FTG-05

    Why did you tell me it was going to be so easy???? (Quick Hitch)

    Finally decided to get a QH based on watching a video on YT from Ask Tractor Mike. I bought the China-made (I'm sure) $99 QH from Agri-Supply. Didn't take long to get here and didn't take long to get it installed and set the upper link arm. I then backed my tractor and hitched up my 8' grader...
  38. FTG-05

    Frozen filled tires - how can you tell?

    When I got my tractor +4 years ago, I knew the rear tires were filled but the previous owner didn't know with what. Hence, I followed the advice of my BIL, who's owned tractors all his life, removed all the old fluid, then refilled with 5 gallons RV antifreeze, the rest water (total of 55...
  39. FTG-05

    Where is everyone getting the Christmas hams?

    Where is everyone getting their Christmas hams? Locally, I like the Smithfield hams (by locally, I mean the closest Walmart, which is+20 miles away). Cooks, Kentucky something-or-other and all the rest that available at our local grocery stores, just don't taste as good. At this late date, I...
  40. FTG-05

    Huskee log splitter B&S engine crankcase full of gas!

    I've started processing firewood yesterday for this season and I was splitting some beetle-killed pine. All of a sudden, the engine just stopped mid-stroke. I noticed what looked like smoke coming from the exhaust, never seen that before. First thing I thought of was to check the oil since...
  41. FTG-05

    Best electric coffee percolator?

    I want to get my wife a coffee percolator for Christmas this year. What's the best one to get? Requirements: Electric, 12 cup (64-96 oz) minimum I'm looking at these two right now: Presto 2811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker: Electric Coffee Percolators: Kitchen & Dining...
  42. FTG-05

    Anyone R&R the electric motor on a HF concrete mixer?

    I plan to use my HF mixer in the near future but I'm not very confident on either the size or longevity of it's electric motor. Like the title says: Anyone remove and replace the electric motor on their HF concrete mixer? - Any tips or tricks? - Anyone know the frame size, HP or RPM of the...
  43. FTG-05

    Best place to buy mulching blades for ZD326?

    I need to get some mulching blades for my 60" ZD326. Where's the best place to get them? Thanks!
  44. FTG-05

    Leak in fairly new Baileys Chief 3 spool valve

    I have a fairly bad leak in my RR 3 spool Chief valve i got from Baileys last year. I *believe* it's the same valve that LD1 used for his RR as well (since I pretty much copied/stole his parts list for my RR, but I digress...). In the first pic, you can see the first two spools (driver's side...
  45. FTG-05

    Anyone know where I can buy brass 1" barbed Tee's and 90's fittings?

    I need them for my water system upgrade. I'm using 200 psi poly 1" ID. I've tried McMasters and Zoro's; McMaster goes up to 3/4", found plastic tees at Zoros. I'd rather not use plastic. Thanks,
  46. FTG-05

    Largest load I'll ever pick up with my Grapple (pics!)

    I picked up this large hickory trunk a couple days ago. Actually, I picked up two of them but the other one was slightly smaller in diameter and in length (i.e. it was the upper half of the same trunk) so no pics of it. The tractor could barely lift it off the ground. And once it did, the...
  47. FTG-05

    Daddy has a new bag!!! Tractor Work Platform

    I've been wanting a work platform for quite some time, but never pulled the trigger on making one. Then I came across a Craigslist ad for 275 gallon IBC totes for only $25; yea I jumped on that and got two of them, I might go back and get a couple more, but I digress. Took one apart yesterday...
  48. FTG-05

    How much land could this thing clear in a day?

    I have 10-15 acres of overgrown timber/woodland on my property that is pretty useless due to all the brush and especially the invasive Tree of Heaven. I'd like to have the underbrush cleared and I'm thinking of having it down with one of those brush grinder machine services, see picture below...
  49. FTG-05

    Need a new Freezer: what's good, what's bad, what's on sale?

    My wife says we need another freezer. We currently have 11 cu ft chest freezer, but it's ful and she has a hard time using it. So we want to get an upright, make it asdierfor her to use plus take up less garage floor space. Three choices: Lowe's, HD or a local appliance store. LAS will...
  50. FTG-05

    Tresspassing Slob Hunters, Part II

    Since the original thread was locked (located here: ), I thought I'd start another thread to keep everyone posted on how the deer shooting season and the next door Trespassing Slob Hunters (TSH) are doing...