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  1. countrybumpkin

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Seen this today , they just left the local Home Depot.
  2. countrybumpkin

    Steering Knob

    For you that don’t like a knob on the wheel ALL the time , you can get ones that flip down out of the way.
  3. countrybumpkin

    Removal of NX cab top

    I’d clean off both the frame and the top , then buy a good D shape seal from 3M that is adhesive backed on one side. Might upgrade to a little thicker wider one. They also have a B shape that may seal better , I don’t Remember just how wide the sealing surfaces are on the tops , been several...
  4. countrybumpkin

    Generator too heavy for my dad.

    Get a yard cart to mount it on.
  5. countrybumpkin

    3-Point Hitch Help removing a King Kutter rotary cutter

    It’s a bit hard to tell for sure but isn’t this a clip pin that holds the front stabilizer mount, if so just pull this pin and slide the bar off the front mount to allow the arms to move out farther to hook up.
  6. countrybumpkin

    Disc Harrow Harrow bearing types

    I would be buying sealed if it were mine. Here are pics of each type. The first is the friction bearing that has a solid spool that slides on the axle and two clam shell halves that bolt around it, the only lib it gets is any grease that you apply each time you use it. The second is the...
  7. countrybumpkin

    RAM 5500 Chassis

    Just picked up this 20 the other day.
  8. countrybumpkin

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Anyone have there under hoist transmission jack? Been looking for a new one.
  9. countrybumpkin

    Anybody use a turning /moldboard plow?

    I use a two bottom once or twice a year.
  10. countrybumpkin


    A little fall mowing before it gets to wet.
  11. countrybumpkin

    Error code 008 NX4510

    The inner filter is basically a safety filter in case something gets past the outer primary one. The NX comes with the primary filter only and no inner safety filter. The inner filter pushes into the plastic housing first then the primary goes over the inner filter and seals into the housing.
  12. countrybumpkin

    Tiller Slip Clutch Adjustment

    Does it look like this, if so the large nut is the adjustment nut for the discs.
  13. countrybumpkin


    Finally got the winter wheat planted, plowed then disc before spreading the fertilizer and seed. Was a bit dry but had to get it finished .
  14. countrybumpkin

    Installing the Kioti 3rd function kit? read this

    I bought the John Deere handle, shaped just like the factory one in my NX , the shape and button placement is very comfortable.
  15. countrybumpkin

    Loader level indicator?

    It will be a kl6010 if it’s the kioti loader. Here is the diagram Parts Finder Michigan Iron & Equipment Morrice, MI (855) 265-459
  16. countrybumpkin

    Socket will not fit into access of JD

    This is how it was designed to be done.
  17. countrybumpkin

    Added a front camera to my LS4140 Cab

    So you can see things like this when using the front loader or forks.
  18. countrybumpkin

    What to look for when buying a chisel plow?

    The way it hooks to the tractor, a bar or 3point mounted like this. A pull type hooks to the draw bar and has its own lifting wheel that raise and lower buy hydraulic cylinders , pulls like a trailer.
  19. countrybumpkin

    instrument panel lights (replacement bulbs)

    Do they look like this, if so just pull the bulb out of the holder, you can buy either incident or led which ever you prefer.
  20. countrybumpkin

    Bush hog 2615 legacy bat wind hydraulic cylinder help

    The plug he has is also a filter vent plug, I have several of those type on cylinders and gear boxes.the hole is in the side of the plug so you can turn it down away from moisture.
  21. countrybumpkin

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Here’s a good one at the local farm and home store.
  22. countrybumpkin

    Grease for hitch balls

    Scroll down to about the third row, the very first pic of the can doesn’t work but the one further down does work. Welcome to Woolwaxusa - WoolWax Lanolin Auto Undercoating
  23. countrybumpkin

    Rotary Cutter Brush Hog Blades COMING OFF

    This is what the sidewinders I’ve had uses. If you have a extra 3/4” of thickness to go through do you have full thread engagement in the nuts? Are you sure they are tight enough ?
  24. countrybumpkin

    Uhh....Category 1.5 three point hitch implements?

    Remove the adapter, and lower the hook in the adjusting holes so it hooks to the bolt, you may need to remove the bolt and add a bushing to fit the hook opening. In the first pic you can see a bushing mounted over the bolt.
  25. countrybumpkin

    Best older 7' rotary cutter

    May or may not help.
  26. countrybumpkin

    Sickle Bar Dearborn 14-15 on new tractor

    If your talking about this pin that I have circled, that’s were your left hand lift arm mounts.
  27. countrybumpkin

    Sickle Bar Dearborn 14-15 on new tractor

    Are you talking about the anchor brackets that attach to the tractor?
  28. countrybumpkin

    What is this?

    This is what it should look like , not much holds the tube on the cylinder. The rod you may be able to straighten.
  29. countrybumpkin

    Kioti hydraulic fluid reference, NX filter reference

    Yes pouring that much oil can be a pain for sure, I used a hand pump that fits into the spout on the pails, I thought about the other ones but didn’t want to remove the bucket lids.
  30. countrybumpkin

    SSQ Bucket falls off

    Looks like you have a couple issues going on that need to be addressed. In this pic the first thing you need to do is lift the bucket up and roll it back to were the buck weight is hanging on the upper lip and not the pins, then see if the pads BOTH seat against the back of the bucket or one or...
  31. countrybumpkin

    GPM availability on MX5800 for Hydraulic Auger?

    I have one and really like it, started with a 9” and a 15” then also bought a 12” auger. I have have mine offset and really like the visibility over a center mount.
  32. countrybumpkin

    Drawbar Adapter

    I’m guessing that is his clearance issue, looks to be a problem on those cutters. Most cutters with a high mounted hitch like that use a carrier bearing and two part pto for clearance. For a one single shat like that most have the hitch design so the cross tube and hitch are even or lower than...
  33. countrybumpkin

    Drawbar Adapter

    Ah ok something like this.
  34. countrybumpkin

    Todays shop time.

    Hadn’t done a bunch in the shop lately, but I did mop the floor and roll one of my cars in to finish prepping it for this season.
  35. countrybumpkin

    NX Loader Joystick - Third function?

    I switched out the grip for a John Deere one with the switches.
  36. countrybumpkin

    Rustoleum lubricants?

    Anyone tried any of these, just seen them at Menards while getting some fluid film, wondered if they were worth a darn.
  37. countrybumpkin

    3 Bottom rollover plow (IH140 plow) questions

    Are your wheels still set like they are in this photo, if so you still have some adjustment left? Leave the centers as they are but switch the outer rims from side to side. The mounting ears on the rims are also offset and by switching them you will gain some more width.
  38. countrybumpkin

    Compressor & Air Hose Question

    Like this? Only a few days left on this coupon.
  39. countrybumpkin

    Land Scape Rake?

    A rake works ok , for stuff larger than 1-1/2” diameter, you can remove every other tine which helps a bit and go slow. You will disturb the ground and pull out grass so if that’s a issue then I’d stay away from a rake. It’s not going to get the small stuff you’ll still be faster just picking...
  40. countrybumpkin

    Leveling land

    Buy a dirt pan if you really want to do it yourself. Something like a small durabuilt would work good for your size tractor. Product - Dirt Pan
  41. countrybumpkin

    Nx4510 and L6060

    Here are same basic dimensions of both tractors, might give you a basic idea of size differences.
  42. countrybumpkin

    DK50se Loader quick connect fittings

    This should be the female coupler, it will be 3/8” NPTF threads. Set at discount hydraulics 6-6-6S | Set of 3/8" Hydraulic Quick Disconnects (Steel): Just the female 61-6-6S | 3/8" Female Coupler x 3/8" NPTF Female (Steel):
  43. countrybumpkin

    Hauling rock on a trailer.

    I just did this very same thing a couple weeks ago. Hauled 2 loads first was 5 tons and the second was 6, quarry is about 6 miles away. To unload I just drive the tractor up on the trailer and get a bucket load, works great if your just doing a small project once in a while every few years.
  44. countrybumpkin

    Todays shop time.

    Actually this was a few weeks ago but I finally coated my floor. [ATTACH]580036[/ The last few days I’ve been working on the electrical. First and foremost was the tv install [emoji16] Maybe one day soon I’ll get the 2 post lift installed and start working on stuff again, sure does take a...
  45. countrybumpkin

    Armorpoxy Floor coating.

    Finally got around to doing the floor coating for my shop it’s only been sitting 3 years waiting for me to make a decision on which coating and also the time to do it. I ended up going with Armorpoxy brand and there armor ultra kit, it’s a 3 coat process. So far I’m really pleased how it...
  46. countrybumpkin

    Strap and Chain Safety

    I’ve seen first hand a attachment point break when using a 3” recovery strap, they were using a pin clevis like this one , when it came loose it shot the 3/4 pin about 40 ft through the tread on a newer mud tire on the truck pulling on the strap.
  47. countrybumpkin

    Strap and Chain Safety

    Something like this can always happen.
  48. countrybumpkin

    Concrete penetrating sealer

    Oh that’s cheap compared to some of the stuff. This is what mine will look like.