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  1. Gem99ultra

    Mulching Kit or No

    It's been a number of years since I had a mower that did NOT mulch the grass. I recently bought a new ZTR but it does not much, i.e. side discharge. I'm considering adding the mulching kit. Anyone done this already, and if so are there drawbacks?
  2. Gem99ultra

    Dock Rebuild Specs

    We currently have a small fishing dock in one of our ponds that has become rickety and needs to be rebuilt. One of the many unknowns to me is how deep should the supporting beams be set below the ground surface. At normal water levels the beams at the deepest point will be approximately 8' above...
  3. Gem99ultra

    ZT Tire Recommendation

    Tires that came on my new Kubota ZT mower are something less than wonderful. I almost got stuck yesterday in my yard. Grass was dry but the soil was still damp. Original equipment Turf tire just wanted to spin, tearing up the grass. I hate to even think about mowing the dam bank - that will be...
  4. Gem99ultra

    Cell Phone Service Being Dropped

    If you have a Phone 5 or older or a Samsung Galaxy S4 or older, you won't be able to make or receive regular calls once 3G is phased out. Verizon and AT&T, and others, are discontinuing all service to 3G phones by Feb. '22. That includes 911 calls, etc., i.e. ALL 3G service.
  5. Gem99ultra

    Husqvarna kicked my azz this week!

    First thing to go was my trusty old Husqvarna 128L string trimmer. I was helping a neighbor clear out weeds and brush from an 8’ ditch. On my 9th gas fill-up Old Husq. wouldn’t restart. I figured I had flooded it, so I took it back to my workshop to blow it out and put in a new plug. No help. I...
  6. Gem99ultra

    Refurbished Tools

    Recently while shopping for some tools I stumbled across a number of 'Refurbished' tools on eBay. Non-electric, by the way. Prices are tempting, usually almost half price. What is your opinion on going the Refurb route? Any reservations?
  7. Gem99ultra

    Disc Harrow Repair

    I have an old disc harrow with a frozen up pilot bearing. This old harrow was built in the mid-1950's by The Independent Mfg. Co., Inc. in Neodesha, KS. They were in operation from 1954 until about 1957. I've only owned it for about 30 years, but have never used it. It did spend the first 20+...
  8. Gem99ultra

    Blue Rug Junipers?

    I have some very steep dam banks that I'd like to cover with some ground cover. Right now I'm mowing as much as possible, but about a quarter-acre I'm having to clear with a string trimmer. No small task for an old man. The obvious answer seems to be to plant some ground cover there. Blue Rug...
  9. Gem99ultra

    Bear or 'Coon Picture?

    While taking a stroll today around our lake we stumbled upon this pile of scat. We know we have black bear as well as racoons in this area, but would like an opinion on which left this pile of scat. We, of course, are hoping it's 'coon, but we well could have either one hanging out here.
  10. Gem99ultra

    String Trimmer Tricks?

    I suppose I've been using a string trimmer for something over 25 years. That said, I still have not learned how to keep tall grass and/or vines from wrapping around the head. Anyone with a tip on this or any other 'pro' tip, please share your knowledge.
  11. Gem99ultra

    Mower Tune-up

    Gotta get that mower out PDQ and get 'er tuned up. Water standing in the yard is almost below the wheels! Actually, I do my semi-annual mower maintenance at the end of the mowing season. Then come March, just checking the oil, new gas, and go to work chopping up the mountains of leaves and...
  12. Gem99ultra

    B2650 Glow Plugs?

    (Prospective buyer) Does the B2650 have glow plugs? And if so, how are they activated for pre-startup warmup? Thanks.
  13. Gem99ultra

    Woodland Mills Wood Chipper Trailer Hitch Mods

    I recently bought a trailer hitch for my Woodland Mills wood chipper, as well as their chainsaw holder. Both are custom made to fit their wood chipper, and both fit perfectly. Quality is top notch! What didn't quite fit my needs was a single ball mount for the trailer hitch. Although theirs is...
  14. Gem99ultra

    Bucket Breakout Force

    It's embarrassing to be so ignorant regarding terms that are apparently everyday conversation among so many knowledgeable tractor owners/operators. But, I'd rather be embarrassed than to remain ignorant. So, here's my two questions: a) What does the term "bucket breakout force" means please...
  15. Gem99ultra

    Mantis Tiller

    Any one have one of those little 'tillers'? I bought one a few years ago to churn up a little flower bed. While yes, it did do the job, it'll work you pretty good, but do-able. Today I have a little garden about 20' x 40' that has been neglected for at least the 10 years that I've lived here...
  16. Gem99ultra

    Best Pole Saw?

    I'm needing a pole saw to trim low hanging limbs. I have about 6 acres of overgrown pine trees, and hundreds of Mountain Laurel that surrounds every tree, that needs to be cleaned up. Haven't set a price range yet, but I suspect "good" ones are pretty expensive. On the other hand, I want one...
  17. Gem99ultra

    Karavan Trailers?

    Anyone have any experience with Karavan trailers? I need a small trailer for my SxS and mower, i.e. lightweight utility trailer, 6' x 10'. Karavan reads good, but I'd prefer some first-hand experience or knowledge before doling out my hard-earned money. Thanks for any input. PS My "real"...
  18. Gem99ultra

    Self Leveling Mod for Compact?

    I see that Branson has come out with a Self Leveling kit for their compact and utility tractors. That's a feature that I've always wanted/needed for my L3400. Anyone heard of Kubota coming out with a kit, either hydraulic or mechanical, for their smaller tractors?
  19. Gem99ultra

    Best HLVP paint spray gun?

    Finding the "best" HLVP paint sprayer seems like finding the "best" TV, or whatever. My search has produced what seems like a thousand different brands, models, and prices. Every one rated "best" just seems to happen to be the one each seller carries. There are no unbiased recommendations...
  20. Gem99ultra

    Amazon or eBay? Doesn't matter...

    EBay or Amazon? Doesn稚 matter. Let me explain Friday I noticed spouse was running low on Tide 3:1 pods. So, I figured I壇 surprise her and order some ahead of time, saving her having to haul them in from the grocery store. So, being diligent, I compared prices on Sam痴 Club, WalMart, Amazon...
  21. Gem99ultra

    Life span of Blueberry bushes?

    Our crop of blueberry bushes seems to have gotten to old to produce. For the last couple of years the crop has gotten smaller and smaller. At the end of last year they all looked like they were ready for the burn pile. The crop was approximately 15 years old. Is that about normal for blueberry...
  22. Gem99ultra

    Rechargeable Battery Voltage

    I recently bought a pile of rechargeable batteries, D, AA & AAA hoping to shut down the constant and expensive battery replacement in so many items such as trail cameras, flashlights, remotes, etc. However when they came in I discovered that they were all 1.2V rather than the normal 1.5 regular...
  23. Gem99ultra

    B2410 won't start

    After using for some light work, just left the B2410 idling a few minutes. Then she let out a puff of black smoke, died, and won't restart. I tried bleeding the fuel lines, new diesel, pumping fuel up through the lines, no oil in water and no water in oil. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  24. Gem99ultra

    My Little T435 Chainsaw

    Bigger is always better, right? Nope - not always. I picked up a Husqvarna T435 12" pruning saw for spouse last year. As usual, her ambition was bigger than her ability. After getting it home, juicing it up, cranking it, then handing it to her to play with, she immediately spurned it. "Too...
  25. Gem99ultra

    Husqvarna quitting consumer grade mowers

    Husqvarna is getting out of the consumer grade mower business beginning next year. Article in Today's Mower magazine discloses some of Husqvarna's plans. Here's a short piece of the article: 'We will focus our remaining consumer forest and garden operations in North America to areas where we...
  26. Gem99ultra

    Wood Chipper recommendations

    I'm in need of a new wood chipper... Used won't do - the last (only) one I've bought before had a Tecumseh motor, and literally blew a hole in the side of the engine within 20 minutes. Of course, the Craigslist seller was no longer to be found. I have approximately 10 acres with thousands of...
  27. Gem99ultra

    Rider 155 finally died - for now

    Got started yesterday mowing the lawn, using the Rider 155 for the areas right close to the house, and the GTH26V52LS for the heavier stuff in the outer areas. The Rider 155, spouse driving it, had only been mowing for about 20 minutes - then choked down to a dead stop. Drive belt shredded...
  28. Gem99ultra

    Pintle hitch to receiver hitch adapter

    We have several small trailers, including little carts, that all have ball hitch style trailer hitches. Our Husqvarna GTH26VLS garden tractor has only the flat plate with a hole in it for connecting to the little carts. But, it would be much more versatile if it would accept any/all of our...
  29. Gem99ultra

    Vertical Lift FEL?

    Am I totally in the dark as to who is making/selling vertical lift front end lifts for tractors? Is there one out there? That feature seems to be extremely useful - one of the best new features for skid steers, etc. in my opinion.
  30. Gem99ultra

    Nailed this Big Boy! (Snapper)

    Bass fish population seemed to be going down in one of our ponds this past year or two. Yesterday I spotted this Big Boy, and sent him to Turtle Heaven. yeah, we're animal rights supporters, but this guy used all of his up. By the way, none of the so-called turtle traps that I've bought and...
  31. Gem99ultra

    Cleaning vinyl siding

    Most, including my buildings in this area, use vinyl siding for their building exteriors. My workshop is 27' to the peak, so climbing up to clean is pretty much out. What is the best way to clean the winter mildew off?
  32. Gem99ultra

    Man Lift

    Built myself a man lift out of a 1-ton cargo container frame. I ditched the plastic base because 1) the floor wasn't solid nor smooth and 2) the cross rails on the bottom had one that was broken. In simple terms, I simply unbolted the aluminum frame from the plastic base and threw away the...
  33. Gem99ultra

    What kind of insect/animal

    What kind of animal or insect strips a Sweetgum tree like this? [/ATTACH] Any info would be appreciated.
  34. Gem99ultra

    Difference in Carhartt vs Wrangler

    Getting ready to order new canvas long sleeve shirts. I see Wrangler long sleeve for $20. Similar description for Carhartt is $120! Major difference. Are Carhatt's worth that much more?
  35. Gem99ultra

    UTV Battery Charger

    I'm thinking that my EZGo 36v battery charger isn't giving me full battery charges. Six Trojan 105 batteries less than a year ago only holding for about 2 miles of driving. Can those batteries be charged with my Schumacher super duper $100 "12V" battery charger? Or, are there any other...
  36. Gem99ultra

    Invasion of Fire Ants

    In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, my son is asking for advice on how to defend against the floating hills of fire ants. He says they're huge piles of them floating all over the place. And as soon as they bump into a house or other structure, they swarm in out of the water. Is there a quick and...
  37. Gem99ultra

    Lowery Land Leveler

    Anyone had any experience with the Lowery Land Leveler? (Different name for a land plane.) They're about half the price of everyone else' land planes, but I'm wondering if they're worth even that...
  38. Gem99ultra

    Locating lost fresh watger springs

    I have a beautiful pond of about 3/4 acres that was at one time fed by one or more fresh water springs. Some time long before I bought the place the owner at that time had the land clear cut for the pine trees. That was some 15 years ago to my best guess. The loggers, having no regard for the...
  39. Gem99ultra

    Burn Barrel

    I'm sure this thread sound pretty silly, but I'm looking for a good design for our burn barrel. I just pick up a good 20 ga. open top barrel to replace my umpteenth burn barrel and would really like it to last longer. It seems regular 22 ga or 24 ga barrels are good for about 2 years max. If...
  40. Gem99ultra

    TruFuel Users?

    My small engine repair guy is recommending using TruFuel for my 2 cycle implements. At $6/quart that comes to $24/gallon; pretty high price for string trimmer, chainsaw, etc. fuel I think. Supposedly TruFuel is 92 octane with some sort of gas treatment in it, but I have no idea as to what. I...
  41. Gem99ultra

    Emergency Lights

    I've gone through 3 sets of those inside the house emergency lights. I'm talking about the kind that kick on when, not if, the power goes out. They're advertised to stay charged up when on stand-by and provide enough light to get out for 90 minutes after a power failure. So far, including my...
  42. Gem99ultra

    Killing hornets/wasps

    Two weeks ago I was chopping down sticker vines around the pond and was attacked by what I thought was yellow jackets. They swarmed on me like lightning'; got hit about 10 times before I could get away from them. So, being a brave soul (or just plain stupid!), I've been back there several...
  43. Gem99ultra

    ZTR comparison - Husq vs Scat & Exmark

    Anyone have any occasion to compare Husqvarna's ZTR with Scat and/or Exmark?
  44. Gem99ultra

    Gasoline - Ethanol or Non-Ethanol

    I have been using Non-Ethanol fuel for the last couple of years, after having to replace the fuel lines on every gasoline powered lawn tool I have; a major headache. However, my local non-ethanol supplier has discontinued selling non-ethanol. Now the nearest source is 20 miles away and the...
  45. Gem99ultra

    Weed Trimmer 128LD Tune-up

    My Husqvarna 128LD weed trimmer has been such a good old faithful tool... It's obviously my go-tool weed trimmer. Although it's 8 years old now, and has cut probably acres and acres of weeds, it has been a reliable trimmer. My SO just won a brand new 128LD at the local True Value Customer...
  46. Gem99ultra

    Bucket Drop

    While using my L3400 to load up a bunch of limbs with the bucket about 3' in the air for loading convenience, the bucket suddenly let go and dropped to the ground! Glad I wasn't under it. No prior warning, no shuddering, everything seemed to be working just fine. Before and after that...
  47. Gem99ultra

    Snake Guards (leggins)

    Living here in mid-Georgia, everyone around tells me there are a LOT of snakes. Personally I've only seen 4 in the 5 years I've been here. One Garter snake, two King snakes, and this week - a water moccasin. The moccasin was munching out on a large frog until I sent him on his way to Snake...
  48. Gem99ultra

    Ground Hog Day

    Ground Hog Day is coming up next Tuesday. Time to do the Winter maintenance on the Husqvarna's. Grass and weeds will be showing up long before I'm ready. Nothing keeps your mowers alive than good, regular, through maintenance. Do it while you have the time and not pressed to go knock those...
  49. Gem99ultra

    Christas Season is upon us

    The Holiday Season is finally upon us! Some merchants... well MOST merchants, got a little early start with their pre-season advertisements back before Halloween. The rest began their Black Friday sales a least two weeks before Thanksgiving. But - that's all history. Black Friday is...
  50. Gem99ultra

    Windows 10

    I keep getting notices several times a day that "My Windows 10" is ready. I'm using Windows 7. Is there any reason to change. Or am I the last person on earth to do so? If you've switched, what's your opinion of Windows 10? PS If this is completely off-topic, let me know and I'll delete it...