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  1. Aquamoose

    Chains on front or rear tractor tires for pushing snow

    Yessir, I did! It came right after the snow storm. I did install the chains in the original configuration before the tool arrived as I needed traction pronto that morning. Turns out that I had to remove a cross link section and I was able to pry open the links with a long pry bar while it was...
  2. Aquamoose

    Chains on front or rear tractor tires for pushing snow

    Thanks folks, I went with! After carefully deciding on a 2-link ladder style (I plow mostly on pavement), I went & ordered TWO sets of 4-link chains. Before you get confused, they didn’t have the 2-link in the ladder style for my size so I decided to simply build a set using parts...
  3. Aquamoose


    Thanks, I’ve got to make a clean video of it in operation. The Byte Tyte is an aluminum chainsaw scabbard. Insert and a few turns of the handle grips it solidly. Comes in different lengths.
  4. Aquamoose

    Chains on front or rear tractor tires for pushing snow

    I, too, am looking into getting front chains only due to my budget. I have industrial tires on my 3520h Branson and need extra traction for asphalt while using the front bucket with bolt on wings and back blade. It’s hard to find chains that fits my 28 x 8.50 - 15 tires. Isn’t there any cross...
  5. Aquamoose

    Plowing County Road??

    I plow the county road from time to time during heavy snow storms and don’t expect anything back from the neighbors. If the road that meets the main road is full of slush that can strand even AWD/4WD vehicles, I’m out there taking care of that stuff and nobody bats an eye but they would gladly...
  6. Aquamoose


    This is my work in progress… there’s two inclinometers, one on the tractor where the light is mounted and one on the quick attach. It’s hardwired between the two and has a power saver feature. I can select the base reference of either the tractor body or relative to gravity. In both modes, I can...
  7. Aquamoose

    Clamp on Bucket Forks

    If you already have a quick attach setup, you might want to compare prices to a basic quick attach pallet fork. I’m glad I did and it was well worth the “upgrade” for so many reasons.
  8. Aquamoose

    Phone mount/holder?

    There’s Quadlock. Secure enough even for motorcycles.
  9. Aquamoose

    Lighter weight log chains -- where to buy?

    I’ve been using those $33 cable chokers and I rave about them. Dead simple to use, very quick on & off, and extremely useful. I can easily push one end under a log because it’s stiff enough yet remain flexible to wrap around logs. As for storing them, just loop it up and at one end, make a...
  10. Aquamoose

    Groan part quatre

    New Years Resolutions: 2019 - Stay away from negative people 2020 - Stay away from positive people
  11. Aquamoose

    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    …and yeah, the “A” frame can be appealing. I always kept a basic ball triangle hitch that’s attached to the tractor just to keep my lift arms tidy. While building a ballast box, I sorta incorporated it into the design and now it’s part of the ballast box that makes hooking it up and dropping it...
  12. Aquamoose

    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    Just adding a useful tip… grease the pins from time to time so you’re not fighting the friction as well.
  13. Aquamoose

    Bull thistles

    They sure look similar to Canadian thistle. I pull the whole thing out and throw them in the WM barrel for curbside pickup. I heard that it’s a law that property owners must mitigate their spread or get fined. Pesky suckers.
  14. Aquamoose

    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    I read somewhere that there’s a GPS based system that was smart. If a dog ran past the boundary, it will continue to shock as long as he continues to move away from the boundary area and will stop shocking if it started back towards the boundary. Pretty nifty way to herd dogs back.
  15. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    It looks barely used, maybe 5 times? I’ll definitely will report back but still haven’t got the chance yet so it’s still sitting in the same spot. Just overwhelmed with work and got a buddy who’s restoring his Jeep in my shop so I couldn’t take off & roll away the backhoe. And now it’s getting...
  16. Aquamoose

    DIY Stump Grinder - Possibly Using an Old Flywheel!?!

    100 stumps??? Why not rent a good sized excavator to rip them out?
  17. Aquamoose

    Big Cars are killing Americans

    I agree with you 100%!!! I once took my girlfriend (now my wife) to visit family at the end of a very long, straight dirt road that was always washboarded. Once you turned off the highway on that road, there was a short paved segment before the washboard portion. She was mortified when I picked...
  18. Aquamoose

    Front-End Loader Flat Face Hydraulic QC

    I have flat faced couplers for the backhoe and unless the pressure is practically zero, it’s impossible to couple them. Implements often builds pressure in the sun by a slight amount which isn’t a problem at all with the Summit couplers. To keep the ends clean, I simply screw the implement ends...
  19. Aquamoose

    Which grapple? Landpride vs EA vs MTL for Kubota L3560LE

    Travis, Are they made of AR400 steel?
  20. Aquamoose

    Backhoe Broken backhoe; how to get it back together?

    I’ve bent back a cylinder rod worse than this with my HF 20 ton press. It requires some oak or other dense wood and creative positioning & blocking (with V groves) to bend it back to shape. If I couldn’t bend the brackets back easily, I’d cut it off and fabricate new ones to weld on. Likely the...
  21. Aquamoose

    Front-End Loader Flat Face Hydraulic QC

    Why not this set? No tools and screws on.
  22. Aquamoose

    Which grapple? Landpride vs EA vs MTL for Kubota L3560LE

    I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the importance of the type of steel used. Good quality grapples uses AR400 steel which is stronger and lighter than average steel. It’s phenomenally hard to bend them. I have short bottomed tines and have absolutely no issues grappling slash, brush, longs, or...
  23. Aquamoose

    What are you OCD about?

    Spelling, punctuation, grammar,… I know I shouldn’t but it speaks volumes about a person based on their writings. What stands out are: Paid/payed, their/they’re/there, lay/lie, its/it’s, learned/learnt (latter is British, like gray/grey), loose/lose, than/then, to/too to name some. I just...
  24. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    Had a fun day on Friday fetching this fantastic flail that fits my finicky budget! I was surprised how well built this Victory mower is and it’s definitely got some thick steel. It’s 70” wide which I like. The seller ran it for me on his tractor and I was happy that there was no issues. I’ve yet...
  25. Aquamoose

    LEATHERMAN tools

    Wave since it was first introduced. Handy sucker and it’s always on my belt. Loved the smooth edges. From time to time, I’d browse the display cabinet at the local stores to see what’s new and each time, the Wave just continues to grow to be a classic.
  26. Aquamoose

    Looking for a dump trailer like this one for a Kioti DK6010SE.

    Maybe look for used military ammo/utility carts or airport baggage carriers? I got a 1953 military 3 ton trailer that’s only 4ft wide & 10 ft long and worth every penny, well actually, it was free. It’s currently used as fire trailer with two 275 gallon IBC totes. In the cooler months, it’s a...
  27. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    SUPER grateful for your input! If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have bought it but now you’ve gave me reassurances (and good tips!). Gonna get it Friday and will post pics!
  28. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    Just constantly searching. One came up and unfortunately, it’s gonna be a long 7 hour drive one way this Friday. Yes, I “bought” it. Guy wouldn’t take a deposit, an old school virtual handshake was good enough for him. I’ve been searching & waiting for over two years. I have a commercial (rental...
  29. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    I’ve got an opportunity to buy a flail mower that’s just wide enough to cover the width of the tractor but what worries me is the pto requirements which is more than my Branson’s rated for. Flail is 40-60 hp and my Branson is a 35 (29 at the pto). It’s also a hydraulic side shift. Is it still...
  30. Aquamoose

    zero turn lawn mower

    You could find a local fabricator to fashion something in a weekend. A neighbor had a pair of really nice deep “U” shaped tubing that was mounted right up front next to the pivot wheels of their zero turn. He was able to pull himself up and walk on/off to the front. It was painted to color match...
  31. Aquamoose

    Tractor blowing dust - what’s your remedy?

    Every time I operate my tractor over dry earth, the radiator fan kicks up dust creating a nuisance that I dread going through them when working. Sometimes I hose the area heavily to keep dust to a minimum but it’s not always practical. Have any of you made a fix to deflect the airflow to the...
  32. Aquamoose

    Controlling implement working depth

    My Branson didn’t have a depth stop so I simply whipped one up so I can adjust the level. IMO it should be a standard feature. I just set the depth and just go. Not sure if it helps ya.
  33. Aquamoose

    Pouring fuel from cans

    Interesting! I bought this setup online but soon, the hand pump turned to crap and just left me with just the can. Does the HF hand pump work well? Thinking I might revive mine.
  34. Aquamoose

    Not so quick coupling (stuck)

    Had that problem before. Took off the pair and managed to get it apart in the bench when upright. Discovered that the retaining balls came loose and I had trouble coupling & decoupling many times so I ditched all my couplers for the screw-on type. Hp38-06N-SET from Summit Hydraulics. Now I can...
  35. Aquamoose

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Wonder if y’all know of this tip about hooking up PTO implements. I position the PTO gear selector in neutral so I can easily align the tractor PTO spindle to the shaft (with the engine off of course!). When done, don’t forget to engage the PTO gear selector. I once forgot and was having a...
  36. Aquamoose

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Bought mine from them, sight unseen and have been 100% happy!
  37. Aquamoose

    60" Grapple Build

    The long bottom tines can short one is really, in my opinion, the ability to “rake” debris going forward and backwards. Mine are very short and when angled properly, I can drop it on the ground and push a pile without it digging into the ground yet not ride over anything else. Alternatively, I...
  38. Aquamoose

    Tie Down Straps with loops for tractor

    Chains are generally used for dynamic loads (equipment with tires/tracks). Straps are generally used for static loads, like these steel beams I fastened before the trip. You’ll note that the edges where the straps rests on have corner protectors and cut section of used straps. Wood don’t...
  39. Aquamoose

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    Sucks that there’s none available as I was ready to buy one! Hopefully next year.
  40. Aquamoose

    Got to love developments in rural areas

    It’s amazing how far my wife & I came. We bought a fixer-upper from a lady in Covina, CA (Los Angeles suburb) in 1999 for $137k, weathered the crash of 2008 by never taking out equity to buy things not related to the house (only took out a HELOC for $50k to improve the home) and moved up to east...
  41. Aquamoose

    Removing old grease around tractor zerk areas

    Sometimes the position of the pivot points are putting pressure on the internal grease ports. Repositioning it would help. A good example would be loaders which when moved, would make greasing much easier.
  42. Aquamoose

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Perfect weather to burn slash & cut up a nearby tree that fell over last fall. More to come!
  43. Aquamoose

    How much does it cost to build a pole barn and what kind is best..

    I can raise two 36’ trusses with purlins by myself without any powered equipment (crane, tractor, etc). Just assemble & lift straight up.
  44. Aquamoose

    Got to love developments in rural areas

    Back when I moved from a dense suburban home just outside of LA to a nice home on 10 acres in East Washington, I recalled hearing gunfire next door while looking at the house (which we later bought) and didn’t think much of it except that I thought to myself “What a nice place to do target...
  45. Aquamoose

    New tractor arriving this Friday. What do I need?

    Ditto. Go over EVERYTHING on the tractor before playing with it. Take the manuals to the bathroom & read over everything in detail. [emoji16]
  46. Aquamoose

    New Equipment Trailer

    That looks nice! Why did you choose that type of storage as opposed to a tongue box that can offer more space?
  47. Aquamoose

    Pup trailers

    I was fortunate to find an ex military 1953 multi-purpose trailer that was rated for 6k lbs in a small footprint of only 4x10. Definitely beneficial as I can park & unhitch regardless of weight. Of course, backing one up is a new skill set I had to learn.
  48. Aquamoose

    Insurance for tractors.

    How much does it cost you, if you don’t mind me asking.
  49. Aquamoose

    Bucket wings

    I grabbed the pieces from my local metal supplier & had a fab shop put bends on the main plate. Fabricated it all in one day in a hurry so I could put it to use before the snowstorm last Thursday. Boy, it is definitely a useful addition & made quick work!!! For now, it’s unpainted and still...
  50. Aquamoose

    Got to use my snow pusher

    Me too! Sort of if you count bucket wings as snow pushers. [emoji41] Built it from scratch!