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  1. dstig1

    New problem with broom - lost hydraulics

    So I was using my broom to clear the 4" of snow we got overnight and was going along fine. I get down the drive and back up and at the top use my momentary switch to swing the angle from right to left (it was full right and I wanted to go full left) and it moved left and then stopped dead...
  2. dstig1

    Chimney sweep supply

    I have an 8" flue running something around 20' or so. Does anyone have a decent source for a sweep brush online? The local stores only seem to go up to 6". It has stayed pretty clean from hot fires (and inspection), but it is time to give it a pass or two to keep things happy. thanks, Dave
  3. dstig1

    502 Bad Gateway errors

    Running into these the past few days while clicking on the next page of a thread. No rhyme or reason to it. Try again and it might work, or may take a few tries to work. Or try another way to get to the next page and it might work. Anyone else notice and any fix coming?
  4. dstig1

    L3130 PTO clutch rebuild questions

    9 years ago i sold a friend my L3130 when i go the 5240 w/cab. I warned him that I thought the PTO clutch was slipping a bit based on what i saw when using my logging winch. He wasn't too worried about it. Fast forward to now and after several years of him using a chipper on it, the clutch...
  5. dstig1

    Lysanders chili mix recipe?

    My wife and I have been big fans of the Lysanders chili seasoning and had a good size stash of it, but they discontinued it a few years back and we are out of it. Most other seasoning mixes we have tried have been "meh" at best. I did some web searching to see if the recipe is out there but...
  6. dstig1

    Well pump cutoff switches - anti-flooding devices?

    Like the title says... Anyone have experience or know of any systems that can cutoff the well pump and shut the water in the event of a line break inside the house (or outside for that matter)? I haven't done the google search yet as I am more interested in what real people have tried and what...
  7. dstig1

    Troy-bilt red color match?

    Anyone have a decent match for the red color in a rattle can? Had to make a couple small welding repairs and would like to get it close. It is a Tuffy from probably around early 2000's so in the MTD era for sure. Thanks, Dave
  8. dstig1

    Thread view count

    The thread view counters seem to count individual posts until 1000 at which point they just say 1k, 2k, etc. Given the high traffic on this site, it might make more sense to keep individual post counts until 10k so you can see more detail. Or even always. Just a thought...
  9. dstig1

    Small toolbox shelf

    Picked up a new tool chest to store stuff for the new Bridgeport. You could mount the handle on either side, so that left 2 threaded inserts just sitting there on the opposite side, so I made a little shelf to contain the hold down kit and cutting oil, etc from some leftover 304 scraps. 14 ga...
  10. dstig1

    How much reservoir capacity do I really need?

    Posted in my build thread over in Build- it-yourself but I figured here might get more direct answers to this. Last post has the question on this topic...
  11. dstig1

    Small engine trouble

    I got a new carb for this old tiller I am fixing up (that thread is in the Rototiller subforum) and started it up to see if it was worth saving. Well it runs. But Hoooo-wheee does it smoke like crazy. Must be burning oil real bad. The spark plug was quite black but it appeared dry not oily...
  12. dstig1

    Tuffy rebuild

    We got my MIL's old Troy Bilt Tuffy after she passed a few years back and I am getting around to dealing with it now. Carb needs help, no surprise, so will probably just replace. But here is the main question. All gear oil leaked out due to a couple bad seals on the wheel and tine axles. I...
  13. dstig1

    Sweepster Rotary Broom - rebuild and modification

    I'm going to start this thread a bit ahead of time so I can actually get input along the way rather than just showing finished pics as there are some areas I am less certain of. I have started taking apart bits of it but probably won't get seriously into it until Spring/early summer when it...
  14. dstig1

    Skid steer plate

    I have bought a plate in the past off ebay but it was a while back. Apparently they have a new policy of not saving things older than a year or two. Thanks a bunch! I would prefer a US made source but all I see is people saying "US shipping" which of course means they bought a container of...
  15. dstig1

    Sprayer mount for my mower

    I had plenty of leftover stainless (304) from my railing project, so I figured why not use it to make a mount for a sprayer on the back of my mower. I picked up a 26 gal broadcast and spot sprayer for the 2,4-d and other stuff and a smaller 10 gal spot sprayer just for glyphosphate. I made...
  16. dstig1

    Counterweights for sprayer on X738

    I'm looking to make a frame for the back of my X738 for a sprayer. I have not yet pinned down the model of sprayer, but it will probably be a 16 or 26 gal unit from Northern. Filled with water that comes in at 128 or 208 lbs plus the sprayer which looks like 25ish. Then add a stainless frame...
  17. dstig1

    Youngblood Lumber, Minneapolis, MN

    Just saw yesterday in the paper that Youngblood lumber is closing down. I was really shocked and saddened by this as it is like losing a family member. This was the premier hardwood lumber yard in the entire Metro area for anything and everything, including tons of sheet goods. And they gave...
  18. dstig1

    Quiet air compressors

    Like the title says...I'm specifically looking for a portable air compressor to drive finish nailers, air up tires, maybe an occasional framing nailer for minor stuff. Right now i have the very common Porter Cable pancake compressor that I have been using for probably 20 yrs now. I hate it...
  19. dstig1

    Welding table - just for fun

    Thought I would throw this out there for giggles. Made this last summer by modifying a table I bought off a guy for $20. He was a one-man injection mold shop. Pretty rare in this day and age, but he decided to hang it up and retire finally as things were getting pretty thin and there wasn't...
  20. dstig1

    Grand L 5240 Mid PTO question - cab version

    I've seen some info on adding the Mid PTO, which my tractor currently does not have. My understanding is that it can be added by removing a cover and adding in the PTO gear without splitting the tractor (apparently you need to split it to do this on the non-cab version). So My question is...
  21. dstig1

    Jenkins attachments?

    Anyone heard of Jenkins attachments out of Minnesota? Any idea where they stand in quality and price? Great? Junk? In the middle?? Jenkins Iron & Steel Skid Steer Attachments Thanks, Dave
  22. dstig1

    Tractor hydraulics and running implements

    I think I am starting to catch on, but still a bit confused on this, and if what I am thinking of doing would work. I had a thread on mounting a rotary broom on my FEL a while back here: That...
  23. dstig1

    Grand L 5240 rotary broom?

    Anyone have any clues on the front rotary broom for the -40 series? And a rough price? I'm not having much luck finding info on it. For giggles, I priced out a broom for a new -60 series and it looked like $7k+ from the "build your own" Kubota website. That's nutz!
  24. dstig1

    Double/French door hardware?

    I have one double door in my new house build that i have been working on for the past 5 years. It is the main door to the master suite and it is about time to start building those doors. I do not want the type where one door is fixed in place with manual deadbolts or such and then only one is...
  25. dstig1

    Receivers on welding tables

    This would normally be something I would ask on welding web, but...ya know. I am modifying a table I picked up for $20 into a welding table of sorts. I'm adding a 1/4" steel top and some reinforcements, but I also wanted to weld on a few receivers so I could mount vises, etc like so many have...
  26. dstig1

    What's up at welding web?

    Seems like the site is down last night and still tonight. Hacked? Server blew up? Or???
  27. dstig1

    Small engine trouble

    I've got a Robin/Subaru engine on my splitter (Super Splitter) and it is now giving me trouble. I started it up a couple months back as it had sat a while and I wanted to make sure it was working. Started and ran great for 5 or 10 min. Flash forward a few weeks and I had a friend come over to...
  28. dstig1

    Gr "-2" series...What's new?

    Title pretty much says it all. I have searched in this subforum but have not found anything talking about it. I know there have been some problems in past versions. Did they fix them here? What is really new? Thanks! -Dave
  29. dstig1

    Craigslist problems

    I've been having a lot of trouble with CL for the past month or so. I keep a few searches running in a News reader that runs off the CL RSS feeds. I use Search Tempest in these feeds also to check some of the nearby cities that are close enough for a drive for the "right thing" (I'll explain...
  30. dstig1

    Boat trailer brake trouble

    Posting this to help a friend as I am not familiar with these systems. It is a Mastercraft boat and trailer combo. The trailer is a single axle with hydraulic disc brakes (surge type brakes) in the ~5k lb range. He went to bring it in for winterizing/storage and found the brakes were dragging...
  31. dstig1

    Difficult lot - mower suggestions?

    I need a mowing solution for our new place. It is pretty steep and built partly into a hill. The lot rise 60-100' from the street to the building pad area (unevenly, of course), and there are some very steep sections due to grading. Some parts are close to 40 deg, which is not area that I am...
  32. dstig1

    Stainless welding options

    So I am thinking ahead to next year. I am going to weld up some SS railings and mesh for a 3 decks/porches on our new house. My power supply is a Miller XMT304, run on single phase 220. It can do MIG, TIG (DC only) and stick. So far I have only done MIG with it on plain steel, though I did...
  33. dstig1

    Cold Zinc Galvanizing

    I need to make a couple of post bases, as the posts are not a standard size for typical hardware. It looks like the best method (with what I have on hand...) is to weld them up from plain old bar stock. These will get buried in concrete next year, so they need more than a rattle can of primer...
  34. dstig1

    Filter change vacuum trick

    I did my 50 hr service and realized the shop sent me the wrong hydraulic filter, so I did the engine and the HST filter (gorilla-tightened! It took a chain strap wrench and a 3' 2x4 lever to loosen it...) previously. Once I got the right hydraulic filter today, I replaced it and figured I...
  35. dstig1

    Woodchippers Canada - anyone have experience with these?

    Wood chippers, PTO Woodchippers, Woodland Mills Ontario Canada I have a friend that is interested in getting a chipper for use probably 2-3 times a year. He has a 25 PTO HP tractor, so at the low end of the range for this, but use will probably not be heavy. Another friend pointed him to this...
  36. dstig1

    New tractor mods

    I added a 3rd function to my new tractor. I did it before on my L3130, so I knew what needed to be done, but the new L5240 has a different setup for the hydraulics that made it a bit harder to do. That mostly just meant more expense in the hydraulic lines/fittings. Such is life. Here are...
  37. dstig1

    Wiring diagram L5240 HSTC needed!

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram or can scan one that includes the PTO switch circuit? I was putting in a 3rd function on my new tractor (yes, new) and it would start yesterday but will not start today and is giving me the "PTO on" error as the only reason. I have searched through everything...
  38. dstig1


    Barlow's delivered my new L5240 HSTC this AM. Of course, I immediately got to work adding my 3rd function to it and prepping to weld on grab hooks and a receiver to the bucket... Here's the obligatory pics, though it is just a regular off the shelf tractor, so I'm not sure why everyone always...
  39. dstig1

    Diverter valve - spool type question

    I am upgrading my tractor and will need to do a 3rd function again. I'm trying to source the components at lower prices now that I know what I'm looking for (mostly), which leads me to my question. The Bosch valve on my old tractor uses the "6B" spool type from the drawing below where the work...
  40. dstig1

    How to lift filled rear tires

    I had to flip around the rear tires last winter for snowplowing as we needed chains on the Ag tires, but they would not clear the fenders in the "normal" position. So a friend and I did it, and it was painful. These tires are close to 1000 lbs each with Rimguard in them, and 2 guys can't do...
  41. dstig1

    Erskine founder

    I thought this was an interesting story on the founder of Erskine Equipment who passed away this Christmas. I figured folks here might be curious given how popular their equipment is. Obituary: Roger Swanson sailed around the world -- 3 times |
  42. dstig1

    Sorting out rear wheel spacings on Grand L

    OK, I need to add chains to my Grand L3130. I am storing it at a friends house at the moment with the condition that he can use it for snow clearing this winter. Steep drive, ice has become an issue. I bought chains that were shipped directly to him. Fronts were no problem to mount (Ags - 8x...
  43. dstig1

    Headlight bulb source?

    I tried searching but didn't find anything. Is this headlight bulb some special Kubota-only thing, or should I be able to find it at an auto parts store? It doesn't say much on it as far as identification and it doesn't look like a normal bulb to me... This is for the Grand L 3130
  44. dstig1

    Exhaust manifold crack - braze or ??

    I prefer posting my welding questions here vs WeldingWeb as the atmosphere is much friendlier here... I have an older Honda civic 1998 that I found has a cracked exhaust manifold. It appears to be a very common problem. See pic. Given 193k miles on the car, I don't want to spend a ton. I...
  45. dstig1

    Reality check for sizing your trailer

    I thought I would post this up for people to find during searches when looking for info on trailer sizing. Here is what a 16' trailer looks like with an L3130 and a 72" boxblade and 48" grapple on it. Really pushing it. It fits OK, but I was barely able to get the lift arms onto the trailer...
  46. dstig1

    3rd Function Diverter pressure relief

    Some of you may recall I have had problems with pressure relief on my 3rd function diverter that I added for my Grapple. No matter what I do to relieve the pressure it is always very hard to connect and requires me to use a bar clamp to pull the fitting tight while alternating relieving the...
  47. dstig1

    Anyone heard of forks with a push-off feature?

    Like the title said. I was using forks to build a natural stone retaining wall last week and they worked quite well. What would have been nice was a feature to push the rock off the forks at times. It got my creative juices flowing. I was thinking a scissors type mechanism with a hydraulic...
  48. dstig1

    problems with android app on ice cream sandwich

    I'm seeing the TBN app crash and have issues today, after I did the major operating system upgrade yesterday. It was working fine, then just started crashing for no reason. Now working again (for now?). It said something about possible version not being current or something. That could...
  49. dstig1

    SSQA FEL snowplow build

    I decided to put the build all in one place, so it is easier for others to find if they want to reference it later on. Here's what it cost me. I did well more than was absolutely necessary, but I will keep it for a lifetime, so I prefer to do it right now. Plow Used 175 Cushion...
  50. dstig1

    MIG vertical up trouble

    In my welding class we did a ton of out of position work, but it was all stick. I got to the point where I would call most of my vert up "acceptable" with stick. We did literally about 5 min of MIG in the last class, just for giggles. We didn't try anything out of position there as it seemed...