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  1. brutus54

    Friday, the 13th

    Wife and I were cruising down a back county rode on a motorcycle on the way to a state park. While in a tight right handed curve zipping downhill I saw a turkey on the opposite shoulder of the road. We were leaning hard and a farm truck coming from the other direction hit the turkey as it flew...
  2. brutus54

    Stuck gear

    This happened to my Ford 1720 a couple of times. Was able to rock the tractor with the front end loader enough to take the pressure off the transmission and pop it into gear. I'm careful now when shifting gears and it hasn't happened since. 1450hrs are on the hour meter.
  3. brutus54

    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    We are starting the heating season off with a new Lopi Evergreen wood stove. We had 14 facecord of Red, White Oak and Ash delivered in Sept. for $1050. It is currently 17 degrees and we have used 1 1/2 facecord this season so far. We are in W. NY at 1700ft elevation in a 20 X 24ft log cabin...
  4. brutus54

    What did you do for your tractor today?

    Put on the tire chains to be ready for the snow season. 70 degrees on Nov 6th is so very unusual but also so very welcome. Don't do well trying to work with numb fingers.
  5. brutus54

    Anyone else do random acts of kindness?

    Wife and I were out and about doing shopping and errands and went to the grocery store. Only one check out line had a live cashier. As we waited for our turn an older gentleman stopped behind us and exclaimed just one checkout person, I can't figure out those self checkout registers. He had a...
  6. brutus54

    Recommended wood stove brands

    The problem I see with a pellet stove is if you lose electricity you'll have no heat. If you are in a rural area that could be a problem.
  7. brutus54

    Recommended wood stove brands

    Caver We live in a 20X24 ft log cabin. There is a loft as well as a full basement where our bedroom is. The stove is in the basement which is on the other half of the wall of the bedroom. There is a 2X3 ft regerster in the 1st floor and the cabin stays in the lower 70's throughout...
  8. brutus54

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    In the summer of 2002 wife and I were coming back from a BMW motorcycle rally held in Canada. Bike broke down and was on a trailer being towed. We get to the US border and the tow truck driver said I have to stop at the office to get a work permit to cross the border. As he stepped out of the...
  9. brutus54

    The high cost of cutting grass

    Stopped to get 2 5gal cans of diesel filled today. The lady said hurry up we are going to raise the price on the pumps. $63.00 later I have diesel for the tractor and zero turn both are filled now but that's not going to go far. Only cutting half of the yard now and will not be bush hogging our...
  10. brutus54

    2022 New Holland PowerStar 75

    Wow!! That's a beauty. It looks like it's ready to get to work and get mud on the tires.
  11. brutus54

    Zero turn mower advice

    I bought a Ferris IS2600Z diesel zero turn and mow about 2-3 acres. Very fuel efficient and cut my mowing time better than half. Be sure which ever brand you get it has suspension or you're going to be slowed down if your property is not smooth. This is 5th season and it was the best decision I...
  12. brutus54

    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    Son and family were building snow bunnies Easter morning and were playing frisbee in tee shirts by the afternoon on the dry grass. Ah spring time in western NY State.
  13. brutus54

    Just Wishing...

    They always say, and I agree "Freedom isn't free".
  14. brutus54

    Blocking off radiator?

    I have a Ford 1720 diesel and in the winter the temperature gauge barely moved. A farmer friend said to block the radiator and now the temperature gauge will mocve to the same place as in the summer during regular use.
  15. brutus54

    Bolt On Forks

    I've had bolt on forks for the bucket of my Ford 1720 tractor. The previous owner welded them up to fit the inside contour of the bucket and they bolt through the top of it. They're very solid and there's no deformities to the bucket and I've lifted many heavy objects.
  16. brutus54

    Ferris ISX-2200 zero turn mower

    In the fall of 2017 I bought a Ferris IS2600Z diesel zero turn. It has cut my mowing time to less than half. It just sips fuel and is a real beast. Everything is heavy duty from deck and blade thickness as well as the sheetmetal panels. We don't have a level spot anywhere in our yard and this...
  17. brutus54

    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    Back in 2015 my neighbor behind our property told us that they were moving. He offered us a piece of property and 1989 Ford 1720 tractor. He said you can't buy the property without buying the tractor, or you can't buy the tractor without buying the property. I wanted both and paid less for both...
  18. brutus54

    Anyone cut firewood for health/exercise?

    We get 16 - 18 facecord and when we stack it in the woodshed the largest pieces are stacked on the bottom of the rows. They are to big for our woodstove so I split them with a maul and wedges. It's usually well into winter and only takes a couple of hits to split into thirds. I find it very a...
  19. brutus54


    Plus 1 on the Aluma trailer. We got a 10' for my wife's Kubota RTV500. we have used it for more duties than I thought we would. Tows like a dream.
  20. brutus54


    Deer season has ended, was to cold to go outside and play so I cleaned some guns and stuff we used recently. Waxed mine and my wife's xbow string and cables. She shot her first deer with a crossbow from our woods with it. Cleaned both .243 rifles hers and mine. She also shot a big deer with...
  21. brutus54

    Cub Cadet LTX 1050 issue

    Craig. Had the same issue with my Cub Cadet. It's the transmission and looking online found they recalled up to a certain serial number. Mine was about 100 numbers past that and was told they wouldn't do anything. Dealership said $1100.00 to replace a transmission on a 4yr old machine. Junked it...
  22. brutus54

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    I've named my Ford 1720 "OLE' HAROLD". Our neighbor was moving and sold us a piece of property. He said I'll sell you the piece of property but you'll have to buy the tractor and you can't buy the tracctor unless you buy the property. Turned out the price of the tractor and property was cheaper...
  23. brutus54

    Rotary Chimney Cleaning Tools?

    Wesmann, our log cabin has a very steep roof pitch and that is how we get it cleaned. They take off the clean out plug at the bottom of the pipe and just add sections to reach the top. Then they take the pipe off the stove and go through the wall to the chimney pipe, and the pipe from stove with...
  24. brutus54

    Tiny Houses

    Just over 9yrs in a 20 X 24ft log cabin. The wife and I came from 30yrs in a BIG 9 room farmhouse to our dream of a log cabin. Luckily there's 23 acres of woods, a pond, 5 X 5ft hunting house (hers) and a breathtaking view from 1700ft elevation. We would never go back to anything bigger than this.
  25. brutus54

    Turf tires vs r4’s

    Rick Sr, My 1989 Ford 1720 came with turf tires and a front end loader. Recently replaced the front tires and was told there was 2 grades one for front end loaders and one for tractors without. I have moved tons of dirt and gravel without any problems at all. Tractor doesn't tear up our trails...
  26. brutus54


    Broke out the .22 handguns and wife and I met up with another couple to use up some .22 ammo. S&W mod 18, High Standard Military Trophy, Colt Service Model Ace, Ruger Single 6 and a Jennings J22. Colt put all 10 rounds in the bullseye always been a great shooting gun. The real surprise was the...
  27. brutus54

    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    Rob80, I bought a Ferris IS2600Z diesel zero turn 2yrs ago.It's very fuel efficient and the suspension floats over our rough yard. I cut roughly 2.5 to 3 acres and I'm not beat up when I'm finished. It has a Yanmar diesel engine. I believe that it was around $16000.
  28. brutus54

    How many Attachments?

    Ford 1720, 4wd,front end loader. Ford bush hog EA extreme HD york rake EA back blade SS 6ft lawnroller approx 1100 lb Soon to build 3pt carry all
  29. brutus54

    What to use as a tow chain?

    Rob 80, My wife and I have used a scissor style Brush Grubber to make trails through our 23 acre of woods for her Kubota rtv500. I also use their 6ft chain w/ a ring that goes over a trailer hitch ball. They do have a multi wrap chain that goes around a Bush but I was mostly pulling out 3 to 5...
  30. brutus54


    Hello from Upstate NY. The wife and I are waiting to close on a log cabin w/ 22 acres of which 3/4's of it are wooded. Stopped in to gain some knowledge of what tractor we need. Some gentle hills and wet area of woods with small stream running through it. There will be plenty of snow to move and...