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  1. Gem99ultra

    BORA vs Kubota wheel spacers

    Actually, my statement of 30* was an exaggeration. Actual angle checked out to be 22* - 25*. Not slope... actual angle. Sorry, I tend to overstate based on my seat-of-the-pants measurement. I did frequently mow the dam banks with my 27hp Husqvarna tractor style 52" mower. That is until I...
  2. Gem99ultra

    Groan part quatre

    So sad but so true. A reality in today's world...
  3. Gem99ultra

    BORA vs Kubota wheel spacers

    I don't think 2.5" is going to give you a lot of increased confidence. I bought 2" ones from Bora. They look like pieces of jewelry - really nice and perfect fit. But I've wised many times I gone ahead and bought 4" ones even though I don't use the tractor on my 30* dam banks. The 4" instill...
  4. Gem99ultra

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    ...just saying. Use what you want, it's your buck. But - A recent oil filter comparison on one of the Hot Rod car shows reported the filtering quality of 5 major filter brands. Test included not only flow rates but filtering capability. K&N came out far above the rest with Fram at the very bottom.
  5. Gem99ultra

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    Can you say 'hand made' ? No thanks - I'll stay with K&N.
  6. Gem99ultra

    Dog pics

    Sorry for your loss, losing such a good friend at such an early age.
  7. Gem99ultra

    Dog pics

    Very smart dog! Congrats on the award too. Thanks for the link on your dog's award. Good reading. And of course, I'm jealous.
  8. Gem99ultra

    Honda Pioneers

    I've had a Pioneer 500. I preferred the smaller model due to narrow trails and bridges around my place. Absolutely zero problems in the last 7+ years of use. One of the best options that I had added was the winch. Super handy for dragging out my mower from soft spots. I did add 26" tires to...
  9. Gem99ultra

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    We had to replace our "top-quality" 5-year old LG refrigerator about 6 months ago. After numerous service calls, provided by incompetent LG's sub-contractor repairs, it finally was unrepairable. That ordeal put us out of having a refrigerator for about 2 months. We replaced the LG with a GE, for...
  10. Gem99ultra

    Worst weld ever

    No problem. That'll clean right up with a little grinding off the high spots :)
  11. Gem99ultra

    Not a good time to buy a car

    Hurray to your dealer! He's that 1 in a mil. I'd make it a point to buy every car I ever needed from that guy. He's the kind of dealer (and good man too) that I've been looking for for a lot of years, with no luck.
  12. Gem99ultra

    Second try at fixing a 2020 Ram water leak

    Sorry nikdfish - the leak will never be completely fixed. The dealer certainly isn't interested in your problem; no money in that. Workers don't have a Rate Schedule for that repair. And they all are hoping that you'll just give up and live with it. Poor seal on one of the many seams, totally...
  13. Gem99ultra

    Re Bed rest post... Actually, I've seen exactly that scenario; NASA sponsored Bed Rest project...

    Re Bed rest post... Actually, I've seen exactly that scenario; NASA sponsored Bed Rest project. $20/day, no getting up, all the reading material, TV 24/7, food anytime furnished. Purpose: To determine requirements for long space travel. And no, I wasn't a participant but I did keep to cost...
  14. Gem99ultra

    Groan part quatre

    Walking to school was pretty much the standard. You only rode the bus if you lived over 2 miles from school; that was all schools, i.e. elementary, junior high and high school. I recall walking to school on the very first day of First Grade. There was no Pre-K schools back then. Scared? Yes...
  15. Gem99ultra

    Groan part quatre

    I'm guessing mid-century Mercury or Nash.
  16. Gem99ultra

    Anyone else having problems viewing files?

    Somehow two major fiber transmission lines got chopped mid-America. Re-routing all traffic around that problem most likely caused the slow-down. All is now good today in the world again though. ...Well - internet-wise anyway.
  17. Gem99ultra

    Seafoam testing

    I've also found Seafoam to actually improve performance. I use it faithfully on all of my small engines. If it didn't cost so much I might add it to my vehicles. I think you're exactly right about Lucas. I just spent about $10 on a bottle for SO's car. Pours out like syrup. And I truly can't...
  18. Gem99ultra

    WeedWhacker/Brush Cutter

    I can't tell you how they can get away, but I can attest to the fact that they can. I personally know a County worker that almost had his neck chopped in two with one. He described the incident as it flinging back on him when he hit a rock or stump. Perhaps it jerked out of his hands? He was...
  19. Gem99ultra

    Photo recognition for pop up ads

    And if you actually bought that plastic shoe horn you'll find it broken after about 4 uses. BT-DT. You'd have done better with the baling gun and horse de-wormer :-)
  20. Gem99ultra

    For Sale: Steel 30 gal drum/barrel. Vermont

    Handy size drum to have around, especially for flammable trash. The 10-minute oil change places around here have them - but they sure won't let you have one nor buy one from them. I suppose they only give them to special customers or friends. I'd sure like to have a half dozen of them, but...
  21. Gem99ultra

    Dog pics

    What breed are your dogs? I'm always impressed. Very smart and well behaved. I always enjoy your postings of most informative back-breaking work that you are doing. And your two companions are always nearby, seemingly protecting you. Your work and your knowledge contributions are most appreciated.
  22. Gem99ultra

    Who's had cataract surgery? Feedback wanted.

    I had the lens replacement done in both eyes 8 years ago. I'm totally pleased although I do now have to use reading glasses for close up work. Spouse is in the middle of having both eyes done now, with the first one completed. Results so far are 100% great. I do understand that progressive...
  23. Gem99ultra

    That darned strip at the bottom of the page is back! :-(

    Nope, no strip. Win 8.1.
  24. Gem99ultra

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    The Marathon gas stations around here charge $0.04/gallon more for CC than cash. Many small stores/businesses tack on an extra 3% for CC purchases. Now... that's just my experience here in Georgia. May not be that way everywhere. After all, our locals aren't exactly on the cutting edge of...
  25. Gem99ultra

    My terrible, horrible, miserable, not so very good day.

    That's one BAD DAY! Sorry for the pain and I hope you recover quickly.
  26. Gem99ultra

    Ignore list?

    I HAD one person on my 'block list'. That was so long ago that I think the 'block list' has been washed since then. Regardless, I haven't seen that party on here, which I'm sure makes us he and I both happy. I certainly would not block anyone simply for posting contrary opposing comments...
  27. Gem99ultra

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    That's way over my head. Mine recipe is: coffee, water, drink it. Simple formula that works for several pots per day.
  28. Gem99ultra

    Home Building Questions - Propane - All electric - Fireplace

    Propane will probably be the cheapest. We have both propane and electric heat. One major drawback to using propane for heat is the residue that ends up on every wall, ceiling, and furniture. Small undetectable at first, but after a couple of years - you'll see and feel it. This winter we've...
  29. Gem99ultra

    Did you guys take the guard off your trimmer?

    Watch what the 'Pro's' do; you won't find any guards on their trimmers. With a little attention one can see exactly which direction the trimmer throws the grass, dirt and rocks. Even so, all of my mowing and trimming is done wearing googles (and protective sleeves). My eyes are very important to me!
  30. Gem99ultra

    Removing hydraulic hose

    These are ESSENTIAL tools. I have a set of 'crow's foot' sockets, both SAE & Metric. They get used a lot more often than one would think. My first crows foot wrench was for a distributor hold-down bolt. All Chevy owners know exactly what and why :)
  31. Gem99ultra

    You'll correct this.

    Nice reward for your cover-up work, but well earned. You earned it.
  32. Gem99ultra

    Bread maker or machine?

    I'm told by my expert... Yes, either brand will make less than a full loaf. You simply set it on the 'doe' setting. Once that's completed you bake it in your oven. Same procedure for less than a full loaf and rolls.
  33. Gem99ultra

    Bread maker or machine?

    My SO bought one 3 years ago. It collected dust until last week. I've gained 3 pounds this week!
  34. Gem99ultra

    Groan part quatre

    I think that change happens a lot!
  35. Gem99ultra

    Cool Nature Photos

    Great photos! And a great trip as well.
  36. Gem99ultra

    What made this lawn damage?

    We have a good supply of armadillos that frequently duplicate such arrangements.
  37. Gem99ultra

    I couldn't be happier

    Very good work fatjay! Thanks for the photo tour.
  38. Gem99ultra

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    My first credit was back in 1954, age 13. Bought a brand new Schwinn Black Phantom from Lack's Auto Supply for $55, on credit; no interest. That was a lot of money back in '54. Only credit background I needed was a handshake, $5.00 down and promising to pay $5.00/week. (I did have a very good...
  39. Gem99ultra

    Poor man's ATV

    I also have done just about all the restore mods you've done, but my work certainly doesn't look so nice & professional. In addition to now having a 'new' cart, you saved yourself a pile of money at the same time. Top notch restore job; well done!
  40. Gem99ultra

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    I lean toward using my CC for everything online - except my monthly electric power bill. Georgia Power does NOT accept CC's but one can pay via debit card online. Of course, they strongly promote auto-payment via direct access to my bank account for 'easy' monthly payments. Needless to say, I do...
  41. Gem99ultra

    Is a "hybrid" barbed wire fence more friendly to wildlife?

    I sure agree with not bothering with the top wire! We have deer jumping over our 8' mesh wire fence 'at will'. If the deer want in or out - they'll find a way.
  42. Gem99ultra

    Anyone added insulation for sound deadening?

    Additional benefit can be had by adding the sound deadening insulation over the ceiling, taking special care to cover the joining walls. Sound also carries a good deal around electrical outlets, so some attention might be given to those areas.
  43. Gem99ultra

    How do you keep birds out of your sheds?

    Plastic sandwich bag half filled with water hanging near doorways will keep the flies out. The sun and/or light reflection on the bag turns 'em around. Might work for birds too.
  44. Gem99ultra

    Burn piles

    And after you've cleaned up 'ALL' the nails, screws and bolts - you'll still be finding more nails a year from now. BT-DT. Hopefully by then they'll be rusted to the crumbling stage and not in your tire. There's no bullet proof way around this problem short of scraping up the bottom layer and...
  45. Gem99ultra

    Deer Corn vs. Feed Corn

    Sure right about the 2006 prices. And now corn has gone up $1.00/50# bag this week. If it gets any higher I'm going to have to stop feeding the geese. (hmmm - probably a good idea anyway, right?)
  46. Gem99ultra

    Stand On Mowers

    It's got that 'DeWalt' $2K+ tax.
  47. Gem99ultra

    Need help to identify old bushhog

    I think you nailed!
  48. Gem99ultra

    New toy..

    Not a bad choice :) Heart Doc dictated that my '99 FLHTCUi w/S&S guts also had to go. Sad day, but smart.
  49. Gem99ultra

    Plumbing question

    Almost all new faucets are pre-set to flow 1.8gpm vs the old style which was 5.7gpm. We recently changed our worn out kitchen faucet. Only manufacturer we found with any 5.7gpm faucets was Moen, and they only had a very few of the older full flow faucets. Unfortunately, the newer 1.8gpm faucets...
  50. Gem99ultra

    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    I already have a 7' x 20' heavy duty trailer for my tractor. I also needed a nice, light & cheap utility trailer for minor use such as hauling my SxS, mower, etc.. Not wanting to blow a big pile of money for minor uses, I bought a 6' x 12' Karavan trailer. All sides drop down, grate tailgate...