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  1. SensibleNick

    Desperately trying to find casing for Foton 254

    Hi all. My Foton/europard FT254 snapped in April - and my dealer has proven to be as much use as a chocolate teapot. only for nine months though... they may get better? They say they are told by the manufacturer (lovol) that the 4wd gearbox casing isn't made any more ... and received a 2WD...
  2. SensibleNick

    Hydraulic Suppliers in Europe?

    Hi all. I'm looking for an EU version of the UK's Flowfitonline, or the USA's Surpluscenter. Does anyone have a good supplier they use? Thanks for any tips :)
  3. SensibleNick

    Seriously Considering a Branson - Calling owners of F-series and 25-Series with Rollbars - I need a single measurement!

    Hi Everyone. My Faithful FT254 snapped in half the other day after 12 years of service. It happened at standstill while lifting a relatively light load on the 3pt. I don't want to imagine the result of it happening while travelling. I'm sourcing the parts to fix it at the moment, but I won't...
  4. SensibleNick

    Oil & Fuel Engine's speed-range suddenly changed... Foton 254 with KM385BT engine

    Hi all. I have a Foton/Europard 254 that has just done something a bit odd. While driving with the engine at about 2500rpm, the revs suddenly dropped to around 1800(?) and wouldn't go any faster. I Limped home, expecting a slipped control cable. I hadn't been pressing hard on the acellerator...
  5. SensibleNick

    Is there such thing as a Tractor-videos DVD?

    My two year-old has a completely understandable and natural fetish for tractors, and as a treat sometimes he gets to watch videos on youtube of farm shows and equipment demonstrations... but our internet is unreliable at best, and a DVD of farm shows would be fantastic... Does anyone know of...
  6. SensibleNick

    Advice for building my own Cylinders?

    Hi there. I've got a project that Needs something like 10 cylinders. I'm happy to have them all in the same dimension (1 .3/4" or 2" ID) but I need different lengths. The cost of buying that many is a problem, And I'm wondering if anyone has ever built their own? I'm in the process of...
  7. SensibleNick

    A little fun on the Weekend. - I made a small video :)

    The Tractor is a Foton (sometimes called a "Europard") FT254, (25 horsies, 4WD)and the Snowblower is a Chinese hunk of re-modelled washing machine. After putting some rubber tips on the impeller I've closed the blade clearance nicely, and it's shifting the snow really well :) Enjoy...
  8. SensibleNick

    Quick Question: 3 blades or 4 for an impeller?

    Hi fellas. Long time no see :) I have a cheap (and terribly made) Snowblower for my 25Hp Foton tractor. The impeller and impeller housing appear to have been made by a blind guy using a piece of elastic as a measuring tool - a 1" pebble can sit in the impeller housing and not get hit... in some...
  9. SensibleNick

    Simple Yard rake. (is that the right name for it?)

    Earlier on in the autumn I had a thought on the way to work and stopped off at the farm supply shop and picked up a load of cheap springy finger things. (19 in total). (if anyone wants to fill me in on what they're called in English, I'd be interested to hear it) I'd been saving a few bits of...
  10. SensibleNick

    Yet *another* Snowblower chute conversion.

    At this time last year I was axles deep in snow. Now it's just rain. Just had time to bolt on the bits I made to convert my snowblower's chute to electro-mechanical rotation and erm... whatever the name is for the other motion :) Parts are cut from 5mm stainless steel plate, the rollers are...
  11. SensibleNick

    Options for DIY Skid-Steer hydraulics - advice/knowledge needed!

    Hi all. A little Background first? I'm one of those people who gets an idea in his head, and has to play with it. Lack of budget and time don't mean I can't work out how to do it... right?` So... At some point in the future, (next year?) I want to make a smallish tracked vehicle using a pair...
  12. SensibleNick

    Advice on Back-Blade to FEL mount for snow removal?

    Hi there. This year I'm stuck with FEL Bucket and Back-Blade for snow removal, but for next year I want to have the Backblade mounted on the FEL with a tilt funtion to allow me to shove the snow off to one side. I just want to confirm one thing.. Most snowplows have a "trip" to protect the...
  13. SensibleNick

    Smoothing out a meadow - how to do it?

    Hi there. I'm actually asking this on behalf of a friend here in Sweden, so I'm not completely in possession of all the details. He has a field, about 2.5 acres, and would like it to be a Smooth meadow. Currently it's a little rough for the mower he has The question is, What's the easiest...
  14. SensibleNick

    Another Subsoiler

    We only just got the tractor, and we're in a-rush to get our veg-patches sorted. Having borrowed a 2-share plough from a friend and discovered that a) it was HUGE and b) it needed serious repairing, I've decided to make do with a subsoiler instead. From what I've read, fewer people are...
  15. SensibleNick

    Flail Mower Gearbox: Anyone heard of Vapormatic?

    I'm on my way to building a flail mower, and the one area that I'm lacking a good parts source is the 90 degree gearbox. I've considered using a differential from a RWD car, but that's ugly and large. The thought was to weld the Diff up, and use the 4:1 ratio to my advantage. Yesterday I found...
  16. SensibleNick

    Idiocy: Surviving by chance.

    Well, this may have been posted.. but If you abuse machinery like this, it'll bite you. In Darwin's Waiting room
  17. SensibleNick

    Cutting logs: Buzz Vs Chainsaw etc.

    Hi all. Before too long I'll be getting interested in cutting up the logs I have at home before splitting them. Admittedly, just using the chainsaw will save time, but I love making toys. My understanding so far is that buzz-saws (big circular saws) are the thing of nightmares for many people...
  18. SensibleNick

    re-plumbing the FEL to free up a remote.

    Hi there :) My Foton came with 2 rear remotes, and I opted to have a FEL fitted before delivery. I was a little surprised to find that the way it was installed took up a remote. :( The pressure-side of the hydraulics feeds directly to (through) the steering assembly, and then to the remotes...
  19. SensibleNick

    dual purpose oil + Hydraulic oil?

    Hi there. Newbie question... I have a Foton 254, There has been some confusion over whether my hydraulic system is completely independent of the transmission, and I have now found out that it is. The hydraulic system is currently *mostly filled with a dual purpose Transmission/Hydraulic oil...
  20. SensibleNick

    The Foton has Landed: FT254 in Sweden

    Hi All. Not so long ago I joined up to get some advice on tractors for "maybe the summer?"... things move fast, and a few days ago our Foton FT254 arrived from the Dealer in Sweden. (Kellfri) No teething problems to report yet aside from front axle assembly quality (See link) and the hydraulic...
  21. SensibleNick

    "Why things need to be level"

    An interesting situation with a large tipping trailer and a few degrees of camber on the road. Similar cause/effect of rollovers with heavy/swinging loads high up on FELs. I'm glad the spectators were uphill. Driver Tips Over Dump Truck
  22. SensibleNick

    Buying Advice Buying a Foton 25hp in the next month: Advice appreciated.

    Hi there. For those who don't hang around in the "New member introductions" area (I don't blame you... it's not that exciting) I'm new here and joined up to learn as much as I could before asking daft questions. I was thinking that I'd be aiming to get a tractor at the end of summer...
  23. SensibleNick

    Hello from Sweden

    Hi Everyone. I'm sat here following Instructions: "introduce yourself" says the man... So I shall. :) I'm a fella at the stage of life where a house seems to have appeared, and I've settled down happily. Amusingly I'm also in Sweden - Never expected that when I was younger, but now I reckon...