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  1. caver

    Is it normal for the well pressure tank to lose its air pocket?

    My previous house the tank had an air charger on it. They fail and then the tank gets waterlogged. Looked like this.
  2. caver


    I dropped them a long time ago. They still send me letters like "don't let your coverage expire" like I'm still with them. :ROFLMAO:Insurance companies are offering roadside assistance when I had it with Shelter and now USAA.
  3. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    I like the mini rant at 6:20 🤣
  4. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    At the power plant the heavy equipment mechanics had a battery box they often hauled around in a Mule. I want to say it had 2-4 batteries in and heavy jumpers. It was for jump starting any equipment. It's something he should rig up with all the vehicles he's constantly jumping. In the evening...
  5. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    Watched a video his old gal-pal posted and in the comments someone asked if they were still an item. She responded...It became unhealthy and I had to remove myself
  6. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    Who are we gonna get to ride on the roller? Let Slim do it he's the dumbest one of the bunch.
  7. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    After that cold blast around Christmas he managed to get my footings poured just over a week ago with some mild weather. Two days later they got the walls formed up enough so I can still fill floor with rock. I did a good chunk of that yesterday with the tractor and hope to go back to finish...
  8. caver

    The day the music died.

    Beck was a monster on guitar. I'm glad I got to see him a few years ago opening for ZZ Top. Should have been the other way around.
  9. caver

    Gas Drill anyone?

    I picked up a NOS Ryobi gas drill/hammerdrill.
  10. caver

    55 gallon plastic barrel cleaning for fuel

    I thought about a plastic barrel as the previous owner had left a couple on my place years ago but ended up getting a local metal barrel that had oil in it. One of those local guys that gets barrels from local industries and sells then on MP. I bought a new GPI EZ-8 pump plus installed a filter...
  11. caver

    Question about selling a tractor

    The problem with the pens is they go bad without warning. It happened to me personally at a convenience store when I gave her a $100. It showed conterfeit. I said huh? I just got that from a bank (which really means nothing) so she did another 100 I had and it also showed counterfiet. I said...
  12. caver

    New Toolcat Purchase

    Lumnah Acres just bought a used Toolcat
  13. caver

    Pull behind brush cutter

    I had a Swisher 44 rough cut bought used. I sold it a couple years later. It tended to knock the brush over and would bog down. I also had a Yamaha 700 Grizzly and it was hard to keep towing at a steady pace with a thumb throttle. You can't make tight turns with them. One thing it excelled at...
  14. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    I tend to skim a big chunk of his videos but that part where his buddy is trying to help him get his rock truck up that slick patch...he was lucky. Starts at around 1 hour mark.
  15. caver

    PICS OF BARNS; Any barns; All barns; My barn; Your barn; Not your barn

    Not my barn but was out exploring on the dual sport near Draper, South Dakota this summer.
  16. caver

    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    Bomb cyclone is what happens after I eat at Taco Bell.
  17. caver

    Left my inch lb torque wrench on setting for two months. Is it ruined now?

    At work we had a PM that involved checking torque on about 200 battery connections maybe more. I always said what's the point if we never send our torque wrenches out for calibration? I got blank stares until not long before I retired they actaully started to take maintenance seriously and...
  18. caver

    Worst Christmas gifts

    Not Christmas but birthday...around 1999?? I was dating a woman who got me a door mat and a cordless telephone with an answering machine. She didn't like my current answering machine and the door mat made me scratch my head. 🤷‍♂️ There was something else that was also without any thought. She...
  19. caver

    Another backhoe question

    I had a new Kioti LB1914 and got it with a Rhino backhoe. Fun but often it wasn't up to the task. The little hoe was strong for its size but would throw the tractor around. I traded that off a few years later for a used Dk40 and not long after found a '92 580K with less than 3k hours on it. My...
  20. caver

    Post puller….

    That's what I was doing. I had one of those Brush Brubber units that work well on small stuff and as you said not having to wade into the tick farm to attach the grubber. The on and off tractor was getting real old.
  21. caver

    Post puller….

    I bought a new MTL attachments puller back about 2 years ago. You have to be easy as it will just cut small saplings in half.
  22. caver

    Just discovered a bat

    The bat discussion seems to come up at least once a year in here. Batcon is a good source for info Bat Conservation International / Ending Bat Extinctions Worldwide or even your state conservation department can likely help. I stopped caving (cave exploring) back in the early 2000's. You did the...
  23. caver

    Battery Hard Wire

    These might be an option? The van dwellers use them. 2/5/8KW 12V Diesel Air Heater All in one Heating For RV Truck Boat Bus Camper US | eBay
  24. caver

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    WCD, I recall seeing you using what looked like Great Stuff Pro? I was at the store and the adhesive (yellow can) is ok in cold temps but noticed the window (blue) and (red) cans said application temp above 50-60?
  25. caver

    Andrew Camarata

    He has bad luck with the rock trucks. He is a bit rough with his equipment. I find it funny when Cody was always annoying Levi and now the tables are turned with Blue?
  26. caver

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    A little string trimmer action and those lines be good as new. 🤪
  27. caver

    New ATV's (this case Yamaha Kodiak)

    I also had a Grizzly 700. Very smooth riding and loads of power. I sold it to get a side by side but ATV's are easy to throw in the back of a truck.
  28. caver

    What's going on with YouTube

    I use Ad Block Plus on Firefox and Brave browsers.
  29. caver

    Anyone have vacation rental experience/advice?

    Youtubers Keep Your Daydream have done this. They bought a rental in Flagstaff and now are working on another in Florida. Often they are on the road creating RV travel videos for their channel but do stay for periods in the Flagstaff home.
  30. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    They sent me a picture of two of my bents out of four total. Outside leg to outside leg is 21'-9" for a sense of scale.
  31. caver

    How about that Mississippi River!?

    I know of one power plant that is offline due to low water levels. Cooling intakes sucking air is a problem.
  32. caver

    Used backhoes

    I would say jiggle the hoe and if the bucket flops around like a cow bell it has loose joints possibly from lack of greasing. Look for seized pins. On the older Case 580's (say before 1988) I noticed more than one had welding around the loader pivots. I recall one was a 580C and not sure if this...
  33. caver

    E85 Fuel

    Well that's why I made the comment about not many places carry it or I might switch to E85 in the mountains. I tend to get out into really remote areas. Now last year I was in AZ and it seemed everywhere I stopped had 87 octane.
  34. caver

    E85 Fuel

    Seems hardly anyone carries it. One downside to my Flex Fuel F250 is it states in the owners manual to not run below 87 octane. This becomes a problem in western states at higher altitudes that have their lowest grade 85. Often the next step is mid-grade 88 which is way higher in cost. From the...
  35. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I may have not mentioned I worked for my dad in my early to late teens pouring basements. We called it tar and rock but it was a non fibrous tar like coating that dad eventually found an industiral sprayer that would put it on. I did learn about Form-A-Drain a few years ago watching a video...
  36. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    The brown is not to hide anything but just show dirt level on the walkout. There's a deck above.
  37. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    It's a walkout basement on a 15* slope or more so I'm only concerned about the back but will take precautions. I'll put tar on the buried bits and there will be drain tile to open air. The cheaper route is frame in with ripped lumber for a 10" thickness. I was leaning PT if I go that route but...
  38. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    My concrete foundation guy said poured in basement door frames are really pricey like$1000+ pricey. I checked the area Nu Way supply house and they actually have 10" frames in stock for about $500+ door makes the total I think around $1100-1200....yikes. 😳 While out of town for a funeral the...
  39. caver

    Jobs Market isChanging

    Late to the party. I was saying this a year or two ago somewhere and it was poo-pooed by another commenter. It might have been in YT comments to a video. I think I had also said with zoom meetings you might as well outsource some of those executive jobs too.
  40. caver

    power tool recommendation

    I've tried Seafoam, Sta-Bil (has short shelf life) I was having a little better performance with Seafoam but could have been my imagination. My property neighbor has a small engine repair biz. His thoughts are the Honda's are more fuel efficient, smaller orifices so they go south easier. Those...
  41. caver

    power tool recommendation

    I have a Simpson pressure washer with a Honda GC motor on it. After a year the motor now drips oil. I doubt it had more than a couple hours on it when I noticed the puddle. I've had the same problems as Username. They sit for not very long and the carb has to be taken apart. My sawmill has a 2...
  42. caver

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Two stores I checked and Advantech OSB 3/4" T&G is about 55$ a sheet.
  43. caver

    Harbor freight wood chipper shredder for $30 🙄🙄🙄

    I've owned two chipper shredders and one was a self propelled yard vac. They work great new but both units the blade dulls quickly. The first one was an MTD with drop down metal scoop I got at Kmart. I sold that when the neighbor lady wanted to sell me her fancier Troy Bilt lawn vac chipper. It...
  44. caver

    What happened to the "Delete" button?

    Unfortunately still nothing. Oh well I can live without it. Edit. A few days later after I changed the settings suggested I see the red eye.
  45. caver

    What happened to the "Delete" button?

    Firefox and Brave I don't see the red eyeball. I feel cheated.. :( Might be some software I use blocks it??
  46. caver

    What happened to the "Delete" button?

    ????? Don't see it or it's a joke I didn't get. 🤔
  47. caver

    Concrete placement bucket

    or one of these BMX-250 Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Attachment that Camarata kid has/had one he tried out on his YT channel. Probably pricey.
  48. caver

    What happened to the "Delete" button?

    I miss the little mark off to the side that shows you had participated in a thread.
  49. caver

    Cheating At Fishing?

    ...and Second Hand Lions is free on youtube movies at the moment.