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  1. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    Why don't you go bust somebody else's balls. Oh wait. That's about all you do on here.
  2. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    That is what will happen here. Plus the influx of new people. We had a well balanced community with plenty of jobs and not too much congestion. My only saving grace is I am retired and I can just go the opposite way to Georgia for my shopping. The younger working class will get stuck in the...
  3. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    The point is a business named Tractor Supply SHOULD have more supplies for tractors than they do. I don't particularly fault an employee for not knowing what an item is that the store doesn't even list. I am perfectly aware that other stores list and stock plow bolts. None that are convenient...
  4. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    My source is my personal experience. I have Prime and I haven't seen ANYTHING show as shipped in less than 3 days and haven't received anything in less than 5. Sometimes longer. These are items listed as sold AND shipped by Amazon. I am 5 hours from Atlanta Ga. and less than 3 from Jacksonville FL.
  5. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    No but it sounds like a good move. They recently made another big decision that people lined up to object to and it went the way of big business. You can't get rid of them and when you do another just like them takes their place. I blame the voters in my county. They don't pay attention to...
  6. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    A nearby fulfillment center won't change the fact that Amazon intentionally waits 3 to 4 days to ship anything now. They baited everyone with two day shipping then changed the terms to two days AFTER they process your order. Everything is a week or more out now.
  7. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    We'll see how you all feel about it when you can't get in to town from the increase in traffic. It's all well and good till it stops construction on YOUR building or chokes the main passage to YOUR local business.
  8. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    Our county commissioners approved the building of an Amazon fulfillment center against all the protests from their constituents. We already have more jobs than workers and they taut the need for more jobs in their decision. Meanwhile we're in the midst of a building boom but the Amazon center...
  9. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    They don't come up in a search on their web site and the folks working there say they have NEVER heard of a plow bolt. :confused: Wish I had a Agri Supply nearby. Nearest is an hour away.
  10. TractorGuy

    Westendorf TA25 cylinder rebuild

    Might want to call Westendorf. Customer Support | Westendorf Online Parts Store
  11. TractorGuy

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    Wish I saw those speeds. I have seen up to 15 but usually hover around 5.
  12. TractorGuy

    New Car

    You're a real CATCH! Hope she appreciates what she has. Looks like you have your own stonehenge started too.
  13. TractorGuy


    Nice bunch of deer. We don't see that many at a time. I feed mine in a trough sos not to have corn sour on the ground. Got rid of our hogs a few years back and don't see any need in inviting them back.
  14. TractorGuy

    Traction 4310 John Deere E hydro won't come out of 4 wheel drive

    If the light turns off then the solenoid is stuck. If the light remains on its the switch.
  15. TractorGuy

    Traction 4310 John Deere E hydro won't come out of 4 wheel drive

    Does the light go off when you turn the switch off?
  16. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    Raising the pin location on the implement might be easier and won't have any effect on the hitch. I didn't think of that approach before I went this way.
  17. TractorGuy

    Finally got power after tornado.

    Thank goodness you survived! Looking at the images it's devastation is as bad or worse as any storm ever seen. I don't imagine the areas that were hit directly will see power for a while. Thoughts go out to the injured and rescue teams.
  18. TractorGuy

    Fly through my woods...

    Your woods is slam full of bees. Had one sting me in the nostril the other day. Hurt like the dickens.
  19. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I went out with a homemade single point plow and ripped some roots. Didn't see any signs of weakness. The finish mower arms are hinged and float up and down 8 to 10 inches. The interference problem is because the mount is right on top of the deck so it's too low. I could almost get away with...
  20. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I wouldn't have thought it would weaken it much if any. The metal I used to fill the center was a little heavier gauge than the metal in the hitch. I guess time will tell.
  21. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    The real issue is the finish mower pins are too low. I could have, and may still raise those. I will see how well this works next year.
  22. TractorGuy

    Any landscape or utility trailers better than this one for the $?

    IMO you need at least a 18' and 20' would be better. Put a mower on the back and keep the loader on and you will have to remove the tailgate and be hanging off a good bit.
  23. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but when I pull my finish mower the driveshaft will sometimes contact the cross member on my quick hitch. The arms on the mower float and if I try to set the 3 point to the center of the float with it level it will hit on a dip. If I set it to the...
  24. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Haven't seen em or had any damage since 2016. Rumor has it we have some coyotes hanging round but i haven't caught one on camera or seen one. Neighbor has so maybe that is keeping the hogs run off.
  25. TractorGuy

    Pumping sewer into a septic tank. Bad idea?

    I don't see where it should be a problem. The solids should drop out in the tank and the liquid should overflow no matter how it gets there. Are you sure a single system will pass for new construction? When I had my house built back in 93 I had to have a separate system for the washing...
  26. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    My brief encounter with Ferel Hogs was short and fortunate. We didn't have them in the hundreds like some folks do. I had a buddy that made a trap from unistrut and hog panels he could break down and move so he brought it out for me to bait and monitor. I got 5 the first week and a few later on...
  27. TractorGuy

    Best bang/buck landscape rake?

    So you ordered a EA rake? I have the cheap red rake from Agri Supply. Have had to rebuild it and modify it to use on QH. I can't recommend it but in it's defense I have abused the heck out of it.
  28. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Yeah that trap ain't big enough. Get some unistrut and 20ft hog panels.
  29. TractorGuy

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Good move not buying a diesel right now.
  30. TractorGuy

    Username change?

    I'm talking about quotes done before the name change. Quoted posts AFTER the name change will display the new name.
  31. TractorGuy

    Username change?

    Your old posts will change to the new name except where someone quoted you. Quotes will retain the old name.
  32. TractorGuy

    Borescopes... thoughts?

    Not found one that was any use to me. Always end up with a clear view of nothing. The last I tried was a Klein Tools ET16. Couldn't get their app to load on my phone and it wasn't available on the play store. The only good part was I could just take it back to Home Depot. I have a cheap android...
  33. TractorGuy

    Can you braze a hydraulic line?
  34. TractorGuy

    Concrete fake log siding

    Total bait and switch. Siding doesn't look like logs and leading chick pic isn't even IN the video.
  35. TractorGuy

    China's rover spots cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on the moon

    Secret moon base uses abducted humans as slave labor
  36. TractorGuy

    China's rover spots cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on the moon
  37. TractorGuy

    Can you braze a hydraulic line?

    I have a steel line I mig welded on my backhoe several years ago that is holding up fine. BUT I was able to remove and clean it. I also had easy access to weld all the way around. I don't see a problem with brazing a line IF you could get at it and get it clean to start with. Not having room to...
  38. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Already a member. Got a user name I might hit up for Deere info?
  39. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Do we have any members that have access to the dealer network that would be willing to do a VIN search? I wouldn't want to know any personal information. Just tractor info like warranty repairs, location origin, current status like was it deemed ineligible for warranty due to flood or other...
  40. TractorGuy

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Don't know if one of these would help but I bought one and it shines for a LONG distance. Ad says 300 meters for the green.
  41. TractorGuy

    What causes this pine tree problem?

    Probably beetles.
  42. TractorGuy

    Flushing Hot Water Tank

    Last time I tried to drain mine it was clogged and blowing back in the hose didn't free it. That was probably 10 years ago and I haven't thought about it since. I have replaced the lower element once and the sediment wasn't up to the top but at that time it would drain. I suspect my lower...
  43. TractorGuy

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Might should have paid the surveyor to place some line stakes in between the corners. I don't have that much land and it was divided into several acre lots long ago. I have located and driven T Posts at every marker and keep the brush cut on both sides of the line where there aren't fences. I...
  44. TractorGuy

    No engine oil or filter available from the dealer I bought a new Boomer 55 from

    FWIW I have done business online with New Holland Rochester and Alma Tractor and was pleased with both.
  45. TractorGuy

    water in hydro oil

    Fought with water contamination in my NH backhoe for years. Finally built a barn to park it in. When I first got it I could pump the contaminated oil out and let it sit and the water would settle to the bottom. Later the water would emulsify like the stuff in your bottle. I always used...
  46. TractorGuy

    Ordered a Seecamp last night.

    Bought a LCPII in .380 last year for $229 at Bass Pro. Ammo was scarce but I ordered and got a few boxes of Hornady Critical Defense before I bought the weapon. Also picked up a box of winchester at BP and later got some Herters Target at a country fertilizer store. Seems okay but it already...
  47. TractorGuy

    It's About Time Deere

    How about non petroleum Jet Fuel?
  48. TractorGuy

    Google frustration

    Google places me several hundred miles away while Google maps works off my actual location.
  49. TractorGuy

    Google frustration

    I use Google Maps for searching more than just Google. It seems more targeted and gives the same call or direction options.
  50. TractorGuy

    Back ordered equipment or parts?

    I tried to order a replacement garage door earlier this year. Went through Home Depot. They charged me the full amount then ordered the site inspection. The inspector said frame needed upgrade. They charged me for the full amount for that. Several days later they informed me the door arrival to...