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  1. Mud2Money

    Flatbed trailer project.

    Well I picked up this 1994 titan 20k gooseneck. I got it for what I think is a pretty good price. The cancer wasn’t to bad. Looked like it sat untouched for many years. I will be using it daily. So I decided to squeeze in one more fast project before winter. I started with fabricating a chain...
  2. Mud2Money

    Bad boy box blades ?

    Hey everyone, just checking to see if anyone has used/ owns any larger bad boy box blades and how they held up. I understand they are cheaper and not something crazy heavy built like a EA / Woods / land pride. It would be mainly used for drive grading and touch up as well as spreading topsoil...
  3. Mud2Money

    Komatsu dozer parts / sources

    Hi all , does anyone have any good online companies they use for komatsu parts. I need a left hand door and glass for a new d51pxi. Not having much luck finding anything online.
  4. Mud2Money

    Online places for filters

    Hi all , due to the nature of my work I am on the road 90 percent of the time. My ls dealer is about 68 miles north of me. Does anyone have any recommendations for preferred websites to purchase filters from ?
  5. Mud2Money

    MT573CPS first impressions

    I have a enjoyable 57 hours on my mt5. It’s been a great tractor. Just finished off the foundation for a budget large shed resto and much needed additional parking pads. So far it’s been a heavy puller. We lifted a large shed onto a skid. Then towed it in creeper behind the tractor away from...
  6. Mud2Money

    Simple mod for cat 2 QH

    Hey all , recently got a new tractor with a cat 2 quick hitch. All of my attachments but my 7ft tiller were cat 2 quick hitch. The tiller worked for the lower pins but not the top. Here was my simple solution. Needs a little finish work and some bolts. Maybe this could help someone. With a few...
  7. Mud2Money

    New LS MT573cps

    Hi first post here. Checked out the ls MT573cps. They say it’s a 20x20 transmission. Wouldn’t it be considered a 24x24 like the rx7320 ? It has high /low L,M,H and 1-4. Ended up buying one and so far really enjoying it. Extremely quiet. The transmission feels very smooth and positive...