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  1. Rebeldad1

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Im a little confused..... so a total attack on all our refineries arnt how many now are making their electric power at home. Can you make gasoline at your home?
  2. Rebeldad1

    Does Kioti warranty the tires for the first 2 years? CK3510SE

    look for whoever sells the brand of tire you have. take the tires and receipt for the tractor. they can handle it from there.
  3. Rebeldad1

    UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

    have you looked into the world of solar generators? lots of options and sizes. we use one for our tv. runs the internet dish, tv, couple lights with zero interupt.
  4. Rebeldad1

    Chickens - How Cold Is Too Cold?

    we keep ours around 145 degrees till golden brown
  5. Rebeldad1

    Pouring hydr oil from a 5-gal pail

    never thought of those. think i will order some. just ordered some of the screw in ones for gas cans, the kind you pull through with a wire and have a screw on cap. at being a really old age it seems like anything you do now when poring is a chore.
  6. Rebeldad1

    Quick easy to make jig to hold chainsaw in a bench vise.

    i just use the steel jaws on the vice. my bar looks nicer than the pics above. never a issue for years
  7. Rebeldad1

    Hydraulic Pioneer Couplers - tape/fluid or no tape/fluid?

    I would NOT use any thread locking sealer. They have thread sealers specifically for this. My favorite is blue monster. I have a friend who is the head mechanic in a fuel farm. The farm is over water and stores millions of gallons. Blue monster is the only no fail sealer he uses.
  8. Rebeldad1

    Rototiller sized for 25hp tractor

    If its a good deal buy it. Try it out... if its not for you should be a easy sell in the spring
  9. Rebeldad1

    B20 Tie Rod End Dust Covers

    automotive parts stores have them and dressup/performance dealers have multicolored poly ones. Polyurethane Suspension Parts | Energy Suspension Parts all kinds and colors
  10. Rebeldad1

    Studs vs chains for tires

    i cant imagine studs doing anything to improve traction in plowing snow chains and some weight on the 3 point... i can see a great improvement.
  11. Rebeldad1

    Binding trailer jack - half butt fix

    you also could simply drill a tiny hole in the top and spray lube the jack screw from the top.
  12. Rebeldad1

    Oil coming out of dipstick.

    loosen the drain plug. drain out about 1/2 to 1 cup and replace the plug. guessing that will tell you whats overfilling the trans/hydraulic fluid. probably water. is the tractor kept inside or outside.
  13. Rebeldad1

    Tip of the day.

    it would have to be a pretty big dry erase board for me. i use a legal pad on a clip board
  14. Rebeldad1

    Garage floor

    When I built my automotive shop I had a friend (pro painter) do the floor in a medium grey color. Same specs needed. All was met but the non slip additive. Maybe wasnt a thing then. Really didnt have any slippage problem unless it was wet. even then not a issue. Cant remember the name...
  15. Rebeldad1

    Which trailer brand has best paint finish?

    if you arnt in a hurry order your trailer. give them a gallon of the paint you would want on your trailer. or if they are too far away...request they use it
  16. Rebeldad1

    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    as a retired mechanic..... absolutely no. what a mess to work on.
  17. Rebeldad1

    Kioti CK20 leaking trans fluid....A LOT!!!

    if it leaks a gallon over night the leak should be easy to find
  18. Rebeldad1

    Ford 2600 gas model quit running

    what does a coil wire have to do with a engine not turning over? you dont need coil or plug wires, points or condenser, or lights for a engine to turn over.
  19. Rebeldad1

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    years ago.... going to the Salvation Army or local thrift store and finding really neat stuff.... not all baby clothes or plastic junk.
  20. Rebeldad1

    How to wake up diesel engine that’s been sitting about 3 yrs

    check power to the solenoid. you can pull the solenoid and cycle the key. should be moving in and out.
  21. Rebeldad1

    I was using my Agco ST28 loader and I stalled the engine. Now it only clicks when I turn the key.

    do you have power to the starter solenoid when you try to start? it that the clicking sound you hear? if so try a couple solid taps to the starter with a hammer.
  22. Rebeldad1

    John deere 455 diesel lawn tractor

    sounds like it could be a bad ground. start from the battery clean all ground connections. with a meter check from battery cable out and see where you lost power when it dies. there's your problem.
  23. Rebeldad1

    Lug Nut Torque value

    a simple call to your service department would work
  24. Rebeldad1

    power tool recommendation

    craigslist. any karcher pressure washers with a honda engine. for long life.... non ethanol gas and end of year flush pump with something like STA-BIL Pump Protector.
  25. Rebeldad1

    power tool recommendation

    I thought Honda didnt make pressure washers. seems like the closest thing to one is everyone elses brand pumps with Honda power. Whats Honda'S model number on yours?
  26. Rebeldad1

    JD2305 IAN flood

    if you tried to start it and nothing.... its not a fuel solenoid, has nothing to do with starting/cranking. look at the starter system first
  27. Rebeldad1

    Help with starter for a JD 210 lawn tractor

    $60.00 new on Amazon
  28. Rebeldad1

    excavator pricing

    not sure what you are going to do with a excavator. you might find a 4000lb unit a bit disappointing. highly suggest renting one for a weekend and do all you can with it first.
  29. Rebeldad1

    anybody know anything about the CURT 51701 BetterWeigh ? trailer scale. good?

    Seems like it should be good if its Curt. Should I try it?
  30. Rebeldad1

    4120 fuel return line location

    there are funnels that have a filter screen you can use. you might improve on your filter that is inline from your tank to the injector pump. there really shouldnt be anything past that anyway.
  31. Rebeldad1

    4120 fuel return line location

    you have two fuel lines coming from your fuel tank. the supply line goes to a fuel filter then into the injector pump. the return line would be the line going to the pump without a filter. maybe you could add a filter to your return line. you might start adding fuel conditioners to your tank...
  32. Rebeldad1

    bobcat lost all hydraulics on 331 mini excavator

    it starts but doesnt do anything after the safety lever is engaged? have you checked the switch just under the lever? can jump the wires to check.
  33. Rebeldad1

    Propane cap

    purchase a valve or goto a propane dealer and ask for a used one.
  34. Rebeldad1

    5inch minus spreadability?

    3" minus seems like the easier way to go. If not at least use 1 1/4". last layer can be 3/4"
  35. Rebeldad1

    86° to 38° in 36 hours

    I remember my brother going camping in eastern Oregon. The weather was well over 100 degrees. Next morning there was no water to his motorhome. found out the supply hose going into the motorhome was frozen
  36. Rebeldad1

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    They have to carry gas because they have to deal with those who cant plan ahead. I assume you have used the state troopers often?
  37. Rebeldad1

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    I cant remember when i carried a can of gas just incase i ran out. but from the looks of many posts not all of us plan ahead.
  38. Rebeldad1

    Mahindra Max24 HST FEL lowering speed

    Try changing engine speed. you are running high rpm go to idle speed to see if that helps or as crazy as it sounds speed rpms up to see if that helps. On some cranes for example I would keep rpms up to have more soft control of the load line If not it takes practice
  39. Rebeldad1

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    !941 Mercury coupe
  40. Rebeldad1

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    no different than a gasser driving down the freeway in the fast lane and running out of gas
  41. Rebeldad1

    Tractor Tire Repair

    safety sake replace the tire. you never know when you will need your tire at 100%
  42. Rebeldad1

    How to successfully fix a John Deere 870 stuck clutch

    if you can... but a brush hog on it and do tight figure 8's in the field make the engine strain.
  43. Rebeldad1

    Hand throttle landini 8880

    not sure about yours... there is usually a friction nut or washer at the end of the handle, underdash. tighten just enough to hold the throttle in place
  44. Rebeldad1

    Asking for advice on using a rental 3ph tiller for a first-time user

    when i am feeling rocks i till at a idle... crawl speed and lift the tiller just so its barely into the rocks. slowly lower each pass. a tiller can get pretty violent and bounce everywhere.
  45. Rebeldad1

    Advice attaching a winch to a Kioti DK6010SE

    is the tractor built to handle a 12,000 winch? where are you going to attach it to?
  46. Rebeldad1

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    70's again... $1.99 a car load drive in theater. If you parked in the back row you could watch the cows at the fence mooing at you $0.99 a 6 pack of Rhinelander beer. First one was a bit tough to get down, the rest went down just fine. Cases of most beer were 24 to a case. also around 4+ bucks...
  47. Rebeldad1

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    back in the 70's local restaurant... 99 cent 2 eggs hashbrowns and 2pc toast Denny's 24 hour 3.99 Grand Slam breakfast Skippers Tuesday night all you can eat fish, chowder. Local restaurant... Thursday night all you could eat turkey dinner Local restaurant 9.99 Prime Rib dinner Local...
  48. Rebeldad1

    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    a ev really doesnt need to be charged at work. exceptions yes but not for most of the working class
  49. Rebeldad1

    My take on driveway gates

    Gates are a fact of life around our rural area. Hunters trespassers Tweekers Thieves poachers its not 100% perfect but its a great start
  50. Rebeldad1

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    I'm thinking if the LIghting can recharge up to 80% capacity in 41 minutes they will do it on a doughnut break.