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  1. Sonny580

    Deere 420-C loader

    Just got this one last week and got the motor loose, now I need a battery for it. Wont be in town for a while, so for now it waits. It has a complete new undercarriage on it and does need a different grille. I think I can straighten out the frame around the grille if I can find the mesh center...
  2. Sonny580

    Case 1835-B

    anybody have a wiring diagram for one of these??? This has the 188 diesel in it and seller says starter dont work. He tried to wire a new switch up in it and it looks like a mess. I dont have a clue as to where all the wires go to and need help. I hot wired the jumper pack to the starter direct...
  3. Sonny580

    Gravely C model

    anybody know if the mag from an L will fit the C?? got 2 L's here and mags were good last year so was wondering if they would fit the C. all 3 are wico, but may have different spec # on them.---I hate mags with a passion but I need to mow weeds and this is my only hope for a quick fix other than...
  4. Sonny580

    Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 main drive belt trouble

    Bought this thing at an auction and found no drive belt from motor to deck,--deck belt there and good! O.k.,---whats up with this?--new idler pulleys also on it! HMMMM! so I go buy the 79.5 belt that dealer said it S'POSED to use and finally got it on,--way too tight but hey never argue with the...
  5. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    Time to be thinking about the gardens for this year. Please join in and post your gardens. All sizes are welcome, --anything from pots on the porch, containers, raised beds, in ground, ---- all are gardens. share ideas on equipment, tillage that works for you, what varieties you like, How you...
  6. Sonny580

    Gardens for 2021 season

    Anybody thinking about this garden season? What are your plans?
  7. Sonny580

    Case 310-G crawler loader

    finally got this one home a somewhat torn down. reverse idler gear neelde bearings went out and former owner kept running it til it dropped. Tracks are not good either, one bottom roller is shot, front wheel kinda loose and may just be loose nuts on shaft. The gas tank is rotted out and...
  8. Sonny580


    just got these 2 and dont know a thing bout Gravely's! lolo! --- always wanted one---guess they only come in pairs! I cant find serial number on one and the other says LI and serial# is 2793 on it. Neither one run, motors are not stuck so maybe I can get them running. one needs a gas tank and...
  9. Sonny580

    2020 gardens

    Anybody thinking about the 2020 season yet? Ideas you have that you want to try? varieties, methods, fertilizers, etc? Not going to be able to have my 4.5 acres this year. MIGHT be able to do this little yard garden, don't know for sure yet! The big garden will not be planted so I probably...
  10. Sonny580

    Case 1530

    Anybody have a serial number list for 1530 uniloaders? I just ended up with one and am trying to find what year it is.--it's not a B series, its the one before that. number is 9816259 ---- looks like first year was 69 last year maybe 71? then the B model came out. I am a New-Holland guy myself...
  11. Sonny580

    sweet potatoe harvest time

    This years king tato came in at 10.5 pounds. had a lot in the 4 to 9 pound range, plus the usual smaller ones. Had to dig them with the skidloader due to the hard ground.
  12. Sonny580


    I hope it's ok to post this here, if not mods. can delete it. 3 of us have set up a new site and welcome you to join us. Machine Builders Network - Forums powered by UBB.threads Thanks: sonny580
  13. Sonny580

    Allis Model D Grader

    Got this one a couple months ago! Handy for its size. It needs a lot of work, but does run decent and does a nice job. --- do need manuals for it! thanks; sonny580
  14. Sonny580

    sawmill time

    Got started on the log pile today,--got a few pix. I have only small logs but it's for my personal use. I cut slow due to 4 spinal surgeries, but I can't give up!--Besides I like logging and making boards, when I'm not in the garden! thanks; sonny580
  15. Sonny580

    50 B tractor

    Got this one a couple weeks ago.---It's suposed to run, but been sitting for a year, so who knows!--I did get the flywheel cover for it, so it's a complete tractor. thanks; sonny580
  16. Sonny580

    Gardens/plots for 2018

    Anyone thinking about the ole gardens for 2018??? Join in here and post your ideas on equipment, varieties, etc. What do you usually plant, how much, etc. Thanks; sonny580
  17. Sonny580

    flower pic. test

    testing to get pics. on here WITHOUT P-bucket! LOL! thanks; sonny580
  18. Sonny580

    917-H plowing

    don't know if this will post or not, but I try! This was in Feb. of this year,--ground was froze about 1" but ole 917 went right along.---Plow is a Brinley 10" bottom sleeve hitch.---tractor has the big thick wheel weights and bar tires, And my fat arse to add a bit more weight!!!--- the...
  19. Sonny580

    Echo cs 310

    Sis got an Echo cs310 last year and has real good luck with it.--I just bought a used one thru flea-bay and it don't look to have been used more than a few times. From what I see and can tell from using them they are a super saw for their size. They are awful light, but then after using Echo cs...
  20. Sonny580

    rained out!--AGAIN!

    We got rained out from garden again. this year starting out to be kinda rough!---How are all you getting along with your gardens, and what are you going to plant? thanks; sonny580
  21. Sonny580


    Home - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting see if this posts here! I am doing a little woodworking since thats about all I can do anymore! (ole spine is getting worse.) We got this bear and just hooked it up today and did some test cutting!---also have a rip blade for...
  22. Sonny580

    S-650-G pto shifter

    Was tlling tonight and when I got done I tried to shift the pto into N and couldnt get it to budge.---NOW its stuck in 540 rpm side , any ideas to this problem???? thanks; sonny580
  23. Sonny580

    The 2013 Garden Year!

    In this area the year has started off late/cold/wet/high wind conditions, and right now we are waiting to get back into the gardens to plant the rest of it!--have 2 rows of spuds up (1--50# bag) and have 4 more to go.---really need to weed but just been too wet. The strawberries are getting...
  24. Sonny580

    new garden creeper

    Almost ready to roll! did the maiden voyage a couple days ago and most everything works,---still runs a bit fast, but think I have another idea to tweek that problem!---enjoy the videos! Motorized Garden Creeper Maiden Voyage 3 - YouTube below is a couple of pics. of the bike unit that I made...
  25. Sonny580

    The New Creeper

    I think my new creeper is almost ready to test out.---only thing left to do is hook up the clutch and see what happens!--hope it runs slow enough!! These pics give somewhat of an idea how I made it!---if this one works, I can get around a little easier than on the bikes that I welded...
  26. Sonny580

    JD #18 corn picker

    Just got these home from Ky.----a 300 mile one way road trip, but they are now in my drive! Here are a couple pics!---one is a parts picker, the other one works!--now maybe I wont have to pick chicken corn by hand anymore! thanks; sonny580
  27. Sonny580

    Satoh Tractor

    Got the S-650-G steering back together finally and went for a ride!---A 10 year shed rest didnt seeem to hurt it any,--dumped a gallon of gas in the tank and a little down the carb,--after the usual point filing we had ignition and it roared to life! the Harley-davidson hog tip muffler makes it...
  28. Sonny580


    Want to our local auction yesterday and got 1 of the 2cubs!---missed the other one, but at least 1 came home with us, as did the Woods RM 59 mower and some other goodies! It dont look the greatest, but runs decent ---still got the danged old magneto on it and 6-volt system, and the generator...
  29. Sonny580

    IH Plow

    Ended up with final bid on this plow which looks to be for the SA ! Will test fit it when weather gets a tad better! cold NW wind at 45 mph today NOT very bearable outside! thanks; sonny580
  30. Sonny580

    Earthway Planter

    Just got this planter,--I know they probably dont work the greatest, but it was all we could afford right now and something was needed to help plant our oversized gardens! It looks halfway decent so we will be seeing how it goes!---Anybody else use/have one?---Model 1001-B Thanks; sonny580
  31. Sonny580

    Satoh Tractor

    Just got this thing and trying to figure out the approx. year and if they are any good or not! Satoh (Bison,--I think) S650G gas engine, I have the steering gear parts with it to put the steering back together!---The motor runs like a banshee and rest of tractor looks well made and tight...
  32. Sonny580

    Bolens Garden Tractor

    Just got this one running!---1951 Bolens Power-Ho! Came with plow, disk, and cultivator! thanks; sonny
  33. Sonny580

    Letz Burr Mill

    Here is the David-Bradley pulling the big ole letz burr mill! Grinding Chicken Corn - YouTube Grinding Chicken Corn - YouTube I was grinding corn for the chickens with it! Me fingers sore from shelling by hand! LOL! thanks; sonny
  34. Sonny580

    Homemade equipment

    I have several vidz.of various equipment in action posted on this page! SONNYREESE's Channel - YouTube Over the past few years I have made 4 three point hitch plows,(3 one bottom units 1- 6" bottom,--1 10" bottom and the 1 bottom hi-clear unit, and a 2 bottom unit), also a 3-pt hitch for a...
  35. Sonny580

    Homemade Excavator

    This is the one I started making several years ago and never got finished,--but can dig with it! It is a crude dude, but has been a life saver for me.---I made a 12" bucket for it to cut tree roots with and have the 24" tooth bucket also! thanks; sonny580
  36. Sonny580

    HI!!!--FROM SONNY580!

    Looks like a great site here!----I have a full line of farm equipment and have had to sorta quit farming due to 3 spinal surgeries that left me disabled to say the least, so now I try to make garden sized equipment from full sized stuff to aid me in at least growing some good garden veggies for...