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    Kinda funny.

    Our hydro's 'right of way' is a mere 25ft, (12.5 both sides of power line). Most trees like to reach 40-50 ft high so not to ask why we have so many power outages. Heck I've seen them actually use a transit to be sure they don't cross that magic 25 ft line. Oh, I must add the questionable...
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    Cannot start Stihl 009

    On my009 the 1st pull is always full choke. Next pull is choke off and it always starts.
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    Cannot start Stihl 009

    Also have a 009, my favorite. Arborists love them. Mine always starts on 2nd pull. Suggest that a possible 'cure' might be replacing the 'in tank' fuel filter, they do get clogged up over time.
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    My Senior design project - a "Swamp Thing" tracked vehicle clone

    I once had an Austrian snow machine that was all based on VW components. The power was transmitted via what I now believe was a viariarer such as U describe. Was very smooth to drive. Machine was a Westmizer Skinner , was either Austrian or German. It was very fast and agile.
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    Cheap Wedling Helmet or Scam?

    My test for speed is as simple as a 'flick of my bick' i.e. the spark of a lighter flint, and I have done a fair bit of welding.
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    Cheap Wedling Helmet or Scam?

    I use one of those cheap helmets. I have my DIY test procedure that seems to work OK. I call it "flick of my BIC" whereby my helmet should react instantly at the scratch of a flint.
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    What did you do at work today?

    LOL, welcome to my club.
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    Filter wrenches.

    I DIY'd a similar setup for my Mitsubishi K3 engine. It is so tight in the filter area that nothing slips in there. I use a length of seat belt and vice grips. Wrap the belt and grip with vice grips and presto.
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    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    I think it is rather simple. If the 220 VAC generator has a 3 prong connector there is no ground. If 4 prong connector one has to be a ground with the others being hot/hot and neutral.
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    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    My system is up and running for months now. I never added a grounding and so far no problems with any electronics. What came to mind. When a 220 generator is wired with 4 conductors you have a ground (green) that does the job. Mind U my genny is 9000watts. Smaller generators (like 3-4000)very...
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    What is your cleaning and maintenance routine for your chainsaw?

    Hi Test gas only , air gun blow clean often. I have owned owned chain saws for over 60 years and rarely ever had problems. I always keep my chains sharp and use a file.
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    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

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    Submersible well pump went out, thoughts?

    2013 sure suggests poly pipe. Running and holding 20/30 makes it sound like the problem might not be serious, like perhaps a leaky or poor fitting. As to depth you might be lucky there as that can hand pull 100 ft easily. Constant running @ 30 PSI actually hints at a ruptured bladder tank or...
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    Rant on shipping

    Wife placed an on line order weeks back. Seller's web site claimed 'delivered' but no signs here. What happened is UPS left it at a local 'drop' and it was signed for by the 'drop' clerk so when we went to seller's web site it showed 'delivered' and to make it worst UPS attaches their own...
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    Battery Hard Wire

    Got lucky! A friend was scrapping an old school bus. Under some rear seats was a small heater about 6'' x 6'' size. I modified by installing a muffin fan. That was some 10 years ago. Same school bus donated widow glass for w/shield and rear.
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    Briggs 675 on log splitter won't start

    And some shops will only sell complete OH kits. Blame it on gasohol ! Then also rubber fuel lines will suffer the same demise.
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    Sharpening drill bits

    I think it's a steady hand more than a fancy drill bit holder. All I can say is I can drill all day with no problems.
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    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    LOL, and your shorts clean!
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    YT359C Door glass blow up

    LOL, not a tractor But I collected a new fleet car @ abut 11;30and decided to lunch at a close by McDonalds. OK, I locked the doors B4 closing them. Well SURPRISE, the back window blew out. Now remember this car is a mere 2 hours from dealer delivery. OK, SH1t does happen, BUT on a new...
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    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    Poor man's inclinometer.----------------- - find center of windshield - attach a 'plumb bob' there - locate true center of that windshield and mark it as a reference. - LOL, next drive such to lift the rear into a 'tip and spill' situation and carefully mark your plumb bob 'tilt angle'. - Next...
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    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    I live in Quebec, Can. After reading some of the posts I feel much better with my heating costs which are all electric. It has been a while since I've compared our hydro rates to other areas. OK, Quebec generates a lot of electricity which we can even export. On the other hand, where I live, we...
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    Plumbing question

    Your not alone as to the wire saving the day.
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    Plumbing question

    Having worked around many DIY cottages I have seen the effects of mixed plumbing fittings. One system was all brass and or poly but the one steel union was rusted internally down to about 1/16th or so. My 'trademark' is that I only use brass and/or stainless and that on poly B lines.
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    Plumbing question

    Did not know this as a sand filter but that device is what I filter my lake water into the house for over 20 years now and still using the same screen element that I simply toss into the dishwasher about 3 times/year.
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    Red-Neck Mailbox ???

    In Quebec, where I am, it is contracted out to a main bidder who then subcontracts to local guys. Back when I did snow removal I was asked to do the one closest to me as a friend won the local contract. I was quite surprised as to how well they were paid using private drives as a basis for...
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    Red-Neck Mailbox ???

    I have the same style. My box is at # 3 level, and I can access by simply opening my driver's side window. But now with winter coming it should be interesting to see them dig them out
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    Plumbing question

    I had a similar problem but then my water is pumped from the lake. Problem was very fine silt that clogged the filters. Those would only last about48/72 hours. After research I installed a swimming pool filter @100 mesh and that controlled the clogging problem, I now only need 2 - 3 filter...
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    Strange things found in the forest

    My son's FIL bought a spread and found an old D8 dozer way back on his land. It'll rot there as he does not wish to disturb the land. Silly as I'm sure there is good salvage $$'s in that dozer.
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    Best way to cut large tire in half?

    I once had to cut stall matts, Discovered liquid soap to be a good lubricant. Folding over a 2 x 4 was a good help. On a tire ,soap might be your best bet.
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    My Senior design project - a "Swamp Thing" tracked vehicle clone

    The shells were metal and heavy, possibly filled for weight. They were shod with regular tires. Seem to recall it was only the bottom of the front pair that was heavy. That dozer was a Westmizer (or close), gee I had that like 40/50 years back.
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    My Senior design project - a "Swamp Thing" tracked vehicle clone

    Some years back I owned a snow machine that was made for the Alps. It was all Volkswagen based, cool machine. The first set of wheels were solid versions of the undercarriage and quite heavy. Throwing a wheel was never an issue.
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    Reclining Chairs ?? Any manufacture make a good one?

    Yeah" For most of my life 12 D's was my foot size. Now with 'offshore' brands I only look at 13/14 and even then a comfortable fit is rare. For sure I'd never buy footwear on line.
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    MT180 drawbar, 3pt stabilizer, and 4wd questions. Also some front end loader capacity info.

    I also own an 180D. and have all factory books. From the above photo I suspect you are wearing the wrong tires. Fronts should be 5 X 12 and rear 9,5 X 18 R3's (ps, 9.5 r3's are nowhere to be found)
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    What? An 80K PU and U question rust proofing? Shucks I'd be tempted to rust proof 3/4 x /yr with best policy published!
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Would have, should have!
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    Had a problem persistent 'fisherman' but he soon quit after 6/7 deflated tires, LOL, always the same left rear.
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    Best battery

    My battery theories! 1-largest battery to fit the space. 2-Highest CC amps 3-permantly wires quality 'keeper' in the circuit. My present CUT sports a used phone company battery (5 yrs old when installed)and now pushing on to be 11 year old, and perhaps older. Usually need 2 cycles to get my...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    yep, right. We got caught rising 300 ft setup but lucked out as a delivery guy just arrived on time. 300 ft of water gets rather heavy.
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    Would an angle blade be better than box blade for this?

    Tractors usually have screw type adjustments on the lift arms so the answer is to lengthen the uphill arm or again shorten the down hill side arm. Sure weight will help as well for bigger bites.
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    I shopped with a friend for a while and the with majority the asking was $500. here in Canada. That was merchants of used equipment and not private.
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    Is there any food you do not like?

    As most hunters know the liver of deer and moose can be consumed the day of the kill while the meat has to age/hang before consumed Well we bagged a nice moose and were all drooling to enjoy that liver for supper. Problem was it was diseased but showed no signs of being so. One mouthful turned...
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    Lawyer trouble.

    Years back I rear ended a car while I was arguing with my boss. I was issued 2 tickets, reckless driving and following too close. I lived some 75 miles from the 'scene' so I went first to local attorneys for quotes which started at $1200. and downwards to about $500. After talking to some 10 -...
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    On that aircraft master was left on in order to trouble shoot but under most dashes it is a very busy place.
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    I've seen what a metallic watch strap can do to a wrist that probed blindly under the dash of an aircraft. Not pretty!
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    What does "oil - low pressure" light mean when it just barely starts coming on?

    Under load the RPM's would be a bit lower. Then most oils get thinner as thy get hotter. Suggest you change for a heavier weight oil and give that a try,
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    Cost of being a good citizen?

    On courts and lawyers. I was once assigned a young female lawyer to plea a case. The judge suggested she stay home and change diapers. Bye-Bye my case! I was still billed for her time. To her benefit she suggested that I pay for her lunch as otherwise I'd be billed 3-4 X whatever she ate.
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    Cost of being a good citizen?

    I've been subpoena a few times with varied outcomes. Once I drove 300 miles to learn the case was dropped. I was the plaintiff so I should have been the only person to drop the case. Turned out the perp was the judges son and I was handed $500 by the clerk 'for my troubles'. It was filed as a...
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    Water Well Advice ? A/C or Solar ?

    150 ft to provide AC power is your least costly route in my opinion. If U don't wish to bury deep U can always run the AC inside of cheap PVC piping for protection.
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    I once lent my CUT to an ex employee under condition that he traitor it as he lived some 7 miles away. I had to beg for it's return and the day he did I happened to be working near where he had to pass by. I was alerted to his arrival by a clashing of gears as he attempted to downshift. That was...