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  1. jjeff

    Chain lockers

    Hi wondering if anyone tried anything like this for bringing spare sharpened chains in the woods when cutting? Or devised a good way of bringing spare sharpened chains with them?
  2. jjeff

    Need simpler ideas to make this is old trailer dump again.

    Bought this old all homemade gravity actuated farm use dumping trailer at an auction a few yrs back for $50 finally getting around to using it and making it somewhat safe for my family to use when they help me, it will be pulled by either a Kubota l2850 or l4150. In my inventory is unused...
  3. jjeff

    Quick easy to make jig to hold chainsaw in a bench vise.

    annoyed with leaving indentations of a vice in my saws bars when servicing, bench testing saws, sharpening chains and annoyed with trying to balance saw/ old scraps of wood and tighten the vise I threw together a "jig"that drops in to vice. Used scraps of wood 1x, a scrap of 1/4" plywood and 5...
  4. jjeff

    In keeping with veterans day weekend.

    Lost since 1952 on a Alaskan. Glacier. 50+ service member's lost and forgotten until recently. Reminded of it this morning on Sunday morning. Operation Colony Glacier: Bringing servicemembers home
  5. jjeff

    Tmg industrial

    Did a search on TBN found nothing. TMG Industrial Wondering if anyone has experience with TMG industrial attachments or anything in general from there company? They have a pretty big line of stuff always see there stuff in local auctions usually new. Thoughts or experience, and impressions are...
  6. jjeff

    Homemade Xmas toys

    So with the holidays fast approaching I'm posting stuff I built for my stepson for previous Christmases 5+ yrs ago it's farm related. Hopefully it will give folks some ideas, with adequate time to build stuff, as I wish I could have found some better ideas when I built this stuff. Everything...
  7. jjeff

    Taking the Chinese out of made in China atv snowblower.

    Hi have a mossimo brand Chinese made 60" atv,sxs snowblower. Threw it on in a hurry last year to clear my hilly property in the UP. Overall it works pretty good throws snow 30' it's kind of slow going and a little underpowered in snow over a foot deep. biggest complaint is the mounting plate...
  8. jjeff

    Sold. Thank you.

    Sold. Hi I have two equipment trailers Id like to sell one of them. First one is a 17k, 18ft deck over w 5.5 dovetail 23ft with fold flat ramps made by Michigan trailer sales, bought new in 2021. Or the second is a 16ft deck 2' dovetail 16k trailer recently completely rebuilt with 4 new...
  9. jjeff

    SSQA plate to three point adapter?

    Wondering if anyone's ever built, or bought an adapter to hook a QA SS implement to hook on back of a tractors three point. Like a three point SS built land plane? Most use of a land plane on a SS is back dragging any way, in my experience. Only thing I've ever found was a QA attachment to...
  10. jjeff

    D-ring, hook bucket location?

    Planning on welding 1 d-ring and two hooks on my minis 18" bucket, are my pictures good locations, is my setup an overkill? Might not mount d-ring just one or two hooks unsure yet. Will be using 7018 rod, prepped surface accordingly.
  11. jjeff

    Mice and a Terrible bad day.

    Took my near vintage Ski Doo out checked it over saw a few signs of mice cleaned it up unknowingly the mice got in the insulation between the exhaust pipe and heat shield where I theorize it made a nice flammable nest I just filled up the tank so it's got 10+ gallons of gas. My lesson and...
  12. jjeff

    Leather seats, touch screens.

    Why? Just curious what folks think of these.
  13. jjeff

    US manufactured skid steer/ tractor attachments

    All attachments sold.
  14. jjeff

    Load divider dolly,

    Thought this was a neat idea if I had a 1/2 ton I might be interested. How to Make Your Half-Ton Truck Work Like a Super Duty CLDD | Home of the first Weight Distribution Trailer for your pickup truck.
  15. jjeff

    Anyone own one of these?
  16. jjeff

    Nice innovation from ford.

    Thought this was a great Idea for those that haul bigger things. Taillight scales...
  17. jjeff

    Three point bh.

    Hi getting ready to sell my 3 point backhoe, took it off four years ago, and forgot where this linkage goes or how it's attached or if it's needed pretty sure it was involved with the top link, was on a l2850? Bushhog manual says nothing about it.
  18. jjeff

    Which one to buy?

    Hi I like to overanalyze larger purchases and appreciate opinions. In the market for a 3 ton mini for my small xmas tree operation and property maintenance, I will be selling my wood max chipper has 30 hrs on it and 3point great bend 651 bh I completed most large clearing projects so may sell my...
  19. jjeff

    Wood max 8m infeed problem

    Hi I have a wood max chipper it's been giving me some minor problems with the infeed roller. Basically bark and small branches wrap around the infeed shaft pushing the bearings out of place. I clean them daily which is a pia. but today the debris was so tightly wound it pushed the bearing off...
  20. jjeff

    Mini Excavator flail or brush cutter?

    Hi again feel like I'm beating a dead horse, anyways wondering if anyone built or attempted to build a smaller brush cutter or flail mower for a smaller mini excavator? Did it work? if so how did it perform on a smaller excavator? If not why didn't it work? The excavator would have to be under...
  21. jjeff

    Mini excavator flail or brush cutter.

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or is using a flail or brush mower on a mini excavator under 6k lbs with less than 10 gpm hydro flow rate? It wouldn't be used for extensive deforestation or brush removal. Mostly weed control and maintenance around ponds, planted xmas trees, and ditch banks...
  22. jjeff

    Nortrac mini excavator

    Hi kind of considering looking at a NorTrac XN16 Mini Excavator — 15.2 HP, For occasional use to compliment my L2850 with loader for various tasks on my small xmas tree farming operation. From previous experiences i know the yanmar engines are pretty durable, eaton makes decent hydraulics...
  23. jjeff

    New Drill Press

    Hi Im looking for ideas and suggestions for a new drill press to replace my current porter cable floor model (its only three years old but is currently struggling and the belt tensioner broke again). It will mostly be used for drilling steel I use it extensively daily when I'm doing a project...
  24. jjeff

    Is this a scam? B&C TRACTOR/ LOADER

    Hi, I almost got sucked into this, could only find limited info on the web about this company so I'm assuming it is one of the most elaborate scams I've ever seen. I was interested in the 2008 l4240 with loader and cab for under 12k with 1700 hrs delivered. They apparently have there own...
  25. jjeff

    Kubota l2850 gear pitch

    Hi, I was replacing the front seals on my l2850 and I replaced the small lower bevel gear also. Unfortunately when I put everything back together and tighten the bolts the hub assembly doesent spin it binds up.. Looking at the parts manual I have there's two different part numbers both 12 tooth...
  26. jjeff

    Hydraulic snowmobile

    Hi I am new, I guess im trying to reinvent the wheel. I recently came across a rolling snowmobile chassis with most drive components removed. My plan is to re power it with a four stroke gasoline engine connected to a hydraulic pump which is connected to a hydraulic motor connected to the...
  27. jjeff


    I am new and in the process of developing a hydraulically driven utility snowmobile from a spare rolling chassis in my garage. I do have pretty decent mechanical and fabrication skills but limited knowledge in hydraulics. I will probably have numerous questions and from my browsing it appears...