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  1. wdchyd

    LED Lights on ROPS

    I figure the TBN Braintrust has lots of good advice, links and pics. Looking for any ideas on mounted LED lights on my ROPS bar for my Kubota B2320 TLB. I’m tired of the dark kicking out of my seat when things to do (digging, plowing etc). Preferably I need better lights forward and back...
  2. wdchyd

    DIY Welding positioner

    Check this thing out........Gotta love the ingenuity with hydraulics too welding table - YouTube
  3. wdchyd

    R N Johnson, Walpole, NH Losing John Deere

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but the local newspaper has this.......Why..?? John Deere pulls dealership from Walpole company after 84 years | New Hampshire NEWS02
  4. wdchyd


    Just saw this and didn't know if it was discussed here.....I understand company policy, but I have issues with them to fire the employee for his bravery......You be the judge....:confused3: AutoZone Fires Worker Who Stopped Robbery | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
  5. wdchyd

    Thanx TBN'rs

    Thanx for giving me the "Member of the Month" title for August....:D...The excellent reserved parking spot in front of the 'puter is well worth it.....that and $2 will get me another cup of DD coffee....:licking:......:cool2: Member of the Month: wdchyd - Bill
  6. wdchyd


    Anyone else having difficulty accessing the videos here.....I get a "Cirtex Hosting.....Account Suspended)
  7. wdchyd

    Kubota Drive Plate

    Looking for a hydraulic pump drive plate that comes off a Kubota engine....(Splines worn out)..... 7/8-13 spline 9.5" OD 8 bolt holes w/ 8.75 Bolt circle Originally installed on a wood processor (Brute or Husky Brute..??) Any leads for a new part would be greatly appreciated Thanx in...
  8. wdchyd

    3 Minute Hydraulic Rod

    Thought you folks would like a close-up, front row seat in the reproduction of a chrome plated hyd rod.....and for a member here....(Kenfranklinl) This will give you an insight of before and after for a good repair of a hyd cyl OK, you caught was 3.5 mins.......:ashamed: 3 Minute...
  9. wdchyd

    MF 1145 Power Steering Problem

    This thread is not ask for advice but rather to give a heads up on a steering issue on a MF 1145 1992 (ISEKI ??) After much probing and prodding a friend had a steering issue that gradually got worse and he conversed with two different dealers and service guys to no answers but "Buy another...
  10. wdchyd


    Thought you guys would want to see "Borewelding & Machining"..... This process is used to restore worn out housings on hyd rods, cylinder barrels and other components to original specs.........
  11. wdchyd


    A few days ago one of our members Thomas from Lebanon NH is in need for our prayers and thoughts as he had some kind of medical problems.....I don't know the specifics but the family wants some space and privacy for him... If any info comes I'll be sure to relay it....... Hoping He'll chime in...
  12. wdchyd

    A Christmas Pass

    Twas the day before Christmas and all thru the swamp, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, Oh Wait, there was something stirring the creatures.......At least one lucky Snowshoe Hare found out ......He had a Free Pass.....:thumbsup: YouTube - Christmas Pass 2010.wmv Warning: Not as...
  13. wdchyd

    2320 Hoses Hanging

    A neighbor has a J/D 2320 w/ FEL, 3 yrs old... The question he raised to me, is there some bracket or modification that works for protecting the FEL hoses that are under the floor pan to keep them from snagging while using in woods ect........ He wants me to fabricate and mount something for...
  14. wdchyd

    Added Benefits to DIY 50 hr service

    DIY is great when everything goes right.....Bought all my filters engine oil and SUDT, after the initial warm up and engine oil change, I'd see just how clean this hyd oil is......I know the owners manual said only clean the screen but just had to see for myself......Yukkkk:(......out it...
  15. wdchyd

    B7800 Used ??

    A friend has asked me about buying a used B7800 FEL, Heated Cab, HS Drive w/ 460 hrs.....$13,950....:anyone: Not knowing if it's a good deal, wondering if you guys could shed some light on this Tractor/loader......guess it's been dealer serviced and coming from same dealer...... Thanx in...
  16. wdchyd

    New Box Blade Followed Me Home Today

    Finally gonna get a chance to make use of the 3PH on my B2320.....after whacking trees and stumping, this baby's just what the doctor ordered for these NH Potatoes (rocks) and tree root debris......I know some will give thumbs down on the TSC brand but this won't get the punishment from my...
  17. wdchyd

    Thanx to All I'm in Big Trouble

    Well not quite in trouble....All you folks at TBN have helped big time in the selection of my new "Vehicular Transmobility Lifter/Digger Thing".... A newbie here yes but long time lurker....I really have been paying attention to all the discussions on chosing/pricing, JD vs MF vs NH vs KUB vs...