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  1. sd455dan

    Cheap heat for uncabbed tractor plus intake preheat?

    Been thinking it would be nice to have some heat around when plowing and eventually blowing snow on my uncabbed tractor Noticed these inexpensive 5000-8000 watt vevor heaters for ~$120 that have four port output. Thinking if I can find a place to mount it could direct 3 ports to the operator...
  2. sd455dan

    Added a fixed thumb to the backhoe

    Finally got to try out the Titan Attachments 36" Extreme Weld On Backhoe Thumb that I put on the Ford 550. Worked fairly well- and was able to remove some stumps and move them to the burn pit. I piled them about 3 years ago to air out and dry.
  3. sd455dan

    Where to find Ford Backhoe 'Slim line' hydraulic fitting wrenches

    Another dig it quick job had to be done and I have not fixed everything that probably needs it on my new to me Ford 550 backhoe. Got about 3 hours of digging done today, when the main boom cylinder hose let loose. I hot footed the tractor home I just got the backhoe maintenance...
  4. sd455dan

    How to edit your tractor(s) under the Avatar

    Been trying to add my new Ford 550 backhoe to my list that is right under the avatar location when posting. I may have slipped a mental gea,r because I was able to add the JD X500 riding mower not long ago but can't seem to figure it out now. Thanks in advance
  5. sd455dan

    Bought a 550 Ford TLB

    Posted some questions in another 550 Ford thread. Thought I should start my own for this high hour used TLB I got it home with my nephew's help. Never would have got it on my 80 inch wide trailer but his flat bed worked Great. I have to say Very impressed with how their 2015 gas hemi...
  6. sd455dan

    Well used X 500 Impulse buy

    Well My Trusty MTD Hydrostat is still going Strong.... But the Deck has had it and no parts available to fix it this time. Wife said that's It -I hate driving that Gilson and we need a Mower Today... I said will all be --a-ned If I will Buy a new Plastic Home Depot or Walmart Mower, So we...
  7. sd455dan

    DIY tire changes- changers, balancers

    Got "Tired" 😄 of paying someone else to install fix or change my families tires. Burned out on sitting for hours in a tire shop waiting, and paying a major mark up on tires. The final straws were when they lifted my 3500 RAM on the Body mounts, and not the frame. 8700lb lifted...
  8. sd455dan

    Making Music with a Classic tractor

    Not sure if this has been posted before , but I Got a kick out of it:
  9. sd455dan

    Making Music with a Classic tractor

    delete ....
  10. sd455dan

    EPA attempting to limit Internal Combustion vehicles used for Racing

    Street vehicles—cars, trucks, and motorcycles—can't be converted into racecars according to the EPA. The EPA has never pursued this before but looks like If a person races and only races a vehicle that was originally sold for use on road they want the performance parts removed and all factory...
  11. sd455dan

    Cub Cadet Road Grader-. Nice build

    Pretty neat and does a decent job of smooth grading :thumbsup:
  12. sd455dan

    3025E Hydraulics Shuddering on FEL

    OK , here's the story... My nephew bought a new JD 3025E last July after checking out LS, Branson, Kioti and TYM tractors in the 25 HP range. Overall tractor has been great, Except for a noise- vibration and jerkiness that has crept in over time that matches when the hydraulics...
  13. sd455dan

    Asteroid EF 2020

    Asteroid EF 2020 ~95 foot diameter May graze earths atmosphere and cause a visible sky explosion NASA warns, the incoming asteroid 22 EF could impact the Earth’s atmosphere | News1 English
  14. sd455dan

    3 in 1 50 amp pilot arc plasma , 200 amp tig and stick welder $344.24

    Bought this model 3 years ago Lotos (LTPDC2000d) for $399 which was a good deal -retail for $799 Only had 1 problem which did require cleaning a dirty torch switch contact. Amazon has them for $344.24 today free shipping with prime Has Pilot arc HF start 60 % duty...
  15. sd455dan

    Cast iron (ear) welding repair attempt on engine

    Got a Buick V6 in trade to help my son (shoe horn) a 350 Olds in to a 3rd gen Camaro. The V6 had the left top engine to transmission ear snapped off at some point in the past. Wanted to give repairing (building up) a new mount a try. I have only tried repairing 1 other cast...
  16. sd455dan

    Riding sickle mower?

    Happened to see this video on you tube... interesting mower, but as 1 poster pointed out 1 stump or large rock and probably be damaged Brielmaier Motormaher mit Formel 1 Smaal car - YouTube Great side hill stability though at about 3:30 into the vid Seems to be convertible for...
  17. sd455dan

    DIY hydraulic press build from repurposed parts

    1st off this is not a well matched set of build parts for a press.:o It is roughly copied from the HF 20 ton hydraulic press I really wanted to use what I had laying around and most of this was pulled from the metal re-cycler pile. So far -the only things purchased was a 4"x 4" x 72"...
  18. sd455dan

    Oh Boy- another IdealArc Tig 300 300 (to fix)

    BIL 300 300 has been stored on a trailer for years and I was telling him how much enjoyment i was getting from welding with my old 300 300. I asked why he didn't get his out of storage and start using it. Well here is where it got interesting... Apparently the last time he used...
  19. sd455dan

    skid steer to ( fast attach) pallet fork conversion

    Sold my skid steer some time ago- but saved the pallet forks with the hope of eventually setting them up for my Rhino tractor. Unfortunately the Rhino has a fast attach FEL set up which I guess is similar to some types of pin on styles Short on extra funds, and have other attachments...
  20. sd455dan

    Husky 350-broken , Dads old ProMac 700 saves the day

    Been heating solely with wood for several years and the first couple years cut with a Homelite with 20 inch bar from Home Depot- after just 2 years of use- everything on that saw except the engine itself has been trouble , Got tired of carb problems ,oiler problems,chain break problems...
  21. sd455dan

    Scored some Craftsman 19.2 volt tools for Cheap on

    Been bidding and sometimes winning a few auctions on This can be a little like gambling because you might end up with junk- but first won some great vintage stereo equipment- Marantz, Yamaha also speakers (Infinity) and recently tools this (grab bag) of tools...
  22. sd455dan

    Add a chain hook to grapple lid

    Been wanting to add this for a while, Probably would not do it to a new grapple with a warranty... But this is an old well used grapple and have many times needed a hook in the middle for small lifting jobs, especially since the open tines make it easy for a chain to slip around or...
  23. sd455dan

    Plasma cutters- circle cutting on outside projects...

    Wondering what kind of set ups Tbners have come up with for cutting circles on outside projects- where the hole needs to be cut (on the job). Wanted to change my trailers tie down brackets on my fifth wheel. The tie downs I have have a hook and there was no good way to hook them on the...
  24. sd455dan

    Oops- should have read todays posts Before welding front axle...

    Had a crack in a previous owner repair of my Ford 3000 front axle Thought I really want to try some 5/32 rod at over 200 amps dc with my old Lincoln Tig 300-300 so I ground out the weld with a carbide bit And set the welder to 225 amps dc+ stuck in new 5/32 7018 and just laid down one...
  25. sd455dan

    low buck tig foot pedal build for old Mag Amp Lincoln

    Wanted to weld aluminum with the old Lincoln that I picked up,as a back up for my little inverter welder. Originally thought it would be easy because my sister has a newer Tig 300 with a foot pedal she was willing to lend me. Unfortunately my old lincoln is a Mag amp...
  26. sd455dan

    to buy a dinosaur Lincoln tig 300/300 as back up for new 3 in 1 chinese welder?

    Purchased a Lotos LTPDC2000d 3 in 1 50 amp plasma cut/ 200 amp tig/ 200 amp MMA and so far it has worked great.---b-u-t I may have an opportunity to buy a Linoln Idealarc Tig 300/300 1960s? model in unknown condition (the guy was told it worked and has never hooked it up to test it.) I...
  27. sd455dan

    New addition- for stump removal, and it's a Deere

    Have been SLOWLY removing some stumps using the Rhino tractor with grapple. Got this home and already removed 3 stumps in under 10 minutes. the new addition A John Deere 550G long track : very happy with the pushing power and the ripper abilities of the JD dozer...
  28. sd455dan

    45 hp ex 450 with FEL dual remotes- new with slight blemishes 2012 $19,950

    Not in the market myself- but came across this Yanmar New 45 HP 4x4 Diesel Yanmar Tractor with Loader, INSANE PRICE and thought Wow New 45hp with warranty- the price looks good for somebody wanting to avoid tier 4 and save some money or is this just an average deal.?
  29. sd455dan

    45 hp ex 450 with FEL dual remotes- new with slight blemishes 2012 $19,950

    oops - duplicate, and don't see anyway to delete it??
  30. sd455dan

    Finally decided to freshen up the Rhino 554 engine

    This tractor has always run and started well ,also runs very quiet compared to my Ford 3000- which when cold sounds like it wants to throw the rods through the block:laughing: and yet the Ford has absolutely NO smoke after running a few minutes... Anyway the tractor has always smoked...
  31. sd455dan

    1967 ford 3000 with 730 loader- vickers pump drive shaft stripped out

    Was using my 3000 to fix a rutted driveway and when using the loader with some down pressure to back drag, the drive coupler and pump shaft gave up the ghost. I had already backwoods repaired it with a new coupler and installed set screws in the coupler but the pump shaft is just to...
  32. sd455dan

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Sanding driveway-using a pto driven seeder/fertilizer spreader??

    Every year we plow and sometimes weather conditions cause the ICE field effect. We have several yards of sand on hand from our local crushing pit. and in the past have used the FEL bucket and a shovel to sand icy areas after plowing. I got to thinking that since I got this...
  33. sd455dan

    pallet forks add on plate- for moving hay??

    I'm sure someone else has done this -but thought I would add mine.. We buy hay every year for the horses and usually comes in a self stacking bale wagon of approx 4 ton. Problem is neither of the two barns have doors or ceilings high enough for the wagon to enter and (set the...
  34. sd455dan

    Freak oil pressure problem, anyone have this happen??

    Yesterday had to mow a field of tall weeds , it was about a 4 hour job with my Rhino 554 and a 6 foot brush bull. tractor is a 1993 with 1100 hours. Tractor ran well, engine temp at or below 190 degrees, oil pressure about 30psi at idle and 55 psi at 1600 rpm, outside temp in the 80's...
  35. sd455dan

    2013 dodge 3500 HD trailer towing uprated to 30,000lbs

    Looks like Dodge is on top of the towing ratings...can these #s be right WOW GCWR-37,600lbs. 385 HP 850lbs.ft. Cummins 17,000lbs. class 5 integrated hitch w/1800lbs. tongue weight
  36. sd455dan

    Which is best for diesel tractor engines - wet liner vs. dry liner vs. non linered

    Now I'm aware that once rebuild time comes, there are inherent advantages to replacing liners, vs. taking the block in to be machined. Since all three types are routinely used - the differences may be minor... Anyone have opinions on the wet verses dry liner engines- cooling, longevity...
  37. sd455dan

    Tiller Anyone recognize this tiller-need parts

    This tiller was purchased new in 1993 at the same time the tractor, a Rhino international 554 was purchased, the invoice makes no mention of brand or model. here are some pictures the tiller is 85" wide and is heavier than my 1100 pound Gannon box blade, it can be set up to run in one of two...
  38. sd455dan

    First timer- field prep for field grass

    Have a couple of small fields that have been compacted (20 years, horses running on them) also have been fighting a Knapp weed infestation. Bought a well used 6' disc, and JD pull type 3 bottom plow, going to try and plow and disc, New to (field prep and planting) want to plant field grass. Ok...
  39. sd455dan

    Anyone modified a pull type, 3 bottom plow to 3 point?

    I tried finding a reasonably priced used 3 point 3 bottom plow for the fields on our 10 acres. Well a deal came up on a John Deere pull type hydraulic controlled depth/transport wheeled 3 bottom and I purchased it. The problem is on the size of fields most of the time will be spent getting...
  40. sd455dan

    Tractor related bonehead move of the month-I'll start

    Had been working on my Rhino tractor cleaning a magnet that's in the main intake feed line, before the hydraulic pump for the loader. Had the hood tilted forward for access and decided to cycle the loader to check for leaks, you can probably guess what happened next.... Going to try to repair...
  41. sd455dan

    Anyone modified a leak down tester for diagnosing a cylinder on their diesel tractor?

    I just finished checking the leakage on my Rhino 554 rockshaft after honing and replacing the seal. It got me thinking- that if if I just made an adapter, for this inexpensive leak down tester to replace the injector, I could trouble shoot my tractor diesels. Anyone already done this and if so...