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  1. murphy1244

    Sold on Seafoam

    That's less than a glug for sure. I use 1 glug for every gallon of gas for maintenance
  2. murphy1244

    Ignore list?

    I even have me blocked..
  3. murphy1244

    Finally Need My Warranty and LS Is Not There! BEWARE!

    I think you had no need of the BEWARE statement in your post as your problem is moot and NOT covered at all
  4. murphy1244

    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    Check your easement,mine is 25 ft from center. 50 ft total
  5. murphy1244

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12-23 at 930 pm
  6. murphy1244

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Snobds has it right Debit cards you have to have the money in your account to use it. If you lose it, you might lose your money too. I use a credit card and get points and pay the balance when the bill comes. I have never had or used a atm card. I seen what happens with that.
  7. murphy1244

    What Happened To This Member?

    sound guy "Chris" has been gone awhile
  8. murphy1244

    3/8 or .325 chainsaw chain?

    Sorry Eddie I didn't know you already had the saw!
  9. murphy1244

    3/8 or .325 chainsaw chain?

    Get a echo 45 to 50 cc head with a 20" bar. I think mine was called Timber wolf.
  10. murphy1244

    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy, Gonna miss you brother..
  11. murphy1244

    Kioti Backhoe 2485

    Kioti KB-2485 Backhoe with Big Feet pads and a mechanical thumb Less than 50 hours and stored inside. NE Ohio area 7250$
  12. murphy1244

    Backhoe for sale

    I have a KB2485 for sale in northeast Ohio. 50 hours of use. Comes with big foot pads and mechanical thumb. 7250 or offer.
  13. murphy1244

    Total noob. Mowing with Toolcat on a hill vs Ventrac vs Kubota L3902

    Steiner or Ventrac is the way to go add dual wheels and climb up walls. "kidding". There are thirty + attachments and 3 models of power source for the 4500 series.
  14. murphy1244

    2014 Kioti DK50se starter solenoid

    Well if it started right up you didn't break it right. Take it to the farthest corner of your property and it will hopefully break down the right way.
  15. murphy1244

    What are you OCD about?

    Crooked things bug the crap out of me. Retired HVAC guy.
  16. murphy1244

    New Tractor

    This is my new machine.
  17. murphy1244

    Need help identifying my Massey ferguson

    1968--- Welcome to TBN!!!
  18. murphy1244

    Most terrifying moment on a tractor in years

    I bought at 1.95 a gall last year thank God.
  19. murphy1244

    My Tractor Mechanic is not happy

    Nice looking machine!
  20. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    I have had my Kioti for 12 years and it has never been back to the dealer.. I bought a L series Kubota and had trouble with the 3 point and the dealer took it back.
  21. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    So if it on the internet its true?
  22. murphy1244

    Mf135 Year?

    There should be a fuel shut off coming off the gas tank or close by it
  23. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Sorry I must of missed that post
  24. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Oh please, tell us the whole story. What brand? How did it perform? What did you like about it and not like about it. Will you buy it?
  25. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    What is your beef with Kioti? When are you going to buy a tractor instead of talking about it?
  26. murphy1244

    My 135 Journey

    Yes you have a kind of fluorescent gage lights. I have them too
  27. murphy1244

    My 135 Journey

    I think it is for the lights on the gages
  28. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That should work as we use that system for high pressure gas too
  29. murphy1244

    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    John just lost a good knife!
  30. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    This is how I do gas and water piping. Never had a drip or leak and we tested them.
  31. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Here in Ohio a base setting is 600 sq ft per ton
  32. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That's why the HVAC guy does a heat loss-heat gain study first before the building is even built. Its not really how many windows you have but the quality and the install of them that counts. AS they say"Install is everything".
  33. murphy1244

    I sure hope that Moss' wife doesn't read this...

    Kent state is in Kent oh
  34. murphy1244

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    All about leverage. A taller tire is like a taller gear. Ie 4.10 verses 2.55.
  35. murphy1244

    This is my last post on TBN

    I for one will miss your posts. You make electrical much easier with your explanations. You do a lot for the pack with help.
  36. murphy1244

    Kubota vs Kioti?

    How so? I can get parts as fast as you can. I can get parts from a LS dealer or Bobcat dealer if Kioti is out of stock.
  37. murphy1244

    Kioti Broken in Half

    Funny how the front is clean and glossy and the back is faded and dirty.
  38. murphy1244

    TBN membership categories

    Some of us talk too much and some don't.
  39. murphy1244

    Consumer Electronics Show 2021 - John Deere gets a couple of "Worst in Show" awards

    " In regards to the Farm Bill, everything I read says you and I pay less in the end with subsidies." But us the taxpayer are the ones paying these subsidies...It's our money.
  40. murphy1244

    Consumer Electronics Show 2021 - John Deere gets a couple of "Worst in Show" awards

    Richard IMO the problem with that is us the taxpayer are the ones paying for that subsidie. S0 in fact we are paying more than the price you see at the grocery store. The consumer is always at the bottom of the food chain. pun intended
  41. murphy1244

    What creates "bad diesel" fuel ?

    I use off road fuel.I get it at 135 gallons at a time. I run all fuel thru a Mr.Funnel and never have a problem but now I've said that I'm doomed.
  42. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    I guess I asked for it. My apologies sir
  43. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    What a wonderful world it would be.
  44. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    I noticed no shop stools there either!
  45. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Terry, do you dust your equipment and tool boxes? My house isn't that clean! Ha I found one big problem with your shop! No place to sit....
  46. murphy1244

    Dk5310se ballast question

    I use 1100 lbs plus have filled rears.
  47. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Terry, you are just too cool!