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  1. jyoutz

    For Deere owners

    You should be interested in this:
  2. jyoutz

    Bought a new trailer

    Found a good deal on a new 7x20’ trailer with a steel deck, dual 5.2K axles for a weighted load of 10.4K. $5900 including a spare tire, rear jacks, and slide out ramps. It will work for my needs.
  3. jyoutz

    Magnetic block heater

    Has anyone used a magnetic block heater? How well did it work/last. I’m looking at something like this:
  4. jyoutz

    Native grass renovation

    This area of my land has never been cut before and was weedy with small brush. Early this summer I rotary cut the area, then we had a very good summer rainy season. The result is a beautiful stand of native grass with few weeds or brush. I plan to cut this every year.
  5. jyoutz

    Bumper crop this year

    We didn’t get a late freeze this year so there was abundant fruit set. Apples and pears.
  6. jyoutz

    First garden harvest

    Like every year our first garden harvest is asparagus. I planted the root crowns 15 years ago and every year yields a great crop for about a month. The purple variety is far better than the green: it’s sweeter, fatter, and never gets tough and woody no matter how thick the stalks. But I’ve never...
  7. jyoutz

    TBN membership categories

    I am just curious about the various membership categories and what criteria is used. I’ve been a member for 20+ years but never saw anything about how these work. I just saw my own membership progress through different categories.
  8. jyoutz

    Bison rear blade

    I’m looking for a rear blade for my MX6000. None of the Kubota dealers within reasonable distances have any Landpride heavy duty 7’ rear blades in stock. I’m wanting a blade with manual offset and tilt capability. One local Mahindra dealer is selling Bison blades. They have a heavy duty model...
  9. jyoutz

    Fuel filter funnel

    I have been looking at various fuel filter funnels on Amazon. Does anyone have experience with “Mr Funnel?” Or another type/brand to recommend?
  10. jyoutz

    Sometimes you get lucky

    I was on a waiting list for a Kubota MX HST tractor with about 5 different dealers; all told me not to expect anything for a least 9 months. Yesterday I was called by a dealer in an adjacent state; they have a MX6000 that someone ordered and declined to buy. I’m the lucky one who will take...
  11. jyoutz

    disc harrow or rototiller

    I'm planning to upgrade to a much larger tractor (L4701) than I currently have. I plan to sell my current 54" rototiller because it would be too narrow for the L4701. I have a large garden that I plow in the fall with a moldboard, and I've been preparing for spring planting by rototilling. My...
  12. jyoutz

    Tractor Sizing L series comparison

    After 15 years with my John Deere 4100 compact tractor, I've decided to upgrade. It's too small for my needs. I use the heck out of it roto- tilling, doing loader work, mowing with my rotary cutter, and maintaining my 2000+ feet of private road (grading and snow removal). I have 20 acres and I...
  13. jyoutz

    International brand moldboard plow

    I'm looking for a moldboard plow. I've been looking at a one bottom plow made by International (Ohio). Their implements are red in color. These implements seem cheaper than most. Anybody have any experience with them? Quality? Good or bad?
  14. jyoutz

    Rotary Cutter rotary cutter -Big Bee Brand

    I'm in the market for a rotary cutter for my JD4100 tractor. I have 19 acres of wild rangeland that I will mow just once or twice a year to keep the brush and spring weeds down (some areas may not get mowed every year). I will mainly be mowing grass/ weeds but also some light brush. I know...
  15. jyoutz

    Moving to ABQ, NM. Recommended rural living areas

    Well I'm moving to Albuquerque soon, and have been looking for a home for my family. I will work downtown (wife probably will too). We're looking for rural horse property within a decent commuting distance. The area must have good schools for my kids, some rural-small town services, and of...
  16. jyoutz

    Rodeo-Chediski Wildfire

    Well, I'm back to working normal days and hours after 1 1/2 months of dealing with the Rodeo-Chediski Fire Complex. What an adventure-even for a forester who has been there done that: my family was evacuated for 2 weeks (my boys met President Bush at the evacuation shelter), I spent 2 1/2 weeks...
  17. jyoutz

    mounting toothbar

    Today, I received the toothbar which I ordered for my FEL bucket. Yes, I have my 3/4" bi-metal holesaw ready. But I'd like to get some opinions on mounting bolt hole location. The side tabs on my toothbar have a forward bolt hole towards the bucket edge and one that is to the rear of that and is...
  18. jyoutz

    Canopy trailering tractor with canopy

    I have a rigid fiberglass canopy on the ROPS of my JD4100. I haven't trailered the tractor since installing the canopy. How do you folks with canopys trailer your tractor? Do you drive into the trailer facing forward or to the rear. I'm wondering about any potential wind catching under the...
  19. jyoutz

    Massey compact tractors?

    I'm not looking to buy another tractor. I'm happy with my JD4100. But today, I happened to see a new Massey Ferguson compact for sale and stopped to look. I was quite impressed with the engineering and obvious quality of construction. I test drove it and it operated quietly and smoothly...
  20. jyoutz

    low volume, no-spill fueling method

    I thought that I would post this because, I'm sure that lots of people would like to figure out a better way to fuel their compact. My 4100 doesn't use much fuel, only has a 6 gal. tank. I usually only go through about 5 gals. a month unless I have a special project. I haven't wanted to buy in...
  21. jyoutz

    making a 3 point carryall/fork, need help

    I'm going to fire up my welder this weekend and build a 3 point hitch mount carryall. I'd like to design it to also serve as a light duty forklift to lift pallets and such occasionally. I measured a King Kutter brand carryall and the forks are made out of angle iron and set 26" apart. I am...
  22. jyoutz

    no-spill cup holder

    Well this post will is not quite in the same league as the Chalkley cup, but I thought I would relay an handy little thing I bought today. I was looking at the fishing/boat equipment at K-Mart today and I noticed a cup holder designed for boats. It's just a wire basket on a swivel that permits...
  23. jyoutz

    new 410 loader

    Well the dealer delivered my tractor today with my new 410 loader. Really impressive new toy, er tool. One question for you 4100 owners. How do you use float? My salesman told me to move the joystick fully forward and that's what the book says also. But this just seems to continue to lower the...
  24. jyoutz

    weighting a boxblade

    I have a Landpride 54" boxblade, which seems to be well-built and fairly tough. I'm getting my new loader installed this week on my 4100. This got me to thinking about a counterweight. The Landpride blade weighs oh around 350-400 pounds. This is somewhat less than a fully loaded ballest box. I...
  25. jyoutz

    buying a loader

    Well this week my dealer will pick up my JD4100 tractor and install my new 410 loader. Just can't wait. This opens up many more new uses for my tractor. Thought about saving $600 by getting a Great Bend instead of JD, but I found out that the Great Bend loader subframe is incompatable with a...
  26. jyoutz

    Great Bend or JD loader?

    I've been considering the purchase of a Great Bend 220 loader for my JD4100. The specs seem to be the same as the JD 410 loader, but the price is $500 less. I will be using the original JD SCV valve and joystick that was factory installed. My dealer tells me that even though he's a Deere dealer...
  27. jyoutz

    used implements

    Just wanted to post to say that I have been fairly successful at getting good deals on used implements at a local rental dealer. Seems like they replace items after a few years and they are still plenty useable. Today a bought a 48" Landpride boxscaper for $300 and the new price is $560. Nothing...
  28. jyoutz

    servicing belly mower

    I would like to know what techniques people use to service their belly mower (clean, sharpen blades, ect...) I have my belly deck off the tractor and I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to lift the unit to remove blades. I can jack it up, but its pretty tough to really get it high enough to...
  29. jyoutz


    For general info. I know that lots of folks have followed news about our severe drought in the southwest -with Los Alamos and other large fires. Well the drought is over in the southwest for this season. Raining everyday now. 2.5" of rain at my house last 2 days. And our rainy season has just...