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  1. Hay Dude

    Found a really solid Agco farm tractor, if anyone needs one.

    I am looking for another tractor and found an older, heavy, cab 4WD tractor with a loader. Test results are excellent. Massive 6.6L 400 cu. in Sisu diesel. I can attest for the power & toughness of this engine. Not a new showpiece, but very strong and has a great quality Quicke loader and big...
  2. Hay Dude

    FPT CNH diesel engines

    Anyone know them? Good/Bad? About all I know is “Fiat Power Train”, which does not exactly give me confidence. Looking at a New Holland T6050 with 6.7L FPT diesel turned down quite a bit Smaller treactor than I wanted, but choices are very limited. Would have to add cast wheels and weights to...
  3. Hay Dude

    Welcome to the NEW AGCO/Challenger Forum!

    Hey we now have a new forum for any of you with Challenger or Agco brand tractors. It was an idea I had and Muhammad was good enough to to make it happen.
  4. Hay Dude

    Scare on Case-IH MX-270 Magnum

    While operating my Magnum last year it was blowing oil out of the breather tube when the turbo was spooled and making max pressure, max RPM and max load (like pulling a heavy square baler up a hill at road speed). I thought I had a cracked piston or ring, but after performing some tests, we...
  5. Hay Dude

    John Deere 705 twin rollbar rake I like this rake. Gives me some pause on the wheel rake I was thinking about buying. It transports low and narrow down the road. Its being sold Wednesday at an auction site near me. I...
  6. Hay Dude

    Ideas for fastening strobe light to tractor roof

    My Challenger has a typical plastic roof shell. Previous owner installed a home-brewed light bar bracket. Looks/works fine except one thing: It makes the tractor about 10’-2” high. I am storing it in a barn with a 10’ door opening for snowplowing season. Figures…. I removed the strobe light...
  7. Hay Dude

    Gas Drill anyone?

    Picked up a lightly used Stihl BT 45 gas drill today. Haven’t used one in years. Anyone else have/use one?
  8. Hay Dude

    Anyone buy or using the Fluid Film spray gun?

    I am tempted to buy this and get after my Ram, Jeep & trailers...
  9. Hay Dude

    Bare metal epoxy primer for truck frame

    Getting ready to paint a sand blasted steel truck frame. Need advice on what bare metal epoxy primer to use. Frame was rusty and needs prep work. Any professional advice for preparation appreciated.
  10. Hay Dude

    2019-2020 Ram CP-4 pump replacement

    I am one of the “lucky” owners of a ‘19 or ‘20 Ram Cummins with the CP-4 pump. If you didn’t already know, these pumps are found in all 3 major brands of truck and across a few different models as well. As far as I know, Ram was the only manufacturer to offer free replacement of all affected...
  11. Hay Dude

    Iron Man tires

    My turn for 6 22/70/19.5“ traction tires. I have been running Kelly RSD tires forever and I like them. They run about $327 a piece, or about $2,000 for 6. With the 2 years of supply shortages of so many things, they are pretty much out of stock. I could go with the Goodyear 622 which is the...
  12. Hay Dude

    Haying changes next year ?

    Anyone upgrading, downsizing, purchasing, etc? I have one more tractor to upgrade and one to fix. Probably going to sell the Hesston square baler and look for a newer Massey or another Krone. Looking at double and wheel rakes, too. Anyone else got plans?
  13. Hay Dude

    Repairing cracked HDPE plastic tractor cab roofs?

    I have 2 tractor cab roofs made of HDPE plastics. Want to try to fix them. Found this cheap repair kit, but I dont know if it’ll work on this type of plastic? Has anyone had luck fixing this type of plastic? I dont want to use tape, I want to repair with a “weld”...
  14. Hay Dude

    Tractor Data- Invaluable important resource

    Let’s say you are buying a tractor and you are comparison shopping.You ask opinions on TBN, talk to dealers, but do you check Tractor Data and Nebraska Tractor Tests? Do you read the tests carefully? I have found Tractor Data to be the most indispensable piece of information when buying. Not...
  15. Hay Dude


    2006 IH 7400 with a DT466E Truck was originally titled in California and equipped with California Emissions You may know that in 2006 CA emissions meant trucks came with a DPF. They had the same emissions in 2006 as the other 49 states got in 2008. Years later, the truck was sold to a buyer in...
  16. Hay Dude

    Fertilizing for next year

    Each fall, we begin the long process of fertilizing fields with mushroom compost. I got underway Monday with this Customer’s field. Some nice scenery and a little Clay & Buck on the radio and I’m good to go. Here’s the Challenger making use of that 8’ high capacity bucket I just picked up...
  17. Hay Dude

    Euro/Global to Skid steer/SSQA adapter

    Want to buy an adapter to go from global to SSQA. Local dealer wants $1,000 for 4000lbs capacity. Found this one on Ebay for 1/3rd the price with 3500lbs capacity. I’m sure its inferior Chinese, but $700 less is a LOT less. maybe take a chance since I wont use much? Only need for snow plow...
  18. Hay Dude

    Deleks: Really nice snowplows

    Unfortunately there’s no dealers I can find in the USA. Wonder if they are available in Canada?
  19. Hay Dude

    The Life of a Custom Mowing contractor

    I thought after 25 years of mowing fields & haying, I’d post a few pics from today’s and recent field mowing. Once hay is done for the year, we turn to all-out property maintenance, field mowing, snow removal and property improvements. The photos below are just 2 weeks of clearing & cutting...
  20. Hay Dude

    Kubota 36HP 4 cyl oil plug falls out

    Second time this has happened on my F-3680. At the back of the 36HP 4 cylinder Kubota diesel is a small plastic plug. Looks like a dip stick hole plugged with a small cap. The cap will randomly pop out of the hole and cause a big mess. That may be the least of your worries. Unnoticed, it could...
  21. Hay Dude

    New 8’ bucket today

    And man they gettin steep! Steel is gonna cost more than silver soon! 8’ high cap bucket. Nothing fancy. Made right here in PA with American steel. 🇱🇷
  22. Hay Dude

    Is this trailer a “steal”?

    Found a legitimate trailer for sale. 2013 Stephen L Green, Inc. 26,000 GVWR 5,500 Empty weight 8’ wide deck over 19’ flat deck 6’ beaver tail clean title seller will include a new PA state inspection sticker $4,000 I think it looks pretty good and honestly a 9 year old trailer this...
  23. Hay Dude

    New (used) IH 7500 Dump Truck purchase, modification & fix up

    After a lot of looking around for a dump truck, I finally found pretty much what was wanted. Must haves were 1. 4x4 chassis 2. Heavy specs (>35K GVWR) 3. Higher than typical HP/TQ 4. 3 stage engine brakes 5. Automatic trans 6. Single thick frame-not double. I hit on the first 5, but not 6...
  24. Hay Dude


    Been aerating some of my fields last few days. Took a few photos.
  25. Hay Dude

    Cut-off statistics box on TV screen

    I have been putting up with this for years. 3 or 4 of our TV’s, no matter what I try, have the information box (team score, balls/strikes, etc) cut off. I have tried everything on the remote, even called verizon. Nothing seems to get the whole screen on some of my TVs. Its like it’s too...
  26. Hay Dude

    Sell tires before they’re worn out, or not?

    Do you sell your truck or tractor tires while they still have some remaining tread, or do you wear them out completely? I am always looking for better traction because I have challenging off road conditions. Therefore, I usually don’t like running tires with 10% tread remaining. With a truck...
  27. Hay Dude

    Anyone added electric start to Honda 5.5HP pull start?

    Just picked up a new (used) twin tank air compressor. I have to put it up in the center of the truck bed and can’t reach old school pull start without climbing up into bed. Would like to add electric start and have starter button wired over into side tool box so I can just drop side box lid...
  28. Hay Dude

    Cool old school New Holland baling machine

    These have almost disappeared
  29. Hay Dude

    Repairable? Or scrap?

    I wouldn’t think so, but not up on aluminum wheels and wheel repairing. My well meaning, helpful so had a mishap with a roadside rock-outcropping.
  30. Hay Dude

    Menzi Muck Interesting piece of excavating equipment.

    I do quite a bit of farm field ditching. Looks like it’d be near impossible to get parts. Never heard of Menzi….
  31. Hay Dude

    10’ Western Heavyweight conversion to Tractor front 3 point hitch ?

    Finally located a very nice 10’ Western Heavyweight with pump & lights. I can get it cheap. Plan to remove pump & lights and install on Massey 7495. I also have 2 sets of front hydraulics, 1 of which will be used for power angling. Plan to mount Cat-II pins on frame, but not sure how to utilize...
  32. Hay Dude

    Cummins CAPS pumps

    I have a Magnum with a CAPS pump (Cummins Accumulator Pump System). $3,500 to replace if it goes for total replacement. Anyone have knowledge? I hear not the best compared to the replacement HP pump in newer Magnums. Whats the deal on them?
  33. Hay Dude

    International HT570 diesel engine

    Looking at buying a truck in NY with an IH HT570 9.5L diesel engine. It’s an ‘07, so it’s a pre-emissions model. I have had a few trucks with DT466’s and DT530’s in them. They were stout. Don’t know the bigger ”high torque” HT-570. Heard all the horror stories on the ”Max Force” versions, so...
  34. Hay Dude

    8-9’ high volume bucket

    Looking for a 8’ extra high volume bucket. Hoping for low to mid 40’s cubic feet of capacity. Euro quick-attach. Dealers have 8’ 36 cu ft and 9’ 51 cu ft in stock. Resisting 9’ wide because of loader arm stress and width going down the road. Can’t find any of the extra tall/deep extra high...
  35. Hay Dude

    Second Cutting?

    It’s ON! Anyone else? I have a long way to go but pretty much started on the last weekend of August and have been going non-stop. My son is back to college, so it’s me and very little help. Machinery breaking, leaking, failing at alarming rates. But hey, it’s hay.
  36. Hay Dude

    Never saw one of these
  37. Hay Dude

    Large square bales: how well do they store left outside for months

    Not all that bad! These bales sat outside, uncovered for 2 months. All of June & July, which were both hot & rainy. These bales above were unloaded and opened. I have been noticing lately how well they store, even outdoors, when they are baled tightly, under a lot of pressure. It’s...
  38. Hay Dude

    First cutting done

    Made an estimated 400 tons of feed & mulch hay. We finished yesterday at 6PM and it poured while driving the tractor and baler home. Now time for a little rest. Repairs are needed to both balers and one tractor. Back at it in late August-September to do it all over again. Good luck...
  39. Hay Dude

    Any experts on automatic, central greasing systems?

    Have a central grease system on baler. Due to operator error, it was run out of grease. 😖 I refilled with grease and began cracking lines all the way up to the main splitter, which has about 40 lines coming off it going to different parts of the baler. I cracked the fitting at the bottom of...
  40. Hay Dude

    Crazy no-start episode

    Went to grab my Case-IH MX-270 and Krone baler yesterday to move to another location and you guessed it….no start. Immediately I began looking around and noticed no dash lights, no gauges, nothing. Tractor would crank, but not start. No puffs from exhaust while cranking, so no fuel either...
  41. Hay Dude

    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Can’t get my Lucas green grease anywhere. Anyone else seeing this where you live? I need for my square baler and I don’t like mixing greases.
  42. Hay Dude

    Tough days afield? Share stories & pics.

    Traveling on a local winding 2 lane road. Inside lane has sheer rock and trees, outside lane has a very close guardrail and a 10’ tumble down into a swamp. No shoulder on either side. There’s just nowhere to go. While pulling my Hesston square baler behind my Massey 7495 on the inside lane...
  43. Hay Dude

    Made some feed hay using Krone baler-short square bales.

    Its a little past it’s prime, but I was able to crank out about 30 pretty little bales today. I used the Krone Big Pack and set the monitor to make 60” x4’ x4’ bales. Turned out great. I haven’t had the chance to use this feature yet and it works amazingly well. These bales will be perfect for...
  44. Hay Dude

    New (used) AGCO Challenger Farm Tractor

    Sold one of the smaller Kubotas (M135X) a few weeks ago. Have a Challenger MT535B with a Quicke Q66 loader coming in to replace it in a week or 2. Pretty much the same as a MF7475 with a Caterpillar diesel instead of a Sisu diesel. Key reasons for the change are: CVT transmission, 35% more...
  45. Hay Dude

    Trailers coming down in price?

    My local dealer is dropping prices. Somewhat substantially on bigger trailers. Maybe the price gouging is almost over (except for fuel)? $19,900 down to $18,500.
  46. Hay Dude

    Made some big bales this weekend

    Heres a few pics from this weekend. Fabulous baling conditions. Dry, Sunny & breezy. Just getting this field started. My son in the raking tractor up ahead. Finishing up with the Hesston 4910 Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Krone Big Pack 4x4 XC got to make a few bales.
  47. Hay Dude

    Who’s cutting hay?

    Anyone got hay down & dryin? I knocked down about 50 acres in the last few days. Here we go! 2022 hay season off & running.
  48. Hay Dude

    Selling International 584-asking price input requested

    Trying to sell an Inernational Harvester 584 tractor for a client. Probably a 1981, but still trying to find out exact year 2WD 3595 hours 60HP diesel 8 speed IH 2250 loader loader bucket 3 point 20% tires 1 set hydraulic outlets Woods D80 mower with hydraulic height adjust Looking for some...
  49. Hay Dude

    TBN members near Wellesley/Woolwich, Ontario, Canada?

    I have located a farm tractor in the Wellesley, Ontario area. I do not want to mention dealer name, but can PM dealer name to you. Would like to ask about their reputation. Please reply if nearby.
  50. Hay Dude

    Tachometer issues

    Massey 7495 tractor with traditional dash cluster tach. After running for a couple hours and presenting correct tach speed (compared to digital readout), the tach goes past the correct reading (2000RPM) creeps up towards 2500RPM, then into the white zone and sits just there. Turn tractor off and...