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  1. Cougsfan

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    My wife's 2018 Hyundai Kona only has an electronic door unlock feature while my 2018 Chevy Volt has a manual unlock lever on each door. The Hyundai is continually locking itself up when she doesn't want it to. Make her mad. I hate the auto locking features on car doors these days. You'd...
  2. Cougsfan

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    A friend of mine related a different auto door locking story: On an icy and snowy day some lady in a VW Bug (the new ones) turned the corner in front of his house and slipped, jumped the curb and got stuck. She got out of her car to look at the situation and shut her door. Unfortunately she...
  3. Cougsfan

    Is it normal for the well pressure tank to lose its air pocket?

    My first rural residence had a system similar to yours. I hated it. It would probably be worth the expense and time to replace your tank with a bladder tank. When a non-bladder tank starts getting waterlogged, as it eventually will, your pump will cycle much more frequently which is not a...
  4. Cougsfan

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    We recently replaced our microwave, toaster and dishwasher. They were all just a few years old, and all had issues. In fact it seems like most appliances we have bought in the last 15 years or so have an unusually high number of issues. We don't buy the cheapest appliances, we read and pay...
  5. Cougsfan

    Cold starting a to 35 w/ Standard diesel

    Another follow up. The second block heater also failed. I suspect it is because the heating element actually touches against the engine casting when installed, but not sure why that would cause the problem. Going to try something different. Maybe one of those heaters that goes in lower...
  6. Cougsfan

    RPM & performance issue 2022 2515R(H)

    540e refers to an "overdrive" speed for your pto. Somewhere on your tractor you have a lever or switch that will engage it. What it does is gives you 540 RPM on the PTO shaft at an engine speed of around 17 or1800 rpm instead of 2500 rpm, I never take mine out of 540e. Your dealer should...
  7. Cougsfan

    Comparison What is the best brand of tractor?

    Can we put this thread back under a rock?
  8. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    The Yanmar/TYM joint venture proceedings are certainly nothing new in the tractor industry. In fact it would be hard to find a tractor company that doesn't do outsourcing from what some might view as a competitor for everything from individual components to entire tractors.
  9. Cougsfan


    For several years I mowed a neighbor's 11 acre lot for weed control twice a year. There was one particular coyote I got to know rather well. I am sure it was always the same coyote because of a peculiar triangular shaped hair discoloration on her left hip. The first year she would shyly...
  10. Cougsfan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    For all you target shooters out there; if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and you happen to miss the bullseye to the right, be sure to blame it on the Coriolis effect. If you miss to the left, just say you over compensated for the Coriolis effect.
  11. Cougsfan


    I wonder if it is really coyotes killing the calves? We had a cow/calf operation in the Columbia Basin for years. The area was thick with coyotes. You could hear them howling every night. We couldn't keep a house cat around because of the coyotes, but we never lost a calf to any predator...
  12. Cougsfan

    Please educate me about ultra low sulfur diesel

    My 1957 TO35 has been using ULSD steadily since it came out with no additives or issues. And this tractor gets a lot of hours put on it. I think if an older tractor has problems, some people look for something to blame when the problem is really that it is just wearing out like all things do.
  13. Cougsfan

    How much is that going to cost?

    I spent most of my work career estimating the cost of construction projects, getting them approved then having to do them for what was estimated. Sticker shock for the customer was a given. Identifying and defining the scope of the job in great detail was the single most difficult and important...
  14. Cougsfan

    To fix a mud hole!

    I think your plan of using large stuff below and progressively larger stuff as you go up until, as Oosik and Overszd said, until you are above ground level is the best and easiest route. Any improvement to drainage will help.
  15. Cougsfan

    Have You Replaced Your Water Pump?

    No problem with my 4720's water pump in over 1000 hrs
  16. Cougsfan

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    My other "cold" experience: I spent the winter of 1967 at Glasgow AFB in Northeastern Montana. We had a stretch where it got to an honest -40 F (no wind chill factors back then). We used box vans (bread trucks) as a work station to work on our aircraft that were parked outside on the flight...
  17. Cougsfan

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    One of a couple of my "cold" experiences: I went cross country skiing on the side of Crater Lake once when I was in College. It was fairly rough terrain and it was very cold and windy. I was probably a mile or more away from my car I caught the tip of my ski under a tree root and broke it...
  18. Cougsfan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Nevis Minnesota is the proud home of the world's largest Tiger Muskie
  19. Cougsfan

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Today I am digging a hole with my post hole digger and burying a 6" post to mount my new mailbox. My old mailbox was flattened to a useless condition by a State Hwy Dept's snowplow throwing slush against it as they go by plowing at 40 mph. It has been deformed several times over the last few...
  20. Cougsfan

    The rebuild of my MF 25 disc harrow

    I think you are going to like that disc too. One thing that i think would help it a lot is to figure out how to add some serious weight to it. With weight it will dig into the ground a lot better and do the job with a lot fewer passes.
  21. Cougsfan

    Thermostart problems. ARRGH!

    This is an informative thread. I have never heard of a thermostart before, now I have. If you are like me, here is an article that explains them; Inside a Yanmar thermostart (glow plug) unit.
  22. Cougsfan

    Do any tractor or automotive builders make their own oil, fluid and air filters?

    Why do you think that? Is it going to add to the value or quality of a tractor brand that does? Even if I saw a gallon of oil that said "Genuine Kubota Oil" on it, I wouldn't believe for a second that Kubota made it. They would obviously outsource it as it is would take considerable...
  23. Cougsfan

    Do any tractor or automotive builders make their own oil, fluid and air filters?

    I can't imagine any vehicle maker venturing off to make their own oil, fluids and air filters. They would be venturing into areas where they have no expertise. It would likely add expense and reduce quality. What would be the advantage of that? I am trying to understand why you are you even...
  24. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    I drove by my local New Holland dealer yesterday and for the first time in months, they had any tractors on their lot (2 ea.) Not sure of he sells them quicker than he can get them or just can't get them. The JD dealer lot is all but empty too, just a few small 20-30hp units. My Branson/TYM...
  25. Cougsfan

    Oil filter

    I just checked, Yours uses the same filter as mine. I have been using a Wix 51626
  26. Cougsfan

    Oil filter

    What Branson filter does that model use?
  27. Cougsfan

    Watering Cattle from a Pond

    My friend has a solar powered water pump similar to this that she uses for a waterfall in her fish pond...
  28. Cougsfan

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    Wow, I just looked one up! If you really loved your wife, you'd just spring the $3,799 for a Jura Z10 along with the $399 milk warmer. Even if you have to sell your tractor to afford it.
  29. Cougsfan

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    Maybe just buy here a Mr. Coffee at Walmart and tell her you love her. In all honesty I have never heard of a Jura coffee maker. I will have to google it.
  30. Cougsfan

    Electric Polaris Ranger

    I can understand you being pleased with your Polaris EV, XFaxman. They are great rigs. I have had a Hisun EV for 4 years now. It is a 2017 model and I bought it used. It is pretty much along the same lines as yours. I absolutely love it. I charge it once a week or so if it needs it or...
  31. Cougsfan

    Filter wrenches.

    Actually, if they would just put filters in places where they are easy to access all these weird tools wouldn't be necessary. Some of them are not only difficult to access, but drip oil in places while changing where you can't clean it up. I am sure in vehicle design that the filter location...
  32. Cougsfan

    Filter wrenches.

    I put one of those with a 6 point nut on my Triumph motorcycle which has a recessed filter. When I tried to change it the nut rounded off and I had to resort to the pounding a screw driver through it method.
  33. Cougsfan

    Filter wrenches.

    I too own a extremely large variety of filter wrenches. I think one of the reasons they make so many different kinds is because there is always a filter installation where the ones you have (no matter how many that is) won't work.
  34. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    I just had a log chat with my old Branson dealer who is now a TYM dealer. He said he reality of the change is really not as big of deal as some people make it out to be. The old Bransons are now badged TYM but they are the same tractor. The merge gives him access to a wider range of tractors...
  35. Cougsfan

    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    I think this is a case of well intended people not considering all of the ramifications of their societal "improvements". I am sure the facts will bore out that gas stoves reduce indoor air quality. I also tend to suspect the are evaluating the worst possible situations and present them as...
  36. Cougsfan

    Power Plant Damage by burning car

    I think if you check it out, most of the large, custom built, non-consumable transformers and other high voltage electrical distribution equipment is not built in China.
  37. Cougsfan

    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    I think people are getting worked up over speculation. This issue needs research at this point, not regulations. I have noticed that Yahoo news aims towards writing articles in a manner aimed at getting people riled up and promotes polarization of opinions. I no longer follow it.
  38. Cougsfan

    What motor oil for '47 Deere model A? Non-detergent?

    Non-detergent oils tend to carry contaminants in solution and remove the contaminants from the engine with an oil change. That's both good and bad. Its good because is reduces sludge build-up in engines (if you change your oil frequently), but bad in that it reduces the lubricating quality...
  39. Cougsfan

    JD right to repair

    I'm sorry, I don't buy that argument at all. I don't mean to sound like I am defending the EPA, but John Deere's motives are behind their right to repair position has far more to do with trying to monopolize the repair of their machines. Emissions are a small fraction of the things they...
  40. Cougsfan

    Right to repair

    This is a minor victory in a bigger war, not only with tractor companies, but everything from cell phones to appliances. Large companies will continue to do whatever they can get away with to monopolize the maintenance and care of their equipment. Sometimes their motive is to discourage or...
  41. Cougsfan

    DIY Fire Starter’s

    I have been putting a tablespoon or two of diesel on a used paper hand towel that I have saved to start the wood stove in my shop. Works great.
  42. Cougsfan

    Bread maker or machine?

    More notes. When I make the two 3/4 size loaves, I wrap them tightly with cling wrap and then put each one in a second plastic storage bag (I asked the local grocer if I could 'steal' a few of his produce bags. He said, "go for it any time you want."), We freeze one and eat one fresh. The...
  43. Cougsfan

    Bread maker or machine?

    Here is what I know, for what its worth: My daughter had a Panasonic bread maker that she stopped using after several years of owning it, so she gave it to me. It works great. However I hate the shape of loaves made in bread maker, so I use it in the "Dough" mode only. After the dough is...
  44. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Now that's bad news! Two companies that both have lousy web pages should be prevented from merging!!!
  45. Cougsfan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all Land Surveyors before taking office as the President of the United States?
  46. Cougsfan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    From the Op's viewpoint, it is unfortunate when the discussion veers far off from the original intent of the thread to a repetitive, no win back and forth debate, friendly or not. At that point we have hijacked a thread and converted it to something totally different. It is an easy trap to...
  47. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    What's in a name anyhow? Heck they could change the name of the Branson Tractor tomorrow to what ever they wish and it would still be the same device. I am sure that TYM will keep trying to sell whatever tractors will sell the best for as long as it remains profitable. That may be the...
  48. Cougsfan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I agree. It is a good thread being steered off track. No one is going to change anyone's mind based on this firearms discussion and nothing positive will come of carrying on. I apologize for contributing to the miss-direction.
  49. Cougsfan

    tire chain questions

    I agree it will make the machine have to push harder, and you should normally use all the angle you can. But more angle does create more side stress. Without seeing the exact situation it is hard to say if that was good advice or not. But it wouldn't hurt to try, particularly if the snow...
  50. Cougsfan

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Here is TYM's perspective on the merger, which suggests that there isn't much to going on for Branson owners to get nervous about.