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  1. Henro

    hydraulic fluid smell normal?

    When my tractor was new I used to sense that smell sometimes. I guess I’m so used to it now that I don’t notice it anymore. Remember when cylinders are extended fluid is removed from the sump. Air is sucked in. When cylinders are retracted fluid is returned to the sump. Air must therefore go...
  2. Henro


    I always thought that holes were drilled in glass BEFORE IT WAS TEMPERED and if drilling was tried afterwards the glass would shatter. if so, this would increase time to manufacture something. I believe laminated safety glass can be drilled however, and may end up being a practical solution if...
  3. Henro

    Cycling glow plugs?

    Mine are cycled by manually by me. So when cold the cycle time is longer...maybe 10 seconds if really cold... If no start, which is rare, I do another cycle with fuel now in the cylinders, and it starts right up. Both tractors. :)
  4. Henro

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    You could also drain enough to get a cheap antifreeze tester filled and actually read the point down to which you are protected. Simple and not expensive. $3 here at Autozone...
  5. Henro

    That Never Ending T&T Path!

    Kind of old...last post before yours was over 17 years ago...LOL
  6. Henro

    Canopy angle

    Plus it then adds down pressure and increases traction when moving forward.
  7. Henro

    Canopy angle

    I think common sense says angle the canopy down in the direction you likely will be moving most of the time...:)
  8. Henro

    Glow Plug Location B7800

    You are wise to take care before trying to start the tractor. Maybe ten years ago I did not realize that the PCV tubing is the route by which crankcase oil can find its way into the cylinders, if a tractor is tipped over, due to valves being open. I tipped my B2910 on its side over ten years...
  9. Henro

    How many hours on your BX2200?

    Bought mine at the same time. I THINK it has about 1800 hours on it. At least 1500 anyway. Have to take a look…
  10. Henro

    Ominous noise in bx front end

    “DO NOT GO UNDER the tractor if you are depending solely on the loader to hold it up while your under there” is an even better policy to follow.
  11. Henro

    Loader Broke the loader

    You have a couple weeks to figure this out before the dealer gets involved it sounds like. The more details you give the better the chances are that you will get help that is meaningful. For example, it’s not clear if the loader was on the tractor when you bent the lever which controls the...
  12. Henro

    After rain B7800 will not run?

    This was suggested in his parallel thread over at OTT. Wonder if he will bother to check?
  13. Henro

    Advice for 1980 Kubota L345

    No...worst case is the damage the tractor might do to the operator during such an event! :oops:
  14. Henro

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    Been more than 30 years and it was with a garden tractor mower. I mowed over a turtle I did not see...Still remember seeing eggs inside the lower half that remained...still feel bad about it to this day... Also mowed over a rabbets nest once. Fortunately the little ones were not injured....I...
  15. Henro

    Liquid in tires

    You take the tire off, lay it on the ground, and fill it completely while it is laying on its side. This never occurred to me, but read a post here a while back where apparently this was done by someone who did not understand filling should not be 100 percent. If there is a will, there is a...
  16. Henro

    Can all tractors flip over easy?

    I ran out of steam reading before the end of the first page of this thread. But from personal experience one time, I can assure everyone it is easier to tip your tractor on its side than you think. Back flip, not sure. Debate the theory as much as you like. But be careful. It can happen...
  17. Henro

    What is this lifting ?? tongs for ??

    It was probably discarded when it did not work for anything useful...:D And you found it a few decades later...BUT holding a pot over a fire might be a possibility...LOL
  18. Henro

    Kubota B2630 flipped on the left side

    Loader looks like it is pretty high. Adds to the tip over possibility. Sounds like the OP got lucky as far as possible engine damage goes. I did too, ten years or so ago. The issue with hydrolocking is more related to the PCV tubing, than leakage past piston rings, as I came to understand...
  19. Henro

    Highest hour bx

    Wow. My BX2200 just has 1450 hours on it...I'm impressed. Bet using your experience it will outlive me by a long run.
  20. Henro

    What would you do ?

    LOL…I’m pretty creative these days too, at finding ways to avoid working! :D
  21. Henro

    What is this radiator hose for?

    Maybe if you post the question over at OTT you might find someone that knows the answer...Just a thought.
  22. Henro

    B7800 shop manual & electrical diagrams

    Wow! You certainly buy lots of Kubota tractors for sure! Was that a typo by chance? LOL I probably bought 15 daily use vehicles over the last 40 years. Still on my first and second Kubota after 20 years...I am at a loss for words... :oops:
  23. Henro

    Highest hour bx

    OMG ANOTHER ancient thread resurrector !
  24. Henro

    Kubota B7800 No Power At Fuel Stop Solenoid

    You can download the WSM at for free:
  25. Henro

    Kubota B7800 No Power At Fuel Stop Solenoid

    This may help. From the B7800 supplement to the B2910 WSM.
  26. Henro

    B7800 shop manual & electrical diagrams

    The B7800 is essentially the same tractor as the B2910. The B7800 supplement is at the back of the WSM that covers the B2910. You can download it here:
  27. Henro

    Timing Window

    Thank you for the links. VERY helpful to me personally, and should be appreciated by others in the future, if they find this thread! (y)(y)(y)
  28. Henro

    Timing Window

    How do you turn the engine on your b2710 by hand. Using the fan? Like to know as my B2910 should have the valve clearance checked, but this is a question I was unsure about...
  29. Henro


    I was looking for a chain saw chain at Lowes a few years ago. The right one was there, but only one was left on the wall. Fortunately, I looked closely, and it was a used chain in the plastic holder...told a store employee. Remember a guy at work saying he put a new roof on his house, or...
  30. Henro

    Troubleshoot Belly Mower Issues

    I recently changed the belt(s) :oops: on my BX2200 mower. There were TWO belts, because the original split in half lengthwise...I would bet this is the same thing that happened with the OP's belt...
  31. Henro

    bx1500 fuel injection pump

    Thanks for reporting back. Glad to hear of your success. Could you share what taking the pump totally apart actually means? Asking because I know nothing about the internals of these pumps, but have read that timing is a serious consideration, and that they must be assembled properly, or...
  32. Henro

    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I think you are right. Time to pull out the workshop manual and verify at my end!
  33. Henro

    Can I temporarily run without a hydrostatic safety switch?

    My understanding is generally the safety switch is there to prevent unexpected movement of the tractor when it is started. Once started, the switch no longer serves that purpose. At least on my tractors. And if your switch only has two wires, probably works the same on yours too. My BX might not...
  34. Henro

    Kubota BX1860 Will Not Start

    It might be considerate to summarize the 14 replies you got to the identical question posted on the other forum…would save everybody from telling you the same thing a second time, and perhaps get you some different suggestions, rather than just a repeat a second time of what has already been...
  35. Henro

    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I was going to ask how the OP determined his fuel filter was good. Years ago I had a different, but similar, issue on my B2910, which is the same tractor as the B7800 with some deluxe features.Turned out it was caused by the fuel filter. Changing the fuel filter is a good idea, unless perhaps...
  36. Henro

    Kubota BX2200 starts then dies

    Just a small point, but one wire should be powered all the time, except when the key is turned to the off position. The other wire should only be powered when the key is turned to the start position. White would be the start wire, and red would be the run wire according to your voltage...
  37. Henro

    Mowing Mowing with 3PH Ballast Box on BX2200

    Wow! 20 year old thread resurrected! Might be a record! Myself, I simply take the 3PH implement off. Don’t use a bagger though…agree that would be a different story.
  38. Henro

    Kubota BX2200 starts then dies

    I guess it was Amazon, not EBay. this one: 12V Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 17454-60010 17594-60014 for Kubota 05 Series BX2200 D905 D1005 D1105 V1205 V1305 V1505 V1505
  39. Henro

    Kubota BX2200 starts then dies

    My BX2200 did the exact same thing when the run coil of the 2-coil solenoid failed. Bought a replacement off eBay for 20 percent of Kubota cost roughly. Been working fine now for a couple years.
  40. Henro

    When is a BX enough?

    I started with 3.5 acres and a B2910 with backhoe and loader. I never regretted buying a tractor larger than a BX, although my son-in-law bought a BX23S for use on 3.2 acres, and I think that was a good choice for him, because most of his property is steeper than mine. Over the years I’ve...
  41. Henro

    Bookmark threads?

    Yes, you watch the threads you want to find later. edit: where is the bookmark icon? Don’t see it on my iPad…
  42. Henro

    Kubota BX22 no longer moves

    Guess there is nothing wrong with fishing for more advice than you got over at OTT... :)
  43. Henro

    Rck60b23bx compatibility

    There is some mention of that deck in the following thread:
  44. Henro

    kubota 2501 won't start

    Sounds like a safety interlock circuit issue. You essentially confirmed this when you jumpered from the starter main power lug, to the terminal that the safety interlock circuit connects to. You need to get a workshop manual, or at least a wiring/schematic diagram, to determine how many safety...
  45. Henro

    FEL level indicator

    I don't remember if I posted to this thread or not. BUT every time I see a thread about bucket level indicators, I keep wondering what they actually do. I have the simple type indicator like the one member "repeat" provided the picture of. It tells me the relationship between the ground and...
  46. Henro

    L2501HST VERY hard to shift from low-medium-high

    While I have never had an issue with changing gear ranges on my HST tractors, I did notice that if I change gear range when the larger tractor is moving SLOWLY, rather than being stopped, the transition is smooth and I have no need to come to a COMPLETE stop. Of course, I am saying SLOW...
  47. Henro

    Making a pond questions, mainly keeping mosquitos from breeding

    WoW! Fifty feet in diameter an 12 feet deep? My spring fed pond is probably only 75 feet in diameter and maybe averages at best 4' deep. Lots of gold fish and other fish, and frogs too. Never worried about mosquitoes so they must not be an issue for us.
  48. Henro

    Bx1800 fuel pump?

    Here is a link for an aftermarket one on ebay for 23.99 and free shipping. States for a BX1860 or BX2200. Hard for me to imagine that the 1800 and 2200 would use different pumps, but I guess it is possible. I would probably try one of these first. I got lucky with a fuel cut off solenoid for my...
  49. Henro

    New Boom Needed for BX loader

    Aside from getting someone to straighten the boom arms, you might also at some point want to get someone to verify the cylinder rods are not bent. I would likeky make that step two though after seeing how things worked out with the straightened/replaced arms.
  50. Henro

    Can a diesel engine run on gas. .

    I am only replying because a memory requires it. When a kid I remember throwing lit matches into containers of gasoline...The matches went out...why I do not know. But I DO KNOW the containers held gasoline. They were coffee 5 LB. coffee cans I think. Not recommended by any means. I guess we...