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  1. snymat68

    ROCKY, The Homemade "Treadmill Trommel"!

    Rocky, the custom treadmill trommel that I built, works great! :cool2::dance1: Made with an old treadmill motor and belt, and a lower unit from an old boat motor to turn the chains/sprockets 90⁰ and gear it down some more for the belt feed. Lower cabinet is sealed and fans provide positive...
  2. snymat68

    Hydraulic Wing Snow Plow/Pusher Options

    Reversemaxx Snow plow | Metal Pless Anyone out there make something like this, but for a 24hp range tractors? Thinking about designing and fabbing my own (maybe not quite as robust as the Metal Pless) if nothing is commercially available at a decent price. Would be nice to be able to push, and...
  3. snymat68

    Cool Nature Photos

    I just spent a long weekend in Blackwater Falls, WV and Dolly Sods, WV taking photos. These are a few of my favorites that I captured. Click on the images to view larger versions. Enjoy.
  4. snymat68

    PTO-Driven Beer Fridge

    I just had the idea that someone should fab up a 3pt PTO-driven beer fridge. Would just have to incorporate a PTO generator into a fridge. Now THAT would be a useful attachment! :drink: What wacky-yet-awesome tractor attachment would you like to see someone make?
  5. snymat68

    SSQA Trailer Mover

    Saw this and decided to make one. Titan Attachments Trailer and Skid Steer Hitch Adapter for 2-inch Insert Ball Turns out the Titan one is a pretty good deal. I like mine better though, because it gets the hitch as low as possible. Just figured I'd post it up in case anyone had some scrap...
  6. snymat68

    Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease?

    The left, front wheel is squealing (high pitched) on my RK24 when it rolls forward or back. Am I correct in saying that the wheel bearings should be lubricated by the gear oil in the front axle, and do not need packed with grease? I have about 115hrs on it. I performed the 50hr maintenance to...
  7. snymat68

    Let's Settle This Once And For All

  8. snymat68

    Melted Brake Light Lenses! :-o

    Note: I've already brought this issue up to RK. They were very understanding and are FedEx'ing me 2 new lenses (should arrive today). They have made the issue known to TYM's team with my pictures, engine hrs, etc. I just wanted to post this up here as well to raise awareness for anyone else...
  9. snymat68

    Hydraulic Hose Fittings Wearing Into Seat

    When the backhoe is removed from my RK24, the only real way to "stow" the tractor-side hydraulic hoses out of the way is to tuck them up behind the seat. This keeps them out of the way of the 3pt. The problem is that 40+ hrs of the fittings rubbing against the seat back has caused them to wear...
  10. snymat68

    How Would You Handle This?

    I would like to relocate a drainage ditch across the rear of my property (75 ft in length). It currently flows as shown by the red line. I want to relocate it to the black line (just inside the property line) to regain the back of my property. The endpoints will remain the same. I'll just be...
  11. snymat68

    Stumps & Ham !

    Spent the day Saturday at the ham radio club I belong to digging out some stumps that have be plaguing them for years. There were a few "small rocks" in the way too. :laughing:
  12. snymat68

    New LED Light Bar, Work Lights, & Operator Fan

    Note: The operator fan addition is yet to be completed. I will add it to this thread once it's done, so check further down in the thread for it in a few days. Last night, I finished installing and wiring my new lights. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the stock headlights directly...
  13. snymat68

    Anyone Else Have One Of These? (Hope I Never Have To Use It)

    New addition to my RK24 this weekend. Extinguisher: [$25] Bracket: [$4] SS Hardware...
  14. snymat68

    100 MPH Goat

    Two rednecks are out hunting and, as they are walking along, they came upon a huge hole in the ground. They approach it and are amazed at the size of it. The first hunter says, "Wow, that's some hole; I can't even see the bottom. I wonder how deep it is?" The second hunter says, "I don't know...
  15. snymat68

    Storing Topsoil, To Tarp or Not To Tarp?

    I spent the long weekend stripping the topsoil next to my driveway and putting in a gravel parking area. I plan to use the topsoil to level out my back yard and back-fill behind some retaining walls I'm going to build back there (in addition to the proper gravel, etc. for drainage purposes). The...
  16. snymat68

    RK24 50hr Maintenance - Step-By-Step Procedure (w/ Shopping List & Pictures)

    Instead of piggy-backing off this thread, I'll start my own. This thread (and video) deals with an RK19. The RK24 is a little different. I performed the 50hr maintenance on my RK24 2 days ago...
  17. snymat68

    Sweet Corn, Pumpkins, and General Infantry!

    Got the sweet corn and pumpkins in this evening. Kicked up this little guy on my first pass with the tiller. Lol.
  18. snymat68

    Heave, Ho, Rip!

    Just a few recent pics using the RK24 to start off this mundane Monday. Used it last night to unload some 10ft treated 6x6's. Was just about at the limit. Even with 600# of ballast box, it was still a little light in the back end. Luckily, only had to go to the bottom of the driveway with it...
  19. snymat68

    Homemade Root Ripper For Backhoe

    Since nobody currently offers a ripper for my RK24, I decided to whip up my own. :dance1::2cents: Fabbed the ripper tooth Monday night. Fabbed the mount and welded everything up last night. Have less than $150 in it. Video: Homemade Root Ripper - YouTube
  20. snymat68

    First Time Mowing With The RK24

    Not too shabby considering it was 6" high.
  21. snymat68

    How Many Tires Do You Own?

    I was curious last night, so I added up the total amount of pneumatic, mounted tires I own. I included everything from vehicles (including spare tires), to tractors, trailers, carts, hand trucks, bicycles, everything. If it was an air-filled tire on a rim I counted it. My current number is 55...
  22. snymat68

    Why Are These Curved?

    A friend of mine just asked me why the vertical side bars on a lot of the 18 wheeler "underride bars" have the bends in them. Does the bend serve a purpose, or is it purely aesthetic? Some of them have bends not nearly as pronounced as this. Some have no bends at all and are just vertical bars...
  23. snymat68

    Modifying RK Implements To Make Quick Hitch Compatible

    I bought a quick hitch when I bought my RK24. I also bought (for now) a 4' tiller, 4' box blade, and a ballast box. While it's possible to me to very carefully back up to and manhandle these attachments into place to attach them, I don't want to. Hence the quick hitch. I knew when I bought it...
  24. snymat68

    RK24 Improvements

    Here are some things I added to my RK24 over the weekend. :):dance1::) Mirror Tool Box For Chains Caddy for FM Headphones The mirror is an ATV mirror purchased from Rural King. I ended up tack welding a 4" piece of steel pipe to the side of the loader frame to mount it where I wanted it. The...
  25. snymat68

    RK Pallet Forks - Manufacturing Issue

    This is specifically in reference to the following 36" RK pallet forks: Small Tractor Skid Steer Quick-Attach Pallet Forks For RK19 and RK24 Series Tractors SKU 149481004 $599.99 Hopefully RK Tractor Guy see this post and can alert the manufacturer to the issue, so that it can be corrected. I...
  26. snymat68

    Possible Air In Backhoe Dipper Stick Cylinder - Cycling Doesn't Eliminate - Help

    I think I have some air in the cylinder/line for my backhoe dipper stick. The dipper stick extend (cylinder retract) works fine. When pulling the dipper stick toward the tractor (cylinder extending) once the dipper stick is all the way back to the point where the welded stops should be hitting...
  27. snymat68

    RK Block Heater

    Has anyone purchased the block heater for the RK24, or for any of the RK tractors for that matter? Is it difficult on install? Wondering if oil needs drained to install it or if it fits into a separate cavity that doesn't open into block?
  28. snymat68

    Here are the ACTUAL Lift Capacities of the RK24 L75 FEL @ Varoius Heights (w/ Graph!)

    [**DISCLAIMER**] I do not condone or suggest anyone lift more than the rated lift capacity stated by the manufacturer. I will not be held responsible for any equipment damage, injuries, or deaths that may occur from operating outside of the manufacturer's recommendations. The following are...
  29. snymat68

    Bracket For Slow-Moving Vehicle Sign In The Way Of Top Link

    Which way is the bracket for the slow-moving vehicle triangle supposed to point? Up or down? In the attached picture (from RK's website), it is shown pointing up. My RK24 came from the factory with the bracket pointing down. With it pointing down, it's in the way when I try to put the top link...
  30. snymat68

    How/Where To Route Hydraulic Hoses With Backhoe Removed?

    I removed the backhoe from my RK24 last night to move some 3point attachments around. On the tractor end, I connected the two lines back together to form the loop, and capped the third one. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out where to route and/or stow these hoses at that point, as they...
  31. snymat68

    Brought My New Toy Home Yesterday! :-D (RK24)

    It looks huge in front of my Gravely. Can't wait to put it to work! :cool2: Gotta give props to both RK Tractor Guy, and Joe from the Butler, PA Rural King. They were both very helpful and professional throughout the entire process. :thumbsup:
  32. snymat68

    Backhoe Backhoe Hydraulic Schematic Incorrect?

    This is the hydraulic schematic shown in the operators manuals for all of the Rural King backhoes. I'm thinking the highlighted intersection should show as connected and not two separate circuits. Am I right, or is there something I'm missing? :confused: (click on thumbnail to enlarge)
  33. snymat68

    New Member From Pittsburgh Area

    Hello :wave:
  34. snymat68

    Financing Financing & Making Payments Through DLL

    Hello everyone! :wave: I'm new to this forum, but from what I can tell, it looks like a good group of folks with a lot of good info and experience. Glad to be joining the group! I just bought an RK24 with all the fun attachments and I am waiting to take delivery in the next week or two. I...